Name of Meet:
RWB White North Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-17, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Mar-19, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Late Fees Charged:
Yes, $50.00 One-time Fee
Late Fees Begin:
Mar-17, 11:59 PM EST
Bowling Green State University
1141 Ridge Road
Bowling Green, OH 43403
Main Contact:
Mike Retcher
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M 16-172010 1h56m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 18-19810 46m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-171110 1h4m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 18-19810 46m View Rules
Group A Boys Tower29 10m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-17449 3h51m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 18-19159 1h18m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-17339 2h53m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 18-19129 1h3m View Rules
Group A Girls Tower158 1h10m View Rules
Group A+ Boys Tower16 3m View Rules
Group A+ Girls Tower05 View Rules
Group B Boys 1M109 52m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M79 36m View Rules
Group B Boys Tower28 9m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M368 2h48m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M208 1h33m View Rules
Group B Girls Tower57 20m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M128 56m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M98 42m View Rules
Group C Boys Tower37 12m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M147 57m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M87 32m View Rules
Group C Girls Tower26 7m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M65 17m View Rules
Group D Boys 3M35 8m View Rules
Group D Boys Tower25 5m View Rules
Group D Girls 1M85 23m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M55 14m View Rules
Group D Girls Tower15 2m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M14 2m View Rules
Group E Boys 3M04 View Rules
Group E Boys Tower04 View Rules
Group E Girls 1M24 4m View Rules
Group E Girls 3M04 View Rules
Group E Girls Tower04 View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 1M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 1M15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 3M15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 1M16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 3M36 10m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 1M16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 3M16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 3M37 12m View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 1M04 View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 1M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 3M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 1M36 10m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 3M56 17m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 1M36 10m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 3M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 3M37 12m View Rules
Open Mens 1M56 17m View Rules
Open Mens 3M66 21m View Rules
Open Mens Tower16 3m View Rules
Open Womens 1M65 17m View Rules
Open Womens 3M35 8m View Rules
Open Womens Tower25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 1M44 9m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 3M24 4m View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 1M04 View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 3M04 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 1M45 11m View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 1M45 11m View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Mens Open 1M26 7m View Rules
Synchro Mens Open 3M06 View Rules
Synchro Mens Open Tower06 View Rules
Synchro Womens Open 1M65 17m View Rules
Synchro Womens Open 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Womens Open Tower06 View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Akron RippersAkronOH
2American Flyers Diving HudsonOH
3American Flyers Diving YoungstownYoungstownOH
4Aquatic AcesEvansville 
5Berea Diving ClubBereaOH
6Cincinnati Diving AcademyHebronKY
7Derby City DivingLouisvilleKY
8eAST+sIDE bOUNCeShelbyvilleIN
9Elite Redhawk Dive ClubOxfordOH
10Fishers Diving TeamFishersIN
11Indiana International School of DivingIndianapolisIN
12Kentucky Diving ClubLexingtonKY
13Lake Erie Area DivingWatervilleOH
14Legacy DivingAuburn HillsMI
15Legacy DivingYpsilantiMI
16Mason Dive AcademyfairfaxVA
17Napoleon Diving ClubNapoleonOH
18Ohio State Diving ClubColumbusOH
19OhK DivingDaytonOH
20One Man ArmyColdwaterOH
23Sewickley Diving AcademySewickleyPA
24Spartan Diving ClubLansingMI
25University of KentuckyLexingtonKY
26UP Dive ClubSault Ste MarieMI
27Upstate New York DivingRochesterNY
28Valor DivingToledoOH
29Wauseon Diving ClubWauseonOH
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Abdalla, Emma15 Fishers, IN RipFestMar 13, 20:28
2altman, Sophia14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 17, 14:45
3Ashton, Karina M15 Mason, OH Elite Redhawk Dive ClubMar 15, 10:41
4Astrologes, Olivia9 Noblesville, IN RipFestMar 17, 14:18
5Banach, Allie M14 Ypsilanti, MI Legacy DivingMar 16, 11:23
6Banks, Donnevun18 IN Aquatic AcesMar 16, 13:19
7Bayer, Charley15 E Grand Rapids, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 14, 14:22
8Behimer, William H15 Loveland, OH OhK DivingMar 14, 09:48
9Blackmer, Kaitlyn13 Sewickley, PA Sewickley Diving AcademyMar 10, 17:51
10Blechschmid, Victoria16 Aurora, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 17:21
11Boeres, Elleka14 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 15, 13:01
12BORSOS, Troy8 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:43
13Bos, Savanna14 Hamilton, OH Elite Redhawk Dive ClubMar 13, 08:28
14BROWN, Joy11 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 19:25
15Brown, Mitchell W12 Chelsea, MI Legacy DivingMar 18, 22:08
16Buchart, Miles14 Lexington, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyFeb 28, 18:22
17Bullock, Riley E17 Loveland, OH Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 14, 13:19
18BURKHOLDER, Emma6 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:55
19BURKHOLDER, Tristan10 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:54
20Butchko, Isabella16 Austintown, OH American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 15, 13:29
