Name of Meet:
2017 MHSAA Division 2 Girls State Finals
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-01, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-07, 6:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Holland Aquatic Center
550 Maple Ave
Holland , MI 49423
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Five dives – cut to top 20, three dives – cut to 16, three dives – top 12 advance to FINALS
Warm up schedule 3:00 pm warm up / 5:00 pm (unless otherwise posted).

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Region 4-2 @ Grosse Pointe South2211 2h21m View Rules
Region 5-2 @ Fenton2111 2h14m View Rules
Region 6-2 @ East Grand Rapids3111 3h18m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Allen Park High SchoolAllen ParkMI
2Auburn Hills AvondaleAuburn HillsMI
3Battle Creek LakeviewBattle CreekMI
4Bay City Western High SchoolAuburnMI
5Birmingham GrovesBeverly HillsMI
6Birmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
7Dexter High SchoolDexterMI
8East Grand Rapids High SchoolEast Grand RapidsMI
9East Lansing High SchoolEast LansingMI
10Fenton High SchoolFentonMI
11Fraser High SchoolFraserMI
12G.rap.forest Hills CentralGrand RapidsMI
13Gilbraltar OA CarlsonGibraltarMI
14Grosse Pointe NorthGrosse PointeMI
15Grosse Pointe Southgrosse pointeMI
16Heritage High SchoolSaginawMI
17Highland-Milford High SchoolHighlandMI
19Holly High SchoolHollyMI
20Jenison High SchoolJenisonMI
21Livonia Churchill High SchoolLivoniaMI
22Loy Norrix KalamazooMI
24Midland DowMidlandMI
25Midland High SchoolMidlandMI
26NorthviewGRand RapidsMI
27Ottawa Hills High SchoolGrand RapidsMI
28Pinckney High SchoolPinckneyMI
29Portage CentralPORTAGEMI
30Rochester Adams High SchoolRochesterMI
31Rochester Stoney CreekRochester HIllsMI
32Royal OakRoyal OakMI
33St. Joseph High SchoolSt. JosephMI
34Walled Lake WesternWalled LakeMI
35Warren Woods TowerWarrenMI
36White Lake LakelandWhite LakeMI
37Wyandotte RooseveltWyandotteMI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Abedrabo, Emma15SaginawMIHeritage High SchoolNov 05, 14:50
2Abigail, Harned14 MIBay City Western High SchoolNov 06, 18:01
3Battle, Ellie19 MIEast Grand Rapids High SchoolNov 05, 20:08
4Bitner, Haley16WyandotteMIWyandotte RooseveltNov 03, 20:13
5Black, Megan17PinckneyMIPinckney High SchoolNov 06, 19:55
6Boone, Mackenzie e18gibraltarMIGilbraltar OA CarlsonNov 06, 08:26
7Brown, Marlena17 MIRoyal OakNov 06, 19:29
8Buhk, Erika15 MIJenison High SchoolNov 06, 08:20
9Byam, Olivia K18Grand RapidsMIEast Grand Rapids High SchoolNov 06, 14:25
10Campbell, Sarah16 MIPinckney High SchoolNov 06, 20:00
11Carapellucci, Devin V17East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolNov 06, 17:02
12Carlson, Nicole18Grand Rapids MIG.rap.forest Hills CentralNov 06, 08:01
13Chalifoux, Ellie16 MIBirmingham GrovesNov 05, 18:25
14Cymbal, Whitley15 MIRoyal OakNov 06, 19:36
15Davis, Riley17 MIMidland DowNov 06, 19:17
