Name of Meet:
RWB Red South Qualifier
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-25, 8:00 AM PST
Registration Closes:
Mar-13, 11:59 PM PST
Entry Fees Charged:
Southwest Valley Family YMCA
2919 Litchfield Rd
Goodyear, AZ 85395
Main Contact:
William Hunter
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

This is a very important message from the meet host. Please click here to read it.
NO ONLINE LATE REGISTRATION. Any entry NOT PAID by the registration deadline will be DELETED. You will then have to register on-deck for that event and PAY A LATE FEE. Late fee: $20.00 will be assessed to deck Entries. Divers registering on deck will be required to bring their up to date AAU Registration card. Without it they will not be allowed to compete.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Group A Boys 1M 16-17210 11m View Rules
Group A Boys 1M 18-19010 View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 16-17110 5m View Rules
Group A Boys 3M 18-19010 View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 16-1759 26m View Rules
Group A Girls 1M 18-1929 10m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 16-1729 10m View Rules
Group A Girls 3M 18-1919 5m View Rules
Group B Boys 1M109 52m View Rules
Group B Boys 3M59 26m View Rules
Group B Girls 1M38 14m View Rules
Group B Girls 3M48 18m View Rules
Group C Boys 1M58 23m View Rules
Group C Boys 3M28 9m View Rules
Group C Girls 1M57 20m View Rules
Group C Girls 3M37 12m View Rules
Group D Boys 1M05 View Rules
Group D Boys 3M05 View Rules
Group D Girls 1M15 2m View Rules
Group D Girls 3M15 2m View Rules
Group E Boys 1M04 View Rules
Group E Boys 3M04 View Rules
Group E Girls 1M04 View Rules
Group E Girls 3M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 1M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 09 under, 3M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 1M15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11, 3M15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13, 3M56 17m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 1M16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15, 3M06 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 1M07 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18, 3M07 View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 1M14 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 09 under, 3M14 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 1M25 5m View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11, 3M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 1M46 14m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13, 3M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 1M26 7m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15, 3M16 3m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18, 3M27 8m View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 1M04 View Rules
Synchro Boys 13u 3M04 View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 1M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19+ 1M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Boys 16-19+ 3M25 5m View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 1M04 View Rules
Synchro Girls 13u 3M04 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 14-15 3M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19+ 1M05 View Rules
