Name of Meet:
Craig Cummins Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-01, 6:00 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Sep-27, 12:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Skyline Aquatic Center
845 S. Crismon Rd
Mesa, AZ 11111
Main Contact:
Laura Sanchez
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Available until Sep-27 12:00 PM MST

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General Meet Information (click to read)
Please reach out to Coach Laura at the provided email or phone number with any questions. Meet timeline will be sent out after registration closes. Please see meet flier for entry fee information.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving1311 1h23m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving1011 1h4m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Brophy PrepPhoenixAZ
2Desert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
3Liberty High SchoolPeoriaAZ
4Mountain View High SchoolMesaAZ
5Red Mountain High SchoolMesaAZ
6Sunrise Mountain High SchoolPeoriaAZ
7Westwood High SchoolMesaAZ
8Xavier College PrepPhoenixAZ
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Bailey, Izzy  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 06:50
2Benson, Maren  AZ Mountain View High SchoolSep 03, 10:44
3Bonney, Levi  AZ Sunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 20, 11:39
4Brenay, Derrick  AZ Mountain View High SchoolSep 03, 10:49
5Chase, CarterSR Phoenix, AZ Brophy PrepSep 03, 14:46
6Clark, Ramsee  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 18:24
7Farley, Payton  AZ Xavier College PrepSep 18, 10:11
8Fenn, Carter  AZ Westwood High SchoolSep 14, 21:57
9Gannon, Chase  Phoenix, AZ Brophy PrepSep 03, 14:07
10Hayes, Kianna  AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 02, 18:00
11Johnson, CalebSO Peoria, AZ Sunrise Mountain High SchoolSep 20, 11:34
12Kennedy, SeanSR Phoenix, AZ Brophy PrepSep 03, 13:59
13Lange, CaitlynSO Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 02, 18:02
14Mabb, Nathan  AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 02, 17:56
15Owensby, Zadok  AZ Mountain View High SchoolSep 03, 10:55
16Pastiak, Addison  AZ Mountain View High SchoolSep 03, 10:40
17Powell, Kimber  AZ Liberty High SchoolSep 20, 11:26
18Raybourn, Ezekiel AFR Peoria, AZ Liberty High SchoolSep 20, 11:23
19Sanchez, FredJR mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 02, 17:57
20Shill, Grant  AZ Mountain View High SchoolSep 03, 10:52
21Smith, CamilleFR Mesa, AZ Desert Ridge High SchoolSep 02, 18:06
22Superfon, Maya FJR Paradise Valley, AZ Xavier College PrepSep 18, 10:12
23Sykes, DylanSO Mesa, AZ Red Mountain High SchoolSep 02, 17:53
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Conte, MarkHead CoachSunrise Mountain High SchoolGlendaleAZ
2Hoffer, KaceeHead CoachXavier College PrepTempeAZ
3Nejman, BarbaraHead CoachBrophy PrepPhoenixAZ
4Russell, RoryHead CoachWestwood High SchoolMesaAZ
5Sanchez, LauraAsst. CoachDesert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Brophy PrepChase, CarterSRPhoenixAZ
2Gannon, Chase PhoenixAZ
3Kennedy, SeanSRPhoenixAZ
4Desert Ridge High SchoolHayes, Kianna  AZ
5Lange, CaitlynSOMesaAZ
6Mabb, Nathan  AZ
7Sanchez, FredJRmesaAZ
8Smith, CamilleFRMesaAZ
9Liberty High SchoolPowell, Kimber  AZ
10Raybourn, Ezekiel AFRPeoriaAZ
11Mountain View High SchoolBenson, Maren  AZ
12Brenay, Derrick  AZ
13Owensby, Zadok  AZ
14Pastiak, Addison  AZ
15Shill, Grant  AZ
16Red Mountain High SchoolSykes, DylanSOMesaAZ
17Sunrise Mountain High SchoolBonney, Levi  AZ
18Johnson, CalebSOPeoriaAZ
19Westwood High SchoolBailey, Izzy  AZ
20Clark, Ramsee  AZ
21Fenn, Carter  AZ
22Xavier College PrepFarley, Payton  AZ
23Superfon, Maya FJRParadise ValleyAZ
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBonney, Levi View Sheet 8.79.8Sunrise Mountain High School
2Brenay, Derrick View Sheet 8.412.6Mountain View High School
3Chase, Carter View Sheet 7.610.3Brophy Prep
4Fenn, Carter View Sheet 7.410.2Westwood High School
5Gannon, Chase View Sheet 7.79.6Brophy Prep
6Johnson, Caleb View Sheet 8.011.7Sunrise Mountain High School
7Kennedy, Sean View Sheet 8.612.8Brophy Prep
8Mabb, Nathan View Sheet 8.413.7Desert Ridge High School
9Owensby, Zadok View Sheet 7.69.5Mountain View High School
10Raybourn, Ezekiel A View Sheet 9.015.3Liberty High School
11Sanchez, Fred View Sheet 7.99.9Desert Ridge High School
12Shill, Grant View Sheet 8.413.3Mountain View High School
13Sykes, Dylan View Sheet 8.411.3Red Mountain High School
14Girls 1M DivingBailey, Izzy View Sheet 8.712.5Westwood High School
15Benson, Maren View Sheet 7.910.4Mountain View High School
16Clark, Ramsee View Sheet 8.010.3Westwood High School
17Farley, Payton View Sheet 7.410.4Xavier College Prep
18Hayes, Kianna View Sheet 8.512.8Desert Ridge High School
19Lange, Caitlyn View Sheet 8.110.3Desert Ridge High School
20Pastiak, Addison View Sheet 9.012.3Mountain View High School
21Powell, Kimber View Sheet 7.69.5Liberty High School
22Smith, Camille View Sheet 8.511.0Desert Ridge High School
23Superfon, Maya F View Sheet 7.812.1Xavier College Prep
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