Name of Meet:
2019 Womens NESCAC Diving Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-04, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-13, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Freeman Athletic Center
161 Cross Street
Middletown, CT 06457
Main Contact:
Devon O’Nalty
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Women’s 1-meter Preliminaries2511 2h40m View Rules
Women’s 3-meter Preliminaries2411 2h34m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Amherst CollegeAmherstMA
2Bowdoin CollegeBrunswickME
3Colby CollegeWatervilleME
4Hamilton CollegeClintonNY
5Middlebury CollegeMiddleburyVT
6Trinity CollegeHartfordCT
8Wesleyan UniversityMiddletownCT
9Williams CollegeWilliamstownMA
Diver NameAgeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Angell, Erin Marina22 Berkeley, CA Wesleyan UniversityFeb 10, 21:19
2Carroll, Mary C20 Longmeadow, MA Middlebury CollegeFeb 10, 21:13
3Chong, Amber19 Issaquah, WA TuftsFeb 10, 22:17
4Chouinard, Grace19 CT Trinity CollegeFeb 11, 20:44
5Cooper, Devon B22 CT Wesleyan UniversityFeb 10, 18:26
6Elliott, Alicia22 Potomac, MD Colby CollegeFeb 10, 17:03
7Fawell, Stephanie19 ME Colby CollegeFeb 07, 09:03
8Gevinski, Carolyn19 NY Hamilton CollegeFeb 06, 16:17
9Goldman, Sarah R20 Port Washington, NY Wesleyan UniversityFeb 10, 21:27
10Johnson, Jazmin20 CT Trinity CollegeFeb 11, 20:40
11Johnston, Kirsten21 ME Colby CollegeFeb 10, 14:24
12Kelsey, Thea21 Belmont, MA Bowdoin CollegeFeb 07, 07:38
13Lanckton, Talia K19 Brookline, MA Wesleyan UniversityFeb 12, 22:27
14Mercier, Gabriella20 Granby, MA Williams CollegeFeb 10, 09:52
15Nguyen, Maggie19 Kennebunk, ME Middlebury CollegeFeb 10, 20:52
16Palermo, Jacqueline22 MA Amherst CollegeFeb 10, 16:55
17Peretz, Lauren S19 Hollywood, FL Wesleyan UniversityFeb 13, 22:58
18Peterson, Brooke19 Burlingame, CA TuftsFeb 10, 23:18
19Pickup, Sarah A22 Monroe, CT Hamilton CollegeFeb 06, 16:26
20Ramos, Olivia19 CT Trinity CollegeFeb 11, 20:49
21Rieur, Olivia19 Brookline, MA Middlebury CollegeFeb 11, 19:38
22Ruderman, Lindsey20 MA Amherst CollegeFeb 06, 22:00
23Sablich, Wren19 ME Bowdoin CollegeFeb 07, 10:09
24Stern, Rebecca22 Northfield, IL Bowdoin CollegeFeb 06, 14:42
25Urban Spillane, Lia19 CT Trinity CollegeFeb 11, 20:34
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Celecki, MarkHead CoachHamilton CollegeHolland PatentNY
2Dellaripa, JeanetteAsst. CoachTrinity CollegeHartfordCT
3Hall, DougAsst. CoachColby CollegePortlandME
4O'Nalty, DevonAsst. CoachWesleyan UniversityMiddletownCT
5Snodgrass, BradHead CoachTuftsWatertownMA
6Willard, Kelsey Head CoachBowdoin CollegeBowdoinhamME
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Amherst CollegePalermo, Jacqueline22 MA
2Ruderman, Lindsey20 MA
3Bowdoin CollegeKelsey, Thea21BelmontMA
4Sablich, Wren19 ME
5Stern, Rebecca22NorthfieldIL
6Colby CollegeElliott, Alicia22PotomacMD
7Fawell, Stephanie19 ME
8Johnston, Kirsten21 ME
9Hamilton CollegeGevinski, Carolyn19 NY
10Pickup, Sarah A22MonroeCT
11Middlebury CollegeCarroll, Mary C20LongmeadowMA
12Nguyen, Maggie19KennebunkME
13Rieur, Olivia19BrooklineMA
14Trinity CollegeChouinard, Grace19 CT
