Name of Meet:
2018 CHSAA 5A State Swim-Dive Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
May-05, 12:01 AM MST
Registration Closes:
May-16, 11:59 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Veteran Memorial aquatic Center
5310 E 136th Ave
Thornton, CO 80602
Main Contact:
Ron Johns
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving3611 3h51m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolLittletonCO
2Aurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
3Bear CreekLakewoodCO
4Brighton High SchoolBrightonCO
5Cherry Creek High SchoolGreenwood VillageCO
6Denver South High School Denver CO
7Douglas CountyCastle RockCO
8Fairview HSBoulderCO
9Fossil Ridge High SchoolFort CollinsCO
10Grandview High SchoolCherry CreekCO
11Heritage High SchoolLittletonCO
12Highlands Ranch High SchoolHighlands RanchCO
13Lewis-Palmer High SchoolMonumentCO
14Overland High SchoolAuroraCO
16Ralston ValleyArvadaCO
17Regis Jesuit DivingParkerCO
18Smoky Hill High SchoolAuroraCO
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Althouse, Aric E19MonumentCOLewis-Palmer High SchoolMay 12, 20:50
2Ball, Josh15 COFossil Ridge High SchoolMay 11, 22:38
3Beaty, Danny17 COArapahoe High SchoolMay 10, 10:40
4Bishop, Noah17 COGrandview High SchoolMay 10, 20:47
5Brega, Richard E18 CORegis Jesuit DivingMay 16, 21:59
6Burchett, Cross15WindsorCOFossil Ridge High SchoolMay 11, 22:41
7Chaplin, Clayton15 COHighlands Ranch High SchoolMay 13, 16:20
8Cheeks, Isaiah M18AuroraCOAurora Public SchoolsMay 14, 17:53
9Ciancanelli, Luca15 COFairview HSMay 15, 15:37
10De Bastos, Ricardo A18Greenwood VillageCOCherry Creek High SchoolMay 14, 15:28
11Desiato, Anthony18 CORalston ValleyMay 15, 09:31
12Domashevich, Timothy18AuroraCOSmoky Hill High SchoolMay 15, 16:14
13Gust, Matthew15 COHeritage High SchoolMay 14, 16:49
14Henninger, Quinn R0denverCORegis Jesuit DivingMay 16, 22:14
15Ives, Caleb19 COArapahoe High SchoolMay 10, 10:43
16Jay, Blaise16 COArapahoe High SchoolMay 10, 10:46
17Lefever, Zach17 COArapahoe High SchoolMay 10, 10:48
18Lende, James17 COBrighton High SchoolMay 13, 18:22
19Lucero, Ovtavio19GoldenCOBear CreekMay 14, 21:32
20Mayo, Byron18 COAurora Public SchoolsMay 14, 17:49
21Modica, Dyson15CASTLE ROCKCOHighlands Ranch High SchoolMay 13, 16:23
22Mullen, Evan J16DenverCORegis Jesuit DivingMay 16, 22:12
23Namenyi, Joshua18 COPonderosaMay 14, 15:33
24Oatman, Shane18 COLewis-Palmer High SchoolMay 12, 21:00
25Payne, Adam15 COHeritage High SchoolMay 14, 16:52
26Percy, Gannon15 COFossil Ridge High SchoolMay 12, 22:07
27Podhajsky, Grant17 COPonderosaMay 14, 16:55
28Quintana, Gabe14CASTLE ROCKCODouglas CountyMay 13, 16:25
29Rosenquist, Davin17 CORalston ValleyMay 15, 09:46
30Ryan, Jack15 CODenver South High School May 10, 18:07
31Sanders, Nicholas16BoulderCOFairview HSMay 15, 15:32
32Thomas, Josh17EnglewoodCOCherry Creek High SchoolMay 14, 15:26
33VanVleet, Luke J17CentennialCOHeritage High SchoolMay 14, 16:47
34Vigil, Tony17 COGrandview High SchoolMay 10, 20:50
35Wandruff, Phillip17 COOverland High SchoolMay 13, 12:40
36Wells, Seth18 COSmoky Hill High SchoolMay 15, 16:17
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Alafoginis, MurphyCoachFairview HSBoulderCO
2Ambrozic, RobinHead CoachHeritage High SchoolEnglewoodCO
3Anderson, TimHead CoachGrandview High SchoolLittletonCO
4Arata, AlanHead CoachLewis-Palmer High SchoolColorado SpringsCO
5Byers, TimHead CoachDouglas CountyHighlands RanchCO
6Carloni, JacobHead CoachRegis Jesuit DivingDenverCO
7Diehl, CarlHead CoachFairview HSBoulderCO
8Finley, ZacheryHead CoachFossil Ridge High SchoolFort CollinsCO
9Madsen, ChristopherHead CoachRalston ValleyArvadaCO
10McKnight, Joe Head CoachDenver South High School AuroraCO
11Robinson, GrantAsst. CoachPonderosaParkerCO