21Bystrom, Spencer E17 Beachwood, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 20:48
22Caldwell, Mitch11 Solon, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 14, 10:26
23Calvery, Kaitlin M15 Louisville, KY Derby City DivingMar 12, 14:03
24Campbell, Jordan A17 Bristow, VA Mason Dive AcademyMar 17, 10:38
25Casey, Morgan K16 Fishers, IN Fishers Diving TeamMar 17, 21:14
26CASHMAN, Mara13 Napoleon, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 14:07
27Chmura, Katelyn12 Hudson, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 15, 18:30
28Clise, Austin14 Temperance, MI Valor DivingMar 14, 17:24
29Cobb, Cecilia B16 Richmond, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 13, 12:58
30Coleman, Alexandria16 Akron, OH Akron RippersMar 16, 13:08
31Courtney, Grace C15 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 13, 15:40
32Cox, Nathan O16 Terrace Park, OH Cincinnati Diving AcademyFeb 24, 18:55
33Crowley, Katherine16 Louisville, KY Derby City DivingMar 13, 20:37
34Cubberley, Holden16 Celina, OH One Man ArmyMar 17, 20:26
35Dackermann, Alaina16 Port Clinton, OH Berea Diving ClubMar 15, 12:17
36Davis, James11 Lexington, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 05, 20:42
37Deatherage, Corbin12 Union, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 12, 20:59
38Dees, Caden17 Berea, OH Berea Diving ClubMar 14, 21:22
39DelFavero, Julia12 NAPOLEON, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 17, 16:28
40Diakova, Alice J16 Rochester, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 15, 21:20
41Dierker, Samuel J17 Erlanger, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 12, 20:38
42DiTullio, Isabella15 Hudson, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 16:40
43Donovan, Bryce13 Fairfax, VA Mason Dive AcademyMar 17, 19:05
44Downs, Tyler M15 Ballwin, MO RipFestMar 18, 00:25
45Drylie, Meredith11 Centerville, OH OhK DivingMar 15, 09:20
46Dykema, Ezra15 Shaker Heights, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 08, 17:31
47Ebel, Erica A17 Seven Hills, OH Berea Diving ClubMar 17, 00:37
48Ellis, Grace R16 Whitehouse, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 10, 21:23
49Feiwell, Jordyn17 Carmel, IN RipFestMar 19, 11:28
50FLEISCHMAN, Addison16 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 21:52
51FLEISCHMAN, Elliot14 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 14, 18:08
52Fogle, Sophia14 Beaver Falls, PA American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 16, 19:43
53Foster, Clay15 Chagrin Falls, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 15, 15:20
54Friedlis, Jade15 Charlotte, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 16, 18:32
55Garland, Andrew19 Sault Sainte Marie, MI UP Dive ClubMar 17, 16:35
56Glick, Bethany23 OH American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 16, 10:45
57greenwell, Kathleen12 cincinnati, OH Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 15, 11:52
58Grossman, Elysabeth G14 Ann Arbor, MI Legacy DivingMar 17, 10:26
59Grote, Donald W14 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 15, 07:46
60Habusta, Conner15 Sault Ste Marie, MI UP Dive ClubMar 16, 08:20
61Hampton, Molly16 Indianapolis, IN RipFestMar 18, 20:15
62Hansen, Anna G18 Ada, MI RipFestMar 18, 21:28
63Hanuch, Cecilia13 rochester, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 12, 16:56
64Hauser, Lucy13 Westfield, IN RipFestFeb 24, 16:53
65Haver, Kathryn20 Hicksville, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 17, 11:55
66Hebert, Andrew16 MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 15, 21:27
67Hedger, Grace E12 Cold Spring, KY OhK DivingMar 17, 13:37
68Heitman, Addison K17 Holgate, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 20:48
69Helfer, Maiah14 Shelbyville, IN eAST+sIDE bOUNCeMar 17, 12:25
70HERNANDEZ, Amelia13 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 17, 14:57
71Heymoss, Elisabeth14 MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 06, 10:00
72Hollenbeck, Hunter F17 Okemos, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 01, 18:16
73Holtz, Michael16 Chagrin Falls, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 07, 15:14
74Holtz, Samantha M13 Chagrin Falls, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 07, 14:50
75Hool, Samuel17 Oxford, OH Elite Redhawk Dive ClubMar 13, 22:06
76Hudgens, Samuel17 Saint Johns, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 16, 10:50
77Huitt, Madison S18 Wexford, PA RipFestMar 15, 16:10
78HULL, Gavin17 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 19:21
79Irwin, Cyrus B17 Grandville, MI Spartan Diving ClubFeb 25, 22:48
80Jackson, Chelsea M24 Arcadia, IN RipFestMar 16, 15:15
81Jarvis, Grayson12 Cambridge City, IN Indiana International School of DivingMar 15, 15:57
82Karns, Miller16 Toledo, OH Valor DivingMar 14, 17:14
83Kaupp, Cacia A16 Durand, MI Legacy DivingMar 16, 15:23
84Keating, RJ12 Boardman, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 13, 19:51
85Keller, Nathaniel K18 Indianapolis, IN RipFestMar 16, 17:20
86Kenyon, Alex16 Bloomfield, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 07, 14:01
87Kernan, Jack16 Dayton, OH OhK DivingMar 17, 13:33
88KNAPP, Brynlee10 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:52
89KNAPP, Izabella12 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:51
90KOOPS, Abigailabby16 MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 13, 19:53
91Krotine, Ruby12 Sewickley, PA Sewickley Diving AcademyMar 10, 17:57
92Krusinski, Sarah N16 Liberty Twp, OH OhK DivingMar 16, 18:51
93Larkin, Jacob13 Edgewood, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 13, 19:13
94LORENZEN, Samantha14 OH Valor DivingMar 14, 17:47
95Lucas, Erica R15 Centerville, IN Indiana International School of DivingMar 16, 16:44
96Ludgate, Alexandra14 Solon, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 10, 17:25
97Lumaj, Alexis15 Wixom, MI Legacy DivingMar 17, 23:13
98Lutzko, Elisabeth8 Hinckley, OH Akron RippersMar 17, 07:46
99Lutzko, Madeline16 Hinckley, OH Akron RippersMar 17, 07:36
100MacLean, Kameron16 St Marys, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 19:12
101McCrae, Colten13 Aurora, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 14, 11:08
102McKinley, Mary17 Lexington, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 09, 18:30
