Name of Meet:
Scott Eagle Diving Classic
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Dec-19, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Jan-10, 12:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Scott High School
5400 Old Taylor Mill Road
Taylor Mill, KY 41015
Main Contact:
Sabrina Epperson
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

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Please email meet director with Novice divers

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys JV126 42m View Rules
Boys Varsity1311 1h23m View Rules
Girls JV196 1h6m View Rules
Girls Varsity1511 1h36m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Beechwood High SchoolFort MitchellKY
3Bryan StationLexingtonKY
4Campbell County High SChoolAlexandriaKY
5Covington Catholic Park HillsKY
6Dixie Heights High SchoolCrestview HillsKY
7Highlands High SchoolFt ThomasKY
8Holy Cross High School (Covington)CovingtonKY
9Lexington CatholicLexingtonKY
10Madison CentralRichmondKY
11Madison Southern Swim and DiveBereaKY
12Montgomery CountyMount SterlingKY
13Notre Dame Academy Park HillsKY
14Paul Laurence DunbarLexingtonKY
15Russell CountyRussell SpringsKY
17Scott CountyGeorgetownKY
18Scott High SchoolTaylor MillKY
19Simon Kenton High SchoolIndependenceKY
20St. Henry District High SchoolErlanger KY
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1abner, Kenna15 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 28, 19:02
2Andrew, Meagan16 KYScott High SchoolDec 26, 19:01
3Auton, Kyla13 KYScott High SchoolDec 26, 18:51
4bassett, Issac14 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 23, 22:47
5Benson, Lexi18 KYBeechwood High SchoolDec 27, 11:05
6Bermingham, Brooklyn14 KYSimon Kenton High SchoolDec 26, 19:00
7Bryan, Tyler14 KYScott CountyDec 28, 21:55
8Cobb, Cecilia16 KYMadison CentralDec 28, 21:50
9Conley, Glenna13 KYSayreDec 28, 21:54
10coulter, Audrey13 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 23, 22:53
11Courtney, Sean18 KYBooneDec 29, 16:06
12Craycraft, Garrett16 KYMontgomery CountyDec 28, 21:51
13Deaton, Lydia16 KYCampbell County High SChoolDec 29, 09:21
14Dierker, Jude16 KYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:32
15Drees, Mitchel13HebronKYSt. Henry District High SchoolDec 20, 22:11
16Dudderar, Corey15 KYHoly Cross High School (Covington)Dec 28, 21:15
17Dummitt, Sean15 KYScott High SchoolDec 26, 18:54
18Emerson, Darby14 KYBeechwood High SchoolDec 27, 11:06
19Epperson, Alexis T15Taylor MillKYScott High SchoolDec 23, 11:41
20Fletcher, Peyton16 KYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:36
21Fox, Lindsey18LatoniaKYScott High SchoolDec 26, 18:48
22Ganshirt, Lance13 KYDixie Heights High SchoolDec 26, 19:06
23Graman, Alex13 KYBeechwood High SchoolDec 27, 11:04
24Groeschen, Lauren15Fort ThomasKYHighlands High SchoolDec 28, 19:45
25Guthier, Reece15 KYHighlands High SchoolJan 09, 20:24
26Kautz, Alex15 KYDixie Heights High SchoolDec 26, 19:05
27koenig, Lily14 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 23, 22:57
28Laird, Georgia17 KYNotre Dame Academy Dec 28, 11:02
29Lanter, Silas13 KYCampbell County High SChoolDec 29, 09:22
30Lawson, Maxwell15 KYRussell CountyDec 31, 01:31
31Lawson, Taylor13 KYScott High SchoolDec 31, 16:29
32Lee, Josie16 KYBeechwood High SchoolDec 27, 10:38
33Lehmkuhl, Emma16Ft WrightKYHoly Cross High School (Covington)Dec 28, 21:34
34Martin, Suzie18 KYHoly Cross High School (Covington)Dec 28, 21:32
