Name of Meet:
2019 Macomb Area Conference Division Girls Championship Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-20, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-05, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
LAnse Creuse North High School
LCN - 23700 21 Mile Road
Macomb, MI 48042
Main Contact:
John Pearson
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
LCN - 23700 21 Mile Road Macomb, MI 48042
Marysville – 555 East Huron Blvd. Marysville, MI 48040

Warm up Starts @ 4:00 pm, November 7, 2019
Competition starts @ 6 pm, November 7, 2019

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Blue Division @ Marysville1311 1h23m View Rules
Gold Division @ Marysville111 6m View Rules
Red Division @ LCN1111 1h10m View Rules
Silver Division @ Marysville011 View Rules
White Division @ LCN811 51m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Chippawa Valley High School Clinton Township MI
2Dakota High SchoolMacomb TownshipMI
3Fraser High SchoolFraserMI
4Grosse Pointe NorthGrosse PointeMI
5Grosse Pointe Southgrosse pointeMI
6Harrison L'anse Creuse High SchoolHarrison TownshipMI
7Marine City High SchoolMarine cityMI
8Marysville High SchoolMarysvilleMI
9New Baltimore Anchor BayNew BaltimoreMI
10Port Huron Red DogsPort HuronMI
11Romeo High SchoolRomeoMI
12Saint Clair High SchoolSaint ClairMI
13St. Clair Shores Lakeview High SchoolSt. Clair ShoresMI
14Utica EisenhowerShelby TwpMI
15Utica Henry Ford IiSterling HtsMI
16Warren Mott High SchoolWarrenMI
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Barnum, Kate  MI Fraser High SchoolOct 30, 10:37
2Bobinski, Emily  MI New Baltimore Anchor BayNov 04, 10:13
3Cooper, Jenna  MI Port Huron Red DogsNov 05, 13:32
4Corbin, Quinn  MI Harrison L'anse Creuse High SchoolNov 01, 11:34
5Diller, Jessica  MI Saint Clair High SchoolNov 05, 12:17
6Farley, Mia  MI New Baltimore Anchor BayNov 04, 10:04
7Gallick, Sara K  macomb, MI Utica Henry Ford IiNov 03, 12:19
8Glenn, Mary claire  MI Port Huron Red DogsNov 05, 14:18
9Golembiewski, JadeSO Shelby township, MI Utica EisenhowerNov 05, 07:30
10Gretierewicz, Abigail  Grosse Pointe, MI Grosse Pointe NorthNov 04, 20:55
11Hart, Paige  MI Marine City High SchoolOct 30, 20:41
12Hoover, Kyrstina  MI Marine City High SchoolOct 30, 20:29
13Judd, Breanna K  macomb, MI Utica Henry Ford IiNov 04, 15:49
14Kiteley, Riley  MI Port Huron Red DogsNov 05, 21:08
15Laster, Alaina  St Clair, MI Saint Clair High SchoolNov 05, 10:28
16Miller, Abby  MI St. Clair Shores Lakeview High SchoolNov 03, 12:45
17Nguyen, Amanda  MI Grosse Pointe NorthNov 04, 20:59
18Norris, ChelseaSO Warren, MI Warren Mott High SchoolNov 04, 21:14
19OConnor, MarissaSR Sterling Hts, MI Utica Henry Ford IiNov 04, 17:08
20Place, Mallory  MI Romeo High SchoolNov 01, 21:11
21Rogers, Caroline  MI Grosse Pointe NorthNov 04, 21:03
22Rogowski, Ava  MI Grosse Pointe SouthNov 04, 20:52
23Roman, Alexis  MI Port Huron Red DogsNov 05, 22:21
24Schneider, Audry  MI Dakota High SchoolOct 30, 10:43
25Senkus, Mikaela M  Macomb, MI Utica EisenhowerNov 05, 07:18
26Smiecinski, Tori  Clinton twp, MI Chippawa Valley High School Oct 30, 10:18
27Smith, Kaylee  MI Marysville High SchoolNov 04, 10:44
28Squier, Mikayla  MI St. Clair Shores Lakeview High SchoolNov 03, 12:39
29Stockwell, Haylee  MI Saint Clair High SchoolNov 05, 12:47
30Street, Joey  MI Marine City High SchoolOct 30, 19:39
31Tomaszewski, Lauren  MI Utica EisenhowerNov 05, 07:38
32Wilson, ZoeSO Macomb, MI Dakota High SchoolOct 30, 10:47
33Young, Ciara  MI Romeo High SchoolNov 01, 21:08
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bayless, LaurenAsst. CoachMarysville High SchoolMarysvilleMI
2Blackstock, SarahCoachUnattachedEast ChinaMI
3Cicola, Anthony Head CoachDakota High SchoolWarrenMI