103McMahon, Eryn11 Noblesville, IN RipFestMar 10, 16:00
104Meienburg, Britney N18 Napoleon, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 16, 19:42
105Meinhardt, Maria15 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 16, 13:54
106Melia, Lauren15 OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 14:09
107Mercer, Bethany14 SOLON, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 14, 05:50
108Merchant, Carli13 Greenwood, IN eAST+sIDE bOUNCeMar 10, 17:57
109Miller, Abigail R18 Fort Mitchell, KY OhK DivingMar 16, 11:46
110Mitchell, Matthew H17 Laporte, IN RipFestMar 19, 21:58
111Moore, Ethan16 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 16, 21:49
112Moore, Peytton M13 Union, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 16, 20:29
113Mossing, Grace N16 Fishers, IN Fishers Diving TeamMar 17, 18:41
114Mulbury, Hadley11 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 17, 21:04
115Munson, Melaina13 Carmel, IN RipFestMar 16, 22:30
116Mussman, Anna V14 Cincinnati, OH RipFestMar 11, 12:25
117Napier, Sarah P10 Rochester, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 13, 15:49
118Natarajan, Elina V15 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 13, 16:28
119Natarajan, KasiJaden S16 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 13, 16:49
120Natarajan, Kavin S10 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 13, 13:41
121Natarajan, Kiran S13 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 14, 11:05
122Nazarenus, Mia A12 Bellbrook, OH OhK DivingMar 13, 15:07
123Nidy, Matthew13 Chagrin Falls, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 17, 11:15
124NIEKAMP, Vivian15 OH OhK DivingMar 15, 22:47
125Nigh, Kendall15 Poland, OH American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 16, 18:59
126Noble, Elizabeth B15 Cincinnati, OH OhK DivingMar 15, 13:06
127O'Sullivan, Rowan F16 Leesburg, VA Mason Dive AcademyMar 16, 19:16
128Olliffe, Ruby12 Sewickley, PA Sewickley Diving AcademyMar 13, 21:16
129Otero, Olivia10 Fishers, IN RipFestMar 17, 16:54
130Otero, Sebastian15 Fishers, IN RipFestMar 17, 19:12
131Patterson, Flanary J17 Richmond , KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 15, 21:39
132Patterson, Lainey15 KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 15, 22:07
133Patterson, Reagan12 Richmond, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 15, 22:29
134PETERS, Taylor17 OH Valor DivingMar 14, 17:40
135Peuhl, George17 Sylvania, OH Lake Erie Area DivingMar 11, 18:09
136Pfaff, Blakely B11 Carmel, IN RipFestMar 16, 22:01
137Phipps, Lara A16 Pittsford, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 17, 19:43
138Pioso, Julia R16 Clifton, VA Mason Dive AcademyMar 15, 23:18
139Piscitelli, Eva12 Pepper, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 14, 14:35
140Podsiadlo, Kamila M15 Wixom, MI Legacy DivingMar 17, 20:03
141Pook, Lacey F15 Dayton, OH OhK DivingMar 15, 20:58
142Porter, Gryffin13 Haslett, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 16, 17:26
143Porter, Jordan N16 Haslett, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 16, 17:18
144Ray, Lucy15 Rochester, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 19, 15:53
145Reinhard Apel, Hayden J16 Hilliard, OH Ohio State Diving ClubMar 17, 10:19
146Richardson, Hannah15 Ambridge, PA Sewickley Diving AcademyMar 12, 12:00
147Roberto, Dominic M13 Solon, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 15, 18:05
148Roby, Jack A13 Fishers, IN RipFestMar 16, 14:37
149Rolla-Mullis, Maxwell15 Ann Arbor, MI Legacy DivingMar 18, 20:33
150ROLLETT, Madison17 IN Aquatic AcesMar 16, 13:46
151Rosen-Hurley, Anabelle L17 Adrian, MI Legacy DivingMar 15, 16:07
152Russell, Rydan9 New Albany, OH Ohio State Diving ClubMar 13, 23:10
153Rybkin, Katherine I15 Plymouth, MI Legacy DivingMar 02, 12:13
154sanford, Matthew14 HOLLAND, OH Lake Erie Area DivingMar 17, 20:59
155Schade, Jacob W12 Fishers, IN RipFestMar 16, 16:52
156Schroeder, Brigitte13 Port Clinton, OH Valor DivingMar 14, 17:49
157SCHULTZ, Alexandria12 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:48
158Schunk, Sullivan10 Noblesville, IN RipFestMar 10, 15:02
159Seemann, Audrey A17 Napoleon, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 13, 12:14
160Shivik, Nicholas11 Fairfax, VA Mason Dive AcademyMar 16, 20:27
161Sleeman, Gracie R18 Ada, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 14, 16:53
162Smith, Logan18 Someplace, KY Cincinnati Diving AcademyMar 14, 12:42
163SNOW, Kyle9 OH Wauseon Diving ClubMar 13, 09:46
164Snyder, Elise M15 DeWitt, MI Spartan Diving ClubMar 15, 23:17
165Socha, Amanda17 Avon, OH Berea Diving ClubMar 13, 20:29
166Stein, Lindsay15 Solon, OH American Flyers Diving Feb 20, 20:28
167Stelter, Mckenzie L23 Wampum, PA American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 09, 16:03
168Stephenson, Claire17 Bratenahl, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 09:56
169Stivers, Christopher18 Danville, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 17, 18:13
170Thurman, Peyton15 Richfield, OH Akron RippersMar 14, 16:10
171Tiemeier, Marian E17 Newport, KY OhK DivingMar 17, 19:08
172Torok, Holli13 Monclova, OH Legacy DivingMar 15, 19:40
173Trapp, Taylor17 Lexington, KY Kentucky Diving ClubMar 16, 15:38
174Tull, Isabelle9 Indianapolis, IN eAST+sIDE bOUNCeMar 12, 20:40
175Veirs, Savannah16 Crestwood, KY Derby City DivingMar 12, 18:29
176VINCEK, Lauren15 MEDINA, OH Akron RippersMar 14, 10:42
177Vinson, Joseph14 Sewickley, PA Sewickley Diving AcademyMar 13, 23:18
178Walker, Grace E16 Crawfordsville, IN RipFestMar 17, 14:59
179Walkovich, Alexa15 Sylvania, OH Legacy DivingMar 16, 11:31
180Walkovich, Emily D18 Sylvania, OH Legacy DivingMar 16, 11:10
181Warner, Seth16 Beachwood, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 13, 13:28
182Watt, Ren15 Rochester, NY Upstate New York DivingMar 09, 14:05
183Weaver, Paige E14 McClure, OH Napoleon Diving ClubMar 17, 11:10
184Westerfield, Kennedy L14 Indianapolis, IN eAST+sIDE bOUNCeMar 17, 21:28
185Westfall, Avaleigh10 Ypsilanti, MI Legacy DivingMar 17, 22:58
186Whitfield, Sydney G11 Zionsville, IN RipFestMar 11, 10:43
187Wilkov, Abigail16 Solon, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 18:47
188Williams, Alexa M16 West Chester, PA RipFestMar 16, 21:31
189Wilson, Taryn14 MEDINA, OH Akron RippersMar 15, 09:04
