Name of Meet:
Gompei Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-22, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Dec-02, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
WPI Pool
185 Salisbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609
Main Contact:
Paul Bennett
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Dec-02 11:59 PM EST

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This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1 Meter Diving1811 1h55m View Rules
Mens 3 Meter Diving1711 1h49m View Rules
Womens 1 Meter Diving1811 1h55m View Rules
Womens 3 Meter Diving1511 1h36m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Babson CollegeWellesleyMA
2Bentley UniversityWalthamMA
3Bryant UniversitySmithfieldRI
4Clark UniversityWorcesterMA
5Springfield CollegeSpringfieldMA
6Worcester Polytechnic InstituteWorcesterMA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Almog, Hilla19 Wayland, MA Bentley UniversityDec 01, 17:56
2Andrews, Sean A23 Framingham, MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 13:29
3Arnold, Drew21 Smithfield, RI Bryant UniversityNov 30, 14:43
4Bannish, Jordan20 Westfield, MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 13:34
5Barnett, Sydney20 Mohnton, PA Bryant UniversityNov 30, 10:52
6Bozik, Robin20 Chandler, AZ Clark UniversityNov 29, 19:08
7Brashear, Luca F22 Amherst, MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 11:06
8Busser, Owen22 Chelmsford, MA Bentley UniversityDec 01, 17:27
9Cichowski, Jenna19 MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 13:47
10Clark, Evan22 Doylestown, PA Bryant UniversityNov 30, 11:47
11Corrente, Val19 East Setauket, NY Worcester Polytechnic InstituteDec 01, 12:32
12Crawford, Megan20 Agawam, MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 14:33
13cunningham, Rose20 Middletown, CT Bryant UniversityNov 30, 14:41
14Famiglietti, John21 Newington, CT Bryant UniversityDec 01, 08:06
15Friedman, Sarah21 Menlo Park, CA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 14:53
16Gilmartin, Anna22 East Quogue, NY Clark UniversityDec 02, 14:36
17Glick, Jerremy22 MA Bentley UniversityDec 01, 17:36
18Hall, Cai L21 New york, NY Clark UniversityNov 30, 12:56
19Huminski, Mary R21 Madison, CT Bentley UniversityDec 01, 17:51
20Johnson, Sarah E21 Bridgewater, MA Worcester Polytechnic InstituteDec 02, 09:42
21LeBlanc, Samantha19 Leominster, MA Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNov 29, 20:42
22Leussler, Maxwell21 MA Babson CollegeDec 01, 10:02
23Masiero, Alexander20 Worcester, MA Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNov 30, 21:02
24Moczynski, Justin23 Hingham, MA Worcester Polytechnic InstituteNov 29, 20:43
25Nunn, Alexandra19 MA Babson CollegeDec 01, 10:11
26Prouty, Benjamin22 East Lyme, CT Bryant UniversityDec 02, 11:26
27Ramones, Daniel21 MA Bentley UniversityDec 01, 17:39
28Scholl, Olivier20 MA Babson CollegeDec 01, 10:18
29Seehusahai, Jared19 elkins park, PA Worcester Polytechnic InstituteDec 02, 21:52
30Sevigny, Megan19 Glastonbury, CT Bryant UniversityDec 01, 08:13
31Sideris, Nathan19 Morris, CT Bryant UniversityNov 30, 12:22
32Smetana, Andrew19 VA Bryant UniversityDec 02, 11:28
33Sung, Elina19 MA Babson CollegeDec 01, 10:15
34Thomas, Dai-quan21 MA Springfield CollegeDec 02, 14:42
35Tran, Dalena19 SouthWindsor, CT Bryant UniversityDec 02, 10:13
36Yasan, Alexander22 Wellesley, MA Clark UniversityDec 02, 17:26
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Avdoulos, PeterAsst. CoachSpringfield CollegeSPRINGFIELDMA
2Danehy, RichardHead CoachBentley UniversityAshlandMA
3Galatzer-Levy, DavidHead CoachWorcester Polytechnic InstituteAuburnMA
4Hebert, Maureen CoachBabson CollegeMarshfieldMA
5Sisson, TrevorCoachBryant UniversitySmithfieldRI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Babson CollegeLeussler, Maxwell21 MA
2Nunn, Alexandra19 MA
3Scholl, Olivier20 MA
4Sung, Elina19 MA
5Bentley UniversityAlmog, Hilla19WaylandMA
6Busser, Owen22ChelmsfordMA
7Glick, Jerremy22 MA
8Huminski, Mary R21MadisonCT
9Ramones, Daniel21 MA
10Bryant UniversityArnold, Drew21SmithfieldRI
11Barnett, Sydney20MohntonPA
12Clark, Evan22DoylestownPA
13cunningham, Rose20MiddletownCT
14Famiglietti, John21NewingtonCT
15Prouty, Benjamin22East LymeCT
16Sevigny, Megan19GlastonburyCT
17Sideris, Nathan19MorrisCT
18Smetana, Andrew19 VA
19Tran, Dalena19SouthWindsorCT
20Clark UniversityBozik, Robin20ChandlerAZ
21Gilmartin, Anna22East QuogueNY
22Hall, Cai L21New yorkNY