15Johnson, Jazmin20 CT
16Ramos, Olivia19 CT
17Urban Spillane, Lia19 CT
18TuftsChong, Amber19IssaquahWA
19Peterson, Brooke19BurlingameCA
20Wesleyan UniversityAngell, Erin Marina22BerkeleyCA
21Cooper, Devon B22 CT
22Goldman, Sarah R20Port WashingtonNY
23Lanckton, Talia K19BrooklineMA
24Peretz, Lauren S19HollywoodFL
25Williams CollegeMercier, Gabriella20GranbyMA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Women’s 1-meter PreliminariesAngell, Erin Marina View Sheet 8.713.5Wesleyan University
2Carroll, Mary C View Sheet 8.412.9Middlebury College
3Chong, Amber View Sheet 8.814.0Tufts
4Chouinard, Grace View Sheet 8.012.6Trinity College
5Cooper, Devon B View Sheet 8.613.3Wesleyan University
6Elliott, Alicia View Sheet 8.010.9Colby College
7Fawell, Stephanie View Sheet 8.211.9Colby College
8Gevinski, Carolyn View Sheet 7.711.2Hamilton College
9Goldman, Sarah R View Sheet 8.412.9Wesleyan University
10Johnson, Jazmin View Sheet 8.212.6Trinity College
11Johnston, Kirsten View Sheet 9.013.2Colby College
12Kelsey, Thea View Sheet 8.813.5Bowdoin College
13Lanckton, Talia K View Sheet 8.612.5Wesleyan University
14Mercier, Gabriella View Sheet 8.613.9Williams College
15Nguyen, Maggie View Sheet 7.811.8Middlebury College
16Palermo, Jacqueline View Sheet 8.613.8Amherst College
17Peretz, Lauren S View Sheet 7.710.6Wesleyan University
18Peterson, Brooke View Sheet 8.613.2Tufts
19Pickup, Sarah A View Sheet 8.113.2Hamilton College
20Ramos, Olivia View Sheet 8.210.8Trinity College
21Rieur, Olivia View Sheet 8.212.9Middlebury College
22Ruderman, Lindsey View Sheet 8.615.4Amherst College
23Sablich, Wren View Sheet 8.614.1Bowdoin College
24Stern, Rebecca View Sheet 8.713.3Bowdoin College
25Urban Spillane, Lia View Sheet 8.413.5Trinity College
26Women’s 3-meter PreliminariesAngell, Erin Marina View Sheet 8.612.2Wesleyan University
27Carroll, Mary C View Sheet 8.712.7Middlebury College
28Chong, Amber View Sheet 8.813.6Tufts
29Chouinard, Grace View Sheet 8.412.3Trinity College
30Cooper, Devon B View Sheet 8.713.4Wesleyan University
31Elliott, Alicia View Sheet 8.812.0Colby College
32Fawell, Stephanie View Sheet 8.612.0Colby College
33Gevinski, Carolyn View Sheet 8.310.6Hamilton College
34Goldman, Sarah R View Sheet 8.713.4Wesleyan University
35Johnson, Jazmin View Sheet 9.412.7Trinity College
36Johnston, Kirsten View Sheet 8.511.0Colby College
37Kelsey, Thea View Sheet 9.514.4Bowdoin College
38Lanckton, Talia K View Sheet 9.112.6Wesleyan University
39Mercier, Gabriella View Sheet 9.515.0Williams College
40Nguyen, Maggie View Sheet 8.411.7Middlebury College
41Palermo, Jacqueline View Sheet 9.414.1Amherst College
42Peterson, Brooke View Sheet 8.713.2Tufts
43Pickup, Sarah A View Sheet 9.013.0Hamilton College
44Ramos, Olivia View Sheet 8.411.2Trinity College
45Rieur, Olivia View Sheet 9.113.6Middlebury College
46Ruderman, Lindsey View Sheet 9.416.5Amherst College
47Sablich, Wren View Sheet 8.714.8Bowdoin College
48Stern, Rebecca View Sheet 9.514.2Bowdoin College
49Urban Spillane, Lia View Sheet 8.513.5Trinity College
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