Name of Meet:
Knight Invite Dive Spooktacular
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-01, 6:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Sep-16, 10:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Williams Field Pool
1900 S Higley Road
Gilbert, AZ 85295
Main Contact:
Nikkol Palmer
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:

Registration is currently closed

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Gates will open at 7:30 am, warmup starts at 8:00 am, meet will begin at 9:00 am. Entries are a max of 4 Girls and 4 Boys per school. We will attempt to do as few cuts as possible pending the number of entries

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving2311 2h27m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2611 2h46m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Agua Fria High SchoolAvondaleAZ
2Arizona College Prep - ErieChandlerAZ
3Campo VerdeGilbertAZ
4Casteel High SchoolQueen CreekAZ
5Deer Valley High SchoolGlendaleAZ
6Desert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
7Gilbert Classical AcademyGilbertAZ
8Highland High SchoolGilbertAZ
9Higley High SchoolGilbertAZ
10McClintock ChargerstempeAZ
11Skyline High SchoolMesaAZ
12Valley Christian SchoolchandlerAZ
13Westwood High SchoolMesaAZ
14williams field BlackhawksGilbertAZ
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bailey, Izzy  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 06:47
2Baker, Capri  Gilbert, AZ Higley High SchoolSep 15, 22:40
3Boulton, SadieSR Gilbert, AZ Campo VerdeSep 14, 09:15
4Carmichael, Carter  AZ Gilbert Classical AcademySep 13, 12:38
5Chase, Conner  AZ williams field BlackhawksSep 16, 12:22
6Clark, Ramsee  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 18:21
7Clauss, Melody  AZ Valley Christian SchoolSep 14, 14:51
8escobar, GraceJR gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 21:05
9Fenn, Carter  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 21:53
10Guffey, SamJR Gilbert, AZ Campo VerdeSep 14, 09:21
11Hayes, Kianna  AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 10:43
12Henkel, Mason  AZ Valley Christian SchoolSep 14, 14:49
13Johnson, Liam  AZ McClintock ChargersSep 08, 19:44
14Johnson, Mike CJR Queen Creek, AZ Casteel High SchoolSep 07, 13:20
15Jones, KatlynFR TEMPE, AZ McClintock ChargersSep 08, 20:02
16Killian, Josie  AZ McClintock ChargersSep 08, 19:55
17Knapp, Josiah AJR Mesa, AZ Skyline High SchoolSep 08, 20:28
18Lange, CaitlynSO Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 10:49
19Laracuente, Albert OSO Goodyear, AZ Agua Fria High SchoolSep 15, 16:40
20Lines, RayJR Gilbert, AZ Campo VerdeSep 14, 09:18
21Livengood, Allie  AZ Valley Christian SchoolSep 14, 14:50
22Logas, SummerJR Gilbert, AZ Casteel High SchoolSep 07, 13:23
23Mabb, Nathan  AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 10:51
24Maycock, Katie  AZ williams field BlackhawksSep 15, 14:48
25McLaughlin, Jordan  AZ Gilbert Classical AcademySep 13, 10:57
26Milius, BellaJR Gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 22:14
27Mousser, IvyFR Gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 14:17
28Murset, West5on  AZ Campo VerdeSep 14, 09:11
29Myers, RyderFR Gilbert, AZ Campo VerdeSep 14, 09:06