16Dopierala, Malenzie17HighlandMIHighland-Milford High SchoolNov 06, 14:10
17Duncan, Kate15Grosse ointe FarmsMIGrosse Pointe SouthNov 07, 15:17
18English, Garryn17Battle CreekMIBattle Creek LakeviewNov 05, 22:17
19France, Nicole16DexterMIDexter High SchoolNov 07, 06:35
20Gardner, Mara15Battle CreekMIBattle Creek LakeviewNov 05, 22:29
21George, Kylie16Allen ParkMIAllen Park High SchoolNov 03, 23:13
22Gordon, Georgina18 MIBirmingham SeaholmNov 06, 15:08
23Gretierewicz, Abigail15Grosse PointeMIGrosse Pointe NorthNov 07, 15:13
24Grypinich, Alexandria16Rochester HillsMIAuburn Hills AvondaleNov 07, 10:26
25Hansen, Anna G17AdaMIG.rap.forest Hills CentralNov 06, 07:59
26Harvey, Taylor16 MIMidland High SchoolNov 06, 19:24
27Holsinger, Emily16FraserMIFraser High SchoolNov 07, 14:45
28Horowitz, Sarah17DexterMIDexter High SchoolNov 07, 06:38
29Kalleward, Hannah18PortageMIPortage CentralNov 06, 12:38
30Kozlowski, Carly16FentonMIFenton High SchoolNov 04, 15:55
31Kramer, Colleen R18AdaMIG.rap.forest Hills CentralNov 06, 08:00
32Lee, Grace17East Grand RapidsMIEast Grand Rapids High SchoolNov 06, 14:38
33Lowler, Jillian16 MIGilbraltar OA CarlsonNov 06, 08:49
34Lumaj, Alexis14WixomMIWalled Lake WesternNov 05, 15:35
35Mallard, Chloe15 MIFenton High SchoolNov 04, 16:19
36Mathews, Megan15 MIAllen Park High SchoolNov 03, 23:18
37McKeel, Cydney17East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolNov 06, 17:12
38Meier, Kyleigh17St JosephMISt. Joseph High SchoolNov 05, 11:18
39Meister, Kaitlyn15 MIAllen Park High SchoolNov 03, 23:29
40Miller, Marisa16BirminghamMIBirmingham SeaholmNov 06, 15:05
41Mirandette, Lacey F16Grand RapidsMINorthviewNov 05, 18:00
42Mirandette, Lexis G16Grand RapidsMINorthviewNov 05, 18:03
43Morse, Abbi15JenisonMIJenison High SchoolNov 06, 08:16
44Muskovin, Isobel15 MIFraser High SchoolNov 07, 14:41
45Nguyen, Amanda15 MIGrosse Pointe NorthNov 07, 11:59
46Olmsted, Ferren M18KalamazooMILoy Norrix Nov 06, 13:18
47Osbourne, Isabelle19East Grand RapidsMIEast Grand Rapids High SchoolNov 06, 14:46
48Palencar, Ella15 MIAllen Park High SchoolNov 03, 23:48
49Patten, Mckenzie17 MIWyandotte RooseveltNov 03, 20:18
50Petrie, Eve V17East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolNov 06, 17:05
51Pfarrer, Alexis15RochesterMIRochester Stoney CreekNov 05, 11:37
52Podsiadlo, Kamila M14WixomMIWalled Lake WesternNov 05, 15:40
53Prentler, Laurie13JenisonMIJenison High SchoolNov 06, 08:17
54Reyst, Maya16 MIRoyal OakNov 06, 19:33
55Rogers, Rachel3Grosse PointeMIGrosse Pointe SouthNov 07, 15:20
56Ruhf, Alyssa17 MIHollandNov 06, 12:45
57Santos, Sofie A15KalamazooMILoy Norrix Nov 06, 13:16
58Scott, Sofia13 MIOttawa Hills High SchoolNov 05, 11:38
59Shegos, Taylor R18LindenMIFenton High SchoolNov 04, 15:49
60Sheline, Amelia19East Grand RapidsMIEast Grand Rapids High SchoolNov 06, 14:41
61Simon, Katie15MattawanMIMattawanNov 06, 13:14
62Smith, Morgan H15HollyMIFenton High SchoolNov 04, 16:08