Synchro Girls 16-19+ 3M05 View Rules
Team NameCityState
3Dive NeptuneGlendaleAZ
4McCormick DiversLong BeachCA
5Mesa Aquatics DivingMesaAZ
6Phoenix Diving ClubPhoenixAZ
7Woodlands Diving AcademyThe WoodlandsTX
8YMCA Westside Silver FinsGoodyearAZ
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Angelovic, Amanda M15Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsFeb 05, 22:08
2Angelovic, John M13Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsFeb 05, 22:00
3Anthony, Winter12TomballTXWoodlands Diving AcademyMar 12, 19:47
4Arseneault, Evelyn A12AvondaleAZAAADivingMar 10, 14:13
5Buskirk, Peter12PHOENIXAZPhoenix Diving ClubFeb 27, 09:51
6Cable, Thomas B14Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 08, 18:42
7Cahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 11, 18:52
8Camel, Alicia12BuckeyeAZAAADivingMar 12, 16:22
9Chong, Claira13PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 12, 08:19
10Christensen, Luke P14Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 09, 18:35
11Day, Mikayla15Sun CityAZDive NeptuneMar 13, 19:32
12DuBois, Gage V14PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 12, 19:41
13Eller, Kady17PeoriaAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 12, 14:46
14Fischer, Genevieve (genny)8PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 07:56
15Gannon, Chase9PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 07:45
16Gannon, Grayson12PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 07:41
17Grauer, Bailey L14phxAZAAADivingMar 13, 15:41
18Hanania, Brooklyn11PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 07:27
19Hanania, Riley10PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 07:33
20Hansen, Wesley D17MesaAZMesa Aquatics DivingMar 12, 09:16
21Hartwell, Jesse J15PeoriaAZDive NeptuneMar 12, 17:35
22Hatch, Dustie R16GlendaleAZDive NeptuneMar 10, 15:23
23Hemphill, Jack D14GlendaleAZDive NeptuneMar 08, 18:58
24jasinski, alicia H14ScottsdaleAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 12, 07:46
25Kane, Zachary16 AZMesa Aquatics DivingMar 12, 09:32
26Kline, Keira J12PeoriaAZDive NeptuneMar 11, 12:20
27Kov, Carter W12GoodyearAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 04, 07:00
28Kov, Lyndon W13GoodyearAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 04, 07:13
29Ludka, Megan E16Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 12, 07:54
30MacArthur, Sean C13Litchfield ParkAZAAADivingFeb 16, 23:12
31McFarland, Nikole A12MesaAZMesa Aquatics DivingFeb 14, 23:38
32McKinney, Morgan T13GlendaleAZDive NeptuneMar 09, 09:13
33Miller, Kelly G12GlendaleAZAAADivingMar 07, 16:39
34Moreno, John12PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 12, 06:33
35Nitschke, Nathan A12PhoenixAZDive NeptuneMar 11, 12:13
36O'Neill, Aidan C13Long BeachCAMcCormick DiversMar 12, 20:17
37Phillips, Payton L10GOODYEARAZAAADivingMar 10, 12:44
38Pingree, Seth14GlendaleAZDive NeptuneMar 12, 15:16
39PISARUK, Delainey13PhoenixAZPhoenix Diving ClubFeb 28, 12:13
40Rael-Tingley, Cody J14SurpriseAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 13, 21:11
41Russell, Gabriella14Huntington BeachCAMcCormick DiversMar 12, 20:05
42Sieglitz, Jordan17GlendaleAZPhoenix Diving ClubMar 06, 08:01
43Sikora, Abby R13GoodyearAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 13, 14:21
