Name of Meet:
RWB Red North Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-10, 8:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Mar-14, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Late Fees Charged:
Yes, $30.00 One-time Fee
Late Fees Begin:
Mar-13, 12:01 AM MST
HPER Natatorium
1875 East South Campus Front Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 11111
Main Contact:
Ted Everett
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

This is a very important message from the meet host. Please click here to read it.
Any entry NOT PAID by the registration deadline will be DELETED. You will then have to register on-deck for that event and PAY A LATE FEE.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M 16-171010 58m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 18-19910 52m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-17910 52m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 18-19910 52m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-17299 2h32m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 18-19129 1h3m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-17259 2h11m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 18-19129 1h3m View Rules
Group B Boys 1M129 1h3m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M109 52m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M118 51m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M88 37m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M58 23m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M38 14m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M107 40m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M77 28m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M05 View Rules
Group D Boys 3M05 View Rules
Group D Girls 1M15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M15 2m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M04 View Rules
Group E Boys 3M04 View Rules
Group E Girls 1M14 2m View Rules
Group E Girls 3M14 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 1M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 1M05 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 3M05 View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 3M36 10m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 1M36 10m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 3M56 17m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 3M27 8m View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 1M04 View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 1M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 3M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 1M36 10m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 3M56 17m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 1M06 View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 3M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 3M17 4m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Altitude Diving ClubAuroraCO
2Bainbridge Island Diving ClubBainbridge IslandWA
3Blue Dolphin DivingCherry HillNJ
4BYU Cougar DivingProvoUT
5California Diving AcademyWalnut CreekCA
6Capital DiversRio LindaCA
7Colorado Springers Diving ClubColorado SpringsCO
8Farmington United for an Exceptional LegacyFarmingtonNM
9Pacific Diving AcademyLos AngelesCA
10Peak DivingColorado SpringsCO
11Tualitin Hills Dive ClubBeavertonOR
