Name of Meet:
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-03, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Oct-09, 5:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Northside ISD Swim Center
8400 N Loop 1604 W
San Antonio, TX 11111
Main Contact:
Kristin Libardoni
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
1M Boys Sub-varsity26 7m View Rules
1M Boys Varsity1011 1h4m View Rules
1M Boys Varsity 6 Dive76 24m View Rules
1M Girls Sub-varsity46 14m View Rules
1M Girls Varsity1011 1h4m View Rules
1M Girls Varsity 6 Dive96 31m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Alamo Area Aquatics DivingSan AntonioTX
2Alamo Heights High SchoolSan AntonioTX
3Austin Westlake High School Austin TX
4ChurchillSan AntonioTX
5Clark High SchoolSan AntonioTX
6Johnson High SchoolSan AntonioTX
7Lee High SchoolSan AntonioTX
8MacArthurSan AntonioTX
9O'connor High SchoolSan AntonioTX
10Reagan High SchoolSan AntonioTX
11Samuel Clemens High SchoolSchertz-Cibolo Universal CityTX
12San Antonio Alamo HeightsSan AntonioTX
13Smithson ValleySpring BranchTX
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Beuerlein, John17AustinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 11:05
2Bhargava, Taarika15austinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 10:42
3Brent, Morgan14AustinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 10:52
4brewer, elise V16helotesTXO'connor High SchoolOct 05, 16:41
5Burrhus, Jayne M17San AntonioTXSan Antonio Alamo HeightsOct 09, 08:28
6Chisholm, John A16San AntonioTXMacArthurOct 08, 21:13
7Clark, Summer C18HelotesTXO'connor High SchoolOct 05, 08:07
8Cooper, Jillian R17San AntonioTXAlamo Area Aquatics DivingOct 04, 06:40
9East, Silas17BulverdeTXSmithson ValleyOct 06, 11:58
10Elizalde, Audelia14HelotesTXO'connor High SchoolOct 05, 16:45
11Elliott, Hayden C15San AntonioTXChurchillOct 08, 10:39
12Fitzpatrick, Sidney K17San AntonioTXClark High SchoolOct 05, 08:03
13Gillett, Elizabeth14austinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 10:48
14Hernandez, Mia M15San AntonioTXJohnson High SchoolOct 04, 06:36
15Jimison, Dillon P16San AntonioTXO'connor High SchoolOct 09, 13:09
16Joiner, Sydney E15San AntonioTXChurchillOct 07, 17:25
17Kiolbassa, Seth17San AntonioTXO'connor High SchoolOct 05, 16:51
18Krueger, Alyssa D15San AntonioTXO'connor High SchoolOct 09, 13:06
19Mansell, Kristin14AustinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 09, 09:45
20Mateos-Salles, Marcel15San AntonioTXReagan High SchoolOct 07, 21:59
21McCann, Anthony V16San AntonioTXAlamo Heights High SchoolOct 09, 07:42
22Merchant, Madison R17helotesTXO'connor High SchoolOct 05, 07:57
23Miranda, Carter D17HelotesTXO'connor High SchoolOct 09, 13:11
24Murphy, Erin16San AntonioTXClark High SchoolOct 05, 17:09
25Palacios, Alyssa R15San AntonioTXReagan High SchoolOct 04, 06:34
26Pashilkar, Nayna16austinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 10:35
27Pickens, James J16San AntonioTXClark High SchoolOct 05, 16:25
28Pulliam, Elijah A16San antonioTXClark High SchoolOct 09, 13:05
29Ragnar, Jett15San AntonioTXLee High SchoolOct 08, 10:37
30Rios, Eric14san antonioTXO'connor High SchoolOct 09, 13:13
31robinson, cody E14san antonioTXSmithson ValleyOct 06, 18:05
32Rodriguez, Kenneth N15San antonioTXClark High SchoolOct 05, 16:57
33Serrata, Melina V18San AntonioTXClark High SchoolOct 09, 07:58
34Shaffer, Braeden O16San AntonioTXJohnson High SchoolOct 07, 16:34
35Sperling, Sydney14austinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 10:56
36Stallworth, Lane M15San AntonioTXClark High SchoolOct 09, 08:17
37Walker, Jordan16SchertzTXSamuel Clemens High SchoolOct 08, 15:25
38wenner, Dalan16 TXSmithson ValleyOct 06, 08:47
39Willenbring, Mark15austinTXAustin Westlake High School Oct 08, 11:10
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cuda, CameronHead CoachSamuel Clemens High SchoolSan AntonioTX
2Davidson, JennyHead CoachJohnson High SchoolSan AntonioTX
3Libardoni, KristinHead CoachO'connor High SchoolSan AntonioTX
4Rios, BarbaraAsst. CoachO'connor High SchoolRio MedinaTX
