Name of Meet:
NE-10 Swimming and Diving Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-05, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-13, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
WPI Pool
151 Salisbury Ave
Worcester, MA 01609
Main Contact:
Paul Bennett
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Feb-13 11:59 PM EST

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Mens 1M Diving811 51m View Rules
Mens 3M Diving611 38m View Rules
Womens 1M Diving1011 1h4m View Rules
Womens 3M Diving511 32m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Adelphi UniversityGarden CityNY
2Bentley UniversityWalthamMA
3College of Staten IslandStaten IslandNY
4Pace UniversityPleasantvilleNY
5Saint Michael'sColchesterVT
6Southern Connecticut State UniversityNew HavenCT
7Southern CT State UniversityNew HavenCT
8The College of Saint RoseAlbanyNY
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Almog, Hilla20 Wayland, MA Bentley UniversityFeb 05, 13:16
2Angkatavanich, Owen19 Guilford, MA Bentley UniversityFeb 05, 12:40
3Arevalo, Melany19 Hempstead, NY Adelphi UniversityFeb 06, 16:18
4Asayan, Greg21 Cresskill, CT Pace UniversityFeb 06, 07:24
5Defranco, Jackie18 Staten Island, NY College of Staten IslandFeb 05, 16:37
6Denault, Nicholle D21 West Hartford, CT Southern CT State UniversityFeb 05, 16:44
7Main, Jayson18 Naugatuck, CT Southern Connecticut State UniversityFeb 05, 14:55
8Marr, Ro23 Colchester, VT Saint Michael'sFeb 07, 16:24
9Moorthy, Rishika18 MA Bentley UniversityFeb 05, 13:11
10Revesz, Sebastian20 Colchester, VT Saint Michael'sFeb 07, 16:25
11Reyes, Isabella19 Miami, CT Pace UniversityFeb 06, 07:30
12Rivera, Josiah20 Staten Island, NY College of Staten IslandFeb 06, 11:21
13Rorke, Sean21 Smithtown, NY Pace UniversityFeb 06, 07:18
14Silveira, Ashley19 Colchester, VT Saint Michael'sFeb 07, 16:20
15Soueid, Deanna22 Staten Island, NY College of Staten IslandFeb 06, 11:18
16SULLIVAN, James21 Buffalo, NY The College of Saint RoseFeb 06, 10:17
17Swanson, Jordan20 Staten Island, NY College of Staten IslandFeb 05, 10:58
18Tressel, Jonathan20 meriden, CT Southern CT State UniversityFeb 05, 10:13
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Ackalitis, MichaelHead CoachCollege of Staten Islandstaten islandNY
2Danehy, RichardHead CoachBentley UniversityAshlandMA
3edkins, mattyHead CoachSaint Michael'sBurlingtonVT
4Griffith, MicheleHead CoachSouthern CT State UniversityWatertownCT
5Korn, DylanHead CoachPace UniversityStamfordCT
6Walsh, KevinHead CoachThe College of Saint RoseAlbanyNY
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Adelphi UniversityArevalo, Melany19HempsteadNY
2Bentley UniversityAlmog, Hilla20WaylandMA
3Angkatavanich, Owen19GuilfordMA
4Moorthy, Rishika18 MA
5College of Staten IslandDefranco, Jackie18Staten IslandNY
6Rivera, Josiah20Staten IslandNY
7Soueid, Deanna22Staten IslandNY
8Swanson, Jordan20Staten IslandNY
9Pace UniversityAsayan, Greg21CresskillCT
10Reyes, Isabella19MiamiCT
11Rorke, Sean21SmithtownNY
12Saint Michael'sMarr, Ro23ColchesterVT
13Revesz, Sebastian20ColchesterVT
14Silveira, Ashley19ColchesterVT
15Southern Connecticut State UniversityMain, Jayson18NaugatuckCT
16Southern CT State UniversityDenault, Nicholle D21West HartfordCT
17Tressel, Jonathan20meridenCT
18The College of Saint RoseSULLIVAN, James21BuffaloNY
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Mens 1M DivingAngkatavanich, Owen View Sheet 8.113.8Bentley University
2Asayan, Greg View Sheet 8.614.1Pace University
3Main, Jayson View Sheet 9.013.3Southern Connecticut State University
4Revesz, Sebastian View Sheet 7.910.4Saint Michael's
5Rivera, Josiah View Sheet 7.611.4College of Staten Island
6Rorke, Sean View Sheet 8.714.9Pace University
7SULLIVAN, James View Sheet 8.514.2The College of Saint Rose
8Tressel, Jonathan View Sheet 8.613.5Southern CT State University
9Mens 3M DivingAngkatavanich, Owen View Sheet 8.610.9Bentley University
10Asayan, Greg View Sheet 9.214.5Pace University
11Main, Jayson View Sheet 8.813.5Southern Connecticut State University
12Rorke, Sean View Sheet 9.515.9Pace University
13SULLIVAN, James View Sheet 8.413.6The College of Saint Rose
14Tressel, Jonathan View Sheet 9.214.4Southern CT State University
15Womens 1M DivingAlmog, Hilla View Sheet 8.714.8Bentley University
16Arevalo, Melany View Sheet 8.110.6Adelphi University
17Defranco, Jackie View Sheet 8.012.0College of Staten Island
18Denault, Nicholle D View Sheet 8.213.5Southern CT State University
19Marr, Ro View Sheet 7.99.4Saint Michael's
20Moorthy, Rishika View Sheet 7.79.9Bentley University
21Reyes, Isabella View Sheet 8.613.7Pace University
22Silveira, Ashley View Sheet 7.711.4Saint Michael's
23Soueid, Deanna View Sheet 7.59.5College of Staten Island
24Swanson, Jordan View Sheet 8.813.9College of Staten Island
25Womens 3M DivingAlmog, Hilla View Sheet 8.714.3Bentley University
26Defranco, Jackie View Sheet 8.611.1College of Staten Island
27Denault, Nicholle D View Sheet 8.612.6Southern CT State University
28Reyes, Isabella View Sheet 9.414.0Pace University
29Swanson, Jordan View Sheet 8.713.8College of Staten Island
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