12Utah Diving ClubSouth JordanUT
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Alpaugh, Mia P14Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 12, 02:40
2Bird, Lucy13DanvilleCACalifornia Diving AcademyMar 11, 13:49
3Bjork, Annika M15SacramentoCACapital DiversFeb 24, 19:12
4Bombenger, Adriana11lakewoodCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 10, 15:39
5Boyd, Cassie J18BeavertonORTualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 11, 20:28
6Buckley, Maggie L14Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 12, 21:20
7Byrnes, Brendan18Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 10, 14:52
8Cameron, Sumi15BerkeleyCACalifornia Diving AcademyMar 07, 23:18
9Charfauros, Madison D15Elk GroveCACapital DiversMar 05, 18:22
10Chau, Nicholas C13South PasadenaCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 02, 15:42
11Cheeks, Isaiah M17AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 05, 22:22
12Christensen, Eliana E18FarmingtonNMFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyMar 07, 18:27
13Cilley, Kate N17AlamoCACalifornia Diving AcademyMar 06, 22:52
14Cudmore, Jackson C18SacramentoCACapital DiversMar 09, 20:01
15Dees, Kaitlyn-Marie D17ElizabethCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 11, 12:13
16Densley, Ashley M17Pleasant GroveUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 02, 23:25
17DePina, Abby14Seal BeachCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 06, 14:03
18Derting, Ariel J17BeavertonORTualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 11, 22:57
19Dickerson, Courtney15Salt Lake CityUTUtah Diving ClubMar 08, 21:28
20Domashevich, Timothy18AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 11, 21:03
21DRURY, Ashlyn15 COPeak DivingMar 09, 21:10
22Dupaix, Macy13Salt Lake CityUTUtah Diving ClubMar 06, 20:41
23Eck, Conrad14DenverCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 12, 06:50
24Edwards, Devin P14PortlandORTualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 07, 17:22
25Ekstrom, Abigail13FullertonCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 02, 15:22
26Esty, Erin16Colorado SpringsCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 02, 08:59
27Foster, Ashlyn17MonumentCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 10, 21:08
28Fox, Logan P17EnglewoodCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 20, 17:53
29Fredericks, Ren17LehiUTUtah Diving ClubFeb 23, 15:14
30Fulton, Sydney M18AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 25, 17:05
31Gray, Madison16ParkerCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 01, 20:43
32Harbor, Kayden13RocklinCACapital DiversFeb 20, 10:40
33Haws, Russell J13american forkUTBYU Cougar DivingFeb 28, 17:13
34HERMAN, Christian12 COPeak DivingMar 09, 21:08
35Hinesley, Kaelyn15Colorado SpringsCOPeak DivingMar 09, 21:13
36Hocking, Alexandra N12Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 01, 20:22
37Hoyal, Esther L13HighlandUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 02, 06:56
38Hoyal, Marie C14HIGHLANDUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 02, 06:43
39Jagielski, Jenna13PortlandORTualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 12, 14:58
40Keeler, Jaydan16American ForkUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 01, 20:06