190Wingle, Maddie14 Canton, MI Legacy DivingMar 17, 16:41
191woconish, Sydney15 garrettsville, OH American Flyers Diving YoungstownMar 16, 08:26
192Yost, Lyle18 Shaker Heights, OH American Flyers Diving Mar 16, 16:58
193Zboril, Ruby R12 hamilton, OH Elite Redhawk Dive ClubMar 15, 15:16
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Best, EricHead CoachSpartan Diving ClubLansingMI
2Brandes, GregoryAsst. CoachUpstate New York DivingRochesterNY
3Brown, AndrewHead CoachAquatic AcesEvansvilleIN
4Burkholder, TomHead CoachWauseon Diving ClubWauseonOH
5Cahalane, MarcHead CoachAmerican Flyers Diving HudsonOH
6Croy, TimHead CoachBerea Diving ClubStrongsvilleOH
7Devries, CliffHead CoachUpstate New York DivingRochesterNY
8Fick, TylorAsst. CoachSpartan Diving ClubKentwoodMI
9Fleischman, JeremiahAsst. CoachNapoleon Diving ClubDEFIANCEOH
10Franklin, WoodyHead CoachDerby City DivingLouisvilleKY
11gironza, danielAsst. CoachLegacy DivingNEW HUDSONMI
12Gordon, MadelineAsst. CoachKentucky Diving ClubLexingtonKY
13Habusta, StevenHead CoachUP Dive ClubSault Ste MarieMI
14Hawley, ZacharyHead CoachMason Dive AcademyAnnandaleVA
15Hickey, PatriceHead CoachOhK DivingCentervilleOH
16Kenyon, RussAsst. CoachUpstate New York DivingBloomfieldNY
17Koester, PhilHead CoachLake Erie Area DivingWatervilleOH
18Koesters, DavidHead CoachOne Man ArmyColdwaterOH
19Medvedeff, ChrisHead CoachAkron RippersAkronOH
20Navarra, RonaldHead CoachAmerican Flyers Diving YoungstownYoungstownOH
21O'Neill, MatthewCoachAmerican Flyers Diving LyndhurstOH
22Retcher, MichaelHead CoachNapoleon Diving ClubDefianceOH
23Shepard, KRISTINAsst. CoachNapoleon Diving ClubHolgateOH
24Ventura, MatthewCoachOhio State Diving ClubYpsilantiOH
25Wagner, MichaelAsst. CoachSpartan Diving ClubDimondaleMI
26Whited, BradAsst. CoachIndiana International School of DivingRichmondIN
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Akron RippersColeman, Alexandria16AkronOH
2Lutzko, Elisabeth8HinckleyOH
3Lutzko, Madeline16HinckleyOH
4Thurman, Peyton15RichfieldOH
6Wilson, Taryn14MEDINAOH
7American Flyers Diving Blechschmid, Victoria16AuroraOH
8Bystrom, Spencer E17BeachwoodOH
9Caldwell, Mitch11SolonOH
10Chmura, Katelyn12HudsonOH
11DiTullio, Isabella15HudsonOH
12Dykema, Ezra15Shaker HeightsOH
13Foster, Clay15Chagrin FallsOH
14Holtz, Michael16Chagrin FallsOH
15Holtz, Samantha M13Chagrin FallsOH
16Keating, RJ12BoardmanOH
17Ludgate, Alexandra14SolonOH
18McCrae, Colten13AuroraOH
19Mercer, Bethany14SOLONOH
20Nidy, Matthew13Chagrin FallsOH
21Piscitelli, Eva12PepperOH
22Roberto, Dominic M13SolonOH
23Stein, Lindsay15SolonOH
24Stephenson, Claire17BratenahlOH
25Warner, Seth16BeachwoodOH
26Wilkov, Abigail16SolonOH
27Yost, Lyle18Shaker HeightsOH
28American Flyers Diving YoungstownButchko, Isabella16AustintownOH
29Fogle, Sophia14Beaver FallsPA
30Glick, Bethany23 OH
31Nigh, Kendall15PolandOH
32Stelter, Mckenzie L23WampumPA
33woconish, Sydney15garrettsvilleOH
34Aquatic AcesBanks, Donnevun18 IN
35ROLLETT, Madison17 IN
36Berea Diving ClubDackermann, Alaina16Port ClintonOH
37Dees, Caden17BereaOH
38Ebel, Erica A17Seven HillsOH
39Socha, Amanda17AvonOH
40Cincinnati Diving AcademyBuchart, Miles14LexingtonKY
41Bullock, Riley E17LovelandOH
42Cox, Nathan O16Terrace ParkOH
43Deatherage, Corbin12UnionKY
44Dierker, Samuel J17ErlangerKY
45greenwell, Kathleen12cincinnatiOH
46Larkin, Jacob13EdgewoodKY
47Moore, Peytton M13UnionKY
48Smith, Logan18SomeplaceKY
49Derby City DivingCalvery, Kaitlin M15LouisvilleKY
50Crowley, Katherine16LouisvilleKY
51Veirs, Savannah16CrestwoodKY
52eAST+sIDE bOUNCeHelfer, Maiah14ShelbyvilleIN
53Merchant, Carli13GreenwoodIN
54Tull, Isabelle9IndianapolisIN
55Westerfield, Kennedy L14IndianapolisIN
56Elite Redhawk Dive ClubAshton, Karina M15MasonOH
57Bos, Savanna14HamiltonOH
58Hool, Samuel17OxfordOH
59Zboril, Ruby R12hamiltonOH
60Fishers Diving TeamCasey, Morgan K16FishersIN
61Mossing, Grace N16FishersIN
62Indiana International School of DivingJarvis, Grayson12Cambridge CityIN
63Lucas, Erica R15CentervilleIN
64Kentucky Diving ClubCobb, Cecilia B16RichmondKY
65Davis, James11LexingtonKY
66McKinley, Mary17LexingtonKY
67Patterson, Flanary J17Richmond KY
68Patterson, Lainey15 KY
69Patterson, Reagan12RichmondKY
70Stivers, Christopher18DanvilleKY
71Trapp, Taylor17LexingtonKY
72Lake Erie Area DivingPeuhl, George17SylvaniaOH
73sanford, Matthew14HOLLANDOH
74Legacy DivingBanach, Allie M14YpsilantiMI
75Brown, Mitchell W12ChelseaMI
76Grossman, Elysabeth G14Ann ArborMI
77Kaupp, Cacia A16DurandMI
78Lumaj, Alexis15WixomMI
79Podsiadlo, Kamila M15WixomMI
80Rolla-Mullis, Maxwell15Ann ArborMI
81Rosen-Hurley, Anabelle L17AdrianMI
82Rybkin, Katherine I15PlymouthMI
83Torok, Holli13MonclovaOH
84Walkovich, Alexa15SylvaniaOH
85Walkovich, Emily D18SylvaniaOH
86Westfall, Avaleigh10YpsilantiMI
87Wingle, Maddie14CantonMI
88Mason Dive AcademyCampbell, Jordan A17BristowVA
89Donovan, Bryce13FairfaxVA
90O'Sullivan, Rowan F16LeesburgVA
91Pioso, Julia R16CliftonVA
92Shivik, Nicholas11FairfaxVA
93Napoleon Diving Clubaltman, Sophia14 OH
94BROWN, Joy11 OH
95CASHMAN, Mara13NapoleonOH
96DelFavero, Julia12NAPOLEONOH
97Ellis, Grace R16WhitehouseOH
98FLEISCHMAN, Addison16 OH
100Haver, Kathryn20HicksvilleOH
101Heitman, Addison K17HolgateOH
102HERNANDEZ, Amelia13 OH
103HULL, Gavin17 OH
104MacLean, Kameron16St MarysOH
105Meienburg, Britney N18NapoleonOH
106Melia, Lauren15 OH
107Seemann, Audrey A17NapoleonOH
108Weaver, Paige E14McClureOH
109Ohio State Diving ClubReinhard Apel, Hayden J16HilliardOH
110Russell, Rydan9New AlbanyOH
111OhK DivingBehimer, William H15LovelandOH
112Boeres, Elleka14CincinnatiOH
113Courtney, Grace C15CincinnatiOH
114Drylie, Meredith11CentervilleOH
115Grote, Donald W14CincinnatiOH
116Hedger, Grace E12Cold SpringKY
117Kernan, Jack16DaytonOH
118Krusinski, Sarah N16Liberty TwpOH
119Meinhardt, Maria15CincinnatiOH
120Miller, Abigail R18Fort MitchellKY
121Moore, Ethan16CincinnatiOH
122Nazarenus, Mia A12BellbrookOH
123NIEKAMP, Vivian15 OH
124Noble, Elizabeth B15CincinnatiOH
125Pook, Lacey F15DaytonOH
126Tiemeier, Marian E17NewportKY
127One Man ArmyCubberley, Holden16CelinaOH
128RipFestAbdalla, Emma15FishersIN
129Astrologes, Olivia9NoblesvilleIN
130Downs, Tyler M15BallwinMO
131Feiwell, Jordyn17CarmelIN
132Hampton, Molly16IndianapolisIN
133Hansen, Anna G18AdaMI
134Hauser, Lucy13WestfieldIN
135Huitt, Madison S18WexfordPA
136Jackson, Chelsea M24ArcadiaIN
137Keller, Nathaniel K18IndianapolisIN
