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Registration Opens:
Mar-10, 9:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Apr-03, 5:00 PM EST
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Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
JO GROUP A 16-18 BOYS 1M1010 58m View Rules
JO GROUP A 16-18 BOYS 3M510 29m View Rules
JO GROUP A 16-18 GIRLS 1M209 1h45m View Rules
JO GROUP A 16-18 GIRLS 3M119 57m View Rules
JO GROUP B 14-15 BOYS 1M79 36m View Rules
JO GROUP B 14-15 BOYS 3M39 15m View Rules
JO GROUP B 14-15 GIRLS 1M278 2h6m View Rules
JO GROUP B 14-15 GIRLS 3M108 46m View Rules
JO GROUP C 12-13 BOYS 1M38 14m View Rules
JO GROUP C 12-13 BOYS 3M08 View Rules
JO GROUP C 12-13 GIRLS 1M87 32m View Rules
JO GROUP C 12-13 GIRLS 3M37 12m View Rules
JO GROUP D 10-11 BOYS 1M35 8m View Rules
JO GROUP D 10-11 BOYS 3M15 2m View Rules
JO GROUP D 10-11 GIRLS 1M135 37m View Rules
JO GROUP D 10-11 GIRLS 3M45 11m View Rules
JO GROUP E 9u BOYS 1M04 View Rules
JO GROUP E 9u BOYS 3M04 View Rules
JO GROUP E 9u GIRLS 1M14 2m View Rules
JO GROUP E 9u GIRLS 3M04 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 1M (2s 3o)15 2m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 3M (3s 3o)16 3m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 1M (2s 4o)26 7m View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 3M (3s 4o)27 8m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 1M (2s 5o)17 4m View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 3M (3s 5o)28 9m View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 1M (2s 5o)07 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 3M (3s 5o)28 9m View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 1M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 3M (2s 3o)05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 1M (2s 3o)15 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 3M (3s 3o)16 3m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 1M (2s 4o)36 10m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 3M (3s 4o)37 12m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 1M (2s 5o)57 20m View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 3M (3s 5o)48 18m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 1M (2s 5o)17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 3M (3s 5o)28 9m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 1M (2s 3o)15 2m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 3M (2s 3o)15 2m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Boston Area DivingBostonMA
2Central Mass DivingWorcesterMA
3Charles River DivingWalthamMA
4Dolphin Dive ClubSUDBURYMA
5Elite Diving (CT)MiddletownCT
6Full Out Dive ClubSchenectadyNY
7Infinite DivingCambridgeMA
8Nutmeg AquaticsEast LymeCT
9Rhode Island DivingKingstonRI
10Rip-a Dive ClubHartfordCT
11Solo AquaticsHaverhillMA
12South Shore Diving ClubDuxburyMA
13Springfield Area DivingSpringfieldMA
14Upper Valley DivingHanoverNH
15ZAP DivingSudburyMA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Abrams, Georgia8 Haverhill, MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:15
