Name of Meet:
Lubbock Swimming & Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Nov-08, 8:00 AM CDT
Registration Closes:
Dec-06, 11:59 PM CDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Pete Ragus Aquatic Center
2004 14th Street
Lubbock, Tx 79401
Main Contact:
Penny DiPomazio
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Dec-06 11:59 PM CDT

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
General Warm up - Divers may warm up during the swimming prelims,
Event #1: Girls 1 - Meter, 11 Dive Competition- Will begin immediately following the swimming prelims
Warm up: 7:00-8:00 am
Event #2: Boys 1 - Meter, 11 Dive Competition: 8:05 am
Three Meter Warm up- There will be a 30 minute warm up after the Boys 1 meter is finished
Girls and Boys 3 Meter events will be combined
Event #3 Girls - 6 Dive 3 Meter Girls, NFHS Dual meet format, The voluntary dive may be any category, 5 judges
Event #4 Boys - 6 Dive 3 Meter Boys, NFHS Dual meet format, The voluntary dive may be any category, 5 judges

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1611 1h42m View Rules
Boys 3M Diving 6 Dives86 28m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving1211 1h17m View Rules
Girls 3M Diving 6 Dives86 28m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Abilene High SchoolAbileneTX
2Cooper High SchoolAbileneTX
3El Paso EastwoodEl PasoTX
4Hobbs High SchoolHobbsNM
5Klein High SchoolSpringTX
6Lubbock Cooper Liberty High SchoolLUBBOCKTX
7Lubbock CoronadoLubbockTX
8Lubbock HighLubbockTX
9Lubbock MontereyLubbockTX
10Lubbock- CooperLUBBOCKTX
11Midland High SchoolMidlandTX
12Trinity High SchoolEulessTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Abbott, AllyseSR Midland, TX Midland High SchoolDec 01, 11:21
2Ahrens, DylanSR Abilene, TX Cooper High SchoolDec 01, 07:31
3Balderrama, Nicole  El Paso, TX El Paso EastwoodDec 04, 11:48
4Burk, ClaireFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock HighDec 04, 13:24
5CALDERON, Amber  Hobbs, NM Hobbs High SchoolDec 03, 14:43
6Cooley, Ellen TSR Keller, TX Trinity High SchoolNov 30, 22:41
7CORNEJO, Luis  Hobbs, NM Hobbs High SchoolDec 03, 14:05
8Dollar, Isabelle  Spring, TX Klein High SchoolDec 05, 16:51
9Duran, Madilyn  Midland, TX Midland High SchoolDec 01, 14:10
10Finger, EthanFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock MontereyDec 04, 10:05
11GODOY, Ivan  Hobbs, NM Hobbs High SchoolDec 03, 13:57
12Gregory, TrentFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock Cooper Liberty High SchoolDec 04, 09:04
13HERNANDEZ, Alfredo  Hobbs, NM Hobbs High SchoolDec 03, 14:01
14Hernandez, DamionFR Midland, TX Midland High SchoolDec 01, 14:12
15HUDDLESTON, Quinn  Lubbock, TX Lubbock CoronadoDec 04, 10:02
16Jacoby, Barrett KJR Midland, TX Midland High SchoolDec 01, 13:15
17Juels, LukeSR Lubbock, TX Lubbock- CooperNov 29, 09:55
18King, TeaguenSO Lubbock, TX Lubbock CoronadoDec 04, 10:00
19Lee, LucasSO Abilene, TX Abilene High SchoolDec 01, 19:18
20Leonard, Sydney NFR Midland, TX Midland High SchoolDec 01, 13:20
21Leppert, Alexandria  Lubbock, TX Lubbock CoronadoDec 04, 10:13
22Maclachlan, SarahSO Lubbock, TX Lubbock- CooperDec 04, 20:47
23Multer, Reed  Lubbock, TX Lubbock HighDec 04, 13:28
24PALOMINO, Gabriel  Hobbs, NM Hobbs High SchoolDec 03, 13:59
25peralta, Isabel  El Paso, TX El Paso EastwoodDec 04, 12:27
26Shanklin, JamesFR Lubbock, TX Lubbock MontereyDec 04, 10:09
27Spence, Keoni  Lubbock, TX Lubbock HighDec 04, 13:26
28Timmons, JoshuaSR Lubbock, TX Lubbock- CooperNov 29, 09:47
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Calderon, CynthiaHead CoachHobbs High SchoolHobbsNM
2Crites, AllisonHead CoachLubbock MontereyLubbockTX
3Gardea, EmmanuelHead CoachEl Paso EastwoodEl PasoTX