138McMahon, Eryn11NoblesvilleIN
139Mitchell, Matthew H17LaporteIN
140Munson, Melaina13CarmelIN
141Mussman, Anna V14CincinnatiOH
142Otero, Olivia10FishersIN
143Otero, Sebastian15FishersIN
144Pfaff, Blakely B11CarmelIN
145Roby, Jack A13FishersIN
146Schade, Jacob W12FishersIN
147Schunk, Sullivan10NoblesvilleIN
148Walker, Grace E16CrawfordsvilleIN
149Whitfield, Sydney G11ZionsvilleIN
150Williams, Alexa M16West ChesterPA
151Sewickley Diving AcademyBlackmer, Kaitlyn13SewickleyPA
152Krotine, Ruby12SewickleyPA
153Olliffe, Ruby12SewickleyPA
154Richardson, Hannah15AmbridgePA
155Vinson, Joseph14SewickleyPA
156Spartan Diving ClubBayer, Charley15E Grand RapidsMI
157Friedlis, Jade15CharlotteMI
158Hebert, Andrew16 MI
159Heymoss, Elisabeth14 MI
160Hollenbeck, Hunter F17OkemosMI
161Hudgens, Samuel17Saint JohnsMI
162Irwin, Cyrus B17GrandvilleMI
163KOOPS, Abigailabby16 MI
164Porter, Gryffin13HaslettMI
165Porter, Jordan N16HaslettMI
166Sleeman, Gracie R18AdaMI
167Snyder, Elise M15DeWittMI
168UP Dive ClubGarland, Andrew19Sault Sainte MarieMI
169Habusta, Conner15Sault Ste MarieMI
170Upstate New York DivingDiakova, Alice J16RochesterNY
171Hanuch, Cecilia13rochesterNY
172Kenyon, Alex16BloomfieldNY
173Mulbury, Hadley11PittsfordNY
174Napier, Sarah P10RochesterNY
175Natarajan, Elina V15PittsfordNY
176Natarajan, KasiJaden S16PittsfordNY
177Natarajan, Kavin S10PittsfordNY
178Natarajan, Kiran S13PittsfordNY
179Phipps, Lara A16PittsfordNY
180Ray, Lucy15RochesterNY
181Watt, Ren15RochesterNY
182Valor DivingClise, Austin14TemperanceMI
183Karns, Miller16ToledoOH
184LORENZEN, Samantha14 OH
185PETERS, Taylor17 OH
186Schroeder, Brigitte13Port ClintonOH
187Wauseon Diving ClubBORSOS, Troy8 OH
189BURKHOLDER, Tristan10 OH
190KNAPP, Brynlee10 OH
191KNAPP, Izabella12 OH
192SCHULTZ, Alexandria12 OH
193SNOW, Kyle9 OH
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1M 16-17Bayer, Charley View Sheet 8.511.0Spartan Diving Club
2Behimer, William H View Sheet 8.511.2OhK Diving
3Cox, Nathan O View Sheet 8.711.0Cincinnati Diving Academy
4Cubberley, Holden View Sheet 9.011.6One Man Army
5Dees, Caden View Sheet 8.410.7Berea Diving Club
6Foster, Clay View Sheet 8.611.3American Flyers Diving
7Habusta, Conner View Sheet 8.510.7UP Dive Club
8Hebert, Andrew View Sheet 8.210.0Spartan Diving Club
9Hollenbeck, Hunter F View Sheet 9.014.9Spartan Diving Club
10Hool, Samuel View Sheet 8.712.8Elite Redhawk Dive Club
11Hudgens, Samuel View Sheet 8.410.9Spartan Diving Club
12HULL, Gavin View Sheet 8.310.8Napoleon Diving Club
13Karns, Miller View Sheet 8.411.1Valor Diving
14Kenyon, Alex View Sheet 8.612.9Upstate New York Diving
15Kernan, Jack View Sheet 8.411.4OhK Diving
16MacLean, Kameron View Sheet 8.411.0Napoleon Diving Club
17Moore, Ethan View Sheet 8.611.3OhK Diving
18Natarajan, KasiJaden S View Sheet 8.712.7Upstate New York Diving
19Reinhard Apel, Hayden J View Sheet 8.711.8Ohio State Diving Club
20Warner, Seth View Sheet 8.39.2American Flyers Diving
21Group A Boys 1M 18-19Banks, Donnevun View Sheet 9.011.4Aquatic Aces
22Dierker, Samuel J View Sheet 8.611.3Cincinnati Diving Academy
23Irwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 8.712.3Spartan Diving Club
24Keller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 8.713.6RipFest
25Mitchell, Matthew H View Sheet 8.713.6RipFest
26Peuhl, George View Sheet 8.711.8Lake Erie Area Diving
27Smith, Logan View Sheet 9.012.3Cincinnati Diving Academy
28Stivers, Christopher View Sheet 8.711.8Kentucky Diving Club
29Group A Boys 3M 16-17Behimer, William H View Sheet 9.112.0OhK Diving
30Downs, Tyler M View Sheet 8.816.0RipFest
31Foster, Clay View Sheet 8.49.9American Flyers Diving
32Hollenbeck, Hunter F View Sheet 9.315.5Spartan Diving Club
33Holtz, Michael View Sheet 8.712.0American Flyers Diving
34Hool, Samuel View Sheet 9.513.7Elite Redhawk Dive Club
35Kenyon, Alex View Sheet 9.513.6Upstate New York Diving
36Kernan, Jack View Sheet 8.510.5OhK Diving
37Moore, Ethan View Sheet 9.211.7OhK Diving
38Natarajan, KasiJaden S View Sheet 9.514.4Upstate New York Diving
39Reinhard Apel, Hayden J View Sheet 9.413.7Ohio State Diving Club
40Group A Boys 3M 18-19Banks, Donnevun View Sheet 9.512.3Aquatic Aces
41Bystrom, Spencer E View Sheet 9.513.4American Flyers Diving
42Dierker, Samuel J View Sheet 9.411.9Cincinnati Diving Academy
43Irwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 9.513.9Spartan Diving Club
44Keller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 9.514.1RipFest
45Mitchell, Matthew H View Sheet 9.515.1RipFest
46Smith, Logan View Sheet 9.513.9Cincinnati Diving Academy
47Stivers, Christopher View Sheet 9.510.4Kentucky Diving Club
48Group A Boys TowerBystrom, Spencer E View Sheet 6.710.4American Flyers Diving
49Hollenbeck, Hunter F View Sheet 7.511.1Spartan Diving Club
50Group A Girls 1M 16-17Abdalla, Emma View Sheet 8.78.7RipFest
51Ashton, Karina M View Sheet 8.89.5Elite Redhawk Dive Club
52Blechschmid, Victoria View Sheet 8.48.7American Flyers Diving
53Butchko, Isabella View Sheet 8.37.6American Flyers Diving Youngstown
54Campbell, Jordan A View Sheet 8.88.6Mason Dive Academy
55Casey, Morgan K View Sheet 8.79.3Fishers Diving Team
56Cobb, Cecilia B View Sheet 8.58.3Kentucky Diving Club
57Coleman, Alexandria View Sheet 8.08.7Akron Rippers
58Crowley, Katherine View Sheet 8.28.0Derby City Diving
59Dackermann, Alaina View Sheet 8.48.4Berea Diving Club
60Diakova, Alice J View Sheet 8.79.8Upstate New York Diving
61DiTullio, Isabella View Sheet 8.28.7American Flyers Diving
62Ebel, Erica A View Sheet 8.49.1Berea Diving Club
63Ellis, Grace R View Sheet 8.79.8Napoleon Diving Club
64FLEISCHMAN, Addison View Sheet 8.98.9Napoleon Diving Club
65Hampton, Molly View Sheet 8.79.2RipFest
66Heitman, Addison K View Sheet 8.48.7Napoleon Diving Club
67Kaupp, Cacia A View Sheet 8.79.1Legacy Diving
68KOOPS, Abigailabby View Sheet 8.68.7Spartan Diving Club
69Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 8.79.6OhK Diving
70Lumaj, Alexis View Sheet 8.69.2Legacy Diving
71Lutzko, Madeline View Sheet 8.49.0Akron Rippers
72McKinley, Mary View Sheet 8.69.5Kentucky Diving Club
73Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 8.38.8OhK Diving
74Mossing, Grace N View Sheet 8.69.3Fishers Diving Team
75NIEKAMP, Vivian View Sheet 8.69.0OhK Diving
76Noble, Elizabeth B View Sheet 8.38.5OhK Diving
77O'Sullivan, Rowan F View Sheet 8.79.2Mason Dive Academy