44Stagner, Hannah B16AvondaleAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 08, 11:59
45Thul, Aaron M13PhoenixAZAZHeatMar 12, 18:49
46Townes, Lucy R9WaddellAZAAADivingMar 13, 19:28
47Woeslaw, Brooke M11Litchfield ParkAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 06, 14:08
48Wren, Sydney E16Long BeachCAMcCormick DiversMar 12, 20:37
49Yee, Jordan15GoodyearAZYMCA Westside Silver FinsMar 12, 11:22
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Collins IV, CharlesHead CoachMcCormick DiversLong BeachCA
2Kunselman, JeffHead CoachAZHeatAnthemAZ
3Pipitone, FrankHead CoachPhoenix Diving ClubScottsdaleAZ
4Russell, RoryHead CoachMesa Aquatics DivingMesaAZ
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1AAADivingArseneault, Evelyn A12AvondaleAZ
2Camel, Alicia12BuckeyeAZ
3Grauer, Bailey L14phxAZ
4MacArthur, Sean C13Litchfield ParkAZ
5Miller, Kelly G12GlendaleAZ
6Phillips, Payton L10GOODYEARAZ
7Townes, Lucy R9WaddellAZ
8AZHeatThul, Aaron M13PhoenixAZ
9Dive NeptuneDay, Mikayla15Sun CityAZ
10Hartwell, Jesse J15PeoriaAZ
11Hatch, Dustie R16GlendaleAZ
12Hemphill, Jack D14GlendaleAZ
13Kline, Keira J12PeoriaAZ
14McKinney, Morgan T13GlendaleAZ
15Nitschke, Nathan A12PhoenixAZ
16Pingree, Seth14GlendaleAZ
17McCormick DiversO'Neill, Aidan C13Long BeachCA
18Russell, Gabriella14Huntington BeachCA
19Wren, Sydney E16Long BeachCA
20Mesa Aquatics DivingHansen, Wesley D17MesaAZ
21Kane, Zachary16 AZ
22McFarland, Nikole A12MesaAZ
23Phoenix Diving ClubBuskirk, Peter12PHOENIXAZ
24Cahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZ
25Chong, Claira13PhoenixAZ
26DuBois, Gage V14PhoenixAZ
27Eller, Kady17PeoriaAZ
28Fischer, Genevieve (genny)8PhoenixAZ
29Gannon, Chase9PhoenixAZ
30Gannon, Grayson12PhoenixAZ
31Hanania, Brooklyn11PhoenixAZ
32Hanania, Riley10PhoenixAZ
33jasinski, alicia H14ScottsdaleAZ
34Moreno, John12PhoenixAZ
35PISARUK, Delainey13PhoenixAZ
36Sieglitz, Jordan17GlendaleAZ
37Woodlands Diving AcademyAnthony, Winter12TomballTX
38YMCA Westside Silver FinsAngelovic, Amanda M15Litchfield ParkAZ
39Angelovic, John M13Litchfield ParkAZ
40Cable, Thomas B14Litchfield ParkAZ
41Christensen, Luke P14Litchfield ParkAZ
42Kov, Carter W12GoodyearAZ
43Kov, Lyndon W13GoodyearAZ
44Ludka, Megan E16Litchfield ParkAZ
45Rael-Tingley, Cody J14SurpriseAZ
46Sikora, Abby R13GoodyearAZ
47Stagner, Hannah B16AvondaleAZ
48Woeslaw, Brooke M11Litchfield ParkAZ
49Yee, Jordan15GoodyearAZ
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Group A Boys 1M 16-17Hansen, Wesley D8.711.7Mesa Aquatics Diving
2Hartwell, Jesse J7.98.1Dive Neptune
3Group A Boys 3M 16-17Hansen, Wesley D9.513.2Mesa Aquatics Diving
4Group A Girls 1M 16-17Cahill, Molly8.28.5Phoenix Diving Club
5Day, Mikayla8.17.6Dive Neptune
6Ludka, Megan E8.68.7YMCA Westside Silver Fins
7Stagner, Hannah B7.86.9YMCA Westside Silver Fins
8Wren, Sydney E8.79.2McCormick Divers
9Group A Girls 1M 18-19Eller, Kady9.09.4Phoenix Diving Club
10Sieglitz, Jordan8.28.4Phoenix Diving Club
11Group A Girls 3M 16-17Ludka, Megan E8.88.3YMCA Westside Silver Fins
12Wren, Sydney E9.59.9McCormick Divers
13Group A Girls 3M 18-19Eller, Kady9.410.1Phoenix Diving Club
14Group B Boys 1MAngelovic, John M8.98.4YMCA Westside Silver Fins
15Cable, Thomas B8.47.4YMCA Westside Silver Fins
16Christensen, Luke P7.87.4YMCA Westside Silver Fins
17DuBois, Gage V8.69.1Phoenix Diving Club
18Grauer, Bailey L7.66.6AAADiving
19Hemphill, Jack D8.27.5Dive Neptune
