Name of Meet:
2017 MHSAA Division 1 Girls State Finals
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-01, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-07, 6:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Oakland University Natatorium
2200 N. Squirrel Rd
Rochester, MI 48309
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Five dives – cut to top 20, three dives – cut to 16, three dives – top 12 advance to FINALS
Warm up schedule 3:00 pm warm up / 5:00 pm (unless otherwise posted).

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Region 1-1 @ Ann Arbor Huron4111 4h23m View Rules
Region 2-1 @ L’Anse Creuse North4211 4h29m View Rules
Region 3-1 @ Zeeland West3011 3h12m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
2Ann Arbor PioneerAnn ArborMI
3Ann Arbor Skyline High SchoolAnn ArborMI
5Battle Creek CentralBattle CreekMI
6Belleville High SchoolBellevilleMI
7Bloomfield Hills High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
8Bridgman High School Co-OpBridgmanMI
9Caledonia CLSCaledoniaMI
10Chippewa Valley High SchoolClinton TwpMI
11Clarkston High SchoolClarkstonMI
13East KentwoodKentwoodMI
14Farmington Hills MercyFarmington HillsMI
15Forest Hills Northern EasternGrand RapidsMI
16Grand BlancGrand BlancMI
17Grand HavenGrand HavenMI
18Grandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
19Holland-West OttawaHollandMI
20Holt High SchoolHoltMI
21Howell High SchoolHowellMI
22Hudsonville High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
23Jackson High SchoolJacksonMI
25Macomb Dakota High SchoolMacombMI
26Macomb L'anse Creuse NorthMacombMI
27Mid'ville-Thornapple KelloggMiddlevilleMI
28New Baltimore Anchor BayNew BaltimoreMI
29Northville High SchoolNorthvilleMI
30Novi High SchoolNovi MI
32Plymouth High SchoolCanton MI
33Port Huron Red DawgsPORT HURONMI
34Port Huron Red DawgsPort HuronMI
35Rochester High SchoolRochesterMI
36Rockford High SchoolRockfordMI
37Romeo High SchoolRomeoMI
38Salem High SchoolCantonMI
39Saline High SchoolSaline MI
40South LyonSouth LyonMI
41Traverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
43Utica EisenhowerShelby TwpMI
44Utica Henry Ford IiSterling HtsMI
45Walled Lake NorthernCommerce MI
46West Bloomfield High SchoolWest BloomfieldMI
47White Lake LakelandWhite LakeMI
48Zeeland EastZeelandMI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Adams, Tiffany20MacombMIMacomb Dakota High SchoolNov 06, 11:39
2Arens, Cameron17Bloomfield HillsMIBloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 05, 14:10
3bartley, Abigail18 MIClarkston High SchoolNov 05, 21:52
4Bidwell, Alexis19South LyonMISouth LyonNov 06, 09:15
5Block, Ella16 MIRomeo High SchoolNov 06, 09:36
6Brnjac, Katelyn7sterling htsMIUtica Henry Ford IiNov 06, 13:27
7Brocco, Sage16OxfordMIOxfordNov 06, 09:34
8Brown, Shannon16KalamazooMIMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggNov 07, 12:09
9Burt, Camille18PlymouthMISalem High SchoolNov 07, 06:36
10Campbell, Colleen17 MILake OrionNov 05, 18:35
11Ciolli, Amanda16NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:39
12Costello, Annie E1Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronNov 04, 15:33
13Darnell, Becca18Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronNov 04, 15:36