4Huffman, ShawnHead CoachMidland High SchoolMidlandTX
5Svoboda, JimAsst. CoachKlein High SchoolSpringTX
6VanCamp, JenniferHead CoachAbilene High SchoolAbileneTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Abilene High SchoolLee, LucasSOAbileneTX
2Cooper High SchoolAhrens, DylanSRAbileneTX
3El Paso EastwoodBalderrama, Nicole El PasoTX
4peralta, Isabel El PasoTX
5Hobbs High SchoolCALDERON, Amber HobbsNM
6CORNEJO, Luis HobbsNM
7GODOY, Ivan HobbsNM
8HERNANDEZ, Alfredo HobbsNM
9PALOMINO, Gabriel HobbsNM
10Klein High SchoolDollar, Isabelle SpringTX
11Lubbock Cooper Liberty High SchoolGregory, TrentFRLubbockTX
12Lubbock CoronadoHUDDLESTON, Quinn LubbockTX
13King, TeaguenSOLubbockTX
14Leppert, Alexandria LubbockTX
15Lubbock HighBurk, ClaireFRLubbockTX
16Multer, Reed LubbockTX
17Spence, Keoni LubbockTX
18Lubbock MontereyFinger, EthanFRLubbockTX
19Shanklin, JamesFRLubbockTX
20Lubbock- CooperJuels, LukeSRLubbockTX
21Maclachlan, SarahSOLubbockTX
22Timmons, JoshuaSRLubbockTX
23Midland High SchoolAbbott, AllyseSRMidlandTX
24Duran, Madilyn MidlandTX
25Hernandez, DamionFRMidlandTX
26Jacoby, Barrett KJRMidlandTX
27Leonard, Sydney NFRMidlandTX
28Trinity High SchoolCooley, Ellen TSRKellerTX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAhrens, Dylan View Sheet 7.69.7Cooper High School
2CORNEJO, Luis View Sheet 8.515.3Hobbs High School
3Finger, Ethan View Sheet 8.513.0Lubbock Monterey
4GODOY, Ivan View Sheet 8.011.0Hobbs High School
5Gregory, Trent View Sheet 7.99.3Lubbock Cooper Liberty High School
6HERNANDEZ, Alfredo View Sheet 8.612.5Hobbs High School
7Hernandez, Damion View Sheet 7.59.4Midland High School
8Jacoby, Barrett K View Sheet 8.714.2Midland High School
9Juels, Luke View Sheet 8.614.3Lubbock- Cooper
10King, Teaguen View Sheet 8.713.0Lubbock Coronado
11Lee, Lucas View Sheet 8.29.3Abilene High School
12Multer, Reed View Sheet 7.610.3Lubbock High
13PALOMINO, Gabriel View Sheet 9.015.0Hobbs High School
14Shanklin, James View Sheet 7.59.5Lubbock Monterey
15Spence, Keoni View Sheet 8.313.8Lubbock High
16Timmons, Joshua View Sheet 8.19.4Lubbock- Cooper
17Boys 3M Diving 6 DivesCORNEJO, Luis View Sheet 1.68.7Hobbs High School
18Finger, Ethan View Sheet 1.58.7Lubbock Monterey
19Jacoby, Barrett K View Sheet 1.811.6Midland High School
20King, Teaguen View Sheet 1.69.3Lubbock Coronado
21Multer, Reed View Sheet 1.47.8Lubbock High
22PALOMINO, Gabriel View Sheet 1.610.8Hobbs High School
23Shanklin, James View Sheet 1.47.8Lubbock Monterey
24Spence, Keoni View Sheet 1.69.8Lubbock High
25Girls 1M DivingAbbott, Allyse View Sheet 8.713.6Midland High School
26Balderrama, Nicole View Sheet 8.19.4El Paso Eastwood
27Burk, Claire View Sheet 7.812.0Lubbock High
28CALDERON, Amber View Sheet 7.79.4Hobbs High School
29Cooley, Ellen T View Sheet 7.610.0Trinity High School
30Dollar, Isabelle View Sheet 7.711.6Klein High School
31Duran, Madilyn View Sheet 7.59.4Midland High School
32HUDDLESTON, Quinn View Sheet 7.810.3Lubbock Coronado
33Leonard, Sydney N View Sheet 7.811.6Midland High School
34Leppert, Alexandria View Sheet 8.412.9Lubbock Coronado
35Maclachlan, Sarah View Sheet 7.911.0Lubbock- Cooper
36peralta, Isabel View Sheet 7.99.4El Paso Eastwood
37Girls 3M Diving 6 DivesAbbott, Allyse View Sheet 1.610.7Midland High School
38Balderrama, Nicole View Sheet 1.58.2El Paso Eastwood
39Burk, Claire View Sheet 1.69.4Lubbock High
40Cooley, Ellen T View Sheet 1.58.5Trinity High School
41Dollar, Isabelle View Sheet 1.69.0Klein High School
42HUDDLESTON, Quinn View Sheet 1.58.4Lubbock Coronado
43Leonard, Sydney N View Sheet 1.69.1Midland High School
44Leppert, Alexandria View Sheet 1.69.0Lubbock Coronado
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