Name of Meet:
Higley Knight Dive Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-04, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Sep-19, 6:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Williams Field High School Pool
1900 S Higley Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Main Contact:
Spencer Lamoreaux
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
  • Dive meet will be held at Williams Field High School Pool (1900 S Higley Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85295)
  • Warm ups are 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM for all divers
  • All divers will start at 9:30 AM
  • If there are more than 25 divers per event (boys/girls), cuts may occur after either 5 or 8 rounds
  • All scores will be recorded with software showing instant results and standings throughout the meet

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M - 11 Dive4111 4h23m View Rules
Girls 1M - 11 Dive3111 3h18m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Buena High SchoolSierra VistaAZ
2Casteel High SchoolQueen CreekAZ
3Desert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
4Gila Ridge High SchoolYumaAZ
5Gilbert Classical AcademyGilbertAZ
6Highland High SchoolGilbertAZ
7Higley High SchoolGilbertAZ
8Marcos de Niza High SchoolTempe AZ
9McClintock High SchoolTempeAZ
10Mesquite High SchoolGilbertAZ
11Skyline High SchoolMesaAL
12Westwood MesaAZ
13Williams Field High SchoolGilbertAZ
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Angle, Tyler15 AZBuena High SchoolSep 16, 17:38
2Bloomer, Michaley17 AZWilliams Field High SchoolSep 18, 21:34
3Bluth, Tate15GilbertAZCasteel High SchoolSep 16, 10:24
4Bodine, Eden17MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 15:48
5Botham, Maeve15 AZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:48
6Breinholt, Ethan J17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolSep 12, 19:44
7Brown, Ryan16 AZMesquite High SchoolSep 18, 14:30
8Day, John T17GilbertAZHigley High SchoolSep 11, 15:28
9Deardon, Aubrey18 AZHigley High SchoolSep 15, 15:44
10Dimaano, Alphonso16gilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 18, 20:35
11Fernandez, Boston15GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 17, 22:01
12Fernandez, Hunter16gilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 17, 23:06
13Ferrell, Maddie15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 11, 15:59
14Flaherty, Michael15 AZMarcos de Niza High SchoolSep 18, 07:51
15Gary, Patrick18GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 18, 20:55
16Gilletti, Tanna16MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 15:56
17Hanning, Sophia J15GilbertAZHigley High SchoolSep 15, 14:26
18Hansen, Megan12 WIWilliams Field High SchoolSep 17, 21:35
19Harper, Alie14MESAAZSkyline High SchoolSep 09, 09:51
20Islam, Arib16GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 18, 20:05
21James, Barbara15MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 16:22
22Janssen, Emily14 AZWilliams Field High SchoolSep 18, 21:57
23Jones, Amberlee16MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 16:26
24Kang, Hannah17GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 18, 20:08
25Knapp, Daniel E15MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 08, 11:49
26Knapp, Rebekah M15mesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 08, 11:49