14Davis, Caitlin R17CommerceMIWhite Lake LakelandNov 06, 14:17
15DeHommel, Taylor17 MIHudsonville High SchoolNov 05, 12:51
16Densham, Sarah17SalineMISaline High SchoolNov 07, 08:44
17Doerr, Jada16 MIHudsonville High SchoolNov 05, 12:59
18Donnelly, Claire17 MITroyNov 07, 10:50
19Drake, Darby16Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolNov 06, 19:12
20Dunn, Lorna17NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:33
21Eakley, Kennedi2ZeelandMIZeeland EastNov 06, 13:15
22Efstate, Anna16TroMITroyNov 07, 10:53
23Ejsmont, Kathryn18KentwoodMIEast KentwoodNov 04, 17:56
24Fairbanks, Stella16WaterfordMIWhite Lake LakelandNov 06, 14:13
25Farbarzhevich, Sophia16 MIForest Hills Northern EasternNov 05, 22:28
26Finelli, Emma17Farmington HillsMIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:41
27Fraidenburg, Tierney16 MIAnn Arbor PioneerNov 07, 11:41
28Frederick, Rachelle16 MIBelleville High SchoolNov 06, 21:14
29Gidley, Paige E16SalineMISaline High SchoolNov 07, 08:27
30Grant, Mia15 MIZeeland EastNov 06, 13:19
31Gu, Eyda15NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 06, 20:50
32Gudeman, Lauren16NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 06, 20:52
33Guzzo, Sarah18Battle CreekMIBattle Creek CentralNov 06, 20:10
34Hagler, Carolyn M17Grand BlancMIGrand BlancNov 07, 11:14
35Harper, Ryann16 MIHolland-West OttawaNov 05, 10:50
36Heissenbuettel, Morgen18YpsilantiMIAnn Arbor HuronNov 04, 15:34
37Hill, McKaela17NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:31
38Jablonski, Isabella18 MIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:49
39Jankowski, Shayna17Farmington HillsMIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:33
40Jendritz, Elise M17RockfordMIRockford High SchoolNov 06, 14:57
41Johnson, Hannah17HastingsMIMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggNov 07, 12:24
42Kapapula, Anna19StevensvilleMIBridgman High School Co-OpNov 06, 16:55
43Kerbrat, Sarah A15NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:41
44Koops, Abby16 MIForest Hills Northern EasternNov 05, 22:25
45Krauthamer, Ashley S16West BloomfieldMIWest Bloomfield High SchoolNov 06, 14:50
46Labonte, Hailey15 MITraverse City Central High SchoolNov 06, 19:18
47Lechtanski, Kali R17PinckneyMIHowell High SchoolNov 06, 17:13
48Lee, Adrianna18 MIBloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 05, 14:16
49Lefebvere, Victoria19MacombMIMacomb L'anse Creuse NorthNov 05, 13:33
50Line, Abby19 MIClarkston High SchoolNov 05, 21:35
51Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MITraverse City Central High SchoolNov 06, 19:15
52lowell, Elisa19 MIClarkston High SchoolNov 05, 21:44
53Marion, Jordan15 MIAnn Arbor PioneerNov 07, 11:43
54Martell, Scarlett17 MINew Baltimore Anchor BayNov 05, 14:08
55Marvin, Emily J17SalineMISaline High SchoolNov 07, 08:50
56McCall, Abby15 MIPlymouth High SchoolNov 06, 16:41
57McCliment, Ciara15FarmingtonMIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:36
58McEachern, Jessica17TroyMIAthensNov 07, 10:29
59McKinney, Megan15HoltMIHolt High SchoolNov 06, 17:48
60Miller, Cameron18RomeoMIRomeo High SchoolNov 06, 09:39
61Mulligan, Megan G17SalineMISaline High SchoolNov 07, 08:36
62Nelson, Olivia18HighlandMIWhite Lake LakelandNov 06, 14:15
