Name of Meet:
Sheehan Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jan-30, 7:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-12, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Mark T Sheehan High School
142 Hope Hill Road
Wallingford, CT 06492
Main Contact:
Dan Wostbrock
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
One Meter Diving3211 3h25m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Cheshire High SchoolCheshireCT
2Daniel Hand High SchoolMadisonCT
3Fairfield Prep High School FairfieldCT
4Hamden High School BoysHamdenCT
5Holy CrossWaterburyCT
6Lyman Hall/CoginchaugWallingfordCT
7Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolWallingfordCT
8Naugatuck High SchoolNaugatuckCT
9North HavenNorth HavenCT
11Simsbury HSSimsburyCT
12Wamogo Regional High SchoolMorrisCT
13Waterford High School Boys Swim TeamWaterfordCT
14Xavier Swimming and DivingMiddletownCT
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Boothroyd, ElyseJR Durham, CT Lyman Hall/CoginchaugJan 30, 09:26
2Butler, Christian  CT North HavenFeb 01, 13:16
3Conte, Emily G  Wallingford, CT Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolJan 31, 11:52
4Dorsey, JordanFR Wallingford, CT Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolJan 31, 11:49
5Dow, Kody  CT Waterford High School Boys Swim TeamFeb 12, 20:25
6Duncan, Noah  CT Cheshire High SchoolFeb 11, 20:44
7Ferretti, Inhwa  CT Lyman Hall/CoginchaugJan 30, 09:29
8Fogie, Dmitriy  CT Holy CrossFeb 08, 13:39
9Generali, Trey  CT PomperaugFeb 08, 13:44
10Goddard, Grace  CT Daniel Hand High SchoolFeb 01, 13:42
11Hauser, Alexander  CT Daniel Hand High SchoolFeb 01, 13:36
12Heiser, Jonah  CT Hamden High School BoysFeb 07, 13:37
13Holland, NathanJR Southbury, CT PomperaugFeb 08, 13:26
14Kirejczyk, NicholasSO Berlin, CT Xavier Swimming and DivingFeb 12, 19:07
15Kral, Richard  CT Fairfield Prep High School Feb 07, 15:40
16Lenti, ElizabethJR Wallingford, CT Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolJan 31, 11:55
17Main, JaysonFR Naugatuck, CT Naugatuck High SchoolFeb 11, 20:54
18McDermott, Jack  CT Fairfield Prep High School Feb 07, 15:46
19Murphy, Jessica  CT Daniel Hand High SchoolFeb 01, 13:27
20Nicholson, Val  CT Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolJan 31, 12:06
21Ostapenko, Daniel  CT Hamden High School BoysFeb 07, 13:49
22Porier, Emmy  CT Lyman Hall/CoginchaugJan 30, 11:19
23Racevicius, MarcasSR Watertown, CT Holy CrossFeb 08, 13:07
24Riccitelli-Pestana, Claire  CT Lyman Hall/CoginchaugJan 30, 09:47
25Robie, Tyler  CT PomperaugFeb 08, 13:51
26Ryan, Tallah  CT Waterford High School Boys Swim TeamFeb 12, 20:41
27Sideris, NathanJR Morris, CT Wamogo Regional High SchoolFeb 09, 16:50
28Stone, JustinJR Naugatuck, CT Naugatuck High SchoolFeb 11, 21:54
29Tatum, Malaki  CT Simsbury HSFeb 12, 23:21
30Waldron, MasonJR Westbrook, CT Xavier Swimming and DivingFeb 12, 18:56
31Wang, AndrewSO Cheshire, CT Cheshire High SchoolFeb 12, 21:04
32Wihbey, Chris  CT Holy CrossFeb 08, 13:30
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Clouse, JodyHead CoachHamden High School BoysHamdenCT
2Dyer, KendallHead CoachWamogo Regional High SchoolLitchfieldCT
3Gauthier, AdamHead CoachXavier Swimming and DivingMiddletownCT
4Knepple, DanielHead CoachNaugatuck High SchoolOxfordCT
5Kowalski, RicahrdHead CoachSimsbury HSWeatogueCT
6Lautenschlager, ConnerHead CoachHoly CrossBristolCT
