Name of Meet:
2017 Girls MISCA Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-01, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Oct-11, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Michael H. Jones Natatorium
EMU, 900 Oakwood St
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
Main Contact:
Brad Huttenga / John Pearson
Contact Phone:
734 657-0177 / 586 337-7520

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving3011 3h12m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
2Battle Creek CentralBattle CreekMI
3East KentwoodKentwoodMI
4East Lansing High SchoolEast LansingMI
5Farmington Hills MercyFarmington HillsMI
6Forest Hills Northern EasternGrand RapidsMI
7G.rap.forest Hills CentralGrand RapidsMI
8Grandville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
9Holland ChristianhollandMI
10Holland West OttawaHollandMI
11Holt High SchoolHoltMI
12Hudsonville High SchoolHudsonvilleMI
13Milan High SchoolMilanMI
14New Baltimore Anchor BayNew BaltimoreMI
15Novi High SchoolNovi MI
17Port Huron Red DawgsPORT HURONMI
18Rockford Rams High SchoolRockfordMI
19Traverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
21White Lake LakelandWhite LakeMI
22Zeeland EastZeelandMI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Bolt, Emily17ZeelandMIHolland ChristianOct 09, 21:57
2Carlson, Nicole19Grand Rapids MIG.rap.forest Hills CentralOct 11, 14:29
3Costello, Annie15Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronOct 08, 12:13
4Crawford, Mackenzie17YpsilantiMIMilan High SchoolOct 09, 08:34
5Darnell, Becca17Ann ArborMIAnn Arbor HuronOct 08, 12:15
6DeHommel, Taylor17 MIHudsonville High SchoolOct 10, 21:36
7Drake, Darby15Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 11, 13:50
8Dunn, Lorna17NoviMINovi High SchoolOct 08, 19:53
9Ejsmont, Kathryn17KentwoodMIEast KentwoodOct 10, 08:40
10Fairbanks, Stella E16HighlandMIWhite Lake LakelandOct 11, 14:25
11Guzzo, Sarah17Battle CreekMIBattle Creek CentralOct 09, 21:59
12Hansen, Anna G17AdaMIG.rap.forest Hills CentralOct 11, 14:27
13Harper, Ryann16 MIHolland West OttawaOct 10, 20:08
14Hill, McKaela17NoviMINovi High SchoolOct 08, 19:57
15Jendritz, Elise M17RockfordMIRockford Rams High SchoolOct 11, 16:06
16Kramer, Colleen R18AdaMIG.rap.forest Hills CentralOct 11, 14:32
17Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 11, 13:54
18Otto, Anna17WyomingMIGrandville High SchoolOct 09, 23:14
19Palmer, Lizzy16ChesterfieldMINew Baltimore Anchor BayOct 11, 11:01
20Pawluk, Sara16holtMIHolt High SchoolOct 11, 17:09
21Petrie, Eve V17East LansingMIEast Lansing High SchoolOct 10, 17:20
22Roman, Hallie C18Port HuronMIPort Huron Red DawgsOct 11, 09:22
23Rybicki, Alexa18PlymouthMIFarmington Hills MercyOct 09, 08:54
24Schafer, Allyson18WaylandMIWaylandOct 10, 15:02
25Segard, Gracyn D17GrandvilleMIGrandville High SchoolOct 08, 19:17
26Sleeman, Gracie R17AdaMIForest Hills Northern EasternOct 08, 19:20
27Smith, Anna17ZeelandMIZeeland EastOct 09, 22:36
28Turner, Jade15Traverse CityMITraverse City Central High SchoolOct 11, 13:52
29Veltigian, Keira16OxfordMIOxfordOct 08, 21:04
30Werkema, Katie18HudsonvilleMIHudsonville High SchoolOct 10, 21:30
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Anderson, SarahHead CoachBattle Creek CentralBattle CreekMI
2Blitz, JeniferHead CoachFarmington Hills MercyRochester HillsMI
3Brinks, DaveAsst. CoachHudsonville High SchoolGrandvilleMI
4Daly, ShawnAsst. CoachNew Baltimore Anchor BayChesterfieldMI
5Fick, TylorAsst. CoachForest Hills Northern EasternKentwoodMI
6Gale, EricHead CoachEast KentwoodKentwoodMI
