Name of Meet:
2019 Girls SMAC Diving Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-28, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-06, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Lakeview Natatorium
15060 Helmer Rd
Battle Creek, MI 49015
Main Contact:
Willie English
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Optional Morning Warm-up 8am-10am Friday November 8th.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving2811 2h59m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Battle Creek LakeviewBattle CreekMI
2Bridgman High School Co-OpBridgmanMI
3Coldwater High SchoolColdwaterMI
4Kalamazoo Central High SchoolKALAMAZOOMI
5Loy Norrix KalamazooMI
7Portage CentralPORTAGEMI
8St. Joseph High SchoolSt. JosephMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bard, Esther M  Saint Joseph, MI St. Joseph High SchoolNov 01, 13:53
2Blair, CaliSR Battle Creek, MI Battle Creek LakeviewOct 28, 16:21
3Boyce, Avery  MI Coldwater High SchoolNov 04, 22:29
4Cicocki, Abby  MI St. Joseph High SchoolNov 01, 13:37
5Czyzewski, Zoey  MI MattawanOct 31, 10:05
6Davis, AureliaSR Baroda, MI Bridgman High School Co-OpNov 04, 20:43
7Elsmore, Marley  MI MattawanOct 31, 09:14
8Felmeden, Kaitlynn ESR Kalamazoo, MI Kalamazoo Central High SchoolOct 31, 08:57
9Goodwin, Leah  MI Coldwater High SchoolNov 04, 22:24
10Hantz, Mckenna  MI Coldwater High SchoolNov 04, 22:31
11Kalleward, Zoe  MI Portage CentralOct 29, 22:06
12Labrada, Sandra  MI Loy Norrix Oct 31, 11:40
13Lin, Cecelia ceci  MI Portage CentralOct 29, 22:16
14Lin, Ella  MI Portage CentralOct 29, 22:21
15MacMartin, LenaSR Bridgman, MI Bridgman High School Co-OpNov 04, 20:47
16Morrill, DanielleJR Stevensville, MI Bridgman High School Co-OpNov 04, 20:45
17Palmer, BradleighSO Battle Creek, MI Battle Creek LakeviewOct 28, 15:41
18Patel, BhaumiSO St Joseph, MI Bridgman High School Co-OpNov 04, 20:54
19Rzepka, Mia  MI Coldwater High SchoolNov 04, 22:20
20Santos, Sofie ASR Kalamazoo, MI Loy Norrix Oct 31, 09:10
21Sarratore, Bella  MI MattawanOct 31, 09:02
22Schoch, Layla  MI Coldwater High SchoolNov 04, 22:34
23Snyder, Savannah  MI Kalamazoo Central High SchoolOct 31, 09:05
24VandePol, Sam  MI Loy Norrix Oct 31, 09:12
25Voglewede, Elise  MI St. Joseph High SchoolNov 01, 13:43
26Wadsworth-Curcuru, Wen  MI Loy Norrix Oct 31, 09:17
27Weiss, Ella  MI MattawanOct 31, 10:04
28Wolfe, Laurel ESR Kalamazoo, MI Loy Norrix Oct 31, 09:11
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Barnes, OllieHead CoachPortage CentralPortageMI
2Binger, BruceHead CoachSt. Joseph High SchoolBenton HarborMI
3English, WillieHead CoachBattle Creek LakeviewBattle CreekMI
4Marsh, JonathanHead CoachColdwater High SchoolColdwaterMI
5Paulson, ElainaHead CoachBridgman High School Co-OpSt. JosephMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Battle Creek LakeviewBlair, CaliSRBattle CreekMI
2Palmer, BradleighSOBattle CreekMI
3Bridgman High School Co-OpDavis, AureliaSRBarodaMI
4MacMartin, LenaSRBridgmanMI
5Morrill, DanielleJRStevensvilleMI
6Patel, BhaumiSOSt JosephMI
7Coldwater High SchoolBoyce, Avery  MI
8Goodwin, Leah  MI
9Hantz, Mckenna  MI
10Rzepka, Mia  MI
11Schoch, Layla  MI
12Kalamazoo Central High SchoolFelmeden, Kaitlynn ESRKalamazooMI
13Snyder, Savannah  MI
14Loy Norrix Labrada, Sandra  MI
15Santos, Sofie ASRKalamazooMI
16VandePol, Sam  MI
17Wadsworth-Curcuru, Wen  MI
18Wolfe, Laurel ESRKalamazooMI
19MattawanCzyzewski, Zoey  MI
20Elsmore, Marley  MI
21Sarratore, Bella  MI
22Weiss, Ella  MI
23Portage CentralKalleward, Zoe  MI
24Lin, Cecelia ceci  MI
25Lin, Ella  MI
26St. Joseph High SchoolBard, Esther M Saint JosephMI
27Cicocki, Abby  MI
28Voglewede, Elise  MI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingBard, Esther M View Sheet 7.810.3St. Joseph High School
2Blair, Cali View Sheet 7.710.4Battle Creek Lakeview
3Boyce, Avery View Sheet 8.510.7Coldwater High School
4Cicocki, Abby View Sheet 8.611.3St. Joseph High School
5Czyzewski, Zoey View Sheet 7.810.0Mattawan
6Davis, Aurelia View Sheet 8.310.8Bridgman High School Co-Op
7Elsmore, Marley View Sheet 8.311.2Mattawan
8Felmeden, Kaitlynn E View Sheet 7.99.3Kalamazoo Central High School
9Goodwin, Leah View Sheet 8.512.7Coldwater High School
10Hantz, Mckenna View Sheet 8.010.7Coldwater High School
11Kalleward, Zoe View Sheet 8.513.3Portage Central
12Labrada, Sandra View Sheet 7.59.5Loy Norrix
13Lin, Cecelia ceci View Sheet 7.810.4Portage Central
14Lin, Ella View Sheet 7.79.6Portage Central
15MacMartin, Lena View Sheet 8.211.7Bridgman High School Co-Op
16Morrill, Danielle View Sheet 8.412.5Bridgman High School Co-Op
17Palmer, Bradleigh View Sheet 8.212.0Battle Creek Lakeview
18Patel, Bhaumi View Sheet 7.79.4Bridgman High School Co-Op
19Rzepka, Mia View Sheet 8.413.2Coldwater High School
20Santos, Sofie A View Sheet 8.011.6Loy Norrix
21Sarratore, Bella View Sheet 8.711.7Mattawan
22Schoch, Layla View Sheet 8.211.3Coldwater High School
23Snyder, Savannah View Sheet 7.79.6Kalamazoo Central High School
24VandePol, Sam View Sheet 8.613.0Loy Norrix
25Voglewede, Elise View Sheet 8.311.4St. Joseph High School
26Wadsworth-Curcuru, Wen View Sheet 7.911.3Loy Norrix
27Weiss, Ella View Sheet 8.411.8Mattawan
28Wolfe, Laurel E View Sheet 8.411.9Loy Norrix
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