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Alamo Area Aquatics DivingCooper, Jillian R17San AntonioTX
2Alamo Heights High SchoolMcCann, Anthony V16San AntonioTX
3Austin Westlake High School Beuerlein, John17AustinTX
4Bhargava, Taarika15austinTX
5Brent, Morgan14AustinTX
6Gillett, Elizabeth14austinTX
7Mansell, Kristin14AustinTX
8Pashilkar, Nayna16austinTX
9Sperling, Sydney14austinTX
10Willenbring, Mark15austinTX
11ChurchillElliott, Hayden C15San AntonioTX
12Joiner, Sydney E15San AntonioTX
13Clark High SchoolFitzpatrick, Sidney K17San AntonioTX
14Murphy, Erin16San AntonioTX
15Pickens, James J16San AntonioTX
16Pulliam, Elijah A16San antonioTX
17Rodriguez, Kenneth N15San antonioTX
18Serrata, Melina V18San AntonioTX
19Stallworth, Lane M15San AntonioTX
20Johnson High SchoolHernandez, Mia M15San AntonioTX
21Shaffer, Braeden O16San AntonioTX
22Lee High SchoolRagnar, Jett15San AntonioTX
23MacArthurChisholm, John A16San AntonioTX
24O'connor High Schoolbrewer, elise V16helotesTX
25Clark, Summer C18HelotesTX
26Elizalde, Audelia14HelotesTX
27Jimison, Dillon P16San AntonioTX
28Kiolbassa, Seth17San AntonioTX
29Krueger, Alyssa D15San AntonioTX
30Merchant, Madison R17helotesTX
31Miranda, Carter D17HelotesTX
32Rios, Eric14san antonioTX
33Reagan High SchoolMateos-Salles, Marcel15San AntonioTX
34Palacios, Alyssa R15San AntonioTX
35Samuel Clemens High SchoolWalker, Jordan16SchertzTX
36San Antonio Alamo HeightsBurrhus, Jayne M17San AntonioTX
37Smithson ValleyEast, Silas17BulverdeTX
38robinson, cody E14san antonioTX
39wenner, Dalan16 TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
11M Boys Sub-varsityPickens, James J View Sheet 1.68.3Clark High School
2Pulliam, Elijah A View Sheet 1.27.7Clark High School
31M Boys VarsityBeuerlein, John View Sheet 9.013.5Austin Westlake High School
4East, Silas View Sheet 7.813.1Smithson Valley
5Jimison, Dillon P View Sheet 8.111.5O'connor High School
6Kiolbassa, Seth View Sheet 8.011.3O'connor High School
7Miranda, Carter D View Sheet 8.312.8O'connor High School
8Rios, Eric View Sheet 8.39.4O'connor High School
9robinson, cody E View Sheet 8.69.9Smithson Valley
10Rodriguez, Kenneth N View Sheet 7.79.7Clark High School
11Stallworth, Lane M View Sheet 8.112.6Clark High School
12wenner, Dalan View Sheet 8.112.6Smithson Valley
131M Boys Varsity 6 DiveChisholm, John A View Sheet 1.79.2MacArthur
14Elliott, Hayden C View Sheet 1.712.4Churchill
15Mateos-Salles, Marcel View Sheet 1.710.8Reagan High School
16McCann, Anthony V View Sheet 1.27.9Alamo Heights High School
17Ragnar, Jett View Sheet 1.79.1Lee High School
18Walker, Jordan View Sheet 1.38.1Samuel Clemens High School
19Willenbring, Mark View Sheet 1.77.6Austin Westlake High School
201M Girls Sub-varsityCooper, Jillian R View Sheet 1.79.8Alamo Area Aquatics Diving
21Hernandez, Mia M View Sheet 1.79.1Johnson High School
22Krueger, Alyssa D View Sheet 1.27.5O'connor High School
23Palacios, Alyssa R View Sheet 1.79.8Reagan High School
241M Girls VarsityBhargava, Taarika View Sheet 7.811.6Austin Westlake High School
25brewer, elise V View Sheet 7.79.9O'connor High School
26Clark, Summer C View Sheet 8.613.4O'connor High School
27Elizalde, Audelia View Sheet 7.89.7O'connor High School
28Fitzpatrick, Sidney K View Sheet 7.711.0Clark High School
29Gillett, Elizabeth View Sheet 8.011.5Austin Westlake High School
30Merchant, Madison R View Sheet 8.011.0O'connor High School
31Murphy, Erin View Sheet 7.69.6Clark High School
32Pashilkar, Nayna View Sheet 8.012.0Austin Westlake High School
33Serrata, Melina V View Sheet 8.212.9Clark High School
341M Girls Varsity 6 DiveBrent, Morgan View Sheet 1.28.0Austin Westlake High School
35Burrhus, Jayne M View Sheet 1.710.9San Antonio Alamo Heights
36Cooper, Jillian R View Sheet 1.59.8Alamo Area Aquatics Diving
37Hernandez, Mia M View Sheet 1.79.1Johnson High School
38Joiner, Sydney E View Sheet 1.79.2Churchill
39Mansell, Kristin View Sheet 1.38.2Austin Westlake High School
40Palacios, Alyssa R View Sheet 1.79.9Reagan High School
41Shaffer, Braeden O View Sheet 1.710.4Johnson High School
42Sperling, Sydney View Sheet 1.27.9Austin Westlake High School
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