7Lavado-Berghorn, StephanieHead CoachLyman Hall/CoginchaugWallingfordCT
8Lewis, RobertAsst. CoachDaniel Hand High SchoolNorth HavenCT
9McClintock, LeeHead CoachPomperaugSouthburyCT
10Whyte, BrianHead CoachFairfield Prep High School FairfieldCT
11Wostbrock, DanielHead CoachMark T. Sheehan High SchoolWallingfordCT
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Cheshire High SchoolDuncan, Noah  CT
2Wang, AndrewSOCheshireCT
3Daniel Hand High SchoolGoddard, Grace  CT
4Hauser, Alexander  CT
5Murphy, Jessica  CT
6Fairfield Prep High School Kral, Richard  CT
7McDermott, Jack  CT
8Hamden High School BoysHeiser, Jonah  CT
9Ostapenko, Daniel  CT
10Holy CrossFogie, Dmitriy  CT
11Racevicius, MarcasSRWatertownCT
12Wihbey, Chris  CT
13Lyman Hall/CoginchaugBoothroyd, ElyseJRDurhamCT
14Ferretti, Inhwa  CT
15Porier, Emmy  CT
16Riccitelli-Pestana, Claire  CT
17Mark T. Sheehan High SchoolConte, Emily G WallingfordCT
18Dorsey, JordanFRWallingfordCT
19Lenti, ElizabethJRWallingfordCT
20Nicholson, Val  CT
21Naugatuck High SchoolMain, JaysonFRNaugatuckCT
22Stone, JustinJRNaugatuckCT
23North HavenButler, Christian  CT
24PomperaugGenerali, Trey  CT
25Holland, NathanJRSouthburyCT
26Robie, Tyler  CT
27Simsbury HSTatum, Malaki  CT
28Wamogo Regional High SchoolSideris, NathanJRMorrisCT
29Waterford High School Boys Swim TeamDow, Kody  CT
30Ryan, Tallah  CT
31Xavier Swimming and DivingKirejczyk, NicholasSOBerlinCT
32Waldron, MasonJRWestbrookCT
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1One Meter DivingBoothroyd, Elyse View Sheet 8.613.5Lyman Hall/Coginchaug
2Butler, Christian View Sheet 8.912.5North Haven
3Conte, Emily G View Sheet 8.011.1Mark T. Sheehan High School
4Dorsey, Jordan View Sheet 8.711.4Mark T. Sheehan High School
5Dow, Kody View Sheet 8.312.3Waterford High School Boys Swim Team
6Duncan, Noah View Sheet 7.913.3Cheshire High School
7Ferretti, Inhwa View Sheet 8.410.7Lyman Hall/Coginchaug
8Fogie, Dmitriy View Sheet 7.810.2Holy Cross
9Generali, Trey View Sheet 7.811.4Pomperaug
10Goddard, Grace View Sheet 8.010.6Daniel Hand High School
11Hauser, Alexander View Sheet 8.011.7Daniel Hand High School
12Heiser, Jonah View Sheet 8.013.1Hamden High School Boys
13Holland, Nathan View Sheet 8.011.3Pomperaug
14Kirejczyk, Nicholas View Sheet 8.010.8Xavier Swimming and Diving
15Kral, Richard View Sheet 7.512.5Fairfield Prep High School
16Lenti, Elizabeth View Sheet 8.010.6Mark T. Sheehan High School
17Main, Jayson View Sheet 8.110.0Naugatuck High School
18McDermott, Jack View Sheet 7.710.5Fairfield Prep High School
19Murphy, Jessica View Sheet 8.211.2Daniel Hand High School
20Nicholson, Val View Sheet 8.411.8Mark T. Sheehan High School
21Ostapenko, Daniel View Sheet 8.311.9Hamden High School Boys
22Porier, Emmy View Sheet 7.99.9Lyman Hall/Coginchaug
23Racevicius, Marcas View Sheet 8.713.1Holy Cross
24Riccitelli-Pestana, Claire View Sheet 8.311.4Lyman Hall/Coginchaug
25Robie, Tyler View Sheet 8.011.5Pomperaug
26Ryan, Tallah View Sheet 8.512.4Waterford High School Boys Swim Team
27Sideris, Nathan View Sheet 7.511.5Wamogo Regional High School
28Stone, Justin View Sheet 7.911.8Naugatuck High School
29Tatum, Malaki View Sheet 8.412.9Simsbury HS
30Waldron, Mason View Sheet 7.810.8Xavier Swimming and Diving
31Wang, Andrew View Sheet 7.49.8Cheshire High School
32Wihbey, Chris View Sheet 7.812.0Holy Cross
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