2Alquist, Eva13 Madison, CT Elite Diving (CT)Apr 02, 21:35
3Aquino, Kailyn12 Haverhill, MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:08
4AQUINO, Leah10 MA Solo AquaticsApr 03, 16:34
5Baker, Grace13 Ellington, CT Rip-a Dive ClubMar 26, 18:06
6Barr, Ashtyn8 Cobleskill, NY Full Out Dive ClubMar 25, 11:04
7Beekman, Alexander J17 Bedford, NH ZAP DivingApr 03, 13:30
8Bell, Patrick11 Plymouth, MA South Shore Diving ClubMar 31, 09:55
9BENSON, Amy14 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:10
10Benson, Laurel12 Norwich, VT Upper Valley DivingMar 27, 19:20
11Bergren, Logan C10 Glastonbury, CT Rip-a Dive ClubMar 24, 16:49
12Blanc, Sam18 Westford, MA Boston Area DivingApr 01, 07:55
13Boothroyd, Elyse16 Durham, CT Elite Diving (CT)Apr 02, 18:26
14Bradley, Esther13 Scituate, MA Infinite DivingMar 29, 15:16
15Bridges, Annika16 Foxboro, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:16
16Bryan, Caitlin14 Wellesley Hills, MA Charles River DivingMar 30, 20:40
17Bryant, Abigail R17 Medway, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:04
18Calderwood, Samuel13 NH Upper Valley DivingMar 24, 12:22
19CALDRELLO, Camille13 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 10:51
20Caldwell, Mackenzie14 Marshfield, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 02, 22:18
21Calhoun, Gage C11 Deerfield, MA Springfield Area DivingApr 03, 08:13
22Calver, Haylie14 Wilbraham, MA Springfield Area DivingMar 28, 10:33
23Cataldo, Marina J15 Belmont, MA Infinite DivingMar 31, 12:18
24Chen-Fiske, Tabitha15 Winchester, MA Infinite DivingApr 02, 16:39
25Cohen, Amanda17 Needham, MA ZAP DivingApr 02, 22:38
26Courtemanche, John15 Riverton, CT Elite Diving (CT)Mar 28, 08:58
27Daskalakis, John14 Belmont, MA Charles River DivingApr 01, 15:56
28Destenaves, Clara10 Duxbury, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 14:51
29Digges, Daniella17 grafton, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:11
30Durgin, Elizabeth15 Westford, MA Boston Area DivingApr 02, 20:33
31Earleywine, Maya D15 Slingerlands, NY Full Out Dive ClubMar 30, 14:26
32ERLANDSON, Alana15 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:18
33Etkin, Mia15 Schenectady, NY Full Out Dive ClubApr 02, 20:56
34FADER, Lucy13 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 11:11
35Farrell, Nolan14 Worcester, MA Central Mass DivingMar 13, 07:43
36FROMENT, Kendall15 MA Solo AquaticsApr 01, 12:35
37Fryou, Noah L19 Lexington, MA ZAP DivingApr 03, 15:19
38Gendron, Camille14 Westport, MA Boston Area DivingApr 03, 09:58
39Gohlmann, Maggie14 Boston, MA Infinite DivingMar 31, 11:19
40Golas, Sydney15 West Hartford, CT Rip-a Dive ClubMar 28, 21:22
41Green, Jonah16 Brimfield, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:25
42Green, Julie14 North Branford, CT Elite Diving (CT)Mar 31, 17:52
43Guy, Liza9 Haverhill, MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:20
44Harding, Margaret A13 Jefferson, MA Central Mass DivingMar 13, 07:41
45Henderson, Susanna K13 Cumberland, RI Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:28