41Keeler, Logan13American ForkUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 01, 12:23
42Kemper, Anna I17MonumentCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 07, 00:07
43Kenny, Anne M18EnglewoodCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 28, 21:25
44Klausen, Courtney C16ConcordCACalifornia Diving AcademyMar 10, 15:36
45Kosachev, Jacob12AntelopeCACapital DiversMar 03, 18:31
46Liberman, Kiernan A16Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 05, 22:24
47Lipton, Elyse M12Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 03, 09:21
48Lundgren, Maya T14ParkerCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 19, 19:37
49Malkin, Julian D14Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 02, 16:31
50Maran, Megha17Elk GroveCACapital DiversMar 04, 14:13
51Marrone, Jakob15SacramentoCACapital DiversMar 01, 21:30
52McCall, Ben14SLCUTUtah Diving ClubFeb 12, 20:05
53McCoy, Whitney C16Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 09, 20:13
54McGrew, Connor14LehiUTUtah Diving ClubFeb 16, 19:56
55Menges, Emerson Y12SandyUTUtah Diving ClubMar 11, 14:21
56Miles, Madison P16El Dorado HillsCACapital DiversMar 05, 15:04
57Molldrem, Maya16AlhambraCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 06, 14:07
58Moretti, Deivi D18OrindaCACalifornia Diving AcademyFeb 04, 21:03
59Morgan, Kxxxx J14AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 19, 12:56
60Nguyen, Victoria15PortlandORTualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 11, 19:34
61Parenti, Kyland P17ROCKLINCACapital DiversMar 03, 19:52
62Patteson, Elizabeth C16Cherry Hills VillageCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 09, 12:26
63Peltier, Gabrielle A16PeytonCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 11, 21:39
64Peterson, Alexandra16NapaCACapital DiversFeb 27, 23:36
65Pippinger, Alathea18Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubFeb 28, 22:52
66POLLARD, Emory M18NOWHERECOPeak DivingMar 11, 22:34
67Purwins, Jacqueline18CamasWATualitin Hills Dive ClubMar 07, 23:55
68Quirk, Neely15Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 09, 19:41
69rhames, miley2famingtonNMFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyMar 10, 12:29
70Rippey, Ainsley E9DenverCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 24, 11:15
71Rummler, Noelle15Salt Lake CityUTUtah Diving ClubMar 11, 19:11
72Samaniego, Jacqueline17LafayetteCACalifornia Diving AcademyMar 05, 22:20
73Sanger, Abbie15SacramentoCACapital DiversFeb 28, 12:13
74Santiago, Jaclyn M16AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 11, 20:01
75Sauermann, Henry L14Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 05, 19:50
76Schumann, Maya13DavisCACapital DiversFeb 25, 17:46
77Seavey, Helaman12FarmingtonNMFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyMar 07, 18:32
78Seavey, Mosiah J14FarmingtonNMFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyMar 07, 18:35
79Sharp, Calvin17AuroraCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 11, 18:20
80Smith, Stockton18SandyUTUtah Diving ClubMar 05, 16:40
81Strauss, Mia12ProvoUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 04, 17:10
82Strauss, Mickey17ProvoUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 04, 17:02
83Tait, Jack15SacramentoALCapital DiversMar 01, 23:40
84Tang, Wenxuan15EastvalCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 06, 14:04