63Northcote, Rosemary16TroyMIAthensNov 07, 10:47
64Ohland, Sophia14 MISouth LyonNov 06, 09:19
65Oppenheim, Lydia16DavisonMIDavisonNov 05, 17:28
66Otto, Anna18WyomingMIGrandville High SchoolNov 05, 22:10
67Palmer, Lizzy17ChesterfieldMINew Baltimore Anchor BayNov 05, 13:58
68Pawluk, Sara16holtMIHolt High SchoolNov 06, 17:27
69Powers, Paige E15Washington TownshipMIUtica EisenhowerNov 06, 09:32
70Prieur, Miranda15NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:45
71Prusinowski, Maddie21macombMIChippewa Valley High SchoolNov 06, 11:44
72Richards, Gabriella14 MISaline High SchoolNov 07, 08:40
73Rogers, Anna16NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 06, 20:46
74Roman, Hallie C18Port HuronMIPort Huron Red DawgsNov 07, 11:15
75Ruud, Sami15Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronNov 04, 15:37
76Rybicki, Alexa18PlymouthMIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:04
77Rybicki, Alison17PlymouthMIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:26
78Schaekel, Isabelle19BellevilleMIBelleville High SchoolNov 06, 21:06
79Schulte, Alyssa18HudsonvilleMIHudsonville High SchoolNov 05, 12:54
80Segard, Gracyn D17GrandvilleMIGrandville High SchoolNov 05, 22:08
81Senkus, Mikaela M16MacombMIUtica EisenhowerNov 06, 09:26
82Shinohara, Anna16NoviMINovi High SchoolNov 05, 20:35
83Silvester, Victoria18PlymouthMIPlymouth High SchoolNov 06, 16:08
84Sleeman, Gracie R17AdaMIGrandville High SchoolNov 05, 22:13
85Smiecinski, Tori18Clinton twpMIChippewa Valley High SchoolNov 06, 11:47
86Smiley, Amanda15 MIGrand BlancNov 07, 11:17
87Smith, Anna18ZeelandMIZeeland EastNov 06, 13:12
88Smith, Zain C17Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor Skyline High SchoolNov 05, 09:40
89Stauffer, Erin18 MIFarmington Hills MercyNov 03, 12:55
90Stevens, Korrine17PlymouthMIPlymouth High SchoolNov 06, 16:21
91Stevens, MacKenzie R1Commerece TownshipMIWalled Lake NorthernNov 05, 15:32
92Sturgeon, Courtney18PlymouthMIPlymouth High SchoolNov 06, 16:24
93Sundermann, Paige17Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor Skyline High SchoolNov 05, 09:43
94Tabacchini, Lauren17MacombMIMacomb L'anse Creuse NorthNov 05, 13:41
95Taylor, Maddie18South LyonMISouth LyonNov 06, 09:17
96Thaxton, Avery15 MINorthville High SchoolNov 07, 10:43
97Trombley, Abigail19DavisonMIDavisonNov 05, 17:23
98Turner, Jade16Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolNov 06, 19:13
99Van Nuil, Stephanie19Grand HavenMIGrand HavenNov 07, 09:38
100VanBuskirk, Sydney R18ClarskstonMIClarkston High SchoolNov 05, 21:59
101VeCasey, Elise15 MIRochester High SchoolNov 05, 11:46
102Veltigian, Keira17OxfordMIOxfordNov 03, 11:02
103Walicki, Lindsey16 MIJackson High SchoolNov 06, 21:21
104Ward, Sarah17TroyMIAthensNov 07, 10:25
105Wegryn-Jones, Jorja15 MIHolt High SchoolNov 06, 17:44
106Werkema, Katie18HudsonvilleMIHudsonville High SchoolNov 05, 12:49
107Wester, Margot17 MIBloomfield Hills High SchoolNov 05, 14:04
108Williams, Jordyn18PlymouthMISalem High SchoolNov 07, 06:48
109Wooley, Carissa16GrandvilleMIHolland-West OttawaNov 05, 10:56
110Youngs, Belle17KalamazooMIMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggNov 07, 12:31
111Younkin, Cara16 MISouth LyonNov 06, 09:12
112Zagornik, Renee18South LyonMISouth LyonNov 06, 09:09