46Him, Sadie L10 Berkley, MA Charles River DivingMar 31, 18:45
47Hochman, Liam15 WEST HARTFORD, CT Rip-a Dive ClubMar 24, 18:14
48Hogan, Bridgette C13 Marshfield, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 06:54
49Jarvis, Braedon15 southbridge, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:21
50Joseph, Emily9 Wellesley, MA Boston Area DivingMar 21, 16:13
51Kalish, Alexa15 Brookline, MA Charles River DivingApr 01, 21:43
52KOCH, Sophia10 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 11:12
53Krasemann, Emma K15 Suffield, CT Springfield Area DivingMar 27, 16:00
54KRISHNASWAMI, Lena11 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 11:15
55Lamphere, Sarah9 Wolcott, CT Elite Diving (CT)Mar 20, 19:36
56Lang, Josie10 Jamestown, RI Rhode Island DivingApr 01, 20:50
57Lee, Timothy14 Chestnut Hill, MA Infinite DivingApr 01, 22:11
58Lee, Zachary L11 Chestnut Hill, MA Infinite DivingApr 01, 22:23
59Lenihan, Emily10 Haverhill, MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:22
60Li, Tina15 Longmeadow, MA Springfield Area DivingApr 02, 20:29
61MacDonald, Liliana13 Norwell, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 11:50
62Magee, Grace C16 Norwell, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 16:36
63Magee, Lilah12 Norwell, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 16:44
64Mahoney, Ryleigh E12 Manchester, NH Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:14
65MAILLOUX, Madylin14 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:00
66MAILLOUX, Wade11 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 19:59
67Malloy, Ryan16 Riverton, CT Elite Diving (CT)Mar 28, 18:34
68Martin, Cash13 Newport, RI Rhode Island DivingApr 01, 17:10
69MAY, Sophia15 NH Upper Valley DivingMar 27, 18:35
70MAYNARD, Peyton10 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 11:09
71McCormick, Lucy10 Marblehead, MA Boston Area DivingMar 31, 21:47
72McGee, Kiley15 S Kingstown, RI Rhode Island DivingApr 02, 22:18
73MCLAUGHLIN, Ryan15 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 10:42
74McMahon, Lauren12 Leominster, MA Central Mass DivingMar 13, 07:49
75Menoyo, ALEXA16 WESTON, MA Boston Area DivingApr 02, 19:44
76Miao, Maria17 Shrewsbury, MA Charles River DivingApr 01, 17:10
77Mieses, Adriana14 WINDSOR, CT Rip-a Dive ClubMar 25, 19:22
78Mondschein, Alana15 Glastonbury, CT Elite Diving (CT)Mar 31, 08:12
79Moses, Rina12 Schenectady, NY Full Out Dive ClubApr 02, 20:23
80Mraz, Sofia14 Duxbury, MA South Shore Diving ClubMar 29, 15:38
81Murray, Gabriel10 Cohasset, MA Infinite DivingApr 02, 16:04
82NORTHCOTT, Justin10 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 03, 10:55
83O'CONNOR, Dillon P16 Greenland, NH Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:02
84Oppenheim, Lia16 Sudbury, MA Boston Area DivingMar 15, 10:33
85Paterson, Finn R14 Seekonk, MA South Shore Diving ClubMar 31, 16:06
86pearl, Anya10 hanover, NH Upper Valley DivingMar 27, 18:28
87Plourde, Celia11 Leominster, MA Central Mass DivingMar 13, 07:53