85taylor, brian R15Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 05, 20:37
86Tchakmakjian, Vahram L12LafayetteCACalifornia Diving AcademyFeb 28, 09:53
87Thomas, Josh16EnglewoodCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 26, 20:33
88Tiernan, Bryn E14Bainbridge IslandWABainbridge Island Diving ClubMar 05, 20:46
89Titterington, Kelsey L16CerritosCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 08, 22:47
90Tolman, Gavin13American ForkUTBYU Cougar DivingMar 14, 11:32
91Trueb, Savana17Colorado SpringsCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 09, 12:01
92Umeda, Sarah S17RosevilleCACapital DiversMar 09, 19:15
93Van Vleet, Luke J17LittletonCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 11, 10:51
94Vasquez, Ayana13artisiaCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 02, 15:28
95Vigil-Harrison, Antonio J17CentennialCOAltitude Diving ClubFeb 23, 11:57
96Walker, David15Salt Lake CityUTUtah Diving ClubMar 12, 19:10
97Walker, Halle11DraperUTUtah Diving ClubFeb 28, 12:24
98Wallace, Vaughn13HolladayUTUtah Diving ClubMar 10, 10:30
99ward, riley15draperUTUtah Diving ClubMar 11, 17:21
100Willett, Benjamin H18LongmontCOAltitude Diving ClubMar 12, 13:52
101Wilson, Molly P18CarmichaelCACapital DiversMar 04, 23:20
102Wixom, Gavin S15DraperUTUtah Diving ClubMar 04, 23:04
103Wright, Natalie r17MonumentCOColorado Springers Diving ClubMar 03, 16:50
104Yadao, Sinclair12SacramentoCACapital DiversMar 01, 22:34
105Young, Jaxson G12Pleasant GroveUTBYU Cougar DivingFeb 28, 13:57
106Zhou, Angela T16PrincetonNJBlue Dolphin DivingMar 07, 18:06
107Zolman, Alyssa16La MiradaCAPacific Diving AcademyMar 02, 15:27
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Crayne, DedeHead CoachCapital DiversRio LindaCA
2Donald, SamuelHead CoachFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyFarmingtonNM
3Donald, SamuelCoachFarmington United for an Exceptional LegacyFarmingtonNM
4Everett, TedHead CoachUtah Diving ClubSouth JordanUT
5holzheimer, ericHead CoachCalifornia Diving AcademyWalnut CreekCA
6Huber, NicoleHead CoachColorado Springers Diving ClubColorado SpringsCO
7Miller, ChrisHead CoachBainbridge Island Diving ClubBainbridge IslandWA
8Robinson, GrantHead CoachAltitude Diving ClubParkerCO
9Shelton, AngieHead CoachPeak DivingColorado SpringsCO
10Tonne, PhilipAsst. CoachCapital DiversAuburnCA
11Treguboff, LisaHead CoachPacific Diving AcademyWhittierCA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Altitude Diving ClubBombenger, Adriana11lakewoodCO
2Cheeks, Isaiah M17AuroraCO
3Dees, Kaitlyn-Marie D17ElizabethCO
4Domashevich, Timothy18AuroraCO
5Eck, Conrad14DenverCO
6Esty, Erin16Colorado SpringsCO
7Fox, Logan P17EnglewoodCO
8Fulton, Sydney M18AuroraCO
9Gray, Madison16ParkerCO
10Kenny, Anne M18EnglewoodCO
11Lundgren, Maya T14ParkerCO
12Morgan, Kxxxx J14AuroraCO
13Patteson, Elizabeth C16Cherry Hills VillageCO
14Rippey, Ainsley E9DenverCO
15Santiago, Jaclyn M16AuroraCO
16Sharp, Calvin17AuroraCO
17Thomas, Josh16EnglewoodCO
18Van Vleet, Luke J17LittletonCO
19Vigil-Harrison, Antonio J17CentennialCO
20Willett, Benjamin H18LongmontCO
21Bainbridge Island Diving ClubAlpaugh, Mia P14Bainbridge IslandWA
22Liberman, Kiernan A16Bainbridge IslandWA
23Lipton, Elyse M12Bainbridge IslandWA
24Pippinger, Alathea18Bainbridge IslandWA
25Sauermann, Henry L14Bainbridge IslandWA
26taylor, brian R15Bainbridge IslandWA