27Knapp, Victoria17MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 08, 11:48
28Krick, Alanna15GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 18, 21:22
29Lamoreaux, Caleb15GilbertAZHigley High SchoolSep 10, 18:47
30Liggitt, Wyatt17 AZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:33
31Lohan, Aidan17 AZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:40
32Magatagan, Amy18 AZBuena High SchoolSep 16, 17:44
33Magatagan, Ian18 AZBuena High SchoolSep 16, 17:41
34Martinez, Drew15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 11, 15:53
35Maxwell, Jeffrey18 AZMarcos de Niza High SchoolSep 18, 07:44
36Michon, Regen15MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 17:46
37Milczarek, Dylan16 AZHighland High SchoolSep 18, 20:14
38millett, Matthew16MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 16:05
39Mortensen, Seth K16Queen CreekAZCasteel High SchoolSep 16, 10:22
40Newman, Kade15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 17, 11:07
41Omidian, Sogol16GilbertAZHighland High SchoolSep 12, 19:46
42Patterson, Zane16 AZMarcos de Niza High SchoolSep 18, 07:48
43Pawlak, Josh J18MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolSep 18, 00:15
44Pawlak, Josh18MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 17:47
45Petersen, Abbigail16 AZHighland High SchoolSep 09, 16:25
46Petersen, Reed15MesaAZWestwood Sep 17, 16:13
47Pfitzer, Coco17TempeAZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:43
48Phillips, Brady17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolSep 12, 19:42
49Phillips, Colby17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolSep 12, 19:43
50Poole, Taylor A16YumaAZGila Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 15:58
51Powell, Tucker15 AZHighland High SchoolSep 09, 16:15
52Ramirez, Jacob16MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 08, 11:50
53Reed, Carter14GilbertAZHighland High SchoolSep 17, 20:40
54Rice, Carson17 AZBuena High SchoolSep 16, 17:23
55Rigel, Cameron17 AZBuena High SchoolSep 17, 20:24
56Roberts, Courtani15MESAAZSkyline High SchoolSep 09, 09:52
57Roberts, Trevor16MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 08, 11:51
58Robertson, Alexandra15MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 17:45
59Satterlee, Mason16 AZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:35
60Scheerhorn, Madelyn15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 16, 22:56
61Scroggin, Brecken14GilbertAZCasteel High SchoolSep 16, 10:35
62sims, Ainsley17 AZWilliams Field High SchoolSep 18, 21:43
63Smith, Porter18GilbertAZWilliams Field High SchoolSep 17, 21:56
64Soto, Auston16MESAAZSkyline High SchoolSep 09, 09:53
65Torregrossa, Jacob16TempeAZMcClintock High SchoolSep 12, 00:29
66Tucker, Ryan15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 17, 22:37
67Urquidi, Victor16GilbertAZMesquite High SchoolSep 18, 14:18
68Van Slyke, Kensei16GilbertAZGilbert Classical AcademySep 17, 21:29
69Waite, Kade15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 17, 22:30
70White, Gunner18MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolSep 17, 17:49
71Whiting, Miles15 AZHigley High SchoolSep 15, 14:34
72Wright, Tommy14ChandlerAZCasteel High SchoolSep 16, 10:30
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bachner, JustineHead CoachHighland High SchoolMesaAZ
2Citro, LauraAsst. CoachDesert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