12Seaver, ErikHead CoachSmoky Hill High SchoolCentennialCO
13Sedlmayr, MitchellHead CoachOverland High SchoolAuroraCO
14Smith, JeffHead CoachArapahoe High SchoolCentennialCO
15Squires, AmandaHead CoachBrighton High SchoolThorntonCO
16Thompson, WilliamHead CoachAurora Public SchoolsAuroraCO
17Waggoner, LauraHead CoachBear CreekEnglewoodCO
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Arapahoe High SchoolBeaty, Danny17 CO
2Ives, Caleb19 CO
3Jay, Blaise16 CO
4Lefever, Zach17 CO
5Aurora Public SchoolsCheeks, Isaiah M18AuroraCO
6Mayo, Byron18 CO
7Bear CreekLucero, Ovtavio19GoldenCO
8Brighton High SchoolLende, James17 CO
9Cherry Creek High SchoolDe Bastos, Ricardo A18Greenwood VillageCO
10Thomas, Josh17EnglewoodCO
11Denver South High School Ryan, Jack15 CO
12Douglas CountyQuintana, Gabe14CASTLE ROCKCO
13Fairview HSCiancanelli, Luca15 CO
14Sanders, Nicholas16BoulderCO
15Fossil Ridge High SchoolBall, Josh15 CO
16Burchett, Cross15WindsorCO
17Percy, Gannon15 CO
18Grandview High SchoolBishop, Noah17 CO
19Vigil, Tony17 CO
20Heritage High SchoolGust, Matthew15 CO
21Payne, Adam15 CO
22VanVleet, Luke J17CentennialCO
23Highlands Ranch High SchoolChaplin, Clayton15 CO
24Modica, Dyson15CASTLE ROCKCO
25Lewis-Palmer High SchoolAlthouse, Aric E19MonumentCO
26Oatman, Shane18 CO
27Overland High SchoolWandruff, Phillip17 CO
28PonderosaNamenyi, Joshua18 CO
29Podhajsky, Grant17 CO
30Ralston ValleyDesiato, Anthony18 CO
31Rosenquist, Davin17 CO
32Regis Jesuit DivingBrega, Richard E18 CO
33Henninger, Quinn R0denverCO
34Mullen, Evan J16DenverCO
35Smoky Hill High SchoolDomashevich, Timothy18AuroraCO
36Wells, Seth18 CO
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAlthouse, Aric E View Sheet 9.015.1Lewis-Palmer High School
2Ball, Josh View Sheet 9.013.7Fossil Ridge High School
3Beaty, Danny View Sheet 9.014.0Arapahoe High School
4Bishop, Noah View Sheet 9.015.3Grandview High School
5Brega, Richard E View Sheet 8.514.0Regis Jesuit Diving
6Burchett, Cross View Sheet 8.412.7Fossil Ridge High School
7Chaplin, Clayton View Sheet 8.715.2Highlands Ranch High School
8Cheeks, Isaiah M View Sheet 8.615.0Aurora Public Schools
9Ciancanelli, Luca View Sheet 7.912.6Fairview HS
10De Bastos, Ricardo A View Sheet 8.915.2Cherry Creek High School
11Desiato, Anthony View Sheet 8.413.7Ralston Valley
12Domashevich, Timothy View Sheet 8.714.1Smoky Hill High School
13Gust, Matthew View Sheet 8.712.9Heritage High School
14Henninger, Quinn R View Sheet 8.714.8Regis Jesuit Diving
15Ives, Caleb View Sheet 8.714.9Arapahoe High School
16Jay, Blaise View Sheet 8.112.5Arapahoe High School
17Lefever, Zach View Sheet 7.913.1Arapahoe High School
18Lende, James View Sheet 8.013.1Brighton High School
19Lucero, Ovtavio View Sheet 9.016.0Bear Creek
20Mayo, Byron View Sheet 9.014.2Aurora Public Schools
21Modica, Dyson View Sheet 8.713.9Highlands Ranch High School
22Mullen, Evan J View Sheet 8.413.1Regis Jesuit Diving
23Namenyi, Joshua View Sheet 8.113.3Ponderosa
24Oatman, Shane View Sheet 8.913.5Lewis-Palmer High School
25Payne, Adam View Sheet 8.112.6Heritage High School
26Percy, Gannon View Sheet 9.014.0Fossil Ridge High School
27Podhajsky, Grant View Sheet 8.313.3Ponderosa
28Quintana, Gabe View Sheet 8.714.0Douglas County
29Rosenquist, Davin View Sheet 8.413.4Ralston Valley
30Ryan, Jack View Sheet 9.016.0Denver South High School
31Sanders, Nicholas View Sheet 9.013.9Fairview HS
32Thomas, Josh View Sheet 9.014.0Cherry Creek High School
33VanVleet, Luke J View Sheet 8.513.6Heritage High School
34Vigil, Tony View Sheet 8.814.5Grandview High School
35Wandruff, Phillip View Sheet 9.013.8Overland High School
36Wells, Seth View Sheet 8.613.2Smoky Hill High School
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