Name of Meet:
OAA League Red Division Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-01, 8:00 AM EDT
Registration Closes:
Oct-31, 11:59 PM EDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Wylie E. Groves High School
20500 W 13 Mile Rd
Beverly Hills, MI 48025
Main Contact:
Matt Egbers
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving2411 2h34m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Birmingham GrovesBeverly HillsMI
2Birmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
3Clarkston High SchoolClarkstonMI
5Rochester Adams High SchoolRochesterMI
6Rochester Stoney CreekRochester HIllsMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1anderson, Jennifer  MI FarmingtonOct 31, 09:57
2Annear, Jaime  MI Birmingham SeaholmOct 31, 07:12
3Ballard, Kate  MI Birmingham SeaholmOct 31, 07:17
4Barthelemy, Isabella  Rochester, MI Rochester Stoney CreekOct 23, 18:17
5Chalifoux, Ellie  MI Birmingham GrovesOct 28, 12:18
6Deighan, Ellie  MI Birmingham GrovesOct 28, 12:20
7Deighan, Lauren  MI Birmingham GrovesOct 28, 12:27
8Erika, Casetti  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 30, 17:43
9Farrar, Kiki  Rochester, MI Rochester Stoney CreekOct 24, 11:50
10Gavey, Addison  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 24, 10:16
11Hunt, Julia  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 24, 10:06
12Iyer, Indy  MI Rochester Adams High SchoolOct 23, 17:19
13Kastl, Emma  MI Rochester Stoney CreekOct 23, 17:23
14Kociba, Clara  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 24, 10:20
15Meidl, Lydia  MI Rochester Adams High SchoolOct 23, 19:29
16Morisot, Savannah  MI Rochester Adams High SchoolOct 23, 17:08
17norris, Polina  MI FarmingtonOct 31, 10:03
18Pfarrer, Alexis  Rochester, MI Rochester Stoney CreekOct 23, 18:07
19Puttaiah, Anika  MI Birmingham SeaholmOct 31, 07:23
20Saenz, Gabi  MI Birmingham GrovesOct 28, 12:24
21Stephens, Catherine  MI Rochester Adams High SchoolOct 23, 17:17
22toupin, Quinlin  MI FarmingtonOct 31, 09:59
23Verbeke, Madison  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 24, 10:09
24Walbridge, Alivia  MI Clarkston High SchoolOct 24, 10:03
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Blitz, JeniferHead CoachClarkston High SchoolRochester HillsMI
2Egbers, MattHead CoachBirmingham GrovesFarmington HillsMI
3Naegeli, VirginiaAsst. CoachBirmingham SeaholmBirminghamMI
4Papp, TomHead CoachFarmingtonLincoln ParkMI
5Seaton, NatalieHead CoachRochester Stoney CreekBirminghamMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Birmingham GrovesChalifoux, Ellie  MI
2Deighan, Ellie  MI
3Deighan, Lauren  MI
4Saenz, Gabi  MI
5Birmingham SeaholmAnnear, Jaime  MI
6Ballard, Kate  MI
7Puttaiah, Anika  MI
8Clarkston High SchoolErika, Casetti  MI
9Gavey, Addison  MI
10Hunt, Julia  MI
11Kociba, Clara  MI
12Verbeke, Madison  MI
13Walbridge, Alivia  MI
14Farmingtonanderson, Jennifer  MI
15norris, Polina  MI
16toupin, Quinlin  MI
17Rochester Adams High SchoolIyer, Indy  MI
18Meidl, Lydia  MI
19Morisot, Savannah  MI
20Stephens, Catherine  MI
21Rochester Stoney CreekBarthelemy, Isabella RochesterMI
22Farrar, Kiki RochesterMI
23Kastl, Emma  MI
24Pfarrer, Alexis RochesterMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M Divinganderson, Jennifer View Sheet 8.713.1Farmington
2Annear, Jaime View Sheet 8.212.0Birmingham Seaholm
3Ballard, Kate View Sheet 7.811.1Birmingham Seaholm
4Barthelemy, Isabella View Sheet 7.910.8Rochester Stoney Creek
5Chalifoux, Ellie View Sheet 8.714.1Birmingham Groves
6Deighan, Ellie View Sheet 8.513.0Birmingham Groves
7Deighan, Lauren View Sheet 7.810.0Birmingham Groves
8Erika, Casetti View Sheet 7.99.3Clarkston High School
9Farrar, Kiki View Sheet 8.010.1Rochester Stoney Creek
10Gavey, Addison View Sheet 8.010.4Clarkston High School
11Hunt, Julia View Sheet 8.312.3Clarkston High School
12Iyer, Indy View Sheet 8.010.7Rochester Adams High School
13Kastl, Emma View Sheet 8.611.0Rochester Stoney Creek
14Kociba, Clara View Sheet 7.69.6Clarkston High School
15Meidl, Lydia View Sheet 8.011.0Rochester Adams High School
16Morisot, Savannah View Sheet 8.111.4Rochester Adams High School
17norris, Polina View Sheet 7.69.7Farmington
18Pfarrer, Alexis View Sheet 8.211.6Rochester Stoney Creek
19Puttaiah, Anika View Sheet 7.89.8Birmingham Seaholm
20Saenz, Gabi View Sheet 7.911.4Birmingham Groves
21Stephens, Catherine View Sheet 7.911.0Rochester Adams High School
22toupin, Quinlin View Sheet 8.011.3Farmington
23Verbeke, Madison View Sheet 8.613.1Clarkston High School
24Walbridge, Alivia View Sheet 9.012.4Clarkston High School
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