3Hunr, AutumHead CoachMesquite High SchoolGilbertAZ
4Lamoreaux, SpencerHead CoachHigley High SchoolGilbertAZ
5Mesch, AnyaAsst. CoachBuena High SchoolSierra VistaAZ
6Potter, JonnyHead CoachMcClintock High SchoolTempeAZ
7Thiel, LaurenHead CoachSkyline High SchoolMesaAZ
8Tyler, AaronHead CoachMarcos de Niza High SchoolTempeAZ
9Wheeler, ChaseHead CoachWilliams Field High SchoolGilbertAZ
10Williams, KelseyHead CoachWestwood MesaAZ
11Winfrey, MichaelAsst. CoachGilbert Classical AcademyGilbertAZ
12Wright, TomHead CoachCasteel High SchoolChandlerAZ
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Buena High SchoolAngle, Tyler15 AZ
2Magatagan, Amy18 AZ
3Magatagan, Ian18 AZ
4Rice, Carson17 AZ
5Rigel, Cameron17 AZ
6Casteel High SchoolBluth, Tate15GilbertAZ
7Mortensen, Seth K16Queen CreekAZ
8Scroggin, Brecken14GilbertAZ
9Wright, Tommy14ChandlerAZ
10Desert Ridge High SchoolMichon, Regen15MesaAZ
11Pawlak, Josh18MesaAZ
12Pawlak, Josh J18MesaAZ
13Robertson, Alexandra15MesaAZ
14White, Gunner18MesaAZ
15Gila Ridge High SchoolPoole, Taylor A16YumaAZ
16Gilbert Classical AcademyDimaano, Alphonso16gilbertAZ
17Fernandez, Boston15GilbertAZ
18Fernandez, Hunter16gilbertAZ
19Gary, Patrick18GilbertAZ
20Islam, Arib16GilbertAZ
21Kang, Hannah17GilbertAZ
22Krick, Alanna15GilbertAZ
23Van Slyke, Kensei16GilbertAZ
24Highland High SchoolBreinholt, Ethan J17GilbertAZ
25Milczarek, Dylan16 AZ
26Omidian, Sogol16GilbertAZ
27Petersen, Abbigail16 AZ
28Phillips, Brady17GilbertAZ
29Phillips, Colby17GilbertAZ
30Powell, Tucker15 AZ
31Reed, Carter14GilbertAZ
32Higley High SchoolDay, John T17GilbertAZ
33Deardon, Aubrey18 AZ
34Ferrell, Maddie15 AZ
35Hanning, Sophia J15GilbertAZ
36Lamoreaux, Caleb15GilbertAZ
37Martinez, Drew15 AZ
38Newman, Kade15 AZ
39Scheerhorn, Madelyn15 AZ
40Tucker, Ryan15 AZ
41Waite, Kade15 AZ
42Whiting, Miles15 AZ
43Marcos de Niza High SchoolFlaherty, Michael15 AZ
44Maxwell, Jeffrey18 AZ
45Patterson, Zane16 AZ
46McClintock High SchoolBotham, Maeve15 AZ
47Liggitt, Wyatt17 AZ
48Lohan, Aidan17 AZ
49Pfitzer, Coco17TempeAZ
50Satterlee, Mason16 AZ
51Torregrossa, Jacob16TempeAZ
52Mesquite High SchoolBrown, Ryan16 AZ
53Urquidi, Victor16GilbertAZ
54Skyline High SchoolHarper, Alie14MESAAZ
55Knapp, Daniel E15MesaAZ
56Knapp, Rebekah M15mesaAZ
57Knapp, Victoria17MesaAZ
58Ramirez, Jacob16MesaAZ
59Roberts, Courtani15MESAAZ
60Roberts, Trevor16MesaAZ
61Soto, Auston16MESAAZ
62Westwood Bodine, Eden17MesaAZ
63Gilletti, Tanna16MesaAZ
64James, Barbara15MesaAZ
65Jones, Amberlee16MesaAZ
66millett, Matthew16MesaAZ
67Petersen, Reed15MesaAZ
68Williams Field High SchoolBloomer, Michaley17 AZ
69Hansen, Megan12 WI
70Janssen, Emily14 AZ
71sims, Ainsley17 AZ
72Smith, Porter18GilbertAZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M - 11 DiveAngle, Tyler View Sheet 8.110.2Buena High School
2Bluth, Tate View Sheet 8.110.7Casteel High School
3Breinholt, Ethan J View Sheet 7.911.8Highland High School
4Brown, Ryan View Sheet 8.711.1Mesquite High School
5Day, John T View Sheet 8.614.4Higley High School
6Dimaano, Alphonso View Sheet 7.49.5Gilbert Classical Academy
7Flaherty, Michael View Sheet 7.810.4Marcos de Niza High School
8Gary, Patrick View Sheet 7.610.0Gilbert Classical Academy
9Islam, Arib View Sheet 7.89.5Gilbert Classical Academy
10Knapp, Daniel E View Sheet 8.714.5Skyline High School
11Lamoreaux, Caleb View Sheet 9.013.9Higley High School
12Liggitt, Wyatt View Sheet 8.811.8McClintock High School