30Neilson, Kara ESO Gilbert, AZ Arizona College Prep - ErieSep 16, 15:50
31Nitschke, Nathan A  Phoenix, AZ Deer Valley High SchoolSep 14, 07:49
32Paap, Madalyn  AZ Gilbert Classical AcademySep 13, 10:36
33Perez, DaniellaSO Mesa, AZ williams field BlackhawksSep 14, 14:06
34Pettengill, Avery  AZ Arizona College Prep - ErieSep 16, 16:14
35Phillips, KennedySO Gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 15:20
36Phillips, Teegan8th Mesa, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 22:08
37Ray, AudreySR Gilbert, AZ Gilbert Classical AcademySep 15, 10:51
38Regalado, Brycen  AZ McClintock ChargersSep 08, 20:12
39Roth, Finnley  AZ Valley Christian SchoolSep 14, 14:48
40Sanchez, FredJR mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 10:55
41Schmidt, Kaylee  AZ Deer Valley High SchoolSep 14, 07:52
42Smith, CamilleFR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 12, 10:46
43Sparks, AshtonJR Gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 22:12
44Steinhilber, Riley  AZ Arizona College Prep - ErieSep 15, 13:48
45Testa, Alvaro  AZ Gilbert Classical AcademySep 13, 10:22
46Thai, LibbyJR Chandler, AZ Arizona College Prep - ErieSep 15, 07:14
47Torres, Cameron  AZ williams field BlackhawksSep 15, 14:52
48Ulrich, Ellie  AZ Skyline High SchoolSep 08, 20:30
49Wolfley, AndinSR gilbert, AZ Highland High SchoolSep 15, 22:10
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bahena, JoseHead CoachHighland High SchoolQueen CreekAZ
2Eppert, DaveHead CoachGilbert Classical AcademyGilbertAZ
3Grayson, DianneHead CoachMcClintock ChargersGilbertAZ
4Palmer, NikkolHead CoachHigley High SchoolGilbertAZ
5Pavlak, CharlesHead CoachArizona College Prep - EriePhoenixAZ
6Reagan, MelissaAsst. CoachDeer Valley High SchoolGlendaleAZ
7Sanchez, LauraAsst. CoachDesert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
8Stallard, SydneyCoachSkyline High SchoolTempeAZ
9Walker, JudeHead Coachwilliams field BlackhawksGilbertAZ
10Wright, TomHead CoachCasteel High SchoolChandlerAZ
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Agua Fria High SchoolLaracuente, Albert OSOGoodyearAZ
2Arizona College Prep - ErieNeilson, Kara ESOGilbertAZ
3Pettengill, Avery  AZ
4Steinhilber, Riley  AZ
5Thai, LibbyJRChandlerAZ
6Campo VerdeBoulton, SadieSRGilbertAZ
7Guffey, SamJRGilbertAZ
8Lines, RayJRGilbertAZ
9Murset, West5on  AZ
10Myers, RyderFRGilbertAZ
11Casteel High SchoolJohnson, Mike CJRQueen CreekAZ
12Logas, SummerJRGilbertAZ
13Deer Valley High SchoolNitschke, Nathan A PhoenixAZ
14Schmidt, Kaylee  AZ
15Desert Ridge High SchoolHayes, Kianna  AZ
16Lange, CaitlynSOMesaAZ
17Mabb, Nathan  AZ
18Sanchez, FredJRmesaAZ
19Smith, CamilleFRMesaAZ
20Gilbert Classical AcademyCarmichael, Carter  AZ
21McLaughlin, Jordan  AZ
22Paap, Madalyn  AZ
23Ray, AudreySRGilbertAZ
24Testa, Alvaro  AZ
25Highland High Schoolescobar, GraceJRgilbertAZ
26Milius, BellaJRGilbertAZ
27Mousser, IvyFRGilbertAZ
28Phillips, KennedySOGilbertAZ
29Phillips, Teegan8thMesaAZ
30Sparks, AshtonJRGilbertAZ
31Wolfley, AndinSRgilbertAZ
32Higley High SchoolBaker, Capri GilbertAZ
33McClintock ChargersJohnson, Liam  AZ
34Jones, KatlynFRTEMPEAZ
35Killian, Josie  AZ
36Regalado, Brycen  AZ
37Skyline High SchoolKnapp, Josiah AJRMesaAZ