88Polivy, Elly C11 Wellesley, MA Charles River DivingMar 19, 20:51
89Pope, Cameron A14 Marshfield, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 02, 17:36
90Purcell, Collin9 Wilbraham, MA Springfield Area DivingMar 26, 22:15
91PURCELL, Meghan15 CT Nutmeg AquaticsApr 02, 10:01
92Ramesh, Nidhi16 Shrewsbury, MA Central Mass DivingMar 12, 08:08
93Randall, William C15 North Andover, MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:04
94SABLAN, Emma16 NH Upper Valley DivingMar 27, 18:37
95Short, Brenna A13 Marshfield, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 02, 16:44
96SIMARD, Cailey14 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:24
97Sweeney Forsthoefel, Clio14 Avon, CT Elite Diving (CT)Apr 02, 15:09
98Sweeney Forsthoefel, Max12 Avon, CT Elite Diving (CT)Apr 02, 15:19
99tang, Kayleen11 hopkinton, MA Charles River DivingMar 30, 12:24
100Teffahi, Zakariah18 Cambridge, MA Charles River DivingMar 31, 18:43
101Tonole, Jessica J16 Lunenburg, MA Dolphin Dive ClubApr 02, 21:09
102VERNO, Gabriella14 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:26
103Wallis, Amelia17 Norwich, VT Upper Valley DivingMar 24, 11:48
104Waltman, Alexander16 Scituate, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 01, 21:59
105Weatherhead, Tess A15 Hopkinton, MA Boston Area DivingApr 03, 06:54
106WEATHERSBY, Katherine16 MA Solo AquaticsMar 28, 20:07
107Whitbeck, Hunter17 Acton, MA Boston Area DivingMar 23, 20:03
108Wiechert, Claire13 SCITUATE, MA South Shore Diving ClubApr 03, 15:00
109Zeppa, Isabella R12 Monson, MA Springfield Area DivingMar 10, 13:32
110Zhang, Donna L14 Winchester, MA Charles River DivingApr 01, 21:13
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Avdoulos, PeterHead CoachSpringfield Area DivingSPRINGFIELDMA
2Aybar, WilsonHead CoachCentral Mass DivingWebsterMA
3Biondi, BrandonHead CoachNutmeg AquaticsEast LymeCT
4Dellaripa, DavidHead CoachRip-a Dive ClubTollandCT
5Driscoll, RebeccaHead CoachSolo AquaticsHaverhillMA
6Mitchem, JeffHead CoachRhode Island DivingWakefieldRI
7O'Nalty, DevonHead CoachElite Diving (CT)MiddletownCT
8RENSHAW, CARLHead CoachUpper Valley DivingHanoverNH
9Tonole, KellyHead CoachDolphin Dive ClubLunenburgMA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Boston Area DivingBlanc, Sam18WestfordMA
2Durgin, Elizabeth15WestfordMA
3Gendron, Camille14WestportMA
4Joseph, Emily9WellesleyMA
5McCormick, Lucy10MarbleheadMA
7Oppenheim, Lia16SudburyMA
8Weatherhead, Tess A15HopkintonMA
9Whitbeck, Hunter17ActonMA
10Central Mass DivingBridges, Annika16FoxboroMA
11Bryant, Abigail R17MedwayMA
12Digges, Daniella17graftonMA
13Farrell, Nolan14WorcesterMA
14Green, Jonah16BrimfieldMA
15Harding, Margaret A13JeffersonMA
16Henderson, Susanna K13CumberlandRI
17Jarvis, Braedon15southbridgeMA
18McMahon, Lauren12LeominsterMA
19Plourde, Celia11LeominsterMA
20Ramesh, Nidhi16ShrewsburyMA
21Charles River DivingBryan, Caitlin14Wellesley HillsMA
22Daskalakis, John14BelmontMA
23Him, Sadie L10BerkleyMA
24Kalish, Alexa15BrooklineMA
25Miao, Maria17ShrewsburyMA
26Polivy, Elly C11WellesleyMA
27tang, Kayleen11hopkintonMA
