Name of Meet:
Jefferson County League Girls Dive Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-20, 7:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Mar-02, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
George P Meyers Pool
7900 Carr Dr
Arvada, CO 80005
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving3911 4h10m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arvada WestArvadaCO
2Bear Creek High SchoolLakewoodCO
3Chatfield Senior HSLittletonCO
4Columbine High SchoolLittletonCO
5Conifer High SchoolConiferCO
7Dakota RidgeLittletonCO
8Golden High SchoolGoldenCO
9Green Mountain High SchoolLakewoodCO
10Lakewood High SchoolLakrwoodCO
11Littleton LionsLIttletonCO
12Valor Christian GirlsHighlands RanchCO
13Wheat RidgeWheat RidgeCO
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Banister, Julia  CO Bear Creek High SchoolMar 02, 10:13
2Bashford, Lydia  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 16:22
3Beckett, Bailey  CO Littleton LionsMar 01, 08:50
4Berendt, Elle  CO Littleton LionsMar 01, 09:01
5Blankenship, Jordan  CO Valor Christian GirlsMar 01, 10:05
6Breeser, Abby  CO Lakewood High SchoolMar 02, 10:19
7Charron, Olivia  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 16:33
8Congdon, Amber  CO Valor Christian GirlsMar 01, 10:00
9Duff, Kennedy  CO Chatfield Senior HSMar 02, 14:42
10DuVall, Hanna  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 16:40
11Germain, Maddie  CO D'evelynMar 02, 22:34
12Gregersen, Izzy  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 16:44
13Griffin, Riley  CO Littleton LionsMar 01, 08:39
14Haymes, Mckayla  CO Conifer High SchoolMar 01, 19:03
15Hupka, Annee  CO D'evelynMar 02, 14:36
16Hutchison, Abby  CO Chatfield Senior HSMar 02, 14:49
17Joy, Montana  CO Lakewood High SchoolMar 02, 10:28
18Killeen, Danielle  CO Columbine High SchoolMar 02, 14:23
19Kougl, Sierra  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 16:47
20Kruse, Emily  CO Green Mountain High SchoolMar 02, 09:53
21Lee, Madden  CO Lakewood High SchoolMar 02, 10:26
22Lence, Emma  CO Chatfield Senior HSMar 02, 22:25
23Matson, Jennifer  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 17:00
24McMahon, Rileighrose  CO Chatfield Senior HSMar 02, 22:29
25Miller, Grace  CO Dakota RidgeMar 02, 15:03
26Naku, Paige  CO Conifer High SchoolMar 01, 18:58
27Okamoto, Jojo  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 17:04
28Pauly, Geneva  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 17:10
29Powell, Kayla  CO Arvada WestMar 02, 17:14
30Saleh, Chole  CO Lakewood High SchoolMar 02, 10:22
31Samudio, Emelia  CO Golden High SchoolMar 02, 10:09
32Simpson, Sarah  CO Valor Christian GirlsMar 01, 09:53
33Sloan, Antonia  CO Golden High SchoolMar 02, 10:02
34Smaldone, Paisley  CO Valor Christian GirlsMar 01, 10:08
35Stahl, Kate  CO Wheat RidgeMar 02, 09:59
36Telgener, Ana  CO Green Mountain High SchoolMar 02, 09:56
37Tennant, Katie  CO Columbine High SchoolMar 02, 14:32
38Urbanek, Courtney  CO Littleton LionsMar 01, 08:54
39Wicks, Katie  CO Columbine High SchoolMar 02, 14:26
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Adams, RyanCoachLakewood High SchoolLakewoodCO
2Andrie, KatherineHead CoachValor Christian GirlsGoldenCO
3Brinkhoff, BrettHead CoachConifer High SchoolEvergreenCO