113Zieman, Shayna M17West BloomfieldMIWest Bloomfield High SchoolNov 06, 14:55
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Amman, JenniferHead CoachNorthville High SchoolLivoniaMI
2Bates, ToddHead CoachMid'ville-Thornapple KelloggKalamazooMI
3Blitz, JeniferCoachFarmington Hills MercyRochester HillsMI
4Brinks, DaveAsst. CoachHudsonville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
5Cody, WilliamCoachClarkston High SchoolBerkleyMI
6Daly, ShawnAsst. CoachNew Baltimore Anchor BayChesterfieldMI
7Ferguson, KevinHead CoachSouth LyonSouth LyonMI
8Fick, TylorAsst. CoachForest Hills Northern EasternKentwoodMI
9Fischer, JessicaAsst. CoachBelleville High SchoolRomulusMI
10Fraylick, NicHead CoachWest Bloomfield High SchoolTroyMI
11Gale, EricHead CoachEast KentwoodKentwoodMI
12Geddis, Alex CoachHowell High SchoolBrightonMI
13Geiseman IV, Otto Head CoachSalem High SchoolCantonMI
14Ghazal, RebeccaHead CoachLake OrionLake OrionMI
15Goodman, EdCoachAnn Arbor Skyline High SchoolAnn ArborMI
16Guntzviller, CaseyHead CoachWalled Lake NorthernCommerceMI
17Hill, ShawnaHead CoachCaledonia CLSFreeportMI
18Huttenga, BradCoachAnn Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
19Inman, MattHead CoachZeeland EastZeelandMI
20Mason, DonHead CoachNovi High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
21Mchugh, ScottHead CoachBloomfield Hills High SchoolClawsonMI
22Meyers, JaneHead CoachHolland-West OttawaHollandMI
23Miller, MarcHead CoachWhite Lake LakelandHighlandMI
24Morrow, StevenHead CoachChippewa Valley High SchoolSt. Clair ShoresMI
25Nelson, KristinAsst. CoachHolt High SchoolEast lansingMI
26Ogonowski, JenniferHead CoachUtica EisenhowerClinton TownshipMI
27Paulson, ElainaHead CoachBridgman High School Co-OpSt. JosephMI
28Pearson, JohnHead CoachOxfordDrydenMI
29Ray, GaryAsst. CoachJackson High SchoolJacksonMI
30Roman, ChristaAsst. CoachPort Huron Red DawgsPort HuronMI
31Schurig, RobertHead CoachTroyLake OrionMI
32Smith, DanAsst. CoachRockford High SchoolRockfordMI
33Smith, KaraHead CoachSaline High SchoolYpsilantiMI
34Stalmack, EmilyCoachAnn Arbor Pioneerann arborMI
35Taft, JasonAsst. CoachGrand BlancGrand BlancMI
36Turner, AllisonAsst. CoachPlymouth High SchoolCantonMI
37Venticinque, TonyHead CoachTraverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
38Williams , JenniferAsst. CoachUtica Henry Ford IiShelby TwpMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronCostello, Annie E1Ann ArborMI
2Darnell, Becca18Ann ArborMI
3Heissenbuettel, Morgen18YpsilantiMI
4Ruud, Sami15Ann ArborMI
5Ann Arbor PioneerFraidenburg, Tierney16 MI
6Marion, Jordan15 MI
7Ann Arbor Skyline High SchoolSmith, Zain C17Ann ArborMI
8Sundermann, Paige17Ann ArborMI
9AthensMcEachern, Jessica17TroyMI
10Northcote, Rosemary16TroyMI
11Ward, Sarah17TroyMI
12Battle Creek CentralGuzzo, Sarah18Battle CreekMI
13Belleville High SchoolFrederick, Rachelle16 MI
14Schaekel, Isabelle19BellevilleMI
15Bloomfield Hills High SchoolArens, Cameron17Bloomfield HillsMI
16Lee, Adrianna18 MI
17Wester, Margot17 MI
18Bridgman High School Co-OpKapapula, Anna19StevensvilleMI
19Chippewa Valley High SchoolPrusinowski, Maddie21macombMI
20Smiecinski, Tori18Clinton twpMI
21Clarkston High Schoolbartley, Abigail18 MI
22Line, Abby19 MI
23lowell, Elisa19 MI