28Teffahi, Zakariah18CambridgeMA
29Zhang, Donna L14WinchesterMA
30Dolphin Dive ClubTonole, Jessica J16LunenburgMA
31Elite Diving (CT)Alquist, Eva13MadisonCT
32Boothroyd, Elyse16DurhamCT
33Courtemanche, John15RivertonCT
34Green, Julie14North BranfordCT
35Lamphere, Sarah9WolcottCT
36Malloy, Ryan16RivertonCT
37Mondschein, Alana15GlastonburyCT
38Sweeney Forsthoefel, Clio14AvonCT
39Sweeney Forsthoefel, Max12AvonCT
40Full Out Dive ClubBarr, Ashtyn8CobleskillNY
41Earleywine, Maya D15SlingerlandsNY
42Etkin, Mia15SchenectadyNY
43Moses, Rina12SchenectadyNY
44Infinite DivingBradley, Esther13ScituateMA
45Cataldo, Marina J15BelmontMA
46Chen-Fiske, Tabitha15WinchesterMA
47Gohlmann, Maggie14BostonMA
48Lee, Timothy14Chestnut HillMA
49Lee, Zachary L11Chestnut HillMA
50Murray, Gabriel10CohassetMA
51Nutmeg AquaticsCALDRELLO, Camille13 CT
52FADER, Lucy13 CT
53KOCH, Sophia10 CT
55MAYNARD, Peyton10 CT
57NORTHCOTT, Justin10 CT
58PURCELL, Meghan15 CT
59Rhode Island DivingLang, Josie10JamestownRI
60Martin, Cash13NewportRI
61McGee, Kiley15S KingstownRI
62Rip-a Dive ClubBaker, Grace13EllingtonCT
63Bergren, Logan C10GlastonburyCT
64Golas, Sydney15West HartfordCT
65Hochman, Liam15WEST HARTFORDCT
66Mieses, Adriana14WINDSORCT
67Solo AquaticsAbrams, Georgia8HaverhillMA
68Aquino, Kailyn12HaverhillMA
69AQUINO, Leah10 MA
70BENSON, Amy14 MA
72FROMENT, Kendall15 MA
73Guy, Liza9HaverhillMA
74Lenihan, Emily10HaverhillMA
75Mahoney, Ryleigh E12ManchesterNH
76MAILLOUX, Madylin14 MA
78O'CONNOR, Dillon P16GreenlandNH
79Randall, William C15North AndoverMA
80SIMARD, Cailey14 MA
81VERNO, Gabriella14 MA
82WEATHERSBY, Katherine16 MA
83South Shore Diving ClubBell, Patrick11PlymouthMA
84Caldwell, Mackenzie14MarshfieldMA
85Destenaves, Clara10DuxburyMA
86Hogan, Bridgette C13MarshfieldMA
87MacDonald, Liliana13NorwellMA
88Magee, Grace C16NorwellMA
89Magee, Lilah12NorwellMA
90Mraz, Sofia14DuxburyMA
91Paterson, Finn R14SeekonkMA
92Pope, Cameron A14MarshfieldMA
93Short, Brenna A13MarshfieldMA
94Waltman, Alexander16ScituateMA
95Wiechert, Claire13SCITUATEMA
96Springfield Area DivingCalhoun, Gage C11DeerfieldMA
97Calver, Haylie14WilbrahamMA
98Krasemann, Emma K15SuffieldCT
99Li, Tina15LongmeadowMA
100Purcell, Collin9WilbrahamMA
101Zeppa, Isabella R12MonsonMA
102Upper Valley DivingBenson, Laurel12NorwichVT
103Calderwood, Samuel13 NH
104MAY, Sophia15 NH
105pearl, Anya10hanoverNH
106SABLAN, Emma16 NH
107Wallis, Amelia17NorwichVT
108ZAP DivingBeekman, Alexander J17BedfordNH
109Cohen, Amanda17NeedhamMA
110Fryou, Noah L19LexingtonMA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1JO GROUP A 16-18 BOYS 1MBeekman, Alexander J View Sheet 9.010.5ZAP Diving
2Courtemanche, John View Sheet 8.010.5Elite Diving (CT)
3Fryou, Noah L View Sheet 8.38.8ZAP Diving
4Green, Jonah View Sheet 9.012.2Central Mass Diving
5Jarvis, Braedon View Sheet 8.811.1Central Mass Diving
6Malloy, Ryan View Sheet 7.911.8Elite Diving (CT)
7O'CONNOR, Dillon P View Sheet 8.712.4Solo Aquatics
8Teffahi, Zakariah View Sheet 9.011.7Charles River Diving
9Waltman, Alexander View Sheet 8.511.3South Shore Diving Club