27Tiernan, Bryn E14Bainbridge IslandWA
28Blue Dolphin DivingZhou, Angela T16PrincetonNJ
29BYU Cougar DivingDensley, Ashley M17Pleasant GroveUT
30Haws, Russell J13american forkUT
31Hoyal, Esther L13HighlandUT
32Hoyal, Marie C14HIGHLANDUT
33Keeler, Jaydan16American ForkUT
34Keeler, Logan13American ForkUT
35Strauss, Mia12ProvoUT
36Strauss, Mickey17ProvoUT
37Tolman, Gavin13American ForkUT
38Young, Jaxson G12Pleasant GroveUT
39California Diving AcademyBird, Lucy13DanvilleCA
40Cameron, Sumi15BerkeleyCA
41Cilley, Kate N17AlamoCA
42Klausen, Courtney C16ConcordCA
43Moretti, Deivi D18OrindaCA
44Samaniego, Jacqueline17LafayetteCA
45Tchakmakjian, Vahram L12LafayetteCA
46Capital DiversBjork, Annika M15SacramentoCA
47Charfauros, Madison D15Elk GroveCA
48Cudmore, Jackson C18SacramentoCA
49Harbor, Kayden13RocklinCA
50Kosachev, Jacob12AntelopeCA
51Maran, Megha17Elk GroveCA
52Marrone, Jakob15SacramentoCA
53Miles, Madison P16El Dorado HillsCA
54Parenti, Kyland P17ROCKLINCA
55Peterson, Alexandra16NapaCA
56Sanger, Abbie15SacramentoCA
57Schumann, Maya13DavisCA
58Tait, Jack15SacramentoAL
59Umeda, Sarah S17RosevilleCA
60Wilson, Molly P18CarmichaelCA
61Yadao, Sinclair12SacramentoCA
62Colorado Springers Diving ClubBuckley, Maggie L14Colorado SpringsCO
63Byrnes, Brendan18Colorado SpringsCO
64Foster, Ashlyn17MonumentCO
65Hocking, Alexandra N12Colorado SpringsCO
66Kemper, Anna I17MonumentCO
67Malkin, Julian D14Colorado SpringsCO
68McCoy, Whitney C16Colorado SpringsCO
69Peltier, Gabrielle A16PeytonCO
70Quirk, Neely15Colorado SpringsCO
71Trueb, Savana17Colorado SpringsCO
72Wright, Natalie r17MonumentCO
73Farmington United for an Exceptional LegacyChristensen, Eliana E18FarmingtonNM
74rhames, miley2famingtonNM
75Seavey, Helaman12FarmingtonNM
76Seavey, Mosiah J14FarmingtonNM
77Pacific Diving AcademyChau, Nicholas C13South PasadenaCA
78DePina, Abby14Seal BeachCA
79Ekstrom, Abigail13FullertonCA
80Molldrem, Maya16AlhambraCA
81Tang, Wenxuan15EastvalCA
82Titterington, Kelsey L16CerritosCA
83Vasquez, Ayana13artisiaCA
84Zolman, Alyssa16La MiradaCA
85Peak DivingDRURY, Ashlyn15 CO
86HERMAN, Christian12 CO
87Hinesley, Kaelyn15Colorado SpringsCO
89Tualitin Hills Dive ClubBoyd, Cassie J18BeavertonOR
90Derting, Ariel J17BeavertonOR
91Edwards, Devin P14PortlandOR
92Jagielski, Jenna13PortlandOR
93Nguyen, Victoria15PortlandOR
94Purwins, Jacqueline18CamasWA
95Utah Diving ClubDickerson, Courtney15Salt Lake CityUT
96Dupaix, Macy13Salt Lake CityUT
97Fredericks, Ren17LehiUT
98McCall, Ben14SLCUT
99McGrew, Connor14LehiUT
100Menges, Emerson Y12SandyUT
101Rummler, Noelle15Salt Lake CityUT
102Smith, Stockton18SandyUT
103Walker, David15Salt Lake CityUT
104Walker, Halle11DraperUT
105Wallace, Vaughn13HolladayUT
106ward, riley15draperUT
107Wixom, Gavin S15DraperUT
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1M 16-17Fox, Logan P8.210.1Altitude Diving Club
2Keeler, Jaydan7.410.1BYU Cougar Diving
3Liberman, Kiernan A8.811.8Bainbridge Island Diving Club
4Parenti, Kyland P8.612.0Capital Divers
5Sharp, Calvin8.410.6Altitude Diving Club
6Tait, Jack7.99.9Capital Divers
7Thomas, Josh8.711.3Altitude Diving Club
8Van Vleet, Luke J8.611.1Altitude Diving Club
9Vigil-Harrison, Antonio J8.812.3Altitude Diving Club
10Wixom, Gavin S8.512.0Utah Diving Club
11Group A Boys 1M 18-19Byrnes, Brendan9.013.3Colorado Springers Diving Club
12Cheeks, Isaiah M9.013.4Altitude Diving Club
