Name of Meet:
Hanover (NH) January Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Dec-22, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Jan-10, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Dartmouth Karl Michael Pool
Dartmouth Alumni Gym 16 E Wheelock St
Hanover, NH 03755
Main Contact:
Carl Renshaw
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M 11 dives1111 1h10m View Rules
Boys 1M 6 dives46 14m View Rules
Girls 1M 11 dives511 32m View Rules
Girls 1M 6 dives46 14m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Bedford High School BulldogsBedfordNH
2Exeter High SchoolExeterNH
3Hanover (NH) High SchoolHanoverNH
4Oyster River High SchoolDurhamNH
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1adams, Tristan15 NHpinkertonJan 10, 23:18
2armstrong, Jack16 NHpinkertonJan 10, 23:09
3Baker, Will17 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:21
4Beekman, Alexander J16BedfordNHBedford High School BulldogsJan 10, 23:09
5Bucknam, Sadie16 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:33
6Choquette, Thomas16 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 09:02
7Dellicolli, Adrian17 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:53
8Doucet, Katherine18 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:30
9freedman, Chloe16WindhamNHpinkertonJan 10, 22:52
10Gahr, Conor15 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:36
11Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NHHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 18:00
12HOFFER, Benjamin17 NHHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 17:49
13hume, David18 NHpinkertonJan 10, 23:02
14McGadden, Aidan18BedfordNHBedford High School BulldogsJan 10, 23:13
15Nutbrown, Andrey16 NHExeter High SchoolJan 10, 08:40
16ONYANGO, Christopher17 NHHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 17:51
17Renshaw, Kai16HanoverNHHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 17:57
18RENSHAW, Nika14 NHHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 18:07
19Rogers, Cameron16WindhamNHpinkertonJan 10, 23:13
20Russell, Lucas17 NHOyster River High SchoolJan 09, 22:04
21russell, Rose16 NHpinkertonJan 10, 23:20
22RUSSELL, Xanthi16 NHOyster River High SchoolJan 09, 22:23
23ryan, Ryan15 NHpinkertonJan 10, 23:23
24Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVTHanover (NH) High SchoolJan 09, 18:02
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Cullen, JenniferHead CoachBedford High School BulldogsManchesterNH
2freedman, cindyHead CoachpinkertonwindhamNH
3Murphy, PatrickHead CoachExeter High SchoolKensingtonNH
4RENSHAW, CARLHead CoachHanover (NH) High SchoolHanoverNH
5Santosuosso, LynnAsst. CoachOyster River High SchoolDurhamNH
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Bedford High School BulldogsBeekman, Alexander J16BedfordNH
2McGadden, Aidan18BedfordNH
3Exeter High SchoolBaker, Will17 NH
4Bucknam, Sadie16 NH
5Choquette, Thomas16 NH
6Dellicolli, Adrian17 NH
7Doucet, Katherine18 NH
8Gahr, Conor15 NH
9Nutbrown, Andrey16 NH
10Hanover (NH) High SchoolGarrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NH
11HOFFER, Benjamin17 NH
12ONYANGO, Christopher17 NH
13Renshaw, Kai16HanoverNH
14RENSHAW, Nika14 NH
15Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVT
16Oyster River High SchoolRussell, Lucas17 NH
17RUSSELL, Xanthi16 NH
18pinkertonadams, Tristan15 NH
19armstrong, Jack16 NH
20freedman, Chloe16WindhamNH
21hume, David18 NH
22Rogers, Cameron16WindhamNH
23russell, Rose16 NH
24ryan, Ryan15 NH
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 1M 11 divesadams, Tristan7.99.8pinkerton
2armstrong, Jack8.312.4pinkerton
3Beekman, Alexander J8.210.4Bedford High School Bulldogs
4Choquette, Thomas8.611.4Exeter High School
5Dellicolli, Adrian8.511.8Exeter High School
6HOFFER, Benjamin8.013.4Hanover (NH) High School
7hume, David8.111.5pinkerton
8ONYANGO, Christopher7.810.4Hanover (NH) High School
9Renshaw, Kai8.714.6Hanover (NH) High School
10Rogers, Cameron8.312.9pinkerton
11Russell, Lucas7.59.5Oyster River High School
12Boys 1M 6 divesBaker, Will1.68.6Exeter High School
13Gahr, Conor1.27.8Exeter High School
14Nutbrown, Andrey1.28.0Exeter High School
15ryan, Ryan1.48.1pinkerton
16Girls 1M 11 divesfreedman, Chloe7.810.4pinkerton
17Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel7.89.8Hanover (NH) High School
18McGadden, Aidan8.210.4Bedford High School Bulldogs
19RENSHAW, Nika8.111.5Hanover (NH) High School
20Wallis, Amelia8.613.2Hanover (NH) High School
21Girls 1M 6 divesBucknam, Sadie1.48.0Exeter High School
22Doucet, Katherine1.78.7Exeter High School
23russell, Rose1.38.0pinkerton
24RUSSELL, Xanthi1.27.9Oyster River High School
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