Name of Meet:
TISCA Gulf Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-23, 6:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Nov-10, 11:59 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Conroe ISD Natatorium
19133 David Memorial Drive
Shenandoah, TX 77385
Main Contact:
Shannon Hosler
Contact Phone:

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General Meet Information (click to read)

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1911 2h1m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2811 2h59m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Clear Lake High SchoolHoustonTX
2College ParkConroeTX
3Conroe ConroeTX
4Cy-Fair High SchoolCypressTX
6George Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
7Houston LamarHoustonTX
8Katy High SchoolKatyTX
9Katy Seven LakesKatyTX
10Klein Collins High SchoolSpringTX
11Klein High SchoolSpringTX
12Klein Oak High SchoolSpringTX
13Magnolia High SchoolMagnoliaTX
14Montgomery High SchoolMontgomeryTX
15Oak Ridge High SchoolConroeTX
16Spring High SchoolSpringTX
17The Woodlands College Park High SchoolThe WoodlandsTX
18The Woodlands High SchoolThe WoodlandsTX
19Tomball Memorial High SchoolTomballTX
20Tompkins High SchoolkatyTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Abbott, Lily T17HoustonTXHouston LamarNov 08, 09:31
2Alonzo, Caroline P17SpringTXOak Ridge High SchoolNov 09, 14:32
3Andrews, Abigail G17ConroeTXThe Woodlands College Park High SchoolNov 09, 15:13
4Buhlig, Halley M18the woodlandsTXThe Woodlands High SchoolNov 09, 15:08
5Burch, Lauren M15The WoodlandsTXThe Woodlands High SchoolNov 09, 14:45
6Burns, Katherine18SpringTXKlein Oak High SchoolNov 03, 14:17
7cash, Cameron M15SpringTXThe Woodlands High SchoolNov 09, 14:54
8Ceyanes, Chloe K18KatyTXKaty High SchoolNov 09, 11:39
9Crosby, Devin J18The WoodlandsTXCollege ParkNov 09, 17:02
10Decker, Isabelle J18CypressTXCy-WoodsNov 08, 06:44
11Dollar, Olivia M17SpringTXKlein Collins High SchoolNov 10, 10:52
12Donald, Christopher K17The WoodlandsTXThe Woodlands High SchoolNov 09, 16:49
13Emde, Tanner G16HoustonTXHouston LamarNov 10, 17:32
14Ford, Peyton16CypressTXCy-Fair High SchoolNov 08, 08:45
15Frantzen, Kaylee C19The WoodlandsTXThe Woodlands College Park High SchoolNov 09, 18:14
16Gage, Sarita17 TXGeorge Ranch High SchoolNov 10, 10:22
17Garza, Ana L18KatyTXTompkins High SchoolNov 08, 15:07
18Giannotti, Julia A16The WoodlandsTXMagnolia High SchoolNov 10, 14:27
19Goemans, Makaia D17SpringTXKlein High SchoolNov 10, 10:01
20Gomez, Javier15 TXKlein High SchoolNov 10, 10:08
21Gottula, Brady T16SpringTXKlein Oak High SchoolNov 03, 11:00
22Grogan, Jeff18KleinTXKlein High SchoolNov 10, 10:04
23Haldiman, Cooper16 TXGeorge Ranch High SchoolNov 10, 10:18
24Hartmann, Gabe16HoustonTXClear Lake High SchoolNov 05, 21:28
25Hindmarsh, Chase18TomballTXTomball Memorial High SchoolNov 09, 16:37
26Hinze, Reagan17ConroeTXConroe Nov 09, 18:05
27johnson, vivian M1the woodlandsTXThe Woodlands High SchoolNov 09, 14:52
28Johnson, William19MagnoliaTXMagnolia High SchoolNov 10, 14:30
29Lemus, Alexa16The WoodlandsTXCollege ParkNov 09, 18:24
30Liang, Graciela17RichmondTXGeorge Ranch High SchoolNov 10, 10:13