63Terris, Lexi16East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolNov 06, 16:58
64VandePol, Sam15 MILoy Norrix Nov 06, 13:27
65VanDyke, Brynn17East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolNov 06, 17:09
66Vorias, Popi17dexterMIDexter High SchoolNov 07, 06:30
67Wertz, Christine15 MIWarren Woods TowerNov 07, 09:06
68Wodia, Marissa16 MIWyandotte RooseveltNov 03, 20:08
69Woodman, Jessica17RochesterALRochester Adams High SchoolNov 05, 11:31
70Woudenberg, Grace19HollandMIHollandNov 06, 12:47
71Wright, Maddie17DexterMIDexter High SchoolNov 07, 06:32
72Young, Lainea18Stevensvill MiMISt. Joseph High SchoolNov 05, 11:12
73Yurgil, Natalie17LivoniaMILivonia Churchill High SchoolNov 06, 15:48
74Zoetewey, Rebecca15 MIOttawa Hills High SchoolNov 05, 11:44
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bale, DavidHead CoachFenton High SchoolLindenMI
2Barnes, OllieHead CoachPortage CentralPortageMI
3Bergman, ShawnHead CoachDexter High SchoolChelseaMI
4Berman, RebeccaCoachAuburn Hills AvondaleNoviMI
5Binger, BruceHead CoachSt. Joseph High SchoolBenton HarborMI
6Bray, PatHead CoachHeritage High SchoolSaginawMI
7Egbers, MattHead CoachBirmingham GrovesFarmington HillsMI
8English, WillieHead CoachBattle Creek LakeviewBattle CreekMI
9Hall, BuffyAsst. CoachMidland High SchoolMidlandMI
10Hebert, SandraCoachOttawa Hills High SchoolKentwoodMI
11Kish, JennCoachHolly High SchoolGrand BlancMI
12Kuhlman, TomHead CoachEast Lansing High SchoolLansingMI
13LaCroix, PaulHead CoachAllen Park High SchoolTaylorMI
14Manwell, LisaHead CoachBay City Western High SchoolSanfordMI
15Miller, MarcHead CoachWhite Lake LakelandHighlandMI
16Mirandette, KurtHead CoachNorthviewGrand RapidsMI
17Mulder, SaraAsst. CoachHollandZeelandMI
18Mulhern, ThomasHead CoachGrosse Pointe SouthMacombMI
19Naegeli, VirginiaAsst. CoachBirmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
20Nowinski, DavidHead CoachFraser High SchoolMacombMI
21Oberhill, KyleAsst. CoachLoy Norrix KalamazooMI
22Ramahi, Jasmine Asst. CoachG.rap.forest Hills CentralGrand RapidsMI
23Randazzo, SamHead CoachWyandotte RooseveltTrentonMI
24Riedel, KateHead CoachPinckney High SchoolAnn ArborMI
25Schultz, AnthonyAsst. CoachRoyal OakTroyMI
26Seaton, NatalieHead CoachRochester Stoney CreekBirminghamMI
27Smith, CarlHead CoachMidland DowMidlandMI
28St Pierre, KatinaAsst. CoachLivonia Churchill High SchoolLivoniaMI
29Williamson, AnneHead CoachEast Grand Rapids High SchoolEast Grand RapidsMI
30yacoub, shainnaAsst. CoachGilbraltar OA CarlsonAllen ParkMI
31Zuehlke, BrianHead CoachJenison High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Allen Park High SchoolGeorge, Kylie16Allen ParkMI
2Mathews, Megan15 MI
3Meister, Kaitlyn15 MI
4Palencar, Ella15 MI
5Auburn Hills AvondaleGrypinich, Alexandria16Rochester HillsMI
6Battle Creek LakeviewEnglish, Garryn17Battle CreekMI
7Gardner, Mara15Battle CreekMI
8Bay City Western High SchoolAbigail, Harned14 MI
9Birmingham GrovesChalifoux, Ellie16 MI