13Cudmore, Jackson C8.712.0Capital Divers
14Domashevich, Timothy8.712.3Altitude Diving Club
15Fredericks, Ren8.311.2Utah Diving Club
16Moretti, Deivi D8.314.0California Diving Academy
17Smith, Stockton8.411.1Utah Diving Club
18Strauss, Mickey8.613.6BYU Cougar Diving
19Willett, Benjamin H8.511.3Altitude Diving Club
20Group A Boys 3M 16-17Fox, Logan P8.69.7Altitude Diving Club
21Liberman, Kiernan A9.513.5Bainbridge Island Diving Club
22Parenti, Kyland P9.413.1Capital Divers
23Sharp, Calvin9.010.3Altitude Diving Club
24Tait, Jack8.410.1Capital Divers
25Thomas, Josh9.411.8Altitude Diving Club
26Van Vleet, Luke J9.512.0Altitude Diving Club
27Vigil-Harrison, Antonio J8.511.0Altitude Diving Club
28Wixom, Gavin S9.513.3Utah Diving Club
29Group A Boys 3M 18-19Byrnes, Brendan9.514.1Colorado Springers Diving Club
30Cheeks, Isaiah M9.513.3Altitude Diving Club
31Cudmore, Jackson C9.514.1Capital Divers
32Domashevich, Timothy9.513.6Altitude Diving Club
33Fredericks, Ren9.411.2Utah Diving Club
34Moretti, Deivi D8.711.0California Diving Academy
35Smith, Stockton9.512.0Utah Diving Club
36Strauss, Mickey9.415.0BYU Cougar Diving
37Willett, Benjamin H8.713.0Altitude Diving Club
38Group A Girls 1M 16-17Cameron, Sumi8.48.8California Diving Academy
39Charfauros, Madison D7.87.0Capital Divers
40Dees, Kaitlyn-Marie D8.68.3Altitude Diving Club
41Densley, Ashley M8.89.0BYU Cougar Diving
42Derting, Ariel J8.68.7Tualitin Hills Dive Club
43DRURY, Ashlyn8.07.1Peak Diving
44Esty, Erin8.68.4Altitude Diving Club
45Foster, Ashlyn8.79.1Colorado Springers Diving Club
46Gray, Madison8.07.2Altitude Diving Club
47Hinesley, Kaelyn8.68.6Peak Diving
48Klausen, Courtney C9.09.8California Diving Academy
49Maran, Megha9.09.1Capital Divers
50McCoy, Whitney C8.68.9Colorado Springers Diving Club
51Miles, Madison P8.08.0Capital Divers
52Molldrem, Maya8.08.0Pacific Diving Academy
53Patteson, Elizabeth C8.78.3Altitude Diving Club
54Peltier, Gabrielle A9.09.7Colorado Springers Diving Club
55Peterson, Alexandra8.69.0Capital Divers
56Quirk, Neely8.89.4Colorado Springers Diving Club
57Rummler, Noelle8.28.7Utah Diving Club
58Samaniego, Jacqueline8.78.8California Diving Academy
59Sanger, Abbie7.87.4Capital Divers
60Santiago, Jaclyn M8.69.6Altitude Diving Club
61Tang, Wenxuan8.69.4Pacific Diving Academy
62Titterington, Kelsey L9.09.9Pacific Diving Academy
63Trueb, Savana9.010.0Colorado Springers Diving Club
64ward, riley7.86.9Utah Diving Club
65Zhou, Angela T9.09.6Blue Dolphin Diving
66Zolman, Alyssa8.88.8Pacific Diving Academy
67Group A Girls 1M 18-19Boyd, Cassie J9.09.4Tualitin Hills Dive Club
68Christensen, Eliana E8.79.0Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
69Cilley, Kate N8.69.2California Diving Academy
70Fulton, Sydney M8.69.1Altitude Diving Club
71Kemper, Anna I8.79.9Colorado Springers Diving Club
72Kenny, Anne M8.79.2Altitude Diving Club
73Pippinger, Alathea8.68.5Bainbridge Island Diving Club
74POLLARD, Emory M8.69.3Peak Diving
75Purwins, Jacqueline8.99.5Tualitin Hills Dive Club
76Umeda, Sarah S8.88.6Capital Divers
77Wilson, Molly P8.88.8Capital Divers
78Wright, Natalie r8.49.0Colorado Springers Diving Club
79Group A Girls 3M 16-17Cameron, Sumi8.48.4California Diving Academy
80Charfauros, Madison D8.47.2Capital Divers
81Dees, Kaitlyn-Marie D8.67.1Altitude Diving Club
82Densley, Ashley M9.49.3BYU Cougar Diving