4Daly, ShawnAsst. CoachNew Baltimore Anchor BayChesterfieldMI
5Lefebvre, VictoriaHead CoachHarrison L'anse Creuse High SchoolMacombMI
6Mulhern, ThomasHead CoachGrosse Pointe NorthMacombMI
7Rawlings, ElizabethAsst. CoachRomeo High SchoolArmadaMI
8Roman, ChristaHead CoachPort Huron Red DogsPort HuronMI
9Simcox, ScottieAsst. CoachWarren Mott High SchoolSterling HeightsMI
10Wadie, AdamAsst. CoachUtica EisenhowerSterling HtsMI
11Williams , JenniferAsst. CoachUtica Henry Ford IiShelby TwpMI
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Chippawa Valley High School Smiecinski, Tori Clinton twpMI
2Dakota High SchoolSchneider, Audry  MI
3Wilson, ZoeSOMacombMI
4Fraser High SchoolBarnum, Kate  MI
5Grosse Pointe NorthGretierewicz, Abigail Grosse PointeMI
6Nguyen, Amanda  MI
7Rogers, Caroline  MI
8Grosse Pointe SouthRogowski, Ava  MI
9Harrison L'anse Creuse High SchoolCorbin, Quinn  MI
10Marine City High SchoolHart, Paige  MI
11Hoover, Kyrstina  MI
12Street, Joey  MI
13Marysville High SchoolSmith, Kaylee  MI
14New Baltimore Anchor BayBobinski, Emily  MI
15Farley, Mia  MI
16Port Huron Red DogsCooper, Jenna  MI
17Glenn, Mary claire  MI
18Kiteley, Riley  MI
19Roman, Alexis  MI
20Romeo High SchoolPlace, Mallory  MI
21Young, Ciara  MI
22Saint Clair High SchoolDiller, Jessica  MI
23Laster, Alaina St ClairMI
24Stockwell, Haylee  MI
25St. Clair Shores Lakeview High SchoolMiller, Abby  MI
26Squier, Mikayla  MI
27Utica EisenhowerGolembiewski, JadeSOShelby townshipMI
28Senkus, Mikaela M MacombMI
29Tomaszewski, Lauren  MI
30Utica Henry Ford IiGallick, Sara K macombMI
31Judd, Breanna K macombMI
32OConnor, MarissaSRSterling HtsMI
33Warren Mott High SchoolNorris, ChelseaSOWarrenMI
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Blue Division @ MarysvilleCooper, Jenna View Sheet 8.810.7Port Huron Red Dogs
2Gallick, Sara K View Sheet 8.09.2Utica Henry Ford Ii
3Glenn, Mary claire View Sheet 8.510.6Port Huron Red Dogs
4Hart, Paige View Sheet 7.79.5Marine City High School
5Hoover, Kyrstina View Sheet 8.09.6Marine City High School
6Judd, Breanna K View Sheet 8.19.2Utica Henry Ford Ii
7Kiteley, Riley View Sheet 7.69.5Port Huron Red Dogs
8Miller, Abby View Sheet 8.79.8St. Clair Shores Lakeview High School
9OConnor, Marissa View Sheet 8.910.4Utica Henry Ford Ii
10Roman, Alexis View Sheet 8.812.5Port Huron Red Dogs
11Smith, Kaylee View Sheet 8.412.4Marysville High School
12Squier, Mikayla View Sheet 8.19.5St. Clair Shores Lakeview High School
13Street, Joey View Sheet 7.49.5Marine City High School
14Gold Division @ MarysvilleNorris, Chelsea View Sheet 7.89.4Warren Mott High School
15Red Division @ LCNDiller, Jessica View Sheet 8.511.2Saint Clair High School
16Golembiewski, Jade View Sheet 7.69.4Utica Eisenhower
17Gretierewicz, Abigail View Sheet 7.410.1Grosse Pointe North
18Laster, Alaina View Sheet 8.813.4Saint Clair High School
19Nguyen, Amanda View Sheet 8.311.0Grosse Pointe North
20Rogers, Caroline View Sheet 8.411.2Grosse Pointe North
21Rogowski, Ava View Sheet 8.210.8Grosse Pointe South
22Senkus, Mikaela M View Sheet 7.69.4Utica Eisenhower
23Smiecinski, Tori View Sheet 7.810.3Chippawa Valley High School
24Stockwell, Haylee View Sheet 7.79.7Saint Clair High School
25Tomaszewski, Lauren View Sheet 7.69.4Utica Eisenhower
26White Division @ LCNBarnum, Kate View Sheet 7.69.5Fraser High School
27Bobinski, Emily View Sheet 7.49.6New Baltimore Anchor Bay
28Corbin, Quinn View Sheet 8.69.1Harrison L'anse Creuse High School
29Farley, Mia View Sheet 8.011.7New Baltimore Anchor Bay
30Place, Mallory View Sheet 8.111.6Romeo High School
31Schneider, Audry View Sheet 7.59.5Dakota High School
32Wilson, Zoe View Sheet 7.810.5Dakota High School
33Young, Ciara View Sheet 7.49.6Romeo High School
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