13Lohan, Aidan View Sheet 8.811.9McClintock High School
14Magatagan, Ian View Sheet 8.311.9Buena High School
15Martinez, Drew View Sheet 8.413.8Higley High School
16Maxwell, Jeffrey View Sheet 8.513.5Marcos de Niza High School
17millett, Matthew View Sheet 8.511.3Westwood
18Mortensen, Seth K View Sheet 8.111.0Casteel High School
19Newman, Kade View Sheet 7.812.4Higley High School
20Patterson, Zane View Sheet 7.89.4Marcos de Niza High School
21Pawlak, Josh View Sheet 7.810.2Desert Ridge High School
22Pawlak, Josh J View Sheet 8.112.8Desert Ridge High School
23Petersen, Reed View Sheet 8.111.0Westwood
24Phillips, Brady View Sheet 8.211.7Highland High School
25Phillips, Colby View Sheet 7.610.5Highland High School
26Powell, Tucker View Sheet 7.411.0Highland High School
27Ramirez, Jacob View Sheet 8.814.2Skyline High School
28Reed, Carter View Sheet 7.610.8Highland High School
29Rice, Carson View Sheet 8.513.2Buena High School
30Roberts, Trevor View Sheet 8.212.5Skyline High School
31Satterlee, Mason View Sheet 8.211.6McClintock High School
32Smith, Porter View Sheet 8.914.3Williams Field High School
33Soto, Auston View Sheet 8.010.5Skyline High School
34Torregrossa, Jacob View Sheet 8.412.5McClintock High School
35Tucker, Ryan View Sheet 7.812.2Higley High School
36Urquidi, Victor View Sheet 8.49.9Mesquite High School
37Van Slyke, Kensei View Sheet 8.713.2Gilbert Classical Academy
38Waite, Kade View Sheet 8.513.4Higley High School
39White, Gunner View Sheet 8.010.2Desert Ridge High School
40Whiting, Miles View Sheet 7.412.2Higley High School
41Wright, Tommy View Sheet 7.611.4Casteel High School
42Girls 1M - 11 DiveBloomer, Michaley View Sheet 7.89.4Williams Field High School
43Bodine, Eden View Sheet 8.712.3Westwood
44Botham, Maeve View Sheet 7.610.4McClintock High School
45Deardon, Aubrey View Sheet 7.910.2Higley High School
46Fernandez, Boston View Sheet 7.610.1Gilbert Classical Academy
47Fernandez, Hunter View Sheet 7.49.5Gilbert Classical Academy
48Ferrell, Maddie View Sheet 7.610.9Higley High School
49Gilletti, Tanna View Sheet 7.710.0Westwood
50Hanning, Sophia J View Sheet 8.210.5Higley High School
51Hansen, Megan View Sheet 7.89.4Williams Field High School
52Harper, Alie View Sheet 7.610.5Skyline High School
53James, Barbara View Sheet 7.89.5Westwood
54Janssen, Emily View Sheet 7.89.4Williams Field High School
55Jones, Amberlee View Sheet 8.09.4Westwood
56Kang, Hannah View Sheet 7.49.6Gilbert Classical Academy
57Knapp, Rebekah M View Sheet 8.813.6Skyline High School
58Knapp, Victoria View Sheet 9.014.6Skyline High School
59Krick, Alanna View Sheet 7.69.5Gilbert Classical Academy
60Magatagan, Amy View Sheet 8.19.8Buena High School
61Michon, Regen View Sheet 8.211.0Desert Ridge High School
62Milczarek, Dylan View Sheet 7.69.6Highland High School
63Omidian, Sogol View Sheet 7.79.7Highland High School
64Petersen, Abbigail View Sheet 7.49.9Highland High School
65Pfitzer, Coco View Sheet 8.19.6McClintock High School
66Poole, Taylor A View Sheet 7.810.7Gila Ridge High School
67Rigel, Cameron View Sheet 7.910.6Buena High School
68Roberts, Courtani View Sheet 7.610.2Skyline High School
69Robertson, Alexandra View Sheet 9.013.3Desert Ridge High School
70Scheerhorn, Madelyn View Sheet 7.610.3Higley High School
71Scroggin, Brecken View Sheet 8.311.0Casteel High School
72sims, Ainsley View Sheet 7.89.4Williams Field High School
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