10Birmingham SeaholmGordon, Georgina18 MI
11Miller, Marisa16BirminghamMI
12Dexter High SchoolFrance, Nicole16DexterMI
13Horowitz, Sarah17DexterMI
14Vorias, Popi17dexterMI
15Wright, Maddie17DexterMI
16East Grand Rapids High SchoolBattle, Ellie19 MI
17Byam, Olivia K18Grand RapidsMI
18Lee, Grace17East Grand RapidsMI
19Osbourne, Isabelle19East Grand RapidsMI
20Sheline, Amelia19East Grand RapidsMI
21East Lansing High SchoolCarapellucci, Devin V17East LansingMI
22McKeel, Cydney17East LansingMI
23Petrie, Eve V17East LansingMI
24Terris, Lexi16East LansingMI
25VanDyke, Brynn17East LansingMI
26Fenton High SchoolKozlowski, Carly16FentonMI
27Mallard, Chloe15 MI
28Shegos, Taylor R18LindenMI
29Smith, Morgan H15HollyMI
30Fraser High SchoolHolsinger, Emily16FraserMI
31Muskovin, Isobel15 MI
32G.rap.forest Hills CentralCarlson, Nicole18Grand Rapids MI
33Hansen, Anna G17AdaMI
34Kramer, Colleen R18AdaMI
35Gilbraltar OA CarlsonBoone, Mackenzie e18gibraltarMI
36Lowler, Jillian16 MI
37Grosse Pointe NorthGretierewicz, Abigail15Grosse PointeMI
38Nguyen, Amanda15 MI
39Grosse Pointe SouthDuncan, Kate15Grosse ointe FarmsMI
40Rogers, Rachel3Grosse PointeMI
41Heritage High SchoolAbedrabo, Emma15SaginawMI
42Highland-Milford High SchoolDopierala, Malenzie17HighlandMI
43HollandRuhf, Alyssa17 MI
44Woudenberg, Grace19HollandMI
45Jenison High SchoolBuhk, Erika15 MI
46Morse, Abbi15JenisonMI
47Prentler, Laurie13JenisonMI
48Livonia Churchill High SchoolYurgil, Natalie17LivoniaMI
49Loy Norrix Olmsted, Ferren M18KalamazooMI
50Santos, Sofie A15KalamazooMI
51VandePol, Sam15 MI
52MattawanSimon, Katie15MattawanMI
53Midland DowDavis, Riley17 MI
54Midland High SchoolHarvey, Taylor16 MI
55NorthviewMirandette, Lacey F16Grand RapidsMI
56Mirandette, Lexis G16Grand RapidsMI
57Ottawa Hills High SchoolScott, Sofia13 MI
58Zoetewey, Rebecca15 MI
59Pinckney High SchoolBlack, Megan17PinckneyMI
60Campbell, Sarah16 MI
61Portage CentralKalleward, Hannah18PortageMI
62Rochester Adams High SchoolWoodman, Jessica17RochesterAL
63Rochester Stoney CreekPfarrer, Alexis15RochesterMI
64Royal OakBrown, Marlena17 MI
65Cymbal, Whitley15 MI
66Reyst, Maya16 MI
67St. Joseph High SchoolMeier, Kyleigh17St JosephMI
68Young, Lainea18Stevensvill MiMI
69Walled Lake WesternLumaj, Alexis14WixomMI
70Podsiadlo, Kamila M14WixomMI
71Warren Woods TowerWertz, Christine15 MI
72Wyandotte RooseveltBitner, Haley16WyandotteMI
73Patten, Mckenzie17 MI
74Wodia, Marissa16 MI
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Region 4-2 @ Grosse Pointe SouthBitner, Haley7.810.5Wyandotte Roosevelt
2Boone, Mackenzie e8.211.4Gilbraltar OA Carlson
3Brown, Marlena8.511.0Royal Oak
4Chalifoux, Ellie8.212.1Birmingham Groves
5Cymbal, Whitley7.810.0Royal Oak
6Duncan, Kate7.611.2Grosse Pointe South
7George, Kylie7.911.3Allen Park High School
8Gordon, Georgina7.911.1Birmingham Seaholm
9Gretierewicz, Abigail7.410.7Grosse Pointe North
10Holsinger, Emily8.610.4Fraser High School
