Name of Meet:
WC Diving Tuesday 11/30 Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-23, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-29, 5:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
West Clermont High School
4101 Bach Buxton Rd
Batavia, OH 45103
Main Contact:
Lisa Werwinski
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
1 Meter Boys JV16 3m View Rules
1 Meter Boys Varsity66 21m View Rules
1 Meter Girls JV56 17m View Rules
1 Meter Girls Varsity226 1h17m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Cincinnati Hills Christian AcademyCincinnatiOH
2Indian Hill High ScoolCincinnatiOH
3Madeira High SchoolCincinnatiOH
4Mariemont High SchoolCincinnatiOH
5Milford High SchoolMilfordOH
6Reading ReadingOH
7Summit Country Day SchoolCincinnatiOH
9West ClermontBataviaOH
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bobst, Madelyn  OH SycamoreNov 27, 16:49
2Brandenburg, Brody  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:19
3Braun, Lilly  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:23
4Braun, Maggie  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:27
5Bussa, Gabby  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:26
6Caldwell, Chris  OH Reading Nov 28, 21:09
7Cimpello, Natalie  OH Madeira High SchoolNov 28, 21:17
8Condorodis, Charlotte  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:45
9Ehrhardt, MadisonSO Cincinnati, OH SycamoreNov 27, 17:38
10Eminger, Luke  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:18
11Farrell, Anna  OH West ClermontNov 27, 23:42
12Festa, Josie  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:22
13Gibson, Hannah  OH West ClermontNov 27, 23:43
14Gruber, Haleigh  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:18
15Headley, Sadie  OH Summit Country Day SchoolNov 28, 21:20
16Hines, EmeryFR Cincinnati, OH SycamoreNov 27, 17:39
17Hines, LucyFR Cincinnati, OH SycamoreNov 27, 17:29
18Huth, SimonFR Cincinnati, OH SycamoreNov 27, 17:27
19Johnson, Olive  OH West ClermontNov 27, 23:43
20Kim, Anelise MSR Cincinnati, OH SycamoreNov 27, 16:48
21Kuhl, Samantha  OH West ClermontNov 27, 23:41
22Leder, Merrie  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:37
23Mason, Marisol  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:23
24Moore, Hannah  OH West ClermontNov 28, 16:19
25Overberg, Maggie  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:19
26Penote, Benny  OH Summit Country Day SchoolNov 28, 21:25
27Penote, John  OH Summit Country Day SchoolNov 28, 21:22
28Rachford, Hannah  Columbus, OH West ClermontNov 27, 23:41
29Richards, Scout  OH Cincinnati Hills Christian AcademyNov 28, 21:58
30Ryan, Emily  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:41
31Spence, Ben  OH Milford High SchoolNov 28, 09:21
32Teeters, Jasemine  OH Mariemont High SchoolNov 28, 21:12
33Wenker, Courtney  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:28
34Willis Jackson, Jesseca  OH Indian Hill High ScoolNov 28, 20:53
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Chahine, AmandaCoachSycamoreLebanonOH
2Frye, EmmaHead CoachMilford High SchoolBataviaOH
3Noble, RayCoachCincinnati Hills Christian AcademyMilfordOH
4Werwinski, LisaHead CoachWest ClermontLovelandOH
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Cincinnati Hills Christian AcademyRichards, Scout  OH
2Indian Hill High ScoolCondorodis, Charlotte  OH
3Festa, Josie  OH
4Leder, Merrie  OH
5Mason, Marisol  OH
6Overberg, Maggie  OH
7Ryan, Emily  OH
8Wenker, Courtney  OH
9Willis Jackson, Jesseca  OH
10Madeira High SchoolCimpello, Natalie  OH
11Mariemont High SchoolTeeters, Jasemine  OH
12Milford High SchoolBrandenburg, Brody  OH
13Braun, Lilly  OH
14Braun, Maggie  OH
15Bussa, Gabby  OH
16Eminger, Luke  OH
17Gruber, Haleigh  OH
18Spence, Ben  OH
19Reading Caldwell, Chris  OH
20Summit Country Day SchoolHeadley, Sadie  OH
21Penote, Benny  OH
22Penote, John  OH
23SycamoreBobst, Madelyn  OH
24Ehrhardt, MadisonSOCincinnatiOH
25Hines, EmeryFRCincinnatiOH
26Hines, LucyFRCincinnatiOH
27Huth, SimonFRCincinnatiOH
28Kim, Anelise MSRCincinnatiOH
29West ClermontFarrell, Anna  OH
30Gibson, Hannah  OH
31Johnson, Olive  OH
32Kuhl, Samantha  OH
33Moore, Hannah  OH
34Rachford, Hannah ColumbusOH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
11 Meter Boys JVPenote, Benny View Sheet 0.09.0Summit Country Day School
21 Meter Boys VarsityBrandenburg, Brody View Sheet 1.78.7Milford High School
3Caldwell, Chris View Sheet 1.69.0Reading
4Eminger, Luke View Sheet 1.78.3Milford High School
5Huth, Simon View Sheet 1.38.4Sycamore
6Penote, John View Sheet 1.69.9Summit Country Day School
7Spence, Ben View Sheet 1.47.9Milford High School
81 Meter Girls JVEhrhardt, Madison View Sheet 0.09.6Sycamore
9Farrell, Anna View Sheet 0.08.1West Clermont
10Gibson, Hannah View Sheet 0.08.4West Clermont
11Johnson, Olive View Sheet 0.08.1West Clermont
12Willis Jackson, Jesseca View Sheet 0.08.5Indian Hill High Scool
131 Meter Girls VarsityBobst, Madelyn View Sheet 1.78.3Sycamore
14Braun, Lilly View Sheet 1.57.9Milford High School
15Braun, Maggie View Sheet 1.58.3Milford High School
16Bussa, Gabby View Sheet 1.58.3Milford High School
17Cimpello, Natalie View Sheet 1.38.3Madeira High School
18Condorodis, Charlotte View Sheet 1.38.2Indian Hill High Scool
19Festa, Josie View Sheet 1.79.9Indian Hill High Scool
20Gruber, Haleigh View Sheet 1.78.1Milford High School
21Headley, Sadie View Sheet 1.38.0Summit Country Day School
22Hines, Emery View Sheet 1.28.3Sycamore
23Hines, Lucy View Sheet 1.28.2Sycamore
24Kim, Anelise M View Sheet 1.710.6Sycamore
25Kuhl, Samantha View Sheet 1.38.2West Clermont
26Leder, Merrie View Sheet 1.38.4Indian Hill High Scool
27Mason, Marisol View Sheet 1.38.5Indian Hill High Scool
28Moore, Hannah View Sheet 1.38.3West Clermont
29Overberg, Maggie View Sheet 1.79.4Indian Hill High Scool
30Rachford, Hannah View Sheet 1.38.1West Clermont
31Richards, Scout View Sheet 1.28.2Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy
32Ryan, Emily View Sheet 1.38.5Indian Hill High Scool
33Teeters, Jasemine View Sheet 1.38.0Mariemont High School
34Wenker, Courtney View Sheet 1.78.2Indian Hill High Scool
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