Name of Meet:
2019 RMAC Swimming and Diving Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-14, 8:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Feb-09, 11:59 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Westside Aquatic Center Lewisville ISD
1750 Duncan Ln
Flower Mound, TX 75022
Main Contact:
Michael Gregorich
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1 Meter Diving1111 1h10m View Rules
Mens 3 Meter Diving1011 1h4m View Rules
Womens 1 Meter Diving911 57m View Rules
Womens 3 Meter Diving911 57m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Colorado Mesa UniversityGrand JunctionCO
2Colorado State University PuebloPuebloCO
3Oklahoma Baptist UniversityShawneeOK
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Acosta, Liam27 Oceanside, CA Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 15:12
2Atkins, Jordan20 Raytown, MO Oklahoma Baptist UniversityJan 30, 22:07
3Barringer, Harold R22 COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 20:25
4Bartlett, Eli S20 Denver, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 14:37
5Belliston, Tanner19 Wasilla, AK Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 17:58
6Dahlke, Natalya Skye E20 Grand Junction, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 17:44
7Dixon, Brittany C3 Grand Junction, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 14:45
8Harlow, Noah M23 Sapulpa, OK Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 07, 18:51
9Hassan, Ammar23 Grand Junction, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 15:17
10Irick, Jade22 CO Colorado State University PuebloFeb 08, 18:09
11Lange, Ali19 Rock Springs, WY Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 15:07
12Lehtonen, Otto31 Shawnee, OK Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 06, 10:01
13Livingston, Chandler B20 Pueblo, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 14:47
14Macomber, Noah22 Zeeland, MI Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 14:41
15Ortega, Madison18 CO Colorado State University PuebloFeb 08, 18:13
16Pitsch, Mikaela A1 Shawnee, OK Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 08, 20:22
17Smith, Abigail E22 Grand Junction, CO Colorado Mesa UniversityFeb 08, 17:14
18Veliz, Genesis24 shawnee, OK Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 03, 20:04
19Walker, Ryan M22 Amarillo, TX Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 08, 22:04
20Wright, Cassidy20 Shawnee, OK Oklahoma Baptist UniversityFeb 08, 10:38
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Dalimot, SonataHead CoachColorado State University PuebloPuebloCO
2Gunderson, LindseyHead CoachOklahoma Baptist UniversityOklahoma CityOK
3Pearsall, LoganHead CoachColorado Mesa UniversityGrand junctionCO
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Colorado Mesa UniversityAcosta, Liam27OceansideCA
2Barringer, Harold R22COLORADO SPRINGSCO
3Bartlett, Eli S20DenverCO
4Belliston, Tanner19WasillaAK
5Dahlke, Natalya Skye E20Grand JunctionCO
6Dixon, Brittany C3Grand JunctionCO
7Hassan, Ammar23Grand JunctionCO
8Lange, Ali19Rock SpringsWY
9Livingston, Chandler B20PuebloCO
10Macomber, Noah22ZeelandMI
11Smith, Abigail E22Grand JunctionCO
12Colorado State University PuebloIrick, Jade22 CO
13Ortega, Madison18 CO
14Oklahoma Baptist UniversityAtkins, Jordan20RaytownMO
15Harlow, Noah M23SapulpaOK
16Lehtonen, Otto31ShawneeOK
17Pitsch, Mikaela A1ShawneeOK
18Veliz, Genesis24shawneeOK
19Walker, Ryan M22AmarilloTX
20Wright, Cassidy20ShawneeOK
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1 Meter DivingAcosta, Liam View Sheet 9.013.8Colorado Mesa University
2Atkins, Jordan View Sheet 8.013.4Oklahoma Baptist University
3Barringer, Harold R View Sheet 8.615.2Colorado Mesa University
4Bartlett, Eli S View Sheet 9.015.3Colorado Mesa University
5Belliston, Tanner View Sheet 8.615.8Colorado Mesa University
6Harlow, Noah M View Sheet 8.513.5Oklahoma Baptist University
7Hassan, Ammar View Sheet 9.017.9Colorado Mesa University
8Lehtonen, Otto View Sheet 9.016.0Oklahoma Baptist University
9Livingston, Chandler B View Sheet 8.714.8Colorado Mesa University
10Macomber, Noah View Sheet 9.015.4Colorado Mesa University
11Walker, Ryan M View Sheet 8.18.8Oklahoma Baptist University
12Mens 3 Meter DivingAcosta, Liam View Sheet 9.315.6Colorado Mesa University
13Atkins, Jordan View Sheet 8.011.7Oklahoma Baptist University
14Barringer, Harold R View Sheet 9.416.0Colorado Mesa University
15Bartlett, Eli S View Sheet 9.516.3Colorado Mesa University
16Belliston, Tanner View Sheet 9.516.4Colorado Mesa University
17Harlow, Noah M View Sheet 8.513.0Oklahoma Baptist University
18Hassan, Ammar View Sheet 9.520.2Colorado Mesa University
19Lehtonen, Otto View Sheet 9.417.5Oklahoma Baptist University
20Livingston, Chandler B View Sheet 9.516.5Colorado Mesa University
21Macomber, Noah View Sheet 9.517.0Colorado Mesa University
22Womens 1 Meter DivingDahlke, Natalya Skye E View Sheet 8.613.6Colorado Mesa University
23Dixon, Brittany C View Sheet 9.014.8Colorado Mesa University
24Irick, Jade View Sheet 7.410.3Colorado State University Pueblo
25Lange, Ali View Sheet 8.814.4Colorado Mesa University
26Ortega, Madison View Sheet 7.812.5Colorado State University Pueblo
27Pitsch, Mikaela A View Sheet 8.010.5Oklahoma Baptist University
28Smith, Abigail E View Sheet 8.814.1Colorado Mesa University
29Veliz, Genesis View Sheet 8.714.6Oklahoma Baptist University
30Wright, Cassidy View Sheet 8.613.7Oklahoma Baptist University
31Womens 3 Meter DivingDahlke, Natalya Skye E View Sheet 9.414.3Colorado Mesa University
32Dixon, Brittany C View Sheet 9.514.9Colorado Mesa University
33Irick, Jade View Sheet 8.210.1Colorado State University Pueblo
34Lange, Ali View Sheet 9.414.9Colorado Mesa University
35Ortega, Madison View Sheet 8.211.7Colorado State University Pueblo
36Pitsch, Mikaela A View Sheet 8.410.2Oklahoma Baptist University
37Smith, Abigail E View Sheet 9.414.6Colorado Mesa University
38Veliz, Genesis View Sheet 9.516.0Oklahoma Baptist University
39Wright, Cassidy View Sheet 9.414.9Oklahoma Baptist University
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