7Huttenga, BradHead CoachAnn Arbor HuronAnn ArborMI
8Inman, MattHead CoachZeeland EastZeelandMI
9Kuhlman, TomHead CoachEast Lansing High SchoolLansingMI
10Laginess, ChelseaHead CoachMilan High SchoolDundeeMI
11Mason, DonHead CoachNovi High SchoolBloomfield HillsMI
12Meyers, JaneHead CoachHolland West OttawaHollandMI
13Miller, MarcHead CoachWhite Lake LakelandHighlandMI
14Moritz, CaitlinHead CoachWaylandWaylandMI
15Nelson, KristinAsst. CoachHolt High SchoolEast lansingMI
16Pearson, JohnHead CoachOxfordDrydenMI
17Ramahi, Jasmine Asst. CoachG.rap.forest Hills CentralGrand RapidsMI
18Riemersma, DianeAsst. CoachHolland ChristianZeelandMI
19Smith, DanAsst. CoachRockford Rams High SchoolRockfordMI
20Venticinque, TonyHead CoachTraverse City Central High SchoolTraverse CityMI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Ann Arbor HuronCostello, Annie15Ann ArborMI
2Darnell, Becca17Ann ArborMI
3Battle Creek CentralGuzzo, Sarah17Battle CreekMI
4East KentwoodEjsmont, Kathryn17KentwoodMI
5East Lansing High SchoolPetrie, Eve V17East LansingMI
6Farmington Hills MercyRybicki, Alexa18PlymouthMI
7Forest Hills Northern EasternSleeman, Gracie R17AdaMI
8G.rap.forest Hills CentralCarlson, Nicole19Grand Rapids MI
9Hansen, Anna G17AdaMI
10Kramer, Colleen R18AdaMI
11Grandville High SchoolOtto, Anna17WyomingMI
12Segard, Gracyn D17GrandvilleMI
13Holland ChristianBolt, Emily17ZeelandMI
14Holland West OttawaHarper, Ryann16 MI
15Holt High SchoolPawluk, Sara16holtMI
16Hudsonville High SchoolDeHommel, Taylor17 MI
17Werkema, Katie18HudsonvilleMI
18Milan High SchoolCrawford, Mackenzie17YpsilantiMI
19New Baltimore Anchor BayPalmer, Lizzy16ChesterfieldMI
20Novi High SchoolDunn, Lorna17NoviMI
21Hill, McKaela17NoviMI
22OxfordVeltigian, Keira16OxfordMI
23Port Huron Red DawgsRoman, Hallie C18Port HuronMI
24Rockford Rams High SchoolJendritz, Elise M17RockfordMI
25Traverse City Central High SchoolDrake, Darby15Traverse CityMI
26Livengood, Anwyn16Traverse City MI
27Turner, Jade15Traverse CityMI
28WaylandSchafer, Allyson18WaylandMI
29White Lake LakelandFairbanks, Stella E16HighlandMI
30Zeeland EastSmith, Anna17ZeelandMI
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingBolt, Emily8.613.5Holland Christian
2Carlson, Nicole8.613.8G.rap.forest Hills Central
3Costello, Annie8.713.6Ann Arbor Huron
4Crawford, Mackenzie8.713.6Milan High School
5Darnell, Becca8.212.7Ann Arbor Huron
6DeHommel, Taylor8.612.1Hudsonville High School
7Drake, Darby9.014.4Traverse City Central High School
8Dunn, Lorna8.713.0Novi High School
9Ejsmont, Kathryn8.613.4East Kentwood
10Fairbanks, Stella E8.613.5White Lake Lakeland
11Guzzo, Sarah8.213.0Battle Creek Central
12Hansen, Anna G8.613.5G.rap.forest Hills Central
13Harper, Ryann8.412.5Holland West Ottawa
14Hill, McKaela8.613.3Novi High School
15Jendritz, Elise M8.614.0Rockford Rams High School
16Kramer, Colleen R8.613.8G.rap.forest Hills Central
17Livengood, Anwyn8.613.4Traverse City Central High School
18Otto, Anna8.713.8Grandville High School
19Palmer, Lizzy8.714.3New Baltimore Anchor Bay
20Pawluk, Sara8.012.9Holt High School
21Petrie, Eve V8.913.1East Lansing High School
22Roman, Hallie C8.614.4Port Huron Red Dawgs
23Rybicki, Alexa8.713.6Farmington Hills Mercy
24Schafer, Allyson8.714.1Wayland
25Segard, Gracyn D9.013.9Grandville High School
26Sleeman, Gracie R9.015.0Forest Hills Northern Eastern
27Smith, Anna8.814.0Zeeland East
28Turner, Jade9.014.2Traverse City Central High School
29Veltigian, Keira8.613.9Oxford
30Werkema, Katie8.813.5Hudsonville High School
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