10Whitbeck, Hunter View Sheet 8.912.7Boston Area Diving
11JO GROUP A 16-18 BOYS 3MGreen, Jonah View Sheet 9.512.0Central Mass Diving
12Jarvis, Braedon View Sheet 8.910.4Central Mass Diving
13Teffahi, Zakariah View Sheet 8.810.9Charles River Diving
14Waltman, Alexander View Sheet 8.510.0South Shore Diving Club
15Whitbeck, Hunter View Sheet 9.514.2Boston Area Diving
16JO GROUP A 16-18 GIRLS 1MBlanc, Sam View Sheet 8.79.6Boston Area Diving
17Boothroyd, Elyse View Sheet 8.69.3Elite Diving (CT)
18Bridges, Annika View Sheet 8.28.5Central Mass Diving
19Bryant, Abigail R View Sheet 9.09.1Central Mass Diving
20Cataldo, Marina J View Sheet 8.88.8Infinite Diving
21Cohen, Amanda View Sheet 8.49.0ZAP Diving
22Digges, Daniella View Sheet 7.96.3Central Mass Diving
23Durgin, Elizabeth View Sheet 8.69.1Boston Area Diving
24Golas, Sydney View Sheet 7.96.6Rip-a Dive Club
25Krasemann, Emma K View Sheet 8.69.3Springfield Area Diving
26Magee, Grace C View Sheet 8.79.0South Shore Diving Club
27MAY, Sophia View Sheet 7.76.5Upper Valley Diving
28Menoyo, ALEXA View Sheet 8.28.8Boston Area Diving
29Miao, Maria View Sheet 8.68.5Charles River Diving
30Oppenheim, Lia View Sheet 8.38.5Boston Area Diving
31PURCELL, Meghan View Sheet 9.09.1Nutmeg Aquatics
32Ramesh, Nidhi View Sheet 7.56.4Central Mass Diving
33SABLAN, Emma View Sheet 7.86.5Upper Valley Diving
34Wallis, Amelia View Sheet 8.79.2Upper Valley Diving
35WEATHERSBY, Katherine View Sheet 8.28.4Solo Aquatics
36JO GROUP A 16-18 GIRLS 3MBlanc, Sam View Sheet 9.511.4Boston Area Diving
37Boothroyd, Elyse View Sheet 8.78.6Elite Diving (CT)
38Bryant, Abigail R View Sheet 9.09.4Central Mass Diving
39Cataldo, Marina J View Sheet 9.17.9Infinite Diving
40Digges, Daniella View Sheet 8.66.2Central Mass Diving
41Durgin, Elizabeth View Sheet 9.49.9Boston Area Diving
42Magee, Grace C View Sheet 9.510.4South Shore Diving Club
43Menoyo, ALEXA View Sheet 9.39.0Boston Area Diving
44Miao, Maria View Sheet 8.78.7Charles River Diving
45Oppenheim, Lia View Sheet 8.67.6Boston Area Diving
46Tonole, Jessica J View Sheet 9.510.0Dolphin Dive Club
47JO GROUP B 14-15 BOYS 1MCalderwood, Samuel View Sheet 8.48.5Upper Valley Diving
48Farrell, Nolan View Sheet 7.76.3Central Mass Diving
49Hochman, Liam View Sheet 7.88.7Rip-a Dive Club
50Lee, Timothy View Sheet 8.37.4Infinite Diving
51MCLAUGHLIN, Ryan View Sheet 8.47.7Nutmeg Aquatics
52Pope, Cameron A View Sheet 8.49.1South Shore Diving Club
53Randall, William C View Sheet 8.79.7Solo Aquatics
54JO GROUP B 14-15 BOYS 3MLee, Timothy View Sheet 8.37.1Infinite Diving
55Paterson, Finn R View Sheet 8.57.8South Shore Diving Club
56Pope, Cameron A View Sheet 8.47.6South Shore Diving Club
57JO GROUP B 14-15 GIRLS 1MBENSON, Amy View Sheet 8.56.2Solo Aquatics
58Bradley, Esther View Sheet 8.26.5Infinite Diving
59Bryan, Caitlin View Sheet 8.66.4Charles River Diving
60CALDRELLO, Camille View Sheet 8.45.7Nutmeg Aquatics
61Caldwell, Mackenzie View Sheet 7.85.8South Shore Diving Club
62Calver, Haylie View Sheet 8.86.3Springfield Area Diving
63Earleywine, Maya D View Sheet 8.87.3Full Out Dive Club
