Name of Meet:
Upper Valley Diving Spring Fling with a Twist
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Mar-30, 12:01 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Apr-26, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Late Fees Charged:
Yes, $20.00 One-time Fee
Late Fees Begin:
Apr-24, 12:01 AM EST
Dartmouth Karl Michael Pool
Dartmouth Alumni Gym 16 E Wheelock St
Hanover, NH 03755
Main Contact:
Chris Hamilton
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
09 under Boys 1M04 View Rules
09 under Boys 3M04 View Rules
09 under Girls 1M14 2m View Rules
09 under Girls 3M04 View Rules
10-11 Boys 1M05 View Rules
10-11 Boys 3M05 View Rules
10-11 Girls 1M05 View Rules
10-11 Girls 3M05 View Rules
12-13 Boys 1M08 View Rules
12-13 Boys 3M08 View Rules
12-13 Girls 1M17 4m View Rules
12-13 Girls 3M17 4m View Rules
14-15 Boys 1M19 5m View Rules
14-15 Boys 3M19 5m View Rules
14-15 Girls 1M18 4m View Rules
14-15 Girls 3M08 View Rules
16-18 Boys 1M410 23m View Rules
16-18 Boys 3M110 5m View Rules
16-18 Girls 1M69 31m View Rules
16-18 Girls 3M49 21m View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 1M05 View Rules
Novice Boys 10-11 3M06 View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 1M06 View Rules
Novice Boys 12-13 3M07 View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 1M07 View Rules
Novice Boys 14-15 3M08 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 1M07 View Rules
Novice Boys 16-18 3M08 View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 1M05 View Rules
Novice Boys 9 under 3M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 1M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 10-11 3M06 View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 1M16 3m View Rules
Novice Girls 12-13 3M07 View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 1M07 View Rules
Novice Girls 14-15 3M08 View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 1M17 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 16-18 3M18 4m View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 1M05 View Rules
Novice Girls 9 under 3M15 2m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Central Mass DivingWorcesterMA
2Upper Valley DivingHanoverNH
3ZAP DivingSudburyMA
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Almog, Hilla15WaylandMAZAP DivingApr 24, 21:33
2Anselmi, Jackson16PepperellMAZAP DivingApr 16, 16:25
3Benson, Laurel12NorwichVTUpper Valley DivingApr 22, 16:11
4Bryant, Abigail R17MedwayMACentral Mass DivingApr 12, 15:58
5Calderwood, Samuel13 NHUpper Valley DivingApr 22, 11:32
6Foxon, Sophia C13CumberlandRICentral Mass DivingApr 12, 16:05
7Fryou, Noah L18LexingtonMAZAP DivingApr 24, 15:04
8Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NHUpper Valley DivingApr 22, 11:15
9Green, Jonah16BrimfieldMACentral Mass DivingApr 12, 15:44
10Henderson, Susanna K13CumberlandRICentral Mass DivingApr 12, 15:49
11HOFFER, Benjamin17 NHUpper Valley DivingApr 21, 12:50
12McKenna, Phoebe9SHREWSBURYMACentral Mass DivingApr 12, 16:19
13Pham, Mai16Princeton MACentral Mass DivingApr 23, 13:15
14Ramesh, Nidhi16ShrewsburyMACentral Mass DivingApr 12, 16:07
15Renshaw, Kai17HanoverNHUpper Valley DivingApr 22, 10:19
16Rizika, Alexa C17WellesleyMAZAP DivingApr 24, 21:14
17Tocco, Brianna18HopkintonMAZAP DivingApr 23, 17:01
18Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVTUpper Valley DivingApr 22, 10:22
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Aybar, WilsonHead CoachCentral Mass DivingWebsterMA
2RENSHAW, CARLHead CoachUpper Valley DivingHanoverNH
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Central Mass DivingBryant, Abigail R17MedwayMA
2Foxon, Sophia C13CumberlandRI
3Green, Jonah16BrimfieldMA
4Henderson, Susanna K13CumberlandRI
6Pham, Mai16Princeton MA
7Ramesh, Nidhi16ShrewsburyMA
8Upper Valley DivingBenson, Laurel12NorwichVT
9Calderwood, Samuel13 NH
10Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel18 NH
11HOFFER, Benjamin17 NH
12Renshaw, Kai17HanoverNH
13Wallis, Amelia16NorwichVT
14ZAP DivingAlmog, Hilla15WaylandMA
15Anselmi, Jackson16PepperellMA
16Fryou, Noah L18LexingtonMA
17Rizika, Alexa C17WellesleyMA
18Tocco, Brianna18HopkintonMA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1 Benson, Laurel View Sheet 0.06.2Upper Valley Diving
2Calderwood, Samuel View Sheet 8.35.4Upper Valley Diving
3Calderwood, Samuel View Sheet 0.06.4Upper Valley Diving
4Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel View Sheet 0.08.1Upper Valley Diving
5HOFFER, Benjamin View Sheet 0.08.5Upper Valley Diving
609 under Girls 1MMcKenna, Phoebe View Sheet 4.71.4Central Mass Diving
712-13 Girls 1MHenderson, Susanna K View Sheet 8.33.3Central Mass Diving
812-13 Girls 3MHenderson, Susanna K View Sheet 8.63.3Central Mass Diving
914-15 Boys 1MGreen, Jonah View Sheet 9.09.0Central Mass Diving
1014-15 Boys 3MGreen, Jonah View Sheet 8.58.8Central Mass Diving
1114-15 Girls 1MAlmog, Hilla View Sheet 8.76.8ZAP Diving
1216-18 Boys 1MAnselmi, Jackson View Sheet 8.710.6ZAP Diving
13Fryou, Noah L View Sheet 7.98.1ZAP Diving
14HOFFER, Benjamin View Sheet 8.211.1Upper Valley Diving
15Renshaw, Kai View Sheet 9.012.0Upper Valley Diving
1616-18 Boys 3MRenshaw, Kai View Sheet 8.811.5Upper Valley Diving
1716-18 Girls 1MBryant, Abigail R View Sheet 9.09.2Central Mass Diving
18Garrity-Hanchett, Hazel View Sheet 7.86.3Upper Valley Diving
19Pham, Mai View Sheet 7.67.5Central Mass Diving
20Rizika, Alexa C View Sheet 8.06.3ZAP Diving
21Tocco, Brianna View Sheet 8.78.3ZAP Diving
22Wallis, Amelia View Sheet 8.79.1Upper Valley Diving
2316-18 Girls 3MBryant, Abigail R View Sheet 9.49.3Central Mass Diving
24Pham, Mai View Sheet 8.47.0Central Mass Diving
25Tocco, Brianna View Sheet 8.87.4ZAP Diving
26Wallis, Amelia View Sheet 8.88.7Upper Valley Diving
27Novice Girls 12-13 1MFoxon, Sophia C View Sheet 0.06.1Central Mass Diving
28Novice Girls 16-18 1MRamesh, Nidhi View Sheet 0.07.6Central Mass Diving
29Novice Girls 16-18 3MRamesh, Nidhi View Sheet 0.08.4Central Mass Diving
30Novice Girls 9 under 3MMcKenna, Phoebe View Sheet 0.04.9Central Mass Diving
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