78Patterson, Lainey View Sheet 8.78.7Kentucky Diving Club
79Phipps, Lara A View Sheet 8.69.3Upstate New York Diving
80Pioso, Julia R View Sheet 8.79.6Mason Dive Academy
81Podsiadlo, Kamila M View Sheet 8.29.0Legacy Diving
82Pook, Lacey F View Sheet 8.39.0OhK Diving
83Porter, Jordan N View Sheet 7.87.5Spartan Diving Club
84ROLLETT, Madison View Sheet 8.68.8Aquatic Aces
85Rosen-Hurley, Anabelle L View Sheet 8.69.2Legacy Diving
86Snyder, Elise M View Sheet 8.78.9Spartan Diving Club
87Stein, Lindsay View Sheet 8.17.5American Flyers Diving
88Veirs, Savannah View Sheet 8.68.7Derby City Diving
89VINCEK, Lauren View Sheet 7.47.1Akron Rippers
90Walker, Grace E View Sheet 9.09.9RipFest
91Walkovich, Alexa View Sheet 8.69.0Legacy Diving
92Wilkov, Abigail View Sheet 8.69.0American Flyers Diving
93Williams, Alexa M View Sheet 8.89.3RipFest
94Group A Girls 1M 18-19Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 9.09.9Cincinnati Diving Academy
95Feiwell, Jordyn View Sheet 8.69.5RipFest
96Hansen, Anna G View Sheet 8.69.3RipFest
97Huitt, Madison S View Sheet 8.79.8RipFest
98Meienburg, Britney N View Sheet 8.89.3Napoleon Diving Club
99Miller, Abigail R View Sheet 8.49.1OhK Diving
100Patterson, Flanary J View Sheet 8.69.2Kentucky Diving Club
101PETERS, Taylor View Sheet 8.99.3Valor Diving
102Seemann, Audrey A View Sheet 9.09.6Napoleon Diving Club
103Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 8.79.9Spartan Diving Club
104Socha, Amanda View Sheet 8.79.7Berea Diving Club
105Stephenson, Claire View Sheet 8.38.7American Flyers Diving
106Tiemeier, Marian E View Sheet 9.09.6OhK Diving
107Trapp, Taylor View Sheet 8.08.3Kentucky Diving Club
108Walkovich, Emily D View Sheet 8.68.8Legacy Diving
109Group A Girls 3M 16-17Abdalla, Emma View Sheet 9.48.7RipFest
110Ashton, Karina M View Sheet 8.89.1Elite Redhawk Dive Club
111Blechschmid, Victoria View Sheet 9.08.6American Flyers Diving
112Campbell, Jordan A View Sheet 8.78.7Mason Dive Academy
113Casey, Morgan K View Sheet 9.410.4Fishers Diving Team
114Cobb, Cecilia B View Sheet 9.49.2Kentucky Diving Club
115Coleman, Alexandria View Sheet 8.68.8Akron Rippers
116Crowley, Katherine View Sheet 8.57.4Derby City Diving
117Diakova, Alice J View Sheet 9.510.8Upstate New York Diving
118DiTullio, Isabella View Sheet 9.18.5American Flyers Diving
119Ellis, Grace R View Sheet 8.89.1Napoleon Diving Club
120Hampton, Molly View Sheet 9.510.3RipFest
121Kaupp, Cacia A View Sheet 8.88.7Legacy Diving
122KOOPS, Abigailabby View Sheet 8.78.5Spartan Diving Club
123Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 9.510.4OhK Diving
124Lutzko, Madeline View Sheet 9.58.7Akron Rippers
125McKinley, Mary View Sheet 9.410.7Kentucky Diving Club
126Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 9.28.8OhK Diving
127Mossing, Grace N View Sheet 9.49.6Fishers Diving Team
128NIEKAMP, Vivian View Sheet 9.28.9OhK Diving
129Noble, Elizabeth B View Sheet 8.57.9OhK Diving
130O'Sullivan, Rowan F View Sheet 9.59.8Mason Dive Academy
131Patterson, Lainey View Sheet 9.59.3Kentucky Diving Club
132Phipps, Lara A View Sheet 9.59.8Upstate New York Diving
133Pioso, Julia R View Sheet 9.510.3Mason Dive Academy
134Podsiadlo, Kamila M View Sheet 8.88.7Legacy Diving
135Pook, Lacey F View Sheet 9.28.8OhK Diving
136Rosen-Hurley, Anabelle L View Sheet 9.49.9Legacy Diving
137Snyder, Elise M View Sheet 8.88.9Spartan Diving Club
138Veirs, Savannah View Sheet 8.69.3Derby City Diving
139Walkovich, Alexa View Sheet 8.78.0Legacy Diving
140Wilkov, Abigail View Sheet 9.48.7American Flyers Diving
141Williams, Alexa M View Sheet 9.510.4RipFest
142Group A Girls 3M 18-19Bullock, Riley E View Sheet 9.511.1Cincinnati Diving Academy
143Feiwell, Jordyn View Sheet 9.410.7RipFest
144Hansen, Anna G View Sheet 9.510.3RipFest
145Huitt, Madison S View Sheet 9.511.1RipFest
146Miller, Abigail R View Sheet 9.29.6OhK Diving
147Patterson, Flanary J View Sheet 9.59.9Kentucky Diving Club
148Seemann, Audrey A View Sheet 9.59.8Napoleon Diving Club
149Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 9.510.5Spartan Diving Club
150Socha, Amanda View Sheet 9.510.3Berea Diving Club
151Tiemeier, Marian E View Sheet 9.410.3OhK Diving
152Trapp, Taylor View Sheet 9.28.6Kentucky Diving Club
153Walkovich, Emily D View Sheet 8.78.4Legacy Diving
154Group A Girls TowerBlechschmid, Victoria View Sheet 6.98.5American Flyers Diving
155Cobb, Cecilia B View Sheet 7.48.5Kentucky Diving Club
156DiTullio, Isabella View Sheet 7.613.5American Flyers Diving
157Hampton, Molly View Sheet 7.09.2RipFest
158Huitt, Madison S View Sheet 7.411.4RipFest
159Krusinski, Sarah N View Sheet 7.48.8OhK Diving
160Meinhardt, Maria View Sheet 5.97.3OhK Diving
161NIEKAMP, Vivian View Sheet 6.07.7OhK Diving
162Patterson, Flanary J View Sheet 7.49.7Kentucky Diving Club
163Patterson, Lainey View Sheet 7.18.2Kentucky Diving Club
164Pook, Lacey F View Sheet 5.87.8OhK Diving
165Rosen-Hurley, Anabelle L View Sheet 6.07.7Legacy Diving
166Tiemeier, Marian E View Sheet 6.88.1OhK Diving
167Trapp, Taylor View Sheet 6.07.2Kentucky Diving Club
168Williams, Alexa M View Sheet 7.39.7RipFest
169Group A+ Boys TowerKeller, Nathaniel K View Sheet 0.015.3RipFest
170Group B Boys 1MBuchart, Miles View Sheet 8.78.7Cincinnati Diving Academy
171Clise, Austin View Sheet 7.76.9Valor Diving
172Donovan, Bryce View Sheet 8.28.8Mason Dive Academy
173Dykema, Ezra View Sheet 8.98.9American Flyers Diving
174Grote, Donald W View Sheet 8.18.3OhK Diving
175Nidy, Matthew View Sheet 7.46.3American Flyers Diving
176Otero, Sebastian View Sheet 8.79.2RipFest
177Roby, Jack A View Sheet 8.28.7RipFest
178Rolla-Mullis, Maxwell View Sheet 8.88.7Legacy Diving
179Vinson, Joseph View Sheet 8.48.1Sewickley Diving Academy
180Group B Boys 3MBuchart, Miles View Sheet 9.59.8Cincinnati Diving Academy
181Donovan, Bryce View Sheet 8.38.1Mason Dive Academy
182Dykema, Ezra View Sheet 9.28.9American Flyers Diving
183Grote, Donald W View Sheet 9.18.5OhK Diving
184Otero, Sebastian View Sheet 9.510.7RipFest
185Roby, Jack A View Sheet 8.77.9RipFest
186Rolla-Mullis, Maxwell View Sheet 8.78.0Legacy Diving
187Group B Boys TowerBuchart, Miles View Sheet 6.48.6Cincinnati Diving Academy
188Dykema, Ezra View Sheet 6.48.0American Flyers Diving
189Group B Girls 1MBanach, Allie M View Sheet 8.66.8Legacy Diving
190Blackmer, Kaitlyn View Sheet 8.05.5Sewickley Diving Academy
191Boeres, Elleka View Sheet 8.06.3OhK Diving
