Name of Meet:
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-18, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Jan-09, 12:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
George Block Aquatics Center
7001 Culebra Rd
San Antonio, TX 78238
Main Contact:
Kristin Libardoni
Contact Phone:

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This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2011 2h8m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2811 2h59m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Austin Westlake High School Austin TX
2Brandeis High SchoolSan AntonioTX
3Brennan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
4Byron Steele II High SchoolCibolo 
5Clark High SchoolSan AntonioTX
6East CentralSan AntonioTX
7Harlan High SchoolSan AntontioTX
8Health Careers High SchoolSan AntonioTX
9Holmes High SchoolSan AntonioTX
10Marshall High SchoolSan AntonioTX
11O'connor High SchoolSan AntonioTX
12Reagan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
14San Antonio Alamo HeightsSan AntonioTX
15San Antonio Robert G. ColeSan AntonioTX
16Smithson ValleySpring BranchTX
17Taft High SchoolSan AntonioTX
18Warren High SchoolSan AntonioTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam Name
1Aimone, Julianna15CiboloTXByron Steele II High School
2Benson, Jazlyn M18San AntonioTXHolmes High School
3Bettisworth, Logan J15San AntonioTXO'connor High School
4Beuerlein, John16AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
5brewer, elise V15helotesTXO'connor High School
6Burrhus, Jayne M16San AntonioTXSan Antonio Alamo Heights
7Clark, Connor S14 ALClark High School
8Crocker, Cora18San AntonioTXHolmes High School
9Cruz, Alysia R15San AntonioTXTaft High School
10Daniel, George R1helotesTXO'connor High School
11Dierkising, Zach H15San AntonioTXHarlan High School
12Francis, Avery G14HelotesTXBrandeis High School
13Garcia, Nick A16San AntonioTXBrandeis High School
14Garcie, Cadi J15AdkinsTXEast Central
15Goei, Elizabeth16San AntonioTXSAINT MARY'S HALL
16Gomez, Jael-Shalem S16San AntonioTXHealth Careers High School
17Huerta, Steve-Anthony E14San AntonioTXSan Antonio Robert G. Cole
18hughes, brady14 TXO'connor High School
19Jackson, Shelby17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
20Krueger, Alyssa D14San AntonioTXO'connor High School
21Law, Joshua R15San AntonioTXMarshall High School
22Liddy, Jones17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
23lizarraga, laisha F16 TXBrennan High School
24Martinez, Oscar R17San AntonioTXMarshall High School
25Merchant, Madison R16helotesTXO'connor High School
26Nall, Kaleigh P17Spring BranchTXSmithson Valley
27Nguyen, Aleah H14San AntonioTXHealth Careers High School
28Olsen, Anthony D18San antonioTXTaft High School
29Palacios, Alyssa R14San AntonioTXReagan High School
30Pickens, James J15San AntonioTXClark High School
31Price, Morgan15San AntonioTXSmithson Valley
32Rodriguez, Kenneth N14San antonioTXClark High School
33Rodriguez, Gabriel J15San AntonioTXTaft High School
34Roper, Kennedy A14San AntonioTXTaft High School
35salas, alondra14san antonioTXTaft High School
36Salas, Roman16San AntonioTXTaft High School
37Schmitz, Jenna M14San AntonioTXMarshall High School
38Schulze, Kassie16HelotesTXBrandeis High School
39segovia, jonathan N16San AntonioTXWarren High School
40Smith, Cheyenne N15San AntonioTXBrennan High School
41Stone, Katelyn N15Spring BranchTXSmithson Valley
42Taylor, Harrison G15San AntonioTXSmithson Valley
43Totten, Dylan M15San AntonioTXClark High School
44Trayers, Natasha17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
45Ursone, Sophia14San AntonioTXSAINT MARY'S HALL
46wenner, Dalan15 TXSmithson Valley
47Zou, Jazzalyn17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
48Zou, Kathlyn17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Fain, MariaHead CoachByron Steele II High SchoolSan AntonioTX
2Lee, ElizabethHead CoachSan Antonio Robert G. ColeSan AntonioTX
3Libardoni, KristinHead CoachHarlan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
4Muller, CurtisHead CoachSAINT MARY'S HALLSan AntonioTX
5Soelter , Alison Head CoachAustin Westlake High School AustinTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Austin Westlake High School Beuerlein, John16AustinTX
