Name of Meet:
2019 ASAA Alaska Diving Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-04, 8:00 AM AKST
Registration Closes:
Nov-06, 11:59 PM AKST
Entry Fees Charged:
Bartlett High School
1101 Golden Bear Dr
Anchorage, AK 99504
Main Contact:
Lainee Adkins
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
This meet will be an 11 dive format. Exact diving warm-up and start times will be emailed out the Thursday before the meet.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1611 1h42m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving1611 1h42m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1chugiak high schoolchugaikAK
3Dimond High SchoolAnchorageAK
5Hutchison High SchoolFairbanksAK
6Ketchikan High SchoolKetchikanAK
7Kodiak High SchoolKodiakAK
8Lathrop High SchoolFairbanksAK
9Palmer High SchoolPalmerAK
10Sitka High SchoolSitkaAK
11Soldotna High SchoolSoldotnaAK
12Thunder Mountain High SchoolJuneauAK
14West Anchorage High School AnchorageAK
15West Valley High SchoolFairbanksAK
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Backus, XanderSO Wasilla, AK ColonyNov 04, 20:12
2Berger, Owen  AK Thunder Mountain High SchoolNov 06, 21:54
3Bolling, Emily  AK Ketchikan High SchoolNov 06, 21:45
4Bruce, Keith  Kodiak, AK Kodiak High SchoolNov 04, 21:44
5Cabrera, Daniel  AK West Anchorage High School Nov 05, 17:22
6Campbell, Deshawn  AK WasillaNov 05, 09:05
7Coffman, Tyler  AK Palmer High SchoolNov 04, 18:53
8Collins, Lily  AK WasillaNov 05, 11:00
9Cunningham, Kayden  AK Thunder Mountain High SchoolNov 06, 21:57
10Dietz, Audrey  AK WasillaNov 05, 09:00
11Dobson, Gabe  AK chugiak high schoolNov 05, 15:22
12Engebretsen, Lilyahna  AK ColonyNov 04, 20:19
13Forbush, Krystal  AK chugiak high schoolNov 05, 16:06
14Greene, Grace  AK Hutchison High SchoolNov 06, 21:29
15Hrncir, Ally  AK Palmer High SchoolNov 04, 19:02
16Johns, Kylie  AK chugiak high schoolNov 05, 16:12
17Krozel, Eli  AK ColonyNov 04, 20:15
18Kvidera, Ernest  AK Dimond High SchoolNov 06, 13:13
19Lambert, Corbin  AK Lathrop High SchoolNov 06, 22:14
20Layman, Andrew  AK WasillaNov 05, 11:39
21Mayer, Carrie  AK WasillaNov 05, 08:35
22Miller, Taylor  AK Palmer High SchoolNov 04, 19:07
23Pearson, Caity  AK Ketchikan High SchoolNov 06, 21:36
24Penaloza, Isabella  AK Kodiak High SchoolNov 04, 21:20
25Reynolds, Kade  AK WasillaNov 05, 08:42
26Rygh, Marty  AK Dimond High SchoolNov 06, 13:15
27Saltzgiver, Kaden  AK Soldotna High SchoolNov 06, 22:00
28Smith, Jenna  AK Ketchikan High SchoolNov 06, 21:42
29Thayer, Natalie  AK EastNov 05, 13:54
30Walch, Jenna  AK Dimond High SchoolNov 06, 13:14
31West, Ezra  AK West Valley High SchoolNov 06, 22:03
32Widdison, Branden  AK Sitka High SchoolNov 06, 21:49
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Adkins, LaineeCoachLathrop High SchoolEagle RiverAK
2Baker, BrandonHead CoachWest Anchorage High School AnchorageAK
3DiGerlando, WendyHead CoachWasillaWasillaAK
4Gates, ChaseHead Coachchugiak high schoolchugaikAK