192Bos, Savanna View Sheet 8.65.8Elite Redhawk Dive Club
193Calvery, Kaitlin M View Sheet 8.76.8Derby City Diving
194CASHMAN, Mara View Sheet 8.96.5Napoleon Diving Club
195Courtney, Grace C View Sheet 8.67.3OhK Diving
196FLEISCHMAN, Elliot View Sheet 8.46.2Napoleon Diving Club
197Friedlis, Jade View Sheet 8.36.1Spartan Diving Club
198Grossman, Elysabeth G View Sheet 8.76.3Legacy Diving
199Hanuch, Cecilia View Sheet 7.64.7Upstate New York Diving
200Hauser, Lucy View Sheet 8.66.6RipFest
201Helfer, Maiah View Sheet 8.46.4eAST+sIDE bOUNCe
202Heymoss, Elisabeth View Sheet 7.84.9Spartan Diving Club
203LORENZEN, Samantha View Sheet 7.95.3Valor Diving
204Lucas, Erica R View Sheet 8.46.7Indiana International School of Diving
205Ludgate, Alexandra View Sheet 8.77.1American Flyers Diving
206Melia, Lauren View Sheet 9.07.0Napoleon Diving Club
207Mercer, Bethany View Sheet 8.56.7American Flyers Diving
208Merchant, Carli View Sheet 8.66.5eAST+sIDE bOUNCe
209Moore, Peytton M View Sheet 9.07.3Cincinnati Diving Academy
210Munson, Melaina View Sheet 8.46.4RipFest
211Mussman, Anna V View Sheet 8.36.3RipFest
212Natarajan, Elina V View Sheet 8.67.1Upstate New York Diving
213Nigh, Kendall View Sheet 9.06.9American Flyers Diving Youngstown
214Ray, Lucy View Sheet 8.24.7Upstate New York Diving
215Richardson, Hannah View Sheet 8.66.0Sewickley Diving Academy
216Rybkin, Katherine I View Sheet 8.56.6Legacy Diving
217Schroeder, Brigitte View Sheet 7.44.7Valor Diving
218Thurman, Peyton View Sheet 8.66.6Akron Rippers
219Torok, Holli View Sheet 8.76.7Legacy Diving
220Watt, Ren View Sheet 8.66.9Upstate New York Diving
221Weaver, Paige E View Sheet 8.24.6Napoleon Diving Club
222Westerfield, Kennedy L View Sheet 8.26.0eAST+sIDE bOUNCe
223Wilson, Taryn View Sheet 7.74.9Akron Rippers
224Wingle, Maddie View Sheet 8.67.0Legacy Diving
225Group B Girls 3MBanach, Allie M View Sheet 9.16.3Legacy Diving
226Boeres, Elleka View Sheet 8.45.2OhK Diving
227Bos, Savanna View Sheet 8.36.2Elite Redhawk Dive Club
228Calvery, Kaitlin M View Sheet 9.37.6Derby City Diving
229Courtney, Grace C View Sheet 9.57.9OhK Diving
230Grossman, Elysabeth G View Sheet 8.76.7Legacy Diving
231Hanuch, Cecilia View Sheet 8.14.8Upstate New York Diving
232Hauser, Lucy View Sheet 9.37.3RipFest
233Ludgate, Alexandra View Sheet 9.57.0American Flyers Diving
234Melia, Lauren View Sheet 8.87.0Napoleon Diving Club
235Mercer, Bethany View Sheet 8.66.6American Flyers Diving
236Moore, Peytton M View Sheet 9.56.8Cincinnati Diving Academy
237Munson, Melaina View Sheet 8.75.7RipFest
238Mussman, Anna V View Sheet 8.65.8RipFest
239Natarajan, Elina V View Sheet 9.58.3Upstate New York Diving
240Ray, Lucy View Sheet 8.45.2Upstate New York Diving
241Thurman, Peyton View Sheet 9.26.3Akron Rippers
242Torok, Holli View Sheet 9.57.1Legacy Diving
243Watt, Ren View Sheet 9.47.1Upstate New York Diving
244Wingle, Maddie View Sheet 9.46.7Legacy Diving
245Group B Girls TowerCalvery, Kaitlin M View Sheet 7.16.4Derby City Diving
246Courtney, Grace C View Sheet 7.27.0OhK Diving
247Ludgate, Alexandra View Sheet 6.76.4American Flyers Diving
248Mercer, Bethany View Sheet 6.46.7American Flyers Diving
249Torok, Holli View Sheet 6.96.0Legacy Diving
250Group C Boys 1MBrown, Mitchell W View Sheet 8.66.6Legacy Diving
251Davis, James View Sheet 8.05.3Kentucky Diving Club
252Deatherage, Corbin View Sheet 8.86.1Cincinnati Diving Academy
253Jarvis, Grayson View Sheet 7.44.5Indiana International School of Diving
254Keating, RJ View Sheet 8.96.3American Flyers Diving
255Larkin, Jacob View Sheet 8.56.8Cincinnati Diving Academy
256McCrae, Colten View Sheet 7.44.7American Flyers Diving
257Natarajan, Kiran S View Sheet 8.26.4Upstate New York Diving
258Porter, Gryffin View Sheet 8.46.7Spartan Diving Club
259Roberto, Dominic M View Sheet 8.46.6American Flyers Diving
260Schade, Jacob W View Sheet 8.06.7RipFest
261Shivik, Nicholas View Sheet 7.86.4Mason Dive Academy
262Group C Boys 3MBrown, Mitchell W View Sheet 9.37.5Legacy Diving
263Davis, James View Sheet 8.44.7Kentucky Diving Club
264Deatherage, Corbin View Sheet 8.25.1Cincinnati Diving Academy
265Keating, RJ View Sheet 9.26.3American Flyers Diving
266Larkin, Jacob View Sheet 9.27.0Cincinnati Diving Academy
267Natarajan, Kiran S View Sheet 9.16.1Upstate New York Diving
268Porter, Gryffin View Sheet 9.07.2Spartan Diving Club
269Roberto, Dominic M View Sheet 9.27.5American Flyers Diving
270Shivik, Nicholas View Sheet 8.36.0Mason Dive Academy
271Group C Boys TowerKeating, RJ View Sheet 6.96.6American Flyers Diving
272McCrae, Colten View Sheet 6.86.6American Flyers Diving
273Porter, Gryffin View Sheet 6.15.7Spartan Diving Club
274Group C Girls 1MDrylie, Meredith View Sheet 7.53.2OhK Diving
275greenwell, Kathleen View Sheet 8.84.6Cincinnati Diving Academy
276Hedger, Grace E View Sheet 7.83.8OhK Diving
277KNAPP, Izabella View Sheet 8.43.6Wauseon Diving Club
278Krotine, Ruby View Sheet 8.43.3Sewickley Diving Academy
279Mulbury, Hadley View Sheet 7.53.2Upstate New York Diving
280Nazarenus, Mia A View Sheet 7.84.1OhK Diving
281Olliffe, Ruby View Sheet 8.43.3Sewickley Diving Academy
282Patterson, Reagan View Sheet 8.24.4Kentucky Diving Club
283Pfaff, Blakely B View Sheet 7.73.2RipFest
284Piscitelli, Eva View Sheet 7.43.3American Flyers Diving
285SCHULTZ, Alexandria View Sheet 8.03.3Wauseon Diving Club
286Whitfield, Sydney G View Sheet 7.93.8RipFest
287Zboril, Ruby R View Sheet 7.83.3Elite Redhawk Dive Club
288Group C Girls 3Mgreenwell, Kathleen View Sheet 8.54.3Cincinnati Diving Academy
289Hedger, Grace E View Sheet 7.83.5OhK Diving
290Holtz, Samantha M View Sheet 9.35.1American Flyers Diving
291Mulbury, Hadley View Sheet 8.13.2Upstate New York Diving
292Nazarenus, Mia A View Sheet 8.13.5OhK Diving
293Patterson, Reagan View Sheet 9.34.7Kentucky Diving Club
294Pfaff, Blakely B View Sheet 8.63.5RipFest
295Whitfield, Sydney G View Sheet 7.93.4RipFest
296Group C Girls TowerHoltz, Samantha M View Sheet 7.64.5American Flyers Diving
297Patterson, Reagan View Sheet 6.74.5Kentucky Diving Club
298Group D Boys 1MBURKHOLDER, Tristan View Sheet 4.53.3Wauseon Diving Club
299Caldwell, Mitch View Sheet 5.44.5American Flyers Diving
300Natarajan, Kavin S View Sheet 4.84.2Upstate New York Diving
301Russell, Rydan View Sheet 4.33.9Ohio State Diving Club
302Schunk, Sullivan View Sheet 4.32.9RipFest
303SNOW, Kyle View Sheet 4.53.3Wauseon Diving Club
304Group D Boys 3MCaldwell, Mitch View Sheet 5.44.8American Flyers Diving