83Derting, Ariel J9.49.4Tualitin Hills Dive Club
84Esty, Erin8.67.4Altitude Diving Club
85Foster, Ashlyn8.89.0Colorado Springers Diving Club
86Gray, Madison8.47.4Altitude Diving Club
87Klausen, Courtney C9.18.7California Diving Academy
88Maran, Megha9.59.3Capital Divers
89McCoy, Whitney C8.78.5Colorado Springers Diving Club
90Miles, Madison P8.48.2Capital Divers
91Molldrem, Maya8.79.0Pacific Diving Academy
92Patteson, Elizabeth C8.67.5Altitude Diving Club
93Peltier, Gabrielle A9.19.2Colorado Springers Diving Club
94Peterson, Alexandra9.39.2Capital Divers
95Quirk, Neely8.79.1Colorado Springers Diving Club
96Rummler, Noelle8.68.6Utah Diving Club
97Samaniego, Jacqueline8.98.3California Diving Academy
98Sanger, Abbie8.27.0Capital Divers
99Santiago, Jaclyn M9.49.7Altitude Diving Club
100Tang, Wenxuan9.59.6Pacific Diving Academy
101Titterington, Kelsey L9.510.7Pacific Diving Academy
102Trueb, Savana9.511.4Colorado Springers Diving Club
103Zhou, Angela T8.79.2Blue Dolphin Diving
104Group A Girls 3M 18-19Boyd, Cassie J8.79.3Tualitin Hills Dive Club
105Christensen, Eliana E8.78.1Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
106Cilley, Kate N8.78.6California Diving Academy
107Fulton, Sydney M9.49.5Altitude Diving Club
108Kemper, Anna I8.89.2Colorado Springers Diving Club
109Kenny, Anne M9.410.3Altitude Diving Club
110Pippinger, Alathea8.78.1Bainbridge Island Diving Club
111POLLARD, Emory M8.68.3Peak Diving
112Purwins, Jacqueline8.79.6Tualitin Hills Dive Club
113Umeda, Sarah S9.48.8Capital Divers
114Wilson, Molly P9.49.4Capital Divers
115Wright, Natalie r9.19.0Colorado Springers Diving Club
116Group B Boys 1MChau, Nicholas C8.79.1Pacific Diving Academy
117Eck, Conrad7.98.7Altitude Diving Club
118Harbor, Kayden8.58.7Capital Divers
119Malkin, Julian D8.29.2Colorado Springers Diving Club
120Marrone, Jakob8.38.9Capital Divers
121McCall, Ben7.67.2Utah Diving Club
122McGrew, Connor8.28.3Utah Diving Club
123Morgan, Kxxxx J7.87.5Altitude Diving Club
124Sauermann, Henry L8.98.7Bainbridge Island Diving Club
125Seavey, Mosiah J8.89.5Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
126taylor, brian R8.69.1Bainbridge Island Diving Club
127Wallace, Vaughn8.07.5Utah Diving Club
128Group B Boys 3MChau, Nicholas C9.510.3Pacific Diving Academy
129Eck, Conrad8.27.9Altitude Diving Club
130Harbor, Kayden9.410.0Capital Divers
131Malkin, Julian D8.68.7Colorado Springers Diving Club
132Marrone, Jakob8.49.1Capital Divers
133McGrew, Connor8.37.8Utah Diving Club
134Morgan, Kxxxx J8.37.4Altitude Diving Club
135Sauermann, Henry L8.57.5Bainbridge Island Diving Club
136Seavey, Mosiah J9.08.2Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
137taylor, brian R9.49.1Bainbridge Island Diving Club
138Group B Girls 1MAlpaugh, Mia P7.84.8Bainbridge Island Diving Club
139Bjork, Annika M7.86.1Capital Divers
140Buckley, Maggie L8.66.9Colorado Springers Diving Club
141DePina, Abby7.95.6Pacific Diving Academy
142Dickerson, Courtney7.96.3Utah Diving Club
143Hoyal, Marie C7.54.7BYU Cougar Diving
144Jagielski, Jenna8.66.9Tualitin Hills Dive Club
145Lundgren, Maya T7.44.7Altitude Diving Club
146Nguyen, Victoria8.66.8Tualitin Hills Dive Club
147Tiernan, Bryn E8.36.4Bainbridge Island Diving Club
148Vasquez, Ayana8.86.9Pacific Diving Academy
149Group B Girls 3MAlpaugh, Mia P8.15.8Bainbridge Island Diving Club
150Bjork, Annika M8.25.2Capital Divers
