Name of Meet:
2022 IWA Angel & CCISD Sprint Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-15, 8:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Sep-21, 11:59 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
CCISD Natatorium
3202 Cabaniss Pkwy
Corpus Christi, TX 78415
Main Contact:
Trey Collins
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Sep-21 11:59 PM CDT

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
#10 Boys 1M Diving 6 Dives96 31m View Rules
#25 Girls Three Meter43 7m View Rules
#26 Boys Three Meter23 3m View Rules
#9 Girls 1M Diving 6 Dives226 1h17m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Alexander High SchoolLaredoTX
2Corpus Christi KingCorpus ChristiTX
3Corpus Christi LondonCorpus ChristiTX
4Flour BluffCorpus ChristiTX
5Flour Bluff High SchoolCorpus ChristiTX
6L.B. Johnson High SchoolLaredoTX
7Laredo United High SchoolLaredoTX
8United High SchoolLaredoTX
9United South High SchoolLaredoTX
10Veterans MemorialCorpus ChristiTX
11Victoria EastVictoriaTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Adrian, Avery  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 19, 13:39
2Aguilar, Camilla  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 17:27
3Arredondo, Cidney  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 13:37
4Baasel, KaliaFR Corpus Christi, TX Veterans MemorialSep 21, 06:41
5Colon, Gabriella  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 13:24
6DeLeon, AubreySO corpus christi, TX Corpus Christi KingSep 21, 06:46
7Falcon, Arizbel  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 13:39
8Farias, Olivia  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 13:17
9Garcia, GabrielaFR corpus Christi first, TX Corpus Christi KingSep 20, 07:14
10Garza, Ed  TX United South High SchoolSep 19, 17:19
11Going, Angela  TX Flour BluffSep 19, 08:30
12Guzman, Lysha  TX United High SchoolSep 20, 08:45
13Hagan, SarahSO Victoria, TX Victoria EastSep 20, 16:16
14Hahn, Jalyn  TX Flour BluffSep 19, 10:28
15Hernandez, Ixtazi  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 19, 13:20
16Holt, NathanJR Corpus Christi, TX Veterans MemorialSep 20, 07:21
17Kalbfleisch, DanielJR Corpus Christi, TX Veterans MemorialSep 20, 07:27
18Mathis, Janae  TX Victoria EastSep 20, 16:13
19Moritz, KennedyFR Corpus christi, TX Veterans MemorialSep 20, 20:53
20Musella, AidenJR Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi KingSep 21, 13:04
21Needham, Kassandra  TX United High SchoolSep 19, 13:26
22Ortega, Julian  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 20, 08:40
23Ortega, Mauio  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 20, 08:38
24Peña, Alexis  TX L.B. Johnson High SchoolSep 19, 17:30
25Pena, Nataly  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 19, 13:13
26Ramon-Lozano, Kiara a.  TX Alexander High SchoolSep 19, 13:43
27Rodriquez, Gabby  TX Flour BluffSep 19, 08:49
28Shelton, Jonah  TX Corpus Christi LondonSep 19, 08:30
29Vicha, Riley  TX Flour BluffSep 19, 08:37
30Volesky, Julia  TX Flour BluffSep 19, 08:34
31Weaver, Edward ASR corpus christi, TX Corpus Christi KingSep 20, 07:19
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1DeLaCruz, ClaudiaAsst. CoachUnited South High SchoolLaredoTX
2Duarte, SandraHead CoachLaredo United High SchoolLaredoTX
3Fruia, LouisHead CoachUnited High SchoolLaredoTX