2Jackson, Shelby17AustinTX
3Liddy, Jones17AustinTX
4Trayers, Natasha17AustinTX
5Zou, Jazzalyn17AustinTX
6Zou, Kathlyn17AustinTX
7Brandeis High SchoolFrancis, Avery G14HelotesTX
8Garcia, Nick A16San AntonioTX
9Schulze, Kassie16HelotesTX
10Brennan High Schoollizarraga, laisha F16 TX
11Smith, Cheyenne N15San AntonioTX
12Byron Steele II High SchoolAimone, Julianna15CiboloTX
13Clark High SchoolClark, Connor S14 AL
14Pickens, James J15San AntonioTX
15Rodriguez, Kenneth N14San antonioTX
16Totten, Dylan M15San AntonioTX
17East CentralGarcie, Cadi J15AdkinsTX
18Harlan High SchoolDierkising, Zach H15San AntonioTX
19Health Careers High SchoolGomez, Jael-Shalem S16San AntonioTX
20Nguyen, Aleah H14San AntonioTX
21Holmes High SchoolBenson, Jazlyn M18San AntonioTX
22Crocker, Cora18San AntonioTX
23Marshall High SchoolLaw, Joshua R15San AntonioTX
24Martinez, Oscar R17San AntonioTX
25Schmitz, Jenna M14San AntonioTX
26O'connor High SchoolBettisworth, Logan J15San AntonioTX
27brewer, elise V15helotesTX
28Daniel, George R1helotesTX
29hughes, brady14 TX
30Krueger, Alyssa D14San AntonioTX
31Merchant, Madison R16helotesTX
32Reagan High SchoolPalacios, Alyssa R14San AntonioTX
33SAINT MARY'S HALLGoei, Elizabeth16San AntonioTX
34Ursone, Sophia14San AntonioTX
35San Antonio Alamo HeightsBurrhus, Jayne M16San AntonioTX
36San Antonio Robert G. ColeHuerta, Steve-Anthony E14San AntonioTX
37Smithson ValleyNall, Kaleigh P17Spring BranchTX
38Price, Morgan15San AntonioTX
39Stone, Katelyn N15Spring BranchTX
40Taylor, Harrison G15San AntonioTX
41wenner, Dalan15 TX
42Taft High SchoolCruz, Alysia R15San AntonioTX
43Olsen, Anthony D18San antonioTX
44Rodriguez, Gabriel J15San AntonioTX
45Roper, Kennedy A14San AntonioTX
46salas, alondra14san antonioTX
47Salas, Roman16San AntonioTX
48Warren High Schoolsegovia, jonathan N16San AntonioTX
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBettisworth, Logan J7.59.5O'connor High School
2Beuerlein, John8.613.3Austin Westlake High School
3Clark, Connor S7.89.6Clark High School
4Daniel, George R7.411.0O'connor High School
5Dierkising, Zach H7.712.6Harlan High School
6Garcia, Nick A7.410.3Brandeis High School
7Huerta, Steve-Anthony E7.49.6San Antonio Robert G. Cole
8hughes, brady7.710.1O'connor High School
9Law, Joshua R8.311.7Marshall High School
10Liddy, Jones7.610.0Austin Westlake High School
11Martinez, Oscar R7.611.7Marshall High School
12Olsen, Anthony D7.610.4Taft High School
13Pickens, James J8.28.8Clark High School
14Rodriguez, Kenneth N7.99.1Clark High School
15Rodriguez, Gabriel J7.59.7Taft High School
16Salas, Roman7.79.6Taft High School
17segovia, jonathan N7.89.7Warren High School
18Taylor, Harrison G8.411.6Smithson Valley
19Totten, Dylan M8.09.6Clark High School
20wenner, Dalan8.513.4Smithson Valley
21Girls 1M DivingAimone, Julianna8.311.4Byron Steele II High School
22Benson, Jazlyn M7.712.3Holmes High School
23brewer, elise V7.910.2O'connor High School
24Burrhus, Jayne M8.512.5San Antonio Alamo Heights
25Crocker, Cora7.79.9Holmes High School
26Cruz, Alysia R7.510.2Taft High School
27Francis, Avery G8.413.0Brandeis High School
28Garcie, Cadi J8.09.4East Central
29Goei, Elizabeth8.614.3SAINT MARY'S HALL
30Gomez, Jael-Shalem S7.810.3Health Careers High School
31Jackson, Shelby7.69.2Austin Westlake High School
32Krueger, Alyssa D8.19.5O'connor High School
33lizarraga, laisha F7.69.5Brennan High School
34Merchant, Madison R8.710.5O'connor High School
35Nall, Kaleigh P8.09.6Smithson Valley
36Nguyen, Aleah H8.310.5Health Careers High School
37Palacios, Alyssa R8.412.9Reagan High School
38Price, Morgan8.211.1Smithson Valley
39Roper, Kennedy A7.911.0Taft High School
40salas, alondra7.910.0Taft High School
41Schmitz, Jenna M8.512.7Marshall High School
42Schulze, Kassie8.613.5Brandeis High School
43Smith, Cheyenne N7.69.5Brennan High School
44Stone, Katelyn N7.811.6Smithson Valley
45Trayers, Natasha8.110.9Austin Westlake High School
46Ursone, Sophia8.612.6SAINT MARY'S HALL
47Zou, Jazzalyn8.210.6Austin Westlake High School
48Zou, Kathlyn8.010.7Austin Westlake High School
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