31Litton, Anna18TomballTXTomball Memorial High SchoolNov 09, 16:53
32Loos, Parker15 TXGeorge Ranch High SchoolNov 10, 10:21
33Lux, Ben19HoustonTXHouston LamarNov 10, 09:19
34Mack, Emily M17SpringTXKlein Oak High SchoolNov 03, 10:56
35Mcpeek, Drake A19SpringTXKlein Collins High SchoolOct 29, 21:47
36Medico, Sophie16HoustonTXClear Lake High SchoolNov 05, 21:32
37Milbaum, Megan E1springTXOak Ridge High SchoolNov 09, 14:32
38Morris, Ford15TomballTXTomball Memorial High SchoolNov 09, 16:47
39Prince, Becka k16SpringTXSpring High SchoolNov 10, 08:32
40Scheck, Daphne N18SpringTXOak Ridge High SchoolNov 09, 15:04
41Shorter, Jada R16ConroeTXMagnolia High SchoolNov 10, 14:23
42Singer, Wyatt L18MontgomeryTXMontgomery High SchoolNov 10, 11:36
43Somma, Avery A18HoustonTXHouston LamarNov 10, 22:30
44Spicer, Kenneth R18SpringTXKlein High SchoolNov 10, 10:20
45Taylor, Summer F16KatyTXKaty Seven LakesNov 07, 15:08
46Vear, Samantha S16ConroeTXOak Ridge High SchoolNov 09, 14:57
47Williams, Mason A16MontgomeryTXMontgomery High SchoolNov 10, 11:33
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Almanza, NormaHead CoachTomball Memorial High SchoolTomballTX
2Brush, MandyHead CoachCy-Fair High SchoolHoustonTX
3Domino, BritaCoachKlein Collins High SchoolKleinTX
4Gage, StacyAsst. CoachGeorge Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
5Hernandez, MichaelHead CoachSpring High SchoolSpringTX
6Kaminski, JaredAsst. CoachMagnolia High SchoolMagnoliaTX
7Kinzbach, JacobCoachKaty High SchoolkatyTX
8Prince, MelissaCoachUnattachedHoustonTX
9Subda, KyleHead CoachKlein Oak High SchoolSpringTX
10Svoboda, JimAsst. CoachKlein High SchoolSpringTX
11Villemez, DaleHead CoachMontgomery High SchoolMontgomeryTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Clear Lake High SchoolHartmann, Gabe16HoustonTX
2Medico, Sophie16HoustonTX
3College ParkCrosby, Devin J18The WoodlandsTX
4Lemus, Alexa16The WoodlandsTX
5Conroe Hinze, Reagan17ConroeTX
6Cy-Fair High SchoolFord, Peyton16CypressTX
7Cy-WoodsDecker, Isabelle J18CypressTX
8George Ranch High SchoolGage, Sarita17 TX
9Haldiman, Cooper16 TX
10Liang, Graciela17RichmondTX
11Loos, Parker15 TX
12Houston LamarAbbott, Lily T17HoustonTX
13Emde, Tanner G16HoustonTX
14Lux, Ben19HoustonTX
15Somma, Avery A18HoustonTX
16Katy High SchoolCeyanes, Chloe K18KatyTX
17Katy Seven LakesTaylor, Summer F16KatyTX
18Klein Collins High SchoolDollar, Olivia M17SpringTX
19Mcpeek, Drake A19SpringTX
20Klein High SchoolGoemans, Makaia D17SpringTX
21Gomez, Javier15 TX
22Grogan, Jeff18KleinTX
23Spicer, Kenneth R18SpringTX
24Klein Oak High SchoolBurns, Katherine18SpringTX
25Gottula, Brady T16SpringTX
26Mack, Emily M17SpringTX
27Magnolia High SchoolGiannotti, Julia A16The WoodlandsTX
28Johnson, William19MagnoliaTX
29Shorter, Jada R16ConroeTX
30Montgomery High SchoolSinger, Wyatt L18MontgomeryTX
31Williams, Mason A16MontgomeryTX
32Oak Ridge High SchoolAlonzo, Caroline P17SpringTX
33Milbaum, Megan E1springTX
34Scheck, Daphne N18SpringTX
35Vear, Samantha S16ConroeTX
36Spring High SchoolPrince, Becka k16SpringTX
37The Woodlands College Park High SchoolAndrews, Abigail G17ConroeTX
38Frantzen, Kaylee C19The WoodlandsTX