4Madsen, ChristopherHead CoachArvada WestArvadaCO
5Morell, LaurenCoachD'evelynLittletonCO
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Arvada WestBashford, Lydia  CO
2Charron, Olivia  CO
3DuVall, Hanna  CO
4Gregersen, Izzy  CO
5Kougl, Sierra  CO
6Matson, Jennifer  CO
7Okamoto, Jojo  CO
8Pauly, Geneva  CO
9Powell, Kayla  CO
10Bear Creek High SchoolBanister, Julia  CO
11Chatfield Senior HSDuff, Kennedy  CO
12Hutchison, Abby  CO
13Lence, Emma  CO
14McMahon, Rileighrose  CO
15Columbine High SchoolKilleen, Danielle  CO
16Tennant, Katie  CO
17Wicks, Katie  CO
18Conifer High SchoolHaymes, Mckayla  CO
19Naku, Paige  CO
20D'evelynGermain, Maddie  CO
21Hupka, Annee  CO
22Dakota RidgeMiller, Grace  CO
23Golden High SchoolSamudio, Emelia  CO
24Sloan, Antonia  CO
25Green Mountain High SchoolKruse, Emily  CO
26Telgener, Ana  CO
27Lakewood High SchoolBreeser, Abby  CO
28Joy, Montana  CO
29Lee, Madden  CO
30Saleh, Chole  CO
31Littleton LionsBeckett, Bailey  CO
32Berendt, Elle  CO
33Griffin, Riley  CO
34Urbanek, Courtney  CO
35Valor Christian GirlsBlankenship, Jordan  CO
36Congdon, Amber  CO
37Simpson, Sarah  CO
38Smaldone, Paisley  CO
39Wheat RidgeStahl, Kate  CO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingBanister, Julia View Sheet 8.211.6Bear Creek High School
2Bashford, Lydia View Sheet 8.210.1Arvada West
3Beckett, Bailey View Sheet 7.49.3Littleton Lions
4Berendt, Elle View Sheet 7.49.4Littleton Lions
5Blankenship, Jordan View Sheet 8.010.3Valor Christian Girls
6Breeser, Abby View Sheet 7.912.1Lakewood High School
7Charron, Olivia View Sheet 8.39.8Arvada West
8Congdon, Amber View Sheet 8.010.4Valor Christian Girls
9Duff, Kennedy View Sheet 8.512.5Chatfield Senior HS
10DuVall, Hanna View Sheet 8.612.0Arvada West
11Germain, Maddie View Sheet 7.710.4D'evelyn
12Gregersen, Izzy View Sheet 8.614.5Arvada West
13Griffin, Riley View Sheet 7.912.4Littleton Lions
14Haymes, Mckayla View Sheet 8.111.3Conifer High School
15Hupka, Annee View Sheet 8.09.9D'evelyn
16Hutchison, Abby View Sheet 8.212.0Chatfield Senior HS
17Joy, Montana View Sheet 7.49.7Lakewood High School
18Killeen, Danielle View Sheet 9.013.9Columbine High School
19Kougl, Sierra View Sheet 8.211.9Arvada West
20Kruse, Emily View Sheet 8.411.4Green Mountain High School
21Lee, Madden View Sheet 7.710.4Lakewood High School
22Lence, Emma View Sheet 8.510.5Chatfield Senior HS
23Matson, Jennifer View Sheet 7.810.1Arvada West
24McMahon, Rileighrose View Sheet 7.89.8Chatfield Senior HS
25Miller, Grace View Sheet 9.013.1Dakota Ridge
26Naku, Paige View Sheet 7.911.2Conifer High School
27Okamoto, Jojo View Sheet 8.613.6Arvada West
28Pauly, Geneva View Sheet 8.613.9Arvada West
29Powell, Kayla View Sheet 8.011.4Arvada West
30Saleh, Chole View Sheet 8.112.3Lakewood High School
31Samudio, Emelia View Sheet 7.49.9Golden High School
32Simpson, Sarah View Sheet 7.49.8Valor Christian Girls
33Sloan, Antonia View Sheet 7.49.4Golden High School
34Smaldone, Paisley View Sheet 8.010.3Valor Christian Girls
35Stahl, Kate View Sheet 7.811.0Wheat Ridge
36Telgener, Ana View Sheet 8.09.9Green Mountain High School
37Tennant, Katie View Sheet 8.211.0Columbine High School
38Urbanek, Courtney View Sheet 7.411.2Littleton Lions
39Wicks, Katie View Sheet 8.210.1Columbine High School
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