24VanBuskirk, Sydney R18ClarskstonMI
25DavisonOppenheim, Lydia16DavisonMI
26Trombley, Abigail19DavisonMI
27East KentwoodEjsmont, Kathryn18KentwoodMI
28Farmington Hills MercyFinelli, Emma17Farmington HillsMI
29Jablonski, Isabella18 MI
30Jankowski, Shayna17Farmington HillsMI
31McCliment, Ciara15FarmingtonMI
32Rybicki, Alexa18PlymouthMI
33Rybicki, Alison17PlymouthMI
34Stauffer, Erin18 MI
35Forest Hills Northern EasternFarbarzhevich, Sophia16 MI
36Koops, Abby16 MI
37Grand BlancHagler, Carolyn M17Grand BlancMI
38Smiley, Amanda15 MI
39Grand HavenVan Nuil, Stephanie19Grand HavenMI
40Grandville High SchoolOtto, Anna18WyomingMI
41Segard, Gracyn D17GrandvilleMI
42Sleeman, Gracie R17AdaMI
43Holland-West OttawaHarper, Ryann16 MI
44Wooley, Carissa16GrandvilleMI
45Holt High SchoolMcKinney, Megan15HoltMI
46Pawluk, Sara16holtMI
47Wegryn-Jones, Jorja15 MI
48Howell High SchoolLechtanski, Kali R17PinckneyMI
49Hudsonville High SchoolDeHommel, Taylor17 MI
50Doerr, Jada16 MI
51Schulte, Alyssa18HudsonvilleMI
52Werkema, Katie18HudsonvilleMI
53Jackson High SchoolWalicki, Lindsey16 MI
54Lake OrionCampbell, Colleen17 MI
55Macomb Dakota High SchoolAdams, Tiffany20MacombMI
56Macomb L'anse Creuse NorthLefebvere, Victoria19MacombMI
57Tabacchini, Lauren17MacombMI
58Mid'ville-Thornapple KelloggBrown, Shannon16KalamazooMI
59Johnson, Hannah17HastingsMI
60Youngs, Belle17KalamazooMI
61New Baltimore Anchor BayMartell, Scarlett17 MI
62Palmer, Lizzy17ChesterfieldMI
63Northville High SchoolThaxton, Avery15 MI
64Novi High SchoolCiolli, Amanda16NoviMI
65Dunn, Lorna17NoviMI
66Gu, Eyda15NoviMI
67Gudeman, Lauren16NoviMI
68Hill, McKaela17NoviMI
69Kerbrat, Sarah A15NoviMI
70Prieur, Miranda15NoviMI
71Rogers, Anna16NoviMI
72Shinohara, Anna16NoviMI
73OxfordBrocco, Sage16OxfordMI
74Veltigian, Keira17OxfordMI
75Plymouth High SchoolMcCall, Abby15 MI
76Silvester, Victoria18PlymouthMI
77Stevens, Korrine17PlymouthMI
78Sturgeon, Courtney18PlymouthMI
79Port Huron Red DawgsRoman, Hallie C18Port HuronMI
80Rochester High SchoolVeCasey, Elise15 MI
81Rockford High SchoolJendritz, Elise M17RockfordMI
82Romeo High SchoolBlock, Ella16 MI
83Miller, Cameron18RomeoMI
84Salem High SchoolBurt, Camille18PlymouthMI
85Williams, Jordyn18PlymouthMI
86Saline High SchoolDensham, Sarah17SalineMI
87Gidley, Paige E16SalineMI
88Marvin, Emily J17SalineMI
89Mulligan, Megan G17SalineMI
90Richards, Gabriella14 MI
91South LyonBidwell, Alexis19South LyonMI
92Ohland, Sophia14 MI
93Taylor, Maddie18South LyonMI
94Younkin, Cara16 MI
95Zagornik, Renee18South LyonMI
96Traverse City Central High SchoolDrake, Darby16Traverse CityMI
97Labonte, Hailey15 MI
98Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MI
99Turner, Jade16Traverse CityMI
100TroyDonnelly, Claire17 MI
101Efstate, Anna16TroMI
102Utica EisenhowerPowers, Paige E15Washington TownshipMI
103Senkus, Mikaela M16MacombMI
104Utica Henry Ford IiBrnjac, Katelyn7sterling htsMI
105Walled Lake NorthernStevens, MacKenzie R1Commerece TownshipMI
106West Bloomfield High SchoolKrauthamer, Ashley S16West BloomfieldMI
107Zieman, Shayna M17West BloomfieldMI
108White Lake LakelandDavis, Caitlin R17CommerceMI
109Fairbanks, Stella16WaterfordMI
110Nelson, Olivia18HighlandMI
111Zeeland EastEakley, Kennedi2ZeelandMI
112Grant, Mia15 MI