5Godden, JerryHead CoachPalmer High SchoolPalmerAK
6Horne, DaveHead CoachKodiak High SchoolKodiakAK
7Lynch, AbigailCoachEastPalmerAK
8Morton, MeganHead CoachDimond High SchoolAnchorageAK
9Worley, EmilyHead CoachColonyWasillaAK
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1chugiak high schoolDobson, Gabe  AK
2Forbush, Krystal  AK
3Johns, Kylie  AK
4ColonyBackus, XanderSOWasillaAK
5Engebretsen, Lilyahna  AK
6Krozel, Eli  AK
7Dimond High SchoolKvidera, Ernest  AK
8Rygh, Marty  AK
9Walch, Jenna  AK
10EastThayer, Natalie  AK
11Hutchison High SchoolGreene, Grace  AK
12Ketchikan High SchoolBolling, Emily  AK
13Pearson, Caity  AK
14Smith, Jenna  AK
15Kodiak High SchoolBruce, Keith KodiakAK
16Penaloza, Isabella  AK
17Lathrop High SchoolLambert, Corbin  AK
18Palmer High SchoolCoffman, Tyler  AK
19Hrncir, Ally  AK
20Miller, Taylor  AK
21Sitka High SchoolWiddison, Branden  AK
22Soldotna High SchoolSaltzgiver, Kaden  AK
23Thunder Mountain High SchoolBerger, Owen  AK
24Cunningham, Kayden  AK
25WasillaCampbell, Deshawn  AK
26Collins, Lily  AK
27Dietz, Audrey  AK
28Layman, Andrew  AK
29Mayer, Carrie  AK
30Reynolds, Kade  AK
31West Anchorage High School Cabrera, Daniel  AK
32West Valley High SchoolWest, Ezra  AK
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBackus, Xander View Sheet 8.612.6Colony
2Berger, Owen View Sheet 8.212.4Thunder Mountain High School
3Bruce, Keith View Sheet 8.211.0Kodiak High School
4Cabrera, Daniel View Sheet 8.713.6West Anchorage High School
5Campbell, Deshawn View Sheet 8.813.5Wasilla
6Cunningham, Kayden View Sheet 8.712.3Thunder Mountain High School
7Dobson, Gabe View Sheet 8.914.7chugiak high school
8Krozel, Eli View Sheet 9.014.3Colony
9Kvidera, Ernest View Sheet 7.412.1Dimond High School
10Lambert, Corbin View Sheet 7.710.9Lathrop High School
11Layman, Andrew View Sheet 9.015.5Wasilla
12Reynolds, Kade View Sheet 9.014.8Wasilla
13Rygh, Marty View Sheet 8.213.4Dimond High School
14Saltzgiver, Kaden View Sheet 8.29.9Soldotna High School
15West, Ezra View Sheet 7.69.9West Valley High School
16Widdison, Branden View Sheet 8.012.2Sitka High School
17Girls 1M DivingBolling, Emily View Sheet 8.38.9Ketchikan High School
18Coffman, Tyler View Sheet 8.412.2Palmer High School
19Collins, Lily View Sheet 8.612.0Wasilla
20Dietz, Audrey View Sheet 8.611.9Wasilla
21Engebretsen, Lilyahna View Sheet 7.911.0Colony
22Forbush, Krystal View Sheet 7.911.2chugiak high school
23Greene, Grace View Sheet 8.411.6Hutchison High School
24Hrncir, Ally View Sheet 8.311.1Palmer High School
25Johns, Kylie View Sheet 7.69.4chugiak high school
26Mayer, Carrie View Sheet 8.612.3Wasilla
27Miller, Taylor View Sheet 8.412.9Palmer High School
28Pearson, Caity View Sheet 8.49.3Ketchikan High School
29Penaloza, Isabella View Sheet 8.110.0Kodiak High School
30Smith, Jenna View Sheet 7.79.5Ketchikan High School
31Thayer, Natalie View Sheet 7.79.4East
32Walch, Jenna View Sheet 8.813.3Dimond High School
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