Name of Meet:
2020 Big East Diving Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-15, 9:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-24, 9:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Nassau County Aquatic Center
Merrick Ave
East Meadow, NY 11111
Main Contact:
Mush Masters
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1M Diving96 31m View Rules
Mens 3M Diving86 28m View Rules
Womens 1M Diving136 45m View Rules
Womens 3M Diving106 35m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Georgetown UniversityWashingtonDC
2Providence CollegeProvidenceRI
3Seton Hall UniversityEast OrangeNJ
4Villanova University Diving Villanova PA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Ackert, Michael19 Rye, NY Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:43
2Barber, Taylor19 Niskayuna, NY Providence CollegeFeb 21, 17:50
3Barnhorst, Margaret L22 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:35
4Conley, Griffin20 Falmouth, ME Providence CollegeFeb 21, 17:46
5Diekemper, Ashley20 Severna Park, MD Seton Hall UniversityFeb 20, 15:15
6Dunn, Brighid S21 POTOMAC, MD Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:39
7Edmonds, Griffin21 AL Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:37
8Fujioka, Riley21 AL Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:32
9Ginovker, Emilie18 Weston, MA Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:44
10Hofman, Joseph19 Everett, WA Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:45
11Holtz, Andrea20 PA Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:53
12Iannelli, Joe20 NY Seton Hall UniversityFeb 20, 15:20
13Jackson, Taylor21 Thornton, CO Seton Hall UniversityFeb 20, 15:11
14Lynch, Timothy21 NY Seton Hall UniversityFeb 20, 15:07
15mastrantoni, Abigail18 charlotte, NC Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 19:02
16Miller, Elizabeth G21 Wayland, MA Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:38
17Peng, Naomi21 AL Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:40
18Perra, Michael21 PA Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:35
19Pisani, Avery L22 Duxbury, MA Providence CollegeFeb 21, 18:33
20Scarano, Danielle18 PA Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:47
21Swindal, Joe20 PA Villanova University Diving Feb 11, 18:57
22Werner, Matthew B21 Elkins Park, PA Georgetown UniversityFeb 21, 12:42
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Michael, ToddHead CoachVillanova University Diving HorshamPA
2Piacente, SeanHead CoachSeton Hall UniversitySouth OrangeNJ
3VanDyken, MarcHead CoachGeorgetown UniversityWashingtonDC
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Georgetown UniversityBarnhorst, Margaret L22Ponte Vedra BeachFL
2Edmonds, Griffin21 AL
3Fujioka, Riley21 AL
4Ginovker, Emilie18WestonMA
5Hofman, Joseph19EverettWA
6Miller, Elizabeth G21WaylandMA
7Peng, Naomi21 AL
8Werner, Matthew B21Elkins ParkPA
9Providence CollegeBarber, Taylor19NiskayunaNY
10Conley, Griffin20FalmouthME
11Pisani, Avery L22DuxburyMA
12Seton Hall UniversityDiekemper, Ashley20Severna ParkMD
13Iannelli, Joe20 NY
14Jackson, Taylor21ThorntonCO
15Lynch, Timothy21 NY
16Villanova University Diving Ackert, Michael19RyeNY
17Dunn, Brighid S21POTOMACMD
18Holtz, Andrea20 PA
19mastrantoni, Abigail18charlotteNC
20Perra, Michael21 PA
21Scarano, Danielle18 PA
22Swindal, Joe20 PA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1M DivingAckert, Michael View Sheet 0.014.8Villanova University Diving
2Conley, Griffin View Sheet 0.014.4Providence College
3Edmonds, Griffin View Sheet 0.014.2Georgetown University
4Hofman, Joseph View Sheet 0.015.4Georgetown University
5Iannelli, Joe View Sheet 0.013.3Seton Hall University
6Lynch, Timothy View Sheet 0.014.0Seton Hall University
7Perra, Michael View Sheet 0.016.5Villanova University Diving
8Swindal, Joe View Sheet 0.013.5Villanova University Diving
9Werner, Matthew B View Sheet 0.014.1Georgetown University
10Mens 3M DivingAckert, Michael View Sheet 0.016.0Villanova University Diving
11Edmonds, Griffin View Sheet 0.015.9Georgetown University
12Hofman, Joseph View Sheet 0.016.1Georgetown University
13Iannelli, Joe View Sheet 0.013.0Seton Hall University
14Lynch, Timothy View Sheet 0.013.9Seton Hall University
15Perra, Michael View Sheet 0.018.1Villanova University Diving
16Swindal, Joe View Sheet 0.015.6Villanova University Diving
17Werner, Matthew B View Sheet 0.015.2Georgetown University
18Womens 1M DivingBarber, Taylor View Sheet 0.012.6Providence College
19Barnhorst, Margaret L View Sheet 0.014.6Georgetown University
20Diekemper, Ashley View Sheet 0.012.1Seton Hall University
21Dunn, Brighid S View Sheet 0.014.2Villanova University Diving
22Fujioka, Riley View Sheet 0.014.7Georgetown University
23Ginovker, Emilie View Sheet 0.014.4Georgetown University
24Holtz, Andrea View Sheet 0.013.4Villanova University Diving
25Jackson, Taylor View Sheet 0.013.8Seton Hall University
26mastrantoni, Abigail View Sheet 0.013.2Villanova University Diving
27Miller, Elizabeth G View Sheet 0.014.0Georgetown University
28Peng, Naomi View Sheet 0.014.4Georgetown University
29Pisani, Avery L View Sheet 0.013.1Providence College
30Scarano, Danielle View Sheet 0.013.9Villanova University Diving
31Womens 3M DivingBarnhorst, Margaret L View Sheet 0.014.8Georgetown University
32Diekemper, Ashley View Sheet 0.012.4Seton Hall University
33Dunn, Brighid S View Sheet 0.015.2Villanova University Diving
34Fujioka, Riley View Sheet 0.015.2Georgetown University
35Ginovker, Emilie View Sheet 0.015.9Georgetown University
36Holtz, Andrea View Sheet 0.013.0Villanova University Diving
37Jackson, Taylor View Sheet 0.013.7Seton Hall University
38Miller, Elizabeth G View Sheet 0.014.8Georgetown University
39Peng, Naomi View Sheet 0.015.5Georgetown University
40Scarano, Danielle View Sheet 0.014.1Villanova University Diving
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