64ERLANDSON, Alana View Sheet 8.05.7Solo Aquatics
65Etkin, Mia View Sheet 7.55.0Full Out Dive Club
66FADER, Lucy View Sheet 8.96.1Nutmeg Aquatics
67Gendron, Camille View Sheet 8.46.4Boston Area Diving
68Gohlmann, Maggie View Sheet 7.64.7Infinite Diving
69Green, Julie View Sheet 7.84.9Elite Diving (CT)
70Henderson, Susanna K View Sheet 8.05.0Central Mass Diving
71Hogan, Bridgette C View Sheet 7.54.7South Shore Diving Club
72Kalish, Alexa View Sheet 8.46.4Charles River Diving
73Li, Tina View Sheet 8.26.4Springfield Area Diving
74MAILLOUX, Madylin View Sheet 8.15.1Solo Aquatics
75McGee, Kiley View Sheet 7.74.7Rhode Island Diving
76Mieses, Adriana View Sheet 8.46.5Rip-a Dive Club
77Mondschein, Alana View Sheet 8.26.2Elite Diving (CT)
78Mraz, Sofia View Sheet 7.95.7South Shore Diving Club
79SIMARD, Cailey View Sheet 9.06.6Solo Aquatics
80VERNO, Gabriella View Sheet 8.36.4Solo Aquatics
81Weatherhead, Tess A View Sheet 9.06.8Boston Area Diving
82Wiechert, Claire View Sheet 7.64.7South Shore Diving Club
83Zhang, Donna L View Sheet 8.86.7Charles River Diving
84JO GROUP B 14-15 GIRLS 3MBryan, Caitlin View Sheet 8.76.4Charles River Diving
85Calver, Haylie View Sheet 8.75.8Springfield Area Diving
86Chen-Fiske, Tabitha View Sheet 9.57.5Infinite Diving
87Earleywine, Maya D View Sheet 8.75.8Full Out Dive Club
88Gendron, Camille View Sheet 8.56.0Boston Area Diving
89Henderson, Susanna K View Sheet 8.75.3Central Mass Diving
90Kalish, Alexa View Sheet 9.47.0Charles River Diving
91Li, Tina View Sheet 8.55.8Springfield Area Diving
92Weatherhead, Tess A View Sheet 9.37.6Boston Area Diving
93Zhang, Donna L View Sheet 8.76.9Charles River Diving
94JO GROUP C 12-13 BOYS 1MLee, Zachary L View Sheet 7.75.2Infinite Diving
95Martin, Cash View Sheet 8.75.1Rhode Island Diving
96Sweeney Forsthoefel, Max View Sheet 8.05.8Elite Diving (CT)
97JO GROUP C 12-13 GIRLS 1MAquino, Kailyn View Sheet 8.24.4Solo Aquatics
98KRISHNASWAMI, Lena View Sheet 7.82.9Nutmeg Aquatics
99Magee, Lilah View Sheet 7.63.2South Shore Diving Club
100Mahoney, Ryleigh E View Sheet 8.84.4Solo Aquatics
101Polivy, Elly C View Sheet 7.73.1Charles River Diving
102Short, Brenna A View Sheet 8.75.2South Shore Diving Club
103tang, Kayleen View Sheet 7.63.3Charles River Diving
104Zeppa, Isabella R View Sheet 7.63.2Springfield Area Diving
105JO GROUP C 12-13 GIRLS 3MShort, Brenna A View Sheet 8.95.1South Shore Diving Club
106tang, Kayleen View Sheet 8.23.5Charles River Diving
107Zeppa, Isabella R View Sheet 8.13.2Springfield Area Diving
108JO GROUP D 10-11 BOYS 1MBergren, Logan C View Sheet 4.23.1Rip-a Dive Club
109NORTHCOTT, Justin View Sheet 4.73.1Nutmeg Aquatics
110Purcell, Collin View Sheet 4.63.9Springfield Area Diving
111JO GROUP D 10-11 BOYS 3MPurcell, Collin View Sheet 4.43.5Springfield Area Diving
112JO GROUP D 10-11 GIRLS 1MAQUINO, Leah View Sheet 4.93.1Solo Aquatics
113Calhoun, Gage C View Sheet 4.63.8Springfield Area Diving
114Guy, Liza View Sheet 4.92.9Solo Aquatics
115Him, Sadie L View Sheet 4.23.6Charles River Diving
116Joseph, Emily View Sheet 4.52.7Boston Area Diving
