Name of Meet:
OK Red Girls Swimming and Diving Conference
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-01, 12:00 PM EDT
Registration Closes:
Nov-04, 9:00 PM EDT
Entry Fees Charged:
East Kentwood Aquatic Center
6320 Kalamazoo Ave SE
Kentwood, MI 49508
Main Contact:
Eric Gale
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Building/pool will open at 2:30pm on 11/7/2019.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving3211 3h25m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1East KentwoodKentwoodMI
2Grand HavenGrand HavenMI
3Grandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
4Holland-West OttawaHollandMI
5Hudsonville High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
6Rockford High SchoolRockfordMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Applegate, Riley  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 14:05
2Axtman, Jessica  MI Rockford High SchoolNov 03, 08:31
3Balavitch, Peyton  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 23:25
4Card, GracynSO Rockford, MI Rockford High SchoolNov 04, 17:19
5Chambers, JuliaSO Grand Rapids, MI Grandville High SchoolNov 03, 11:57
6Clauser, PaigeJR Rockford, MI Rockford High SchoolNov 04, 17:42
7Cook, SamJR Rockford, MI Rockford High SchoolNov 04, 17:30
8DeHommel, Taylor  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 13:42
9DeLuca, Julia  MI Grandville High SchoolNov 03, 12:15
10Duplissis, Clare  MI Grand HavenNov 02, 19:47
11Dykstra, Kirsten  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 22:46
12Hamm, Kendall  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 23:12
13Henderson, Bella  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 23:16
14Hopkins, Leah  MI Holland-West OttawaNov 01, 15:16
15Howard, Sammie  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 14:02
16Jongekryg, Faith  MI Holland-West OttawaNov 01, 15:03
17Juhasz, Gabby  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 22:57
18Klempel, Kylie  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 22:51
19Koperski, Avery  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 13:54
20Langosch, Mary  MI East KentwoodNov 02, 13:44
21Moore, Campbell  MI Grandville High SchoolNov 03, 12:03
22Mulder, IsabellaFR Hudsonville, MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 14:23
23Panse, Brecken  MI Holland-West OttawaNov 01, 14:55
24Pell, Olivia  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 13:46
25Phan, Sydney  MI Hudsonville High SchoolNov 03, 14:20
26Rose, AlexisJR Rockford, MI Rockford High SchoolNov 04, 17:34
27Roudebush, Kate  MI Holland-West OttawaNov 01, 15:12
28Shadowens, Alyssa  MI East KentwoodNov 02, 13:48
29Smith, LexiSO Rockford, MI Rockford High SchoolNov 04, 17:48
30Werkman, Libby  MI Grand HavenNov 03, 23:40
31Wolf, Marlee  MI Grandville High SchoolNov 03, 12:22
32Wooley, Carissa  Grandville, MI Holland-West OttawaNov 01, 15:07
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Brinks, DaveAsst. CoachHudsonville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
2Gale, EricHead CoachEast KentwoodKentwoodMI
3Klempel, ScottHead CoachGrand HavenGrand HavenMI
4Meyers, JaneHead CoachHolland-West OttawaHollandMI
5Randall, ChadHead CoachRockford High SchoolRockfordMI
6Van Nuil, StephanieAsst. CoachGrandville High SchoolGrand HavenMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1East KentwoodLangosch, Mary  MI
2Shadowens, Alyssa  MI
3Grand HavenBalavitch, Peyton  MI
4Duplissis, Clare  MI
5Dykstra, Kirsten  MI
6Hamm, Kendall  MI
7Henderson, Bella  MI
8Juhasz, Gabby  MI
9Klempel, Kylie  MI
10Werkman, Libby  MI
11Grandville High SchoolChambers, JuliaSOGrand RapidsMI
12DeLuca, Julia  MI
13Moore, Campbell  MI
14Wolf, Marlee  MI
15Holland-West OttawaHopkins, Leah  MI
16Jongekryg, Faith  MI
17Panse, Brecken  MI
18Roudebush, Kate  MI
19Wooley, Carissa GrandvilleMI
20Hudsonville High SchoolApplegate, Riley  MI
21DeHommel, Taylor  MI
22Howard, Sammie  MI
23Koperski, Avery  MI
24Mulder, IsabellaFRHudsonvilleMI
25Pell, Olivia  MI
26Phan, Sydney  MI
27Rockford High SchoolAxtman, Jessica  MI
28Card, GracynSORockfordMI
29Clauser, PaigeJRRockfordMI
30Cook, SamJRRockfordMI
31Rose, AlexisJRRockfordMI
32Smith, LexiSORockfordMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingApplegate, Riley View Sheet 8.410.9Hudsonville High School
2Axtman, Jessica View Sheet 8.312.0Rockford High School
3Balavitch, Peyton View Sheet 7.810.3Grand Haven
4Card, Gracyn View Sheet 8.210.7Rockford High School
5Chambers, Julia View Sheet 7.910.8Grandville High School
6Clauser, Paige View Sheet 8.212.5Rockford High School
7Cook, Sam View Sheet 8.09.8Rockford High School
8DeHommel, Taylor View Sheet 8.713.5Hudsonville High School
9DeLuca, Julia View Sheet 7.610.7Grandville High School
10Duplissis, Clare View Sheet 8.112.6Grand Haven
11Dykstra, Kirsten View Sheet 8.211.5Grand Haven
12Hamm, Kendall View Sheet 8.110.3Grand Haven
13Henderson, Bella View Sheet 7.710.2Grand Haven
14Hopkins, Leah View Sheet 8.412.2Holland-West Ottawa
15Howard, Sammie View Sheet 8.110.2Hudsonville High School
16Jongekryg, Faith View Sheet 7.810.3Holland-West Ottawa
17Juhasz, Gabby View Sheet 7.79.9Grand Haven
18Klempel, Kylie View Sheet 8.311.0Grand Haven
19Koperski, Avery View Sheet 8.110.5Hudsonville High School
20Langosch, Mary View Sheet 8.111.3East Kentwood
21Moore, Campbell View Sheet 8.011.0Grandville High School
22Mulder, Isabella View Sheet 8.610.3Hudsonville High School
23Panse, Brecken View Sheet 8.313.4Holland-West Ottawa
24Pell, Olivia View Sheet 8.612.4Hudsonville High School
25Phan, Sydney View Sheet 8.210.1Hudsonville High School
26Rose, Alexis View Sheet 7.810.1Rockford High School
27Roudebush, Kate View Sheet 8.311.6Holland-West Ottawa
28Shadowens, Alyssa View Sheet 8.811.8East Kentwood
29Smith, Lexi View Sheet 8.310.5Rockford High School
30Werkman, Libby View Sheet 8.411.3Grand Haven
31Wolf, Marlee View Sheet 7.810.0Grandville High School
32Wooley, Carissa View Sheet 8.612.8Holland-West Ottawa
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