Name of Meet:
KLAA Boys Conference
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-26, 12:00 PM EST
Registration Closes:
Mar-09, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Novi High School
24062 Taft Road
Novi, MI 48375
Main Contact:
Don Mason
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving3211 3h25m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Belleville High SchoolBellevilleMI
2Brighton High SchoolBrightonMI
4Hartland High SchoolHartlandMI
5Howell High SchoolHowellMI
6Lincoln Park High SchoolLincoln ParkMI
7Livonia Churchill High SchoolLivoniaMI
8Livonia Stevenson High SchoolLivoniaMI
9Northville High SchoolNorthvilleMI
10Novi High SchoolNovi MI
11Plymouth High SchoolCanton MI
12Westland John Glenn High SchoolWestlandMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Adamski, Brendan  MI Plymouth High SchoolMar 03, 14:55
2Brundage, Kaden  MI Livonia Stevenson High SchoolMar 06, 12:03
3Budd, NoahSR Novi, MI Novi High SchoolMar 03, 17:01
4Cook, Tayden  MI Hartland High SchoolMar 06, 14:08
5Couchman, MasonSO Livonia, MI Livonia Churchill High SchoolMar 06, 11:17
6Dobar, Kip  MI Livonia Churchill High SchoolMar 06, 11:23
7Ferrera, Vincent  MI Hartland High SchoolMar 06, 13:59
8Freise, Luca  MI Novi High SchoolMar 03, 16:59
9Fribley, Jackson  MI Brighton High SchoolMar 07, 20:49
10Germain, Raven  MI Westland John Glenn High SchoolMar 08, 23:01
11Gierucki, Hunter  MI Novi High SchoolMar 03, 17:03
12Gjinaj, Leonardo  MI Cantn-D1Mar 01, 16:49
13Harris, Caden  MI Howell High SchoolMar 08, 16:50
14Hawley, Jacob  MI Belleville High SchoolMar 09, 14:53
15Holdcraft, Spencer  MI Howell High SchoolMar 08, 16:59
16Jakubowski, JoeyFR Livonia, MI Livonia Churchill High SchoolMar 06, 11:11
17Kubitski, Aiden  MI Howell High SchoolMar 08, 17:11
18Leland, Jack  Novi, MI Novi High SchoolMar 03, 17:06
19Losert, Jack  MI Hartland High SchoolMar 06, 13:30
20Maiz, Andy D  Northville, MI Northville High SchoolMar 06, 11:28
21McCausland, William  MI Northville High SchoolMar 06, 11:31
22Mic, Peter  MI Howell High SchoolMar 08, 17:04
23Nunez, Joseph  MI Westland John Glenn High SchoolMar 08, 23:05
24Passerman, Brendan  MI Plymouth High SchoolMar 03, 14:49
25Reina, Maxwell  MI Livonia Churchill High SchoolMar 06, 11:31
26Reina, Sam  MI Livonia Churchill High SchoolMar 06, 11:35
27RIchter, Liam  MI Hartland High SchoolMar 06, 13:40
28Scrivano, Scott  MI Brighton High SchoolMar 07, 20:22
29Siddall, Joseph  MI Northville High SchoolMar 06, 11:26
30Soraruf, Hunter  MI Brighton High SchoolMar 07, 20:36
31Weil, Mason  MI Plymouth High SchoolMar 03, 14:45
32Whittaker, Matt  MI Brighton High SchoolMar 07, 20:56
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Amman, JenniferHead CoachNorthville High SchoolLivoniaMI
2Breen, MatthewHead CoachLivonia Stevenson High SchoolNoviMI
3Burton, TerriHead CoachHowell High SchoolHowellMI
4Ferguson, RandyHead CoachWestland John Glenn High SchoolRomulusMI
5Haubenstricker, JohnCoachBrighton High SchoolBrightonMI
6Juchartz, AllisonAsst. CoachBelleville High SchoolBellevilleMI
7Kasprzak, ZacharyAsst. CoachHowell High SchoolHowellMI