11Lowler, Jillian7.99.6Gilbraltar OA Carlson
12Mathews, Megan7.710.0Allen Park High School
13Meister, Kaitlyn7.69.7Allen Park High School
14Miller, Marisa7.811.0Birmingham Seaholm
15Muskovin, Isobel7.810.6Fraser High School
16Nguyen, Amanda8.610.5Grosse Pointe North
17Palencar, Ella7.99.6Allen Park High School
18Patten, Mckenzie8.610.6Wyandotte Roosevelt
19Reyst, Maya8.09.8Royal Oak
20Rogers, Rachel7.710.7Grosse Pointe South
21Wertz, Christine8.011.0Warren Woods Tower
22Wodia, Marissa8.213.2Wyandotte Roosevelt
23Region 5-2 @ FentonAbedrabo, Emma8.09.6Heritage High School
24Abigail, Harned8.611.5Bay City Western High School
25Black, Megan8.512.7Pinckney High School
26Campbell, Sarah7.910.9Pinckney High School
27Davis, Riley8.010.7Midland Dow
28Dopierala, Malenzie8.711.5Highland-Milford High School
29France, Nicole8.012.9Dexter High School
30Grypinich, Alexandria8.613.6Auburn Hills Avondale
31Harvey, Taylor8.110.1Midland High School
32Horowitz, Sarah8.212.4Dexter High School
33Kozlowski, Carly8.512.5Fenton High School
34Lumaj, Alexis8.811.6Walled Lake Western
35Mallard, Chloe8.412.1Fenton High School
36Pfarrer, Alexis8.610.7Rochester Stoney Creek
37Podsiadlo, Kamila M8.713.3Walled Lake Western
38Shegos, Taylor R8.813.4Fenton High School
39Smith, Morgan H8.511.2Fenton High School
40Vorias, Popi8.713.1Dexter High School
41Woodman, Jessica8.212.7Rochester Adams High School
42Wright, Maddie8.211.7Dexter High School
43Yurgil, Natalie8.211.2Livonia Churchill High School
44Region 6-2 @ East Grand RapidsBattle, Ellie8.612.4East Grand Rapids High School
45Buhk, Erika8.211.0Jenison High School
46Byam, Olivia K8.712.9East Grand Rapids High School
47Carapellucci, Devin V8.112.0East Lansing High School
48Carlson, Nicole8.613.8G.rap.forest Hills Central
49English, Garryn8.012.2Battle Creek Lakeview
50Gardner, Mara8.211.5Battle Creek Lakeview
51Hansen, Anna G8.613.7G.rap.forest Hills Central
52Kalleward, Hannah8.713.1Portage Central
53Kramer, Colleen R8.613.8G.rap.forest Hills Central
54Lee, Grace8.311.3East Grand Rapids High School
55McKeel, Cydney8.211.3East Lansing High School
56Meier, Kyleigh8.512.6St. Joseph High School
57Mirandette, Lacey F9.014.3Northview
58Mirandette, Lexis G9.013.8Northview
59Morse, Abbi8.212.3Jenison High School
60Olmsted, Ferren M8.110.3Loy Norrix
61Osbourne, Isabelle8.110.4East Grand Rapids High School
62Petrie, Eve V8.913.1East Lansing High School
63Prentler, Laurie8.211.2Jenison High School
64Ruhf, Alyssa8.912.9Holland
65Santos, Sofie A7.811.0Loy Norrix
66Scott, Sofia8.49.5Ottawa Hills High School
67Sheline, Amelia8.812.9East Grand Rapids High School
68Simon, Katie7.811.0Mattawan
69Terris, Lexi8.212.2East Lansing High School
70VandePol, Sam8.411.0Loy Norrix
71VanDyke, Brynn8.211.9East Lansing High School
72Woudenberg, Grace8.211.8Holland
73Young, Lainea8.613.3St. Joseph High School
74Zoetewey, Rebecca8.09.6Ottawa Hills High School
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