113Smith, Anna18ZeelandMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Region 1-1 @ Ann Arbor HuronArens, Cameron View Sheet 8.010.2Bloomfield Hills High School
2Bidwell, Alexis View Sheet 8.613.0South Lyon
3Burt, Camille View Sheet 8.613.9Salem High School
4Ciolli, Amanda View Sheet 8.310.7Novi High School
5Costello, Annie E View Sheet 8.713.9Ann Arbor Huron
6Darnell, Becca View Sheet 8.212.7Ann Arbor Huron
7Densham, Sarah View Sheet 8.412.3Saline High School
8Dunn, Lorna View Sheet 8.913.6Novi High School
9Fraidenburg, Tierney View Sheet 8.111.4Ann Arbor Pioneer
10Frederick, Rachelle View Sheet 8.19.2Belleville High School
11Gidley, Paige E View Sheet 8.612.5Saline High School
12Gu, Eyda View Sheet 8.310.9Novi High School
13Gudeman, Lauren View Sheet 8.411.3Novi High School
14Heissenbuettel, Morgen View Sheet 8.613.6Ann Arbor Huron
15Hill, McKaela View Sheet 8.713.3Novi High School
16Kerbrat, Sarah A View Sheet 8.010.6Novi High School
17Lechtanski, Kali R View Sheet 8.011.1Howell High School
18Lee, Adrianna View Sheet 8.010.1Bloomfield Hills High School
19Marion, Jordan View Sheet 8.311.4Ann Arbor Pioneer
20Marvin, Emily J View Sheet 8.511.5Saline High School
21McCall, Abby View Sheet 8.510.6Plymouth High School
22Mulligan, Megan G View Sheet 8.611.0Saline High School
23Ohland, Sophia View Sheet 8.511.7South Lyon
24Prieur, Miranda View Sheet 8.010.9Novi High School
25Richards, Gabriella View Sheet 7.99.2Saline High School
26Rogers, Anna View Sheet 8.311.4Novi High School
27Ruud, Sami View Sheet 8.812.7Ann Arbor Huron
28Schaekel, Isabelle View Sheet 8.311.0Belleville High School
29Shinohara, Anna View Sheet 8.812.7Novi High School
30Silvester, Victoria View Sheet 8.311.3Plymouth High School
31Smith, Zain C View Sheet 8.613.6Ann Arbor Skyline High School
32Stevens, Korrine View Sheet 8.49.5Plymouth High School
33Stevens, MacKenzie R View Sheet 8.211.7Walled Lake Northern
34Sturgeon, Courtney View Sheet 8.39.4Plymouth High School
35Sundermann, Paige View Sheet 8.312.7Ann Arbor Skyline High School
36Taylor, Maddie View Sheet 9.011.4South Lyon
37Thaxton, Avery View Sheet 8.211.4Northville High School
38Wester, Margot View Sheet 7.810.5Bloomfield Hills High School
39Williams, Jordyn View Sheet 8.410.5Salem High School
40Younkin, Cara View Sheet 8.713.1South Lyon
41Zagornik, Renee View Sheet 8.912.1South Lyon
42Region 2-1 @ L’Anse Creuse NorthAdams, Tiffany View Sheet 8.512.5Macomb Dakota High School
43bartley, Abigail View Sheet 8.211.5Clarkston High School
44Block, Ella View Sheet 7.811.3Romeo High School
45Brnjac, Katelyn View Sheet 8.29.9Utica Henry Ford Ii
46Brocco, Sage View Sheet 7.610.4Oxford
47Campbell, Colleen View Sheet 8.313.2Lake Orion
48Davis, Caitlin R View Sheet 8.711.8White Lake Lakeland
49Donnelly, Claire View Sheet 8.210.6Troy
50Efstate, Anna View Sheet 7.99.6Troy
51Fairbanks, Stella View Sheet 8.713.6White Lake Lakeland
52Finelli, Emma View Sheet 7.610.2Farmington Hills Mercy
53Hagler, Carolyn M View Sheet 8.713.8Grand Blanc
54Jablonski, Isabella View Sheet 8.010.7Farmington Hills Mercy
55Jankowski, Shayna View Sheet 8.212.7Farmington Hills Mercy
56Krauthamer, Ashley S View Sheet 8.011.3West Bloomfield High School
57Lefebvere, Victoria View Sheet 8.011.3Macomb L'anse Creuse North