117KOCH, Sophia View Sheet 4.52.9Nutmeg Aquatics
118Lamphere, Sarah View Sheet 4.43.2Elite Diving (CT)
119Lang, Josie View Sheet 4.33.2Rhode Island Diving
120Lenihan, Emily View Sheet 4.92.6Solo Aquatics
121MAYNARD, Peyton View Sheet 4.52.9Nutmeg Aquatics
122McCormick, Lucy View Sheet 4.53.1Boston Area Diving
123pearl, Anya View Sheet 4.43.3Upper Valley Diving
124Plourde, Celia View Sheet 4.73.0Central Mass Diving
125JO GROUP D 10-11 GIRLS 3MCalhoun, Gage C View Sheet 5.24.1Springfield Area Diving
126Him, Sadie L View Sheet 4.43.4Charles River Diving
127Lamphere, Sarah View Sheet 5.13.1Elite Diving (CT)
128McCormick, Lucy View Sheet 4.43.2Boston Area Diving
129JO GROUP E 9u GIRLS 1MAbrams, Georgia View Sheet 4.91.4Solo Aquatics
130Novice Boys 10-11 1M (2s 3o)Murray, Gabriel View Sheet 0.04.3Infinite Diving
131Novice Boys 10-11 3M (3s 3o)Bergren, Logan C View Sheet 0.04.2Rip-a Dive Club
132Novice Boys 12-13 1M (2s 4o)Bell, Patrick View Sheet 0.05.5South Shore Diving Club
133MAILLOUX, Wade View Sheet 0.06.9Solo Aquatics
134Novice Boys 12-13 3M (3s 4o)Lee, Zachary L View Sheet 0.06.5Infinite Diving
135Sweeney Forsthoefel, Max View Sheet 0.06.8Elite Diving (CT)
136Novice Boys 14-15 1M (2s 5o)Daskalakis, John View Sheet 0.07.5Charles River Diving
137Novice Boys 14-15 3M (3s 5o)Daskalakis, John View Sheet 0.08.1Charles River Diving
138Farrell, Nolan View Sheet 0.08.0Central Mass Diving
139Novice Boys 16-18 3M (3s 5o)Courtemanche, John View Sheet 0.09.3Elite Diving (CT)
140Malloy, Ryan View Sheet 0.08.4Elite Diving (CT)
141Novice Girls 10-11 1M (2s 3o)Destenaves, Clara View Sheet 0.04.5South Shore Diving Club
142Novice Girls 10-11 3M (3s 3o)Plourde, Celia View Sheet 0.05.4Central Mass Diving
143Novice Girls 12-13 1M (2s 4o)Benson, Laurel View Sheet 0.06.4Upper Valley Diving
144McMahon, Lauren View Sheet 0.06.2Central Mass Diving
145Moses, Rina View Sheet 0.06.7Full Out Dive Club
146Novice Girls 12-13 3M (3s 4o)McMahon, Lauren View Sheet 0.06.4Central Mass Diving
147Moses, Rina View Sheet 0.07.0Full Out Dive Club
148Polivy, Elly C View Sheet 0.06.3Charles River Diving
149Novice Girls 14-15 1M (2s 5o)Alquist, Eva View Sheet 0.09.0Elite Diving (CT)
150Baker, Grace View Sheet 0.07.5Rip-a Dive Club
151Harding, Margaret A View Sheet 0.07.6Central Mass Diving
152MacDonald, Liliana View Sheet 0.07.0South Shore Diving Club
153Sweeney Forsthoefel, Clio View Sheet 0.09.0Elite Diving (CT)
154Novice Girls 14-15 3M (3s 5o)Gohlmann, Maggie View Sheet 0.08.0Infinite Diving
155Mieses, Adriana View Sheet 0.08.3Rip-a Dive Club
156Mondschein, Alana View Sheet 0.08.8Elite Diving (CT)
157Mraz, Sofia View Sheet 0.08.0South Shore Diving Club
158Novice Girls 16-18 1M (2s 5o)FROMENT, Kendall View Sheet 0.07.6Solo Aquatics
159Novice Girls 16-18 3M (3s 5o)Bridges, Annika View Sheet 0.09.5Central Mass Diving
160Ramesh, Nidhi View Sheet 0.08.4Central Mass Diving
161Novice Girls 9 under 1M (2s 3o)Barr, Ashtyn View Sheet 0.04.3Full Out Dive Club
162Novice Girls 9 under 3M (2s 3o)Barr, Ashtyn View Sheet 0.04.9Full Out Dive Club
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