35Mccauley, Max15 KYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:34
36meadows, Michael15 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 23, 22:35
37Middendorf, Sophia M18Ft. WrightKYNotre Dame Academy Dec 28, 10:58
38Miller, Abby17 KYBeechwood High SchoolDec 27, 11:02
39Mullins, Betsy16 KYBryan StationDec 28, 21:46
40murphy, Finn16 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 23, 23:34
41Pannell, Lucy boone16 KYLexington CatholicDec 28, 21:47
42Parker, Reagan14 KYCampbell County High SChoolDec 29, 09:19
43Patterson, Flanary J17Richmond KYMadison Southern Swim and DiveDec 29, 01:36
44Patterson, Lainey14 KYMadison Southern Swim and DiveDec 29, 01:56
45Pettit, Genna17 KYSt. Henry District High SchoolDec 20, 22:07
46Porter, Samantha14 KYSimon Kenton High SchoolDec 26, 18:58
47Pullen, Sam18 KYHoly Cross High School (Covington)Dec 28, 21:17
48Radhakrishnan, Alexis15 KYPaul Laurence DunbarDec 28, 21:53
49ray, Rachel17 KYHighlands High SchoolDec 28, 18:37
50Ryan, Sophie14 KYNotre Dame Academy Jan 08, 19:55
51Scheper, Cate15 KYNotre Dame Academy Dec 28, 11:08
52Schneider, Ryan14 KYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:51
53Shields, Ava15 KYNotre Dame Academy Dec 28, 11:03
54Smith, Logan17SomeplaceKYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:27
55Stigall, Aidan G14HebronKYSt. Henry District High SchoolDec 20, 22:04
56Tiemeier, Marian E16NewportKYCampbell County High SChoolDec 29, 09:16
57Tracey, Charles15 KYDixie Heights High SchoolDec 27, 12:53
58Warning, Alex13 KYScott High SchoolDec 23, 11:34
59Wessels, Evan17 KYCovington Catholic Dec 28, 10:41
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1 Greis, RenaeHead CoachHoly Cross High School (Covington)CovingtonKY
2Barber, KatieHead CoachBeechwood High SchoolCrestview HillsKY
3brungs, bernieHead CoachHighlands High SchoolflorrenceKY
4Epperson, SabrinaHead CoachScott High SchoolElsmereKY
5Mcelheney, KevinHead CoachSt. Henry District High SchoolHebronKY
6McGonigal , KatieHead CoachNotre Dame Academy UnionKY
7Palumbo, JamesHead CoachScott CountyLexingtonKY
8Patterson, JudHead CoachMadison Southern Swim and DiveRichmondKY
9Prater, GlendaHead CoachRussell CountyRussell SpringsKY
10Svatba, JoeyHead CoachCampbell County High SChoolErlangerKY
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Beechwood High SchoolBenson, Lexi18 KY
2Emerson, Darby14 KY
3Graman, Alex13 KY
4Lee, Josie16 KY
5Miller, Abby17 KY
6BooneCourtney, Sean18 KY
7Bryan StationMullins, Betsy16 KY
8Campbell County High SChoolDeaton, Lydia16 KY
9Lanter, Silas13 KY
10Parker, Reagan14 KY
11Tiemeier, Marian E16NewportKY
12Covington Catholic Dierker, Jude16 KY
13Fletcher, Peyton16 KY
14Mccauley, Max15 KY
15Schneider, Ryan14 KY
16Smith, Logan17SomeplaceKY
17Wessels, Evan17 KY
18Dixie Heights High SchoolGanshirt, Lance13 KY
19Kautz, Alex15 KY
20Tracey, Charles15 KY
21Highlands High Schoolabner, Kenna15 KY
22bassett, Issac14 KY
23coulter, Audrey13 KY
24Groeschen, Lauren15Fort ThomasKY
25Guthier, Reece15 KY
26koenig, Lily14 KY
27meadows, Michael15 KY
28murphy, Finn16 KY
29ray, Rachel17 KY
30Holy Cross High School (Covington)Dudderar, Corey15 KY
31Lehmkuhl, Emma16Ft WrightKY
32Martin, Suzie18 KY
33Pullen, Sam18 KY
34Lexington CatholicPannell, Lucy boone16 KY
35Madison CentralCobb, Cecilia16 KY
36Madison Southern Swim and DivePatterson, Flanary J17Richmond KY
37Patterson, Lainey14 KY
38Montgomery CountyCraycraft, Garrett16 KY