8Kennedy, JessicaHead CoachLincoln Park High SchoolRomulusMI
9Labourdeth, EnriqueAsst. CoachCantn-D1CantonMI
10Richter, WilliamAsst. CoachHartland High SchoolHartlandMI
11St Pierre, KatinaAsst. CoachLivonia Churchill High SchoolLivoniaMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Belleville High SchoolHawley, Jacob  MI
2Brighton High SchoolFribley, Jackson  MI
3Scrivano, Scott  MI
4Soraruf, Hunter  MI
5Whittaker, Matt  MI
6Cantn-D1Gjinaj, Leonardo  MI
7Hartland High SchoolCook, Tayden  MI
8Ferrera, Vincent  MI
9Losert, Jack  MI
10RIchter, Liam  MI
11Howell High SchoolHarris, Caden  MI
12Holdcraft, Spencer  MI
13Kubitski, Aiden  MI
14Mic, Peter  MI
15Livonia Churchill High SchoolCouchman, MasonSOLivoniaMI
16Dobar, Kip  MI
17Jakubowski, JoeyFRLivoniaMI
18Reina, Maxwell  MI
19Reina, Sam  MI
20Livonia Stevenson High SchoolBrundage, Kaden  MI
21Northville High SchoolMaiz, Andy D NorthvilleMI
22McCausland, William  MI
23Siddall, Joseph  MI
24Novi High SchoolBudd, NoahSRNoviMI
25Freise, Luca  MI
26Gierucki, Hunter  MI
27Leland, Jack NoviMI
28Plymouth High SchoolAdamski, Brendan  MI
29Passerman, Brendan  MI
30Weil, Mason  MI
31Westland John Glenn High SchoolGermain, Raven  MI
32Nunez, Joseph  MI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingAdamski, Brendan View Sheet 7.911.5Plymouth High School
2Brundage, Kaden View Sheet 8.411.2Livonia Stevenson High School
3Budd, Noah View Sheet 8.612.1Novi High School
4Cook, Tayden View Sheet 7.810.3Hartland High School
5Couchman, Mason View Sheet 8.011.2Livonia Churchill High School
6Dobar, Kip View Sheet 8.412.2Livonia Churchill High School
7Ferrera, Vincent View Sheet 8.010.8Hartland High School
8Freise, Luca View Sheet 8.111.6Novi High School
9Fribley, Jackson View Sheet 8.312.3Brighton High School
10Germain, Raven View Sheet 8.111.0Westland John Glenn High School
11Gierucki, Hunter View Sheet 8.712.5Novi High School
12Gjinaj, Leonardo View Sheet 8.010.5Cantn-D1
13Harris, Caden View Sheet 8.513.2Howell High School
14Hawley, Jacob View Sheet 8.512.0Belleville High School
15Holdcraft, Spencer View Sheet 8.313.6Howell High School
16Jakubowski, Joey View Sheet 8.212.9Livonia Churchill High School
17Kubitski, Aiden View Sheet 8.913.1Howell High School
18Leland, Jack View Sheet 8.413.1Novi High School
19Losert, Jack View Sheet 8.413.0Hartland High School
20Maiz, Andy D View Sheet 9.013.3Northville High School
21McCausland, William View Sheet 7.49.7Northville High School
22Mic, Peter View Sheet 8.212.6Howell High School
23Nunez, Joseph View Sheet 8.010.5Westland John Glenn High School
24Passerman, Brendan View Sheet 7.410.7Plymouth High School
25Reina, Maxwell View Sheet 8.210.9Livonia Churchill High School
26Reina, Sam View Sheet 7.99.5Livonia Churchill High School
27RIchter, Liam View Sheet 8.412.8Hartland High School
28Scrivano, Scott View Sheet 8.715.6Brighton High School
29Siddall, Joseph View Sheet 7.910.4Northville High School
30Soraruf, Hunter View Sheet 8.312.5Brighton High School
31Weil, Mason View Sheet 7.910.7Plymouth High School
32Whittaker, Matt View Sheet 8.011.7Brighton High School
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