23Yasan, Alexander22WellesleyMA
24Springfield CollegeAndrews, Sean A23FraminghamMA
25Bannish, Jordan20WestfieldMA
26Brashear, Luca F22AmherstMA
27Cichowski, Jenna19 MA
28Crawford, Megan20AgawamMA
29Friedman, Sarah21Menlo ParkCA
30Thomas, Dai-quan21 MA
31Worcester Polytechnic InstituteCorrente, Val19East SetauketNY
32Johnson, Sarah E21BridgewaterMA
33LeBlanc, Samantha19LeominsterMA
34Masiero, Alexander20WorcesterMA
35Moczynski, Justin23HinghamMA
36Seehusahai, Jared19elkins parkPA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1 Meter DivingAndrews, Sean A View Sheet 8.514.5Springfield College
2Arnold, Drew View Sheet 8.013.4Bryant University
3Brashear, Luca F View Sheet 8.616.1Springfield College
4Busser, Owen View Sheet 8.813.4Bentley University
5Clark, Evan View Sheet 8.514.9Bryant University
6Famiglietti, John View Sheet 8.313.2Bryant University
7Glick, Jerremy View Sheet 8.314.5Bentley University
8Leussler, Maxwell View Sheet 7.59.5Babson College
9Masiero, Alexander View Sheet 7.512.0Worcester Polytechnic Institute
10Moczynski, Justin View Sheet 9.017.1Worcester Polytechnic Institute
11Prouty, Benjamin View Sheet 8.414.1Bryant University
12Ramones, Daniel View Sheet 7.610.9Bentley University
13Scholl, Olivier View Sheet 7.913.4Babson College
14Seehusahai, Jared View Sheet 8.713.0Worcester Polytechnic Institute
15Sideris, Nathan View Sheet 8.112.5Bryant University
16Smetana, Andrew View Sheet 7.411.4Bryant University
17Thomas, Dai-quan View Sheet 8.711.3Springfield College
18Yasan, Alexander View Sheet 8.012.7Clark University
19Mens 3 Meter DivingAndrews, Sean A View Sheet 9.316.0Springfield College
20Arnold, Drew View Sheet 8.613.1Bryant University
21Brashear, Luca F View Sheet 9.417.2Springfield College
22Busser, Owen View Sheet 8.613.0Bentley University
23Clark, Evan View Sheet 9.516.4Bryant University
24Famiglietti, John View Sheet 8.311.8Bryant University
25Glick, Jerremy View Sheet 9.110.1Bentley University
26Leussler, Maxwell View Sheet 8.010.0Babson College
27Masiero, Alexander View Sheet 8.211.5Worcester Polytechnic Institute
28Moczynski, Justin View Sheet 9.517.3Worcester Polytechnic Institute
29Prouty, Benjamin View Sheet 8.412.1Bryant University
30Ramones, Daniel View Sheet 8.410.0Bentley University
31Scholl, Olivier View Sheet 8.210.0Babson College
32Seehusahai, Jared View Sheet 8.512.7Worcester Polytechnic Institute
33Sideris, Nathan View Sheet 8.411.7Bryant University
34Thomas, Dai-quan View Sheet 8.312.3Springfield College
35Yasan, Alexander View Sheet 8.311.9Clark University
36Womens 1 Meter DivingAlmog, Hilla View Sheet 8.614.4Bentley University
37Bannish, Jordan View Sheet 8.011.9Springfield College
38Barnett, Sydney View Sheet 8.813.7Bryant University
39Bozik, Robin View Sheet 7.610.5Clark University
40Cichowski, Jenna View Sheet 7.811.1Springfield College
41Corrente, Val View Sheet 8.311.8Worcester Polytechnic Institute
42Crawford, Megan View Sheet 8.612.5Springfield College
43cunningham, Rose View Sheet 8.211.0Bryant University
44Friedman, Sarah View Sheet 8.111.6Springfield College
45Gilmartin, Anna View Sheet 7.510.2Clark University
46Hall, Cai L View Sheet 8.212.5Clark University
47Huminski, Mary R View Sheet 9.014.1Bentley University
48Johnson, Sarah E View Sheet 8.613.5Worcester Polytechnic Institute
49LeBlanc, Samantha View Sheet 7.810.5Worcester Polytechnic Institute
50Nunn, Alexandra View Sheet 7.410.9Babson College
51Sevigny, Megan View Sheet 7.49.7Bryant University
52Sung, Elina View Sheet 7.69.5Babson College
53Tran, Dalena View Sheet 8.210.8Bryant University
54Womens 3 Meter DivingAlmog, Hilla View Sheet 8.612.1Bentley University
55Bannish, Jordan View Sheet 8.412.2Springfield College
56Barnett, Sydney View Sheet 8.812.9Bryant University
57Cichowski, Jenna View Sheet 8.511.2Springfield College
58Corrente, Val View Sheet 8.611.6Worcester Polytechnic Institute
59Crawford, Megan View Sheet 8.713.4Springfield College
60cunningham, Rose View Sheet 9.010.6Bryant University
61Friedman, Sarah View Sheet 8.311.6Springfield College
62Gilmartin, Anna View Sheet 8.211.1Clark University
63Hall, Cai L View Sheet 8.513.5Clark University
64Huminski, Mary R View Sheet 8.713.5Bentley University
65Johnson, Sarah E View Sheet 8.512.2Worcester Polytechnic Institute
66Nunn, Alexandra View Sheet 8.110.3Babson College
67Sung, Elina View Sheet 8.39.9Babson College
68Tran, Dalena View Sheet 8.311.5Bryant University
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