151Buckley, Maggie L8.65.8Colorado Springers Diving Club
152Dickerson, Courtney9.06.7Utah Diving Club
153Jagielski, Jenna8.76.9Tualitin Hills Dive Club
154Nguyen, Victoria8.76.9Tualitin Hills Dive Club
155Tiernan, Bryn E8.76.0Bainbridge Island Diving Club
156Vasquez, Ayana8.77.0Pacific Diving Academy
157Group C Boys 1MHaws, Russell J7.64.9BYU Cougar Diving
158Kosachev, Jacob7.95.6Capital Divers
159Seavey, Helaman8.45.8Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
160Tchakmakjian, Vahram L8.26.4California Diving Academy
161Young, Jaxson G8.05.3BYU Cougar Diving
162Group C Boys 3MHaws, Russell J8.25.6BYU Cougar Diving
163Kosachev, Jacob8.46.2Capital Divers
164Tchakmakjian, Vahram L8.66.0California Diving Academy
165Group C Girls 1MBird, Lucy7.53.1California Diving Academy
166Bombenger, Adriana7.42.9Altitude Diving Club
167Dupaix, Macy8.24.4Utah Diving Club
168Ekstrom, Abigail8.85.2Pacific Diving Academy
169Hocking, Alexandra N7.63.3Colorado Springers Diving Club
170Lipton, Elyse M8.14.4Bainbridge Island Diving Club
171Menges, Emerson Y8.04.4Utah Diving Club
172Schumann, Maya8.74.4Capital Divers
173Strauss, Mia7.63.3BYU Cougar Diving
174Yadao, Sinclair7.43.1Capital Divers
175Group C Girls 3MDupaix, Macy8.34.1Utah Diving Club
176Ekstrom, Abigail9.55.1Pacific Diving Academy
177Lipton, Elyse M8.23.5Bainbridge Island Diving Club
178Menges, Emerson Y8.23.5Utah Diving Club
179Schumann, Maya9.04.2Capital Divers
180Strauss, Mia8.33.5BYU Cougar Diving
181Yadao, Sinclair8.03.2Capital Divers
182Group D Girls 1MRippey, Ainsley E4.53.1Altitude Diving Club
183Group D Girls 3MRippey, Ainsley E4.83.0Altitude Diving Club
184Group E Girls 1Mrhames, miley4.71.5Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
185Group E Girls 3Mrhames, miley4.71.5Farmington United for an Exceptional Legacy
186Novice Boys 12-13, 1MHERMAN, Christian0.06.2Peak Diving
187Tolman, Gavin0.010.4BYU Cougar Diving
188Novice Boys 12-13, 3MHERMAN, Christian0.06.7Peak Diving
189Tolman, Gavin0.010.1BYU Cougar Diving
190Young, Jaxson G0.08.7BYU Cougar Diving
191Novice Boys 14-15, 1MEdwards, Devin P0.09.2Tualitin Hills Dive Club
192Keeler, Logan0.06.6BYU Cougar Diving
193Walker, David0.09.7Utah Diving Club
194Novice Boys 14-15, 3MEdwards, Devin P0.08.1Tualitin Hills Dive Club
195Keeler, Logan0.06.7BYU Cougar Diving
196McCall, Ben0.06.7Utah Diving Club
197Walker, David0.08.1Utah Diving Club
198Wallace, Vaughn0.09.9Utah Diving Club
199Novice Boys 16-18, 1MMoretti, Deivi D0.018.8California Diving Academy
200Novice Boys 16-18, 3MKeeler, Jaydan0.012.6BYU Cougar Diving
201Moretti, Deivi D0.017.3California Diving Academy
202Novice Girls 12-13, 1MHocking, Alexandra N0.09.2Colorado Springers Diving Club
203Hoyal, Esther L0.07.5BYU Cougar Diving
204Walker, Halle0.08.6Utah Diving Club
205Novice Girls 12-13, 3MBird, Lucy0.07.8California Diving Academy
206Bombenger, Adriana0.06.7Altitude Diving Club
207Hocking, Alexandra N0.07.3Colorado Springers Diving Club
208Hoyal, Esther L0.07.4BYU Cougar Diving
209Walker, Halle0.06.9Utah Diving Club
210Novice Girls 14-15, 3MHoyal, Marie C0.07.9BYU Cougar Diving
211Lundgren, Maya T0.06.7Altitude Diving Club
212Novice Girls 16-18, 1MPeltier, Gabrielle A0.017.3Colorado Springers Diving Club
213Novice Girls 16-18, 3MPeltier, Gabrielle A0.017.1Colorado Springers Diving Club
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