Name of Meet:
Early Bird Invite
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-13, 7:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Sep-27, 5:00 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Atascocita High School Natatorium
13300 Will Clayton Parkway
Humble, TX 77346
Main Contact:
Kyle Weesner
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Sep-27 5:00 PM CDT

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This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
10:30am Warm-ups
Noon Diving competition
Format Varsity & JV Divers will compete together (round of girls, round of boys).
Rules UIL and National Federation rules will govern the meet except where otherwise indicated in this invitation.
Athletes will perform one (1) voluntary and five (5) optional. The Required Dive Fronts. There is no DD requirement for diving

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving 6 Dives106 35m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving 6 Dives106 35m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Conroe Woodlands College ParkConroeTX
3Humble Kingwood High SchoolKingwoodTX
4Humble Summer CreekHoustonTX
5Summer Creek High SchoolHoustonTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Autry, BowmanSR Humble, TX Humble Summer CreekSep 19, 11:29
2Borrell, MarcySO Kingwood, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 26, 08:39
3Chamberlain, AutumnFR Humble, TX AtascocitaSep 27, 11:21
4Contreras, OscarSR Houston, TX AtascocitaSep 25, 22:39
5Czubik, VeraFR Kingwood, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 25, 22:39
6Greenwald, LawsonJR Spring, TX Conroe Woodlands College ParkSep 22, 15:11
7Jackson, Benjamin  The Woodlands, TX Conroe Woodlands College ParkSep 22, 15:15
8Mendoza, MichelleSO Kingwood, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 24, 22:00
9Monreal, LeslieJR Humble, TX AtascocitaSep 25, 15:24
10Mulvaney, KaitlynFR kingwood, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 24, 22:02
11Parisher, SamanthaFR Houston, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 22, 08:39
12Pink, AbigailSR Humble, TX AtascocitaSep 25, 15:13
13Randall, SydneySO Humble, TX AtascocitaSep 26, 08:09
14Reese, KainoaSO Humble, TX AtascocitaSep 25, 13:08
15Robison, JaySR Houston, TX Summer Creek High SchoolSep 22, 07:22
16Ruttkay, Camden  Montgomery, TX Conroe Woodlands College ParkSep 22, 15:18
17Sherwood, JustinSR Humble, TX Humble Summer CreekSep 19, 11:28
18Tidwell, NatalieFR Houston, TX Humble Summer CreekSep 26, 11:17
19West, AlexanderFR Houston, TX Humble Kingwood High SchoolSep 22, 16:26
20Williams, TySO Humble, TX Humble Summer CreekSep 25, 11:32
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Achtermann, JuergenAsst. CoachHumble Kingwood High SchoolHoustonTX
2Weesner, KyleCoachAtascocitaHoustonTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1AtascocitaChamberlain, AutumnFRHumbleTX
2Contreras, OscarSRHoustonTX
3Monreal, LeslieJRHumbleTX
4Pink, AbigailSRHumbleTX
5Randall, SydneySOHumbleTX
6Reese, KainoaSOHumbleTX
7Conroe Woodlands College ParkGreenwald, LawsonJRSpringTX
8Jackson, Benjamin The WoodlandsTX
9Ruttkay, Camden MontgomeryTX
10Humble Kingwood High SchoolBorrell, MarcySOKingwoodTX
11Czubik, VeraFRKingwoodTX
12Mendoza, MichelleSOKingwoodTX
13Mulvaney, KaitlynFRkingwoodTX
14Parisher, SamanthaFRHoustonTX
15West, AlexanderFRHoustonTX
16Humble Summer CreekAutry, BowmanSRHumbleTX
17Sherwood, JustinSRHumbleTX
18Tidwell, NatalieFRHoustonTX
19Williams, TySOHumbleTX
20Summer Creek High SchoolRobison, JaySRHoustonTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M Diving 6 DivesAutry, Bowman View Sheet 1.38.7Humble Summer Creek
2Contreras, Oscar View Sheet 1.710.1Atascocita
3Greenwald, Lawson View Sheet 1.712.0Conroe Woodlands College Park
4Jackson, Benjamin View Sheet 1.69.7Conroe Woodlands College Park
5Reese, Kainoa View Sheet 1.711.0Atascocita
6Robison, Jay View Sheet 1.79.8Summer Creek High School
7Ruttkay, Camden View Sheet 1.79.3Conroe Woodlands College Park
8Sherwood, Justin View Sheet 1.310.1Humble Summer Creek
9West, Alexander View Sheet 1.39.3Humble Kingwood High School
10Williams, Ty View Sheet 1.79.9Humble Summer Creek
11Girls 1M Diving 6 DivesBorrell, Marcy View Sheet 1.27.9Humble Kingwood High School
12Chamberlain, Autumn View Sheet 1.28.0Atascocita
13Czubik, Vera View Sheet 1.47.7Humble Kingwood High School
14Mendoza, Michelle View Sheet 1.38.6Humble Kingwood High School
15Monreal, Leslie View Sheet 1.78.8Atascocita
16Mulvaney, Kaitlyn View Sheet 1.27.8Humble Kingwood High School
17Parisher, Samantha View Sheet 1.27.9Humble Kingwood High School
18Pink, Abigail View Sheet 1.711.5Atascocita
19Randall, Sydney View Sheet 1.79.9Atascocita
20Tidwell, Natalie View Sheet 1.37.6Humble Summer Creek
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