58Line, Abby View Sheet 8.212.3Clarkston High School
59lowell, Elisa View Sheet 8.411.3Clarkston High School
60Martell, Scarlett View Sheet 8.614.0New Baltimore Anchor Bay
61McCliment, Ciara View Sheet 8.613.3Farmington Hills Mercy
62McEachern, Jessica View Sheet 8.812.0Athens
63Miller, Cameron View Sheet 7.69.9Romeo High School
64Nelson, Olivia View Sheet 8.611.1White Lake Lakeland
65Northcote, Rosemary View Sheet 8.413.6Athens
66Oppenheim, Lydia View Sheet 7.910.8Davison
67Palmer, Lizzy View Sheet 8.714.5New Baltimore Anchor Bay
68Powers, Paige E View Sheet 8.512.6Utica Eisenhower
69Prusinowski, Maddie View Sheet 8.813.2Chippewa Valley High School
70Roman, Hallie C View Sheet 8.614.4Port Huron Red Dawgs
71Rybicki, Alexa View Sheet 8.713.6Farmington Hills Mercy
72Rybicki, Alison View Sheet 8.412.4Farmington Hills Mercy
73Senkus, Mikaela M View Sheet 8.411.6Utica Eisenhower
74Smiecinski, Tori View Sheet 8.311.2Chippewa Valley High School
75Smiley, Amanda View Sheet 7.710.8Grand Blanc
76Stauffer, Erin View Sheet 8.011.2Farmington Hills Mercy
77Tabacchini, Lauren View Sheet 7.912.7Macomb L'anse Creuse North
78Trombley, Abigail View Sheet 8.211.3Davison
79VanBuskirk, Sydney R View Sheet 8.211.9Clarkston High School
80VeCasey, Elise View Sheet 8.410.3Rochester High School
81Veltigian, Keira View Sheet 8.913.9Oxford
82Ward, Sarah View Sheet 7.99.2Athens
83Zieman, Shayna M View Sheet 8.512.6West Bloomfield High School
84Region 3-1 @ Zeeland WestBrown, Shannon View Sheet 8.311.4Mid'ville-Thornapple Kellogg
85DeHommel, Taylor View Sheet 8.413.0Hudsonville High School
86Doerr, Jada View Sheet 8.811.5Hudsonville High School
87Drake, Darby View Sheet 9.014.4Traverse City Central High School
88Eakley, Kennedi View Sheet 7.912.5Zeeland East
89Ejsmont, Kathryn View Sheet 8.613.5East Kentwood
90Farbarzhevich, Sophia View Sheet 8.712.0Forest Hills Northern Eastern
91Grant, Mia View Sheet 7.811.7Zeeland East
92Guzzo, Sarah View Sheet 8.213.0Battle Creek Central
93Harper, Ryann View Sheet 8.412.5Holland-West Ottawa
94Jendritz, Elise M View Sheet 8.814.0Rockford High School
95Johnson, Hannah View Sheet 8.511.4Mid'ville-Thornapple Kellogg
96Kapapula, Anna View Sheet 8.211.2Bridgman High School Co-Op
97Koops, Abby View Sheet 8.212.2Forest Hills Northern Eastern
98Labonte, Hailey View Sheet 8.712.0Traverse City Central High School
99Livengood, Anwyn View Sheet 8.613.4Traverse City Central High School
100McKinney, Megan View Sheet 8.012.2Holt High School
101Otto, Anna View Sheet 8.714.0Grandville High School
102Pawluk, Sara View Sheet 8.112.8Holt High School
103Schulte, Alyssa View Sheet 8.612.8Hudsonville High School
104Segard, Gracyn D View Sheet 9.013.9Grandville High School
105Sleeman, Gracie R View Sheet 9.015.0Grandville High School
106Smith, Anna View Sheet 8.814.3Zeeland East
107Turner, Jade View Sheet 9.014.2Traverse City Central High School
108Van Nuil, Stephanie View Sheet 8.212.6Grand Haven
109Walicki, Lindsey View Sheet 8.29.7Jackson High School
110Wegryn-Jones, Jorja View Sheet 8.512.1Holt High School
111Werkema, Katie View Sheet 8.813.5Hudsonville High School
112Wooley, Carissa View Sheet 8.212.0Holland-West Ottawa
113Youngs, Belle View Sheet 9.013.8Mid'ville-Thornapple Kellogg
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