39Notre Dame Academy Laird, Georgia17 KY
40Middendorf, Sophia M18Ft. WrightKY
41Ryan, Sophie14 KY
42Scheper, Cate15 KY
43Shields, Ava15 KY
44Paul Laurence DunbarRadhakrishnan, Alexis15 KY
45Russell CountyLawson, Maxwell15 KY
46SayreConley, Glenna13 KY
47Scott CountyBryan, Tyler14 KY
48Scott High SchoolAndrew, Meagan16 KY
49Auton, Kyla13 KY
50Dummitt, Sean15 KY
51Epperson, Alexis T15Taylor MillKY
52Fox, Lindsey18LatoniaKY
53Lawson, Taylor13 KY
54Warning, Alex13 KY
55Simon Kenton High SchoolBermingham, Brooklyn14 KY
56Porter, Samantha14 KY
57St. Henry District High SchoolDrees, Mitchel13HebronKY
58Pettit, Genna17 KY
59Stigall, Aidan G14HebronKY
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys JVBryan, Tyler1.77.7Scott County
2Craycraft, Garrett1.89.8Montgomery County
3Dudderar, Corey1.77.6Holy Cross High School (Covington)
4Dummitt, Sean1.87.6Scott High School
5Fletcher, Peyton1.89.2Covington Catholic
6Ganshirt, Lance1.87.9Dixie Heights High School
7Graman, Alex1.77.9Beechwood High School
8Kautz, Alex1.89.2Dixie Heights High School
9Lanter, Silas1.67.5Campbell County High SChool
10meadows, Michael1.77.8Highlands High School
11Pullen, Sam1.87.8Holy Cross High School (Covington)
12Wessels, Evan1.88.0Covington Catholic
13Boys Varsitybassett, Issac7.99.6Highlands High School
14Courtney, Sean8.210.9Boone
15Dierker, Jude8.412.4Covington Catholic
16Drees, Mitchel7.611.0St. Henry District High School
17Guthier, Reece7.710.2Highlands High School
18Lawson, Maxwell8.511.1Russell County
19Mccauley, Max8.813.3Covington Catholic
20murphy, Finn8.813.8Highlands High School
21Schneider, Ryan8.313.0Covington Catholic
22Smith, Logan8.613.1Covington Catholic
23Stigall, Aidan G8.614.2St. Henry District High School
24Tracey, Charles8.111.4Dixie Heights High School
25Warning, Alex8.010.9Scott High School
26Girls JVAndrew, Meagan1.87.5Scott High School
27Auton, Kyla1.88.5Scott High School
28Benson, Lexi1.78.5Beechwood High School
29Bermingham, Brooklyn1.88.3Simon Kenton High School
30Cobb, Cecilia1.810.0Madison Central
31Conley, Glenna1.78.3Sayre
32coulter, Audrey1.38.1Highlands High School
33Deaton, Lydia1.87.6Campbell County High SChool
34Emerson, Darby1.77.6Beechwood High School
35koenig, Lily1.37.9Highlands High School
36Lawson, Taylor1.48.2Scott High School
37Lee, Josie1.88.9Beechwood High School
38Mullins, Betsy1.77.9Bryan Station
39Pannell, Lucy boone1.78.0Lexington Catholic
40Parker, Reagan1.87.6Campbell County High SChool
41Radhakrishnan, Alexis1.810.3Paul Laurence Dunbar
42Ryan, Sophie1.87.7Notre Dame Academy
43Scheper, Cate1.87.7Notre Dame Academy
44Shields, Ava1.77.6Notre Dame Academy
45Girls Varsityabner, Kenna8.010.6Highlands High School
46Epperson, Alexis T8.814.2Scott High School
47Fox, Lindsey8.613.5Scott High School
48Groeschen, Lauren8.011.7Highlands High School
49Laird, Georgia7.79.9Notre Dame Academy
50Lehmkuhl, Emma8.512.3Holy Cross High School (Covington)
51Martin, Suzie8.410.1Holy Cross High School (Covington)
52Middendorf, Sophia M8.513.0Notre Dame Academy
53Miller, Abby8.513.3Beechwood High School
54Patterson, Flanary J8.713.1Madison Southern Swim and Dive
55Patterson, Lainey7.712.0Madison Southern Swim and Dive
56Pettit, Genna8.613.2St. Henry District High School
57Porter, Samantha7.810.1Simon Kenton High School
58ray, Rachel7.69.5Highlands High School
59Tiemeier, Marian E8.613.7Campbell County High SChool
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