39The Woodlands High SchoolBuhlig, Halley M18the woodlandsTX
40Burch, Lauren M15The WoodlandsTX
41cash, Cameron M15SpringTX
42Donald, Christopher K17The WoodlandsTX
43johnson, vivian M1the woodlandsTX
44Tomball Memorial High SchoolHindmarsh, Chase18TomballTX
45Litton, Anna18TomballTX
46Morris, Ford15TomballTX
47Tompkins High SchoolGarza, Ana L18KatyTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M Divingcash, Cameron M View Sheet 8.714.2The Woodlands High School
2Crosby, Devin J View Sheet 8.714.6College Park
3Donald, Christopher K View Sheet 8.714.2The Woodlands High School
4Emde, Tanner G View Sheet 8.613.1Houston Lamar
5Ford, Peyton View Sheet 8.412.8Cy-Fair High School
6Gomez, Javier View Sheet 8.412.9Klein High School
7Gottula, Brady T View Sheet 9.014.1Klein Oak High School
8Grogan, Jeff View Sheet 8.613.4Klein High School
9Haldiman, Cooper View Sheet 7.912.6George Ranch High School
10Hartmann, Gabe View Sheet 9.013.9Clear Lake High School
11Hindmarsh, Chase View Sheet 8.613.2Tomball Memorial High School
12Johnson, William View Sheet 8.314.4Magnolia High School
13Loos, Parker View Sheet 7.912.8George Ranch High School
14Lux, Ben View Sheet 8.714.6Houston Lamar
15Mcpeek, Drake A View Sheet 8.715.1Klein Collins High School
16Morris, Ford View Sheet 7.812.5Tomball Memorial High School
17Singer, Wyatt L View Sheet 8.213.1Montgomery High School
18Spicer, Kenneth R View Sheet 8.813.2Klein High School
19Williams, Mason A View Sheet 9.012.6Montgomery High School
20Girls 1M DivingAbbott, Lily T View Sheet 7.912.3Houston Lamar
21Alonzo, Caroline P View Sheet 8.213.0Oak Ridge High School
22Andrews, Abigail G View Sheet 8.714.8The Woodlands College Park High School
23Buhlig, Halley M View Sheet 8.413.1The Woodlands High School
24Burch, Lauren M View Sheet 8.713.1The Woodlands High School
25Burns, Katherine View Sheet 7.910.6Klein Oak High School
26Ceyanes, Chloe K View Sheet 8.713.6Katy High School
27Decker, Isabelle J View Sheet 8.212.4Cy-Woods
28Dollar, Olivia M View Sheet 8.212.3Klein Collins High School
29Frantzen, Kaylee C View Sheet 8.213.1The Woodlands College Park High School
30Gage, Sarita View Sheet 8.212.5George Ranch High School
31Garza, Ana L View Sheet 8.613.5Tompkins High School
32Giannotti, Julia A View Sheet 8.012.1Magnolia High School
33Goemans, Makaia D View Sheet 8.112.0Klein High School
34Hinze, Reagan View Sheet 8.613.2Conroe
35johnson, vivian M View Sheet 8.713.4The Woodlands High School
36Lemus, Alexa View Sheet 8.212.6College Park
37Liang, Graciela View Sheet 8.613.2George Ranch High School
38Litton, Anna View Sheet 8.112.5Tomball Memorial High School
39Mack, Emily M View Sheet 9.012.4Klein Oak High School
40Medico, Sophie View Sheet 7.812.1Clear Lake High School
41Milbaum, Megan E View Sheet 8.012.1Oak Ridge High School
42Prince, Becka k View Sheet 8.410.5Spring High School
43Scheck, Daphne N View Sheet 8.613.4Oak Ridge High School
44Shorter, Jada R View Sheet 7.711.8Magnolia High School
45Somma, Avery A View Sheet 8.512.7Houston Lamar
46Taylor, Summer F View Sheet 8.613.2Katy Seven Lakes
47Vear, Samantha S View Sheet 8.614.9Oak Ridge High School
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