Name of Meet:
2023 District 20-6A / 20-5A Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-17, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Jan-23, 5:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Don Cook Natatorium
16255 Lexington Blvd
Sugar Land, TX 77479
Main Contact:
John Isbell
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Jan-23 5:00 PM CST

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Open Warm-up 8:00-9:00am
1st Event Divers Only 9:00-9:45am
Meet begins at 10:00am
(There will be a 30 minute warm-up prior to each event for the divers competing in that event. Events and warm-ups may be combined/altered depending on the number of entrants)

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
District 20-5A Boys 1M211 12m View Rules
District 20-5A Girls 1M311 19m View Rules
District 20-6A Boys 1M711 44m View Rules
District 20-6A Girls 1M1011 1h4m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Fort Bend AustinSugar LandTX
2Fort Bend ClementsSugar LandTX
3Fort Bend DullesSugar LandTX
4Fort Bend HightowerMissouri CithTX
5Fort Bend KempnerSugar LandTX
6Fort Bend Ridge PointMissouri CityTX
7Fort Bend TravisRichmondTX
8Foster High SchoolRichmondTX
9George Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Baker, Elijah  TX Foster High SchoolJan 23, 00:12
2Bracksieck, Gabriella  TX George Ranch High SchoolJan 23, 00:37
3Bramlett, Tatum  TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:14
4Carlson, Cameron  TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:36
5Cutler, Immanuel  TX Foster High SchoolJan 23, 00:20
6Evers, Taher  TX Fort Bend KempnerJan 23, 10:22
7Grover, Avary  TX Foster High SchoolJan 23, 00:15
8Holm, Madison  TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:12
9Hunter, Ethan  Missouri City, TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:03
10Kotov, GeorgiiSR Houston, TX Fort Bend AustinJan 21, 11:12
11Light, Lainie  TX George Ranch High SchoolJan 23, 00:29
12Nguyen, Lyndon  TX Fort Bend HightowerJan 21, 11:45
13Niles, Karleigh  TX Foster High SchoolJan 23, 00:06
14Norred, Elizabeth  TX Fort Bend TravisJan 21, 12:38
15Palash-McCordic, James  TX Fort Bend DullesJan 21, 11:42
16Ramey, Addison  TX Fort Bend TravisJan 21, 13:34
17Richards, WillSO Sugar Land, TX George Ranch High SchoolJan 23, 00:35
18Rodriguez, Madelyn  TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:11
19Romine, Cole  TX Fort Bend Ridge PointJan 21, 12:04
20Squires, Riley  TX Fort Bend ClementsJan 21, 11:40
21Trauth, Haydyn  TX Fort Bend ClementsJan 21, 11:38
22Wray, Tuck  TX George Ranch High SchoolJan 23, 00:27
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Gage, StacyHead CoachGeorge Ranch High SchoolRichmondTX
2Isbell II, JohnAsst. CoachFort Bend KempnerRichmondTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Fort Bend AustinKotov, GeorgiiSRHoustonTX
2Fort Bend ClementsSquires, Riley  TX
3Trauth, Haydyn  TX
4Fort Bend DullesPalash-McCordic, James  TX
5Fort Bend HightowerNguyen, Lyndon  TX
6Fort Bend KempnerEvers, Taher  TX
7Fort Bend Ridge PointBramlett, Tatum  TX
8Carlson, Cameron  TX
9Holm, Madison  TX
10Hunter, Ethan Missouri CityTX
11Rodriguez, Madelyn  TX
12Romine, Cole  TX
13Fort Bend TravisNorred, Elizabeth  TX
14Ramey, Addison  TX
15Foster High SchoolBaker, Elijah  TX
16Cutler, Immanuel  TX
17Grover, Avary  TX
18Niles, Karleigh  TX
19George Ranch High SchoolBracksieck, Gabriella  TX
20Light, Lainie  TX
21Richards, WillSOSugar LandTX
22Wray, Tuck  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1District 20-5A Boys 1MBaker, Elijah View Sheet 8.312.3Foster High School
2Cutler, Immanuel View Sheet 8.010.9Foster High School
3District 20-5A Girls 1MEvers, Taher View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Kempner
4Grover, Avary View Sheet 8.010.8Foster High School
5Niles, Karleigh View Sheet 8.912.7Foster High School
6District 20-6A Boys 1MHunter, Ethan View Sheet 8.714.9Fort Bend Ridge Point
7Kotov, Georgii View Sheet 8.310.9Fort Bend Austin
8Nguyen, Lyndon View Sheet 8.811.5Fort Bend Hightower
9Palash-McCordic, James View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Dulles
10Richards, Will View Sheet 8.813.6George Ranch High School
11Romine, Cole View Sheet 7.410.6Fort Bend Ridge Point
12Wray, Tuck View Sheet 8.812.6George Ranch High School
13District 20-6A Girls 1MBracksieck, Gabriella View Sheet 8.010.2George Ranch High School
14Bramlett, Tatum View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Ridge Point
15Carlson, Cameron View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Ridge Point
16Holm, Madison View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Ridge Point
17Light, Lainie View Sheet 8.811.4George Ranch High School
18Norred, Elizabeth View Sheet 7.610.6Fort Bend Travis
19Ramey, Addison View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Travis
20Rodriguez, Madelyn View Sheet 8.011.1Fort Bend Ridge Point
21Squires, Riley View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Clements
22Trauth, Haydyn View Sheet 7.49.8Fort Bend Clements
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