38Ulrich, Ellie  AZ
39Valley Christian SchoolClauss, Melody  AZ
40Henkel, Mason  AZ
41Livengood, Allie  AZ
42Roth, Finnley  AZ
43Westwood High SchoolBailey, Izzy  AZ
44Clark, Ramsee  AZ
45Fenn, Carter  AZ
46williams field BlackhawksChase, Conner  AZ
47Maycock, Katie  AZ
48Perez, DaniellaSOMesaAZ
49Torres, Cameron  AZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingCarmichael, Carter View Sheet 7.410.0Gilbert Classical Academy
2Chase, Conner View Sheet 7.611.2williams field Blackhawks
3Fenn, Carter View Sheet 7.410.2Westwood High School
4Guffey, Sam View Sheet 8.912.0Campo Verde
5Henkel, Mason View Sheet 8.010.0Valley Christian School
6Johnson, Liam View Sheet 8.310.5McClintock Chargers
7Johnson, Mike C View Sheet 8.312.7Casteel High School
8Knapp, Josiah A View Sheet 9.015.4Skyline High School
9Laracuente, Albert O View Sheet 7.411.0Agua Fria High School
10Lines, Ray View Sheet 9.013.2Campo Verde
11Mabb, Nathan View Sheet 8.413.7Desert Ridge High School
12McLaughlin, Jordan View Sheet 7.811.2Gilbert Classical Academy
13Murset, West5on View Sheet 8.010.4Campo Verde
14Myers, Ryder View Sheet 7.910.3Campo Verde
15Nitschke, Nathan A View Sheet 8.111.1Deer Valley High School
16Phillips, Teegan View Sheet 8.410.8Highland High School
17Regalado, Brycen View Sheet 7.610.5McClintock Chargers
18Roth, Finnley View Sheet 8.511.3Valley Christian School
19Sanchez, Fred View Sheet 8.210.3Desert Ridge High School
20Sparks, Ashton View Sheet 8.614.0Highland High School
21Testa, Alvaro View Sheet 8.812.6Gilbert Classical Academy
22Torres, Cameron View Sheet 7.810.4williams field Blackhawks
23Wolfley, Andin View Sheet 8.514.0Highland High School
24Girls 1M DivingBailey, Izzy View Sheet 8.712.5Westwood High School
25Baker, Capri View Sheet 8.813.8Higley High School
26Boulton, Sadie View Sheet 8.010.3Campo Verde
27Clark, Ramsee View Sheet 8.010.3Westwood High School
28Clauss, Melody View Sheet 8.110.7Valley Christian School
29escobar, Grace View Sheet 8.011.4Highland High School
30Hayes, Kianna View Sheet 8.612.8Desert Ridge High School
31Jones, Katlyn View Sheet 7.810.6McClintock Chargers
32Killian, Josie View Sheet 8.310.5McClintock Chargers
33Lange, Caitlyn View Sheet 8.210.1Desert Ridge High School
34Livengood, Allie View Sheet 8.010.1Valley Christian School
35Logas, Summer View Sheet 8.213.5Casteel High School
36Maycock, Katie View Sheet 7.89.6williams field Blackhawks
37Milius, Bella View Sheet 8.411.8Highland High School
38Mousser, Ivy View Sheet 8.612.0Highland High School
39Neilson, Kara E View Sheet 8.612.4Arizona College Prep - Erie
40Paap, Madalyn View Sheet 7.910.2Gilbert Classical Academy
41Perez, Daniella View Sheet 8.411.3williams field Blackhawks
42Pettengill, Avery View Sheet 7.810.2Arizona College Prep - Erie
43Phillips, Kennedy View Sheet 8.613.2Highland High School
44Ray, Audrey View Sheet 7.89.6Gilbert Classical Academy
45Schmidt, Kaylee View Sheet 7.59.8Deer Valley High School
46Smith, Camille View Sheet 8.611.6Desert Ridge High School
47Steinhilber, Riley View Sheet 8.412.7Arizona College Prep - Erie
48Thai, Libby View Sheet 8.913.8Arizona College Prep - Erie
49Ulrich, Ellie View Sheet 7.510.4Skyline High School
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