305Natarajan, Kavin S View Sheet 5.34.3Upstate New York Diving
306Russell, Rydan View Sheet 4.93.4Ohio State Diving Club
307Group D Boys TowerCaldwell, Mitch View Sheet 5.34.9American Flyers Diving
308Russell, Rydan View Sheet 4.33.8Ohio State Diving Club
309Group D Girls 1MAstrologes, Olivia View Sheet 4.84.4RipFest
310BROWN, Joy View Sheet 5.13.3Napoleon Diving Club
311KNAPP, Brynlee View Sheet 4.53.1Wauseon Diving Club
312McMahon, Eryn View Sheet 4.63.5RipFest
313Napier, Sarah P View Sheet 4.63.1Upstate New York Diving
314Otero, Olivia View Sheet 4.13.5RipFest
315Tull, Isabelle View Sheet 4.63.1eAST+sIDE bOUNCe
316Westfall, Avaleigh View Sheet 5.44.4Legacy Diving
317Group D Girls 3MAstrologes, Olivia View Sheet 5.02.9RipFest
318McMahon, Eryn View Sheet 4.53.3RipFest
319Napier, Sarah P View Sheet 4.73.3Upstate New York Diving
320Otero, Olivia View Sheet 4.63.6RipFest
321Westfall, Avaleigh View Sheet 5.44.2Legacy Diving
322Group D Girls TowerWestfall, Avaleigh View Sheet 4.13.4Legacy Diving
323Group E Boys 1MBORSOS, Troy View Sheet 4.91.5Wauseon Diving Club
324Group E Girls 1MBURKHOLDER, Emma View Sheet 4.71.5Wauseon Diving Club
325Lutzko, Elisabeth View Sheet 4.11.4Akron Rippers
326Novice Boys 10-11, 1MSchunk, Sullivan View Sheet 0.05.0RipFest
327Novice Boys 10-11, 3MSchunk, Sullivan View Sheet 0.05.0RipFest
328Novice Boys 12-13, 1MDavis, James View Sheet 0.09.5Kentucky Diving Club
329Novice Boys 12-13, 3MDavis, James View Sheet 0.09.6Kentucky Diving Club
330McCrae, Colten View Sheet 0.08.2American Flyers Diving
331Schade, Jacob W View Sheet 0.07.2RipFest
332Novice Boys 14-15, 1Msanford, Matthew View Sheet 0.09.1Lake Erie Area Diving
333Novice Boys 14-15, 3MNidy, Matthew View Sheet 0.06.7American Flyers Diving
334Novice Boys 16-18, 1MIrwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 0.017.4Spartan Diving Club
335Novice Boys 16-18, 3MIrwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 0.018.9Spartan Diving Club
336Karns, Miller View Sheet 0.013.3Valor Diving
337Warner, Seth View Sheet 0.011.9American Flyers Diving
338Novice Girls 12-13, 1MChmura, Katelyn View Sheet 0.07.8American Flyers Diving
339DelFavero, Julia View Sheet 0.010.1Napoleon Diving Club
340Whitfield, Sydney G View Sheet 0.010.1RipFest
341Novice Girls 12-13, 3MDrylie, Meredith View Sheet 0.06.7OhK Diving
342Krotine, Ruby View Sheet 0.07.2Sewickley Diving Academy
343Olliffe, Ruby View Sheet 0.07.2Sewickley Diving Academy
344Piscitelli, Eva View Sheet 0.06.7American Flyers Diving
345Whitfield, Sydney G View Sheet 0.09.4RipFest
346Novice Girls 14-15, 1Maltman, Sophia View Sheet 0.09.3Napoleon Diving Club
347Fogle, Sophia View Sheet 0.011.0American Flyers Diving Youngstown
348HERNANDEZ, Amelia View Sheet 0.09.3Napoleon Diving Club
349Novice Girls 14-15, 3MBlackmer, Kaitlyn View Sheet 0.07.2Sewickley Diving Academy
350Schroeder, Brigitte View Sheet 0.06.7Valor Diving
351Novice Girls 16-18, 1Mwoconish, Sydney View Sheet 0.011.2American Flyers Diving Youngstown
352Novice Girls 16-18, 3MPETERS, Taylor View Sheet 0.013.0Valor Diving
353Stein, Lindsay View Sheet 0.09.9American Flyers Diving
354Stephenson, Claire View Sheet 0.011.7American Flyers Diving
355Open Mens 1MDowns, Tyler M View Sheet 0.016.6RipFest
356Garland, Andrew View Sheet 0.012.6UP Dive Club
357Irwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 0.015.5Spartan Diving Club
358Mitchell, Matthew H View Sheet 0.016.9RipFest
359Porter, Gryffin View Sheet 0.013.0Spartan Diving Club
360Open Mens 3MDowns, Tyler M View Sheet 0.019.0RipFest
361Hollenbeck, Hunter F View Sheet 0.018.5Spartan Diving Club
362Irwin, Cyrus B View Sheet 0.016.5Spartan Diving Club
363Mitchell, Matthew H View Sheet 0.018.0RipFest
364Porter, Gryffin View Sheet 0.012.7Spartan Diving Club
365Yost, Lyle View Sheet 0.019.4American Flyers Diving
366Open Mens TowerPorter, Gryffin View Sheet 0.010.8Spartan Diving Club
367Open Womens 1MHaver, Kathryn View Sheet 0.010.7Napoleon Diving Club
368Jackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.012.3RipFest
369KOOPS, Abigailabby View Sheet 0.011.1Spartan Diving Club
370Porter, Jordan N View Sheet 0.09.5Spartan Diving Club
371Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 0.012.3Spartan Diving Club
372Stelter, Mckenzie L View Sheet 0.010.7American Flyers Diving Youngstown
373Open Womens 3MJackson, Chelsea M View Sheet 0.015.1RipFest
374KOOPS, Abigailabby View Sheet 0.010.9Spartan Diving Club
375Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 0.013.2Spartan Diving Club
376Open Womens TowerGlick, Bethany View Sheet 0.09.6American Flyers Diving Youngstown
377Stelter, Mckenzie L View Sheet 0.08.1American Flyers Diving Youngstown
378Synchro Boys 13u 1MCaldwell, Mitch View Sheet 4.04.5American Flyers Diving
379Caldwell, Mitch View Sheet 4.04.5American Flyers Diving
380Keating, RJ View Sheet 4.04.4American Flyers Diving
381Roberto, Dominic M View Sheet   American Flyers Diving
382Synchro Boys 13u 3MKeating, RJ View Sheet   American Flyers Diving
383McCrae, Colten View Sheet 4.02.7American Flyers Diving
384Synchro Girls 14-15 1MFogle, Sophia View Sheet   American Flyers Diving Youngstown
385Nigh, Kendall View Sheet 4.06.1American Flyers Diving Youngstown
386Torok, Holli View Sheet   Legacy Diving
387Wingle, Maddie View Sheet 4.06.1Legacy Diving
388Synchro Girls 16-19 1MAbdalla, Emma View Sheet   RipFest
389Ellis, Grace R View Sheet   Napoleon Diving Club
390Seemann, Audrey A View Sheet 4.06.8Napoleon Diving Club
391Williams, Alexa M View Sheet 4.06.5RipFest
392Synchro Girls 16-19 3MEllis, Grace R View Sheet 4.06.7Napoleon Diving Club
393Seemann, Audrey A View Sheet   Napoleon Diving Club
394Synchro Mens Open 1MDykema, Ezra View Sheet   American Flyers Diving
395Foster, Clay View Sheet 4.07.7American Flyers Diving
396Synchro Womens Open 1MCASHMAN, Mara View Sheet   Napoleon Diving Club
397FLEISCHMAN, Addison View Sheet 4.06.5Napoleon Diving Club
398Glick, Bethany View Sheet 4.07.0American Flyers Diving Youngstown
399Meienburg, Britney N View Sheet 4.06.4Napoleon Diving Club
400Melia, Lauren View Sheet   Napoleon Diving Club
401Stelter, Mckenzie L View Sheet   American Flyers Diving Youngstown
402Synchro Womens Open 3MHoltz, Samantha M View Sheet 4.06.5American Flyers Diving
403Mercer, Bethany View Sheet   American Flyers Diving
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