20Kov, Lyndon W8.48.5YMCA Westside Silver Fins
21MacArthur, Sean C7.87.3AAADiving
22Rael-Tingley, Cody J7.66.3YMCA Westside Silver Fins
23Yee, Jordan8.48.5YMCA Westside Silver Fins
24Group B Boys 3MAngelovic, John M9.07.8YMCA Westside Silver Fins
25DuBois, Gage V9.49.2Phoenix Diving Club
26Grauer, Bailey L8.16.6AAADiving
27Kov, Lyndon W8.88.5YMCA Westside Silver Fins
28Yee, Jordan8.47.4YMCA Westside Silver Fins
29Group B Girls 1MAngelovic, Amanda M8.56.7YMCA Westside Silver Fins
30O'Neill, Aidan C8.35.9McCormick Divers
31PISARUK, Delainey8.46.4Phoenix Diving Club
32Group B Girls 3MAngelovic, Amanda M8.25.4YMCA Westside Silver Fins
33O'Neill, Aidan C8.75.8McCormick Divers
34PISARUK, Delainey8.45.2Phoenix Diving Club
35Russell, Gabriella8.86.1McCormick Divers
36Group C Boys 1MAnthony, Winter7.54.7Woodlands Diving Academy
37Buskirk, Peter7.54.7Phoenix Diving Club
38Kov, Carter W8.14.8YMCA Westside Silver Fins
39Nitschke, Nathan A7.74.7Dive Neptune
40Thul, Aaron M8.86.8AZHeat
41Group C Boys 3MKov, Carter W8.25.8YMCA Westside Silver Fins
42Thul, Aaron M9.26.3AZHeat
43Group C Girls 1MHanania, Brooklyn7.83.2Phoenix Diving Club
44McFarland, Nikole A8.74.4Mesa Aquatics Diving
45Miller, Kelly G7.73.3AAADiving
46Sikora, Abby R7.94.2YMCA Westside Silver Fins
47Woeslaw, Brooke M8.23.8YMCA Westside Silver Fins
48Group C Girls 3MMcFarland, Nikole A9.54.6Mesa Aquatics Diving
49Sikora, Abby R8.23.5YMCA Westside Silver Fins
50Woeslaw, Brooke M8.33.7YMCA Westside Silver Fins
51Group D Girls 1MHanania, Riley4.63.6Phoenix Diving Club
52Group D Girls 3MHanania, Riley4.93.5Phoenix Diving Club
53Novice Boys 10-11, 1MGannon, Chase0.05.2Phoenix Diving Club
54Novice Boys 10-11, 3MGannon, Chase0.05.4Phoenix Diving Club
55Novice Boys 12-13, 1MGannon, Grayson0.06.2Phoenix Diving Club
56Moreno, John0.07.1Phoenix Diving Club
57Novice Boys 12-13, 3MAnthony, Winter0.08.0Woodlands Diving Academy
58Buskirk, Peter0.07.4Phoenix Diving Club
59Gannon, Grayson0.06.4Phoenix Diving Club
60Moreno, John0.06.4Phoenix Diving Club
61Nitschke, Nathan A0.07.9Dive Neptune
62Novice Boys 14-15, 1MPingree, Seth0.08.8Dive Neptune
63Novice Girls 09 under, 1MFischer, Genevieve (genny)0.04.7Phoenix Diving Club
64Novice Girls 09 under, 3MFischer, Genevieve (genny)0.04.0Phoenix Diving Club
65Novice Girls 10-11, 1MPhillips, Payton L0.05.2AAADiving
66Townes, Lucy R0.05.4AAADiving
67Novice Girls 12-13, 1MArseneault, Evelyn A0.07.7AAADiving
68Camel, Alicia0.07.3AAADiving
69Chong, Claira0.08.8Phoenix Diving Club
70Kline, Keira J0.07.1Dive Neptune
71Novice Girls 12-13, 3MArseneault, Evelyn A0.06.7AAADiving
72Chong, Claira0.06.8Phoenix Diving Club
73Novice Girls 14-15, 1Mjasinski, alicia H0.08.5Phoenix Diving Club
74McKinney, Morgan T0.08.1Dive Neptune
75Novice Girls 14-15, 3Mjasinski, alicia H0.06.7Phoenix Diving Club
76Novice Girls 16-18, 1MHatch, Dustie R0.09.6Dive Neptune
77Novice Girls 16-18, 3MCahill, Molly0.011.2Phoenix Diving Club
78Hatch, Dustie R0.07.7Dive Neptune
79Synchro Boys 14-15 1MAngelovic, John M4.06.2YMCA Westside Silver Fins
80Kov, Lyndon W  YMCA Westside Silver Fins
81Synchro Boys 16-19+ 1MHansen, Wesley D  Mesa Aquatics Diving
82Kane, Zachary4.06.8Mesa Aquatics Diving
83Synchro Boys 16-19+ 3MHansen, Wesley D  Mesa Aquatics Diving
84Kane, Zachary4.06.9Mesa Aquatics Diving
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