4Hoff, RoxanneHead CoachCorpus Christi LondonCorpus ChristiTX
5Mease, DebiHead CoachVictoria EastVictoriaTX
6Murphy, DanHead CoachFlour Bluff High SchoolCorpus ChristiTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Alexander High SchoolAdrian, Avery  TX
2Hernandez, Ixtazi  TX
3Ortega, Julian  TX
4Ortega, Mauio  TX
5Pena, Nataly  TX
6Ramon-Lozano, Kiara a.  TX
7Corpus Christi KingDeLeon, AubreySOcorpus christiTX
8Garcia, GabrielaFRcorpus Christi firstTX
9Musella, AidenJRCorpus ChristiTX
10Weaver, Edward ASRcorpus christiTX
11Corpus Christi LondonShelton, Jonah  TX
12Flour BluffGoing, Angela  TX
13Hahn, Jalyn  TX
14Rodriquez, Gabby  TX
15Vicha, Riley  TX
16Volesky, Julia  TX
17L.B. Johnson High SchoolPeña, Alexis  TX
18United High SchoolAguilar, Camilla  TX
19Arredondo, Cidney  TX
20Colon, Gabriella  TX
21Falcon, Arizbel  TX
22Farias, Olivia  TX
23Guzman, Lysha  TX
24Needham, Kassandra  TX
25United South High SchoolGarza, Ed  TX
26Veterans MemorialBaasel, KaliaFRCorpus ChristiTX
27Holt, NathanJRCorpus ChristiTX
28Kalbfleisch, DanielJRCorpus ChristiTX
29Moritz, KennedyFRCorpus christiTX
30Victoria EastHagan, SarahSOVictoriaTX
31Mathis, Janae  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1#10 Boys 1M Diving 6 DivesAdrian, Avery View Sheet 1.27.8Alexander High School
2Garza, Ed View Sheet 1.28.0United South High School
3Holt, Nathan View Sheet 1.48.5Veterans Memorial
4Kalbfleisch, Daniel View Sheet 1.67.6Veterans Memorial
5Musella, Aiden View Sheet 1.27.8Corpus Christi King
6Ortega, Julian View Sheet 1.27.8Alexander High School
7Ortega, Mauio View Sheet 1.28.0Alexander High School
8Shelton, Jonah View Sheet 1.67.9Corpus Christi London
9Weaver, Edward A View Sheet 1.78.4Corpus Christi King
10#25 Girls Three MeterDeLeon, Aubrey View Sheet 0.04.5Corpus Christi King
11Farias, Olivia View Sheet 0.04.3United High School
12Hagan, Sarah View Sheet 0.05.9Victoria East
13Moritz, Kennedy View Sheet 0.04.4Veterans Memorial
14#26 Boys Three MeterKalbfleisch, Daniel View Sheet 0.05.2Veterans Memorial
15Weaver, Edward A View Sheet 0.04.7Corpus Christi King
16#9 Girls 1M Diving 6 DivesAguilar, Camilla View Sheet 1.38.0United High School
17Arredondo, Cidney View Sheet 1.28.6United High School
18Baasel, Kalia View Sheet 1.27.8Veterans Memorial
19Colon, Gabriella View Sheet 1.27.6United High School
20DeLeon, Aubrey View Sheet 1.27.9Corpus Christi King
21Falcon, Arizbel View Sheet 1.27.6United High School
22Farias, Olivia View Sheet 1.28.4United High School
23Garcia, Gabriela View Sheet 1.27.7Corpus Christi King
24Going, Angela View Sheet 1.710.0Flour Bluff
25Guzman, Lysha View Sheet 1.27.6United High School
26Hagan, Sarah View Sheet 1.69.3Victoria East
27Hahn, Jalyn View Sheet 1.47.9Flour Bluff
28Hernandez, Ixtazi View Sheet 1.27.8Alexander High School
29Mathis, Janae View Sheet 1.67.9Victoria East
30Moritz, Kennedy View Sheet 1.28.6Veterans Memorial
31Needham, Kassandra View Sheet 1.37.9United High School
32Peña, Alexis View Sheet 1.27.8L.B. Johnson High School
33Pena, Nataly View Sheet 1.28.0Alexander High School
34Ramon-Lozano, Kiara a. View Sheet 1.38.1Alexander High School
35Rodriquez, Gabby View Sheet 1.38.5Flour Bluff
36Vicha, Riley View Sheet 1.78.9Flour Bluff
37Volesky, Julia View Sheet 1.511.1Flour Bluff
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