Name of Meet:
6th Annual Puma Diving Invitational
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Aug-14, 12:01 AM MST
Registration Closes:
Oct-17, 8:00 PM MST
Entry Fees Charged:
Perry Pool
1775 E. Queen Creek Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Main Contact:
Keddi Murrish
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 1M Diving3911 4h10m View Rules
Girls 1M Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Arcadia High SchoolPhoenixAZ
2Brophy College PreparatoryPhoenixAZ
3Corona del solTempeAZ
4Desert Mountain High SchoolScottsdaleAZ
5Desert Ridge High SchoolMesaAZ
6Dobson High SchoolMesaAZ
7Flagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
8Gila Ridge High SchoolYumaAZ
9Gilbert High SchoolGilbertAZ
10Hamilton High School ChandlerAZ
11Highland High SchoolGilbertAZ
12Mesa High SchoolMesaAZ
13Mingus Union High SchoolCottonwoodAZ
14Mountain View High SchoolMesaAZ
15Perry High SchoolGilbertAZ
16Red Mountain High SchoolMesaAZ
17Skyline High SchoolMesaAL
18Westwood MesaAZ
19Xavier College PreparatoryPhoenixAZ
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Armijo, McKenzi R18YumaAZGila Ridge High SchoolSep 25, 22:14
2Ashley, Gillian18MesaAZMountain View High SchoolSep 18, 17:36
3Bebak, Dane P16ChandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:58
4Cahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZXavier College PreparatorySep 12, 10:17
5Carter, Gage S15MesaAZMesa High SchoolOct 15, 15:20
6Costello, Jared W18GilbertAZGilbert High SchoolOct 12, 12:59
7Fritz, Piper16MesaAZRed Mountain High SchoolSep 21, 13:00
8Fugate, Rachel15ChandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:52
9Gardner, Kailey16 AZRed Mountain High SchoolSep 21, 13:41
10Garry, Emily17 AZMountain View High SchoolSep 30, 00:17
11Giles, Ryan15MesaAZDobson High SchoolOct 13, 16:50
12Hansen, Wesley D16MesaAZMountain View High SchoolOct 01, 23:59
13Hatch, Talon A16GilbertAZGilbert High SchoolOct 12, 13:03
14Herdegen, Matthew15PhoenixAZBrophy College PreparatoryAug 23, 10:51
15Hull, Miles17MesaAZRed Mountain High SchoolOct 08, 10:24
16Ireland, Ian C17ChandlerAZDobson High SchoolOct 13, 17:15
17Jarvis, Samuel18 AZMountain View High SchoolSep 20, 17:08
18Jarvis, Savanna18MesaAZMesa High SchoolOct 15, 15:22
19Jemsek, Hannah15PhoenixAZXavier College PreparatoryAug 23, 11:04
20Jensen, Evan M17MesaAZMesa High SchoolOct 15, 15:14
21Jones, Dravyn14 AZRed Mountain High SchoolOct 02, 12:53
22Kane, Zachary16 AZMountain View High SchoolSep 30, 00:14
23Largay, Alyssa17Paradise ValleyAZXavier College PreparatoryAug 23, 10:53
24Larson, Brooklyn J15chandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:51
25Llona, Celeste L17GilbertAZPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:54
26Lovell, Sydney A16GilbertAZPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:57
27Mickelson, David J18MesaAZMesa High SchoolOct 15, 15:13
28Moore, Jordan17 AZCorona del solOct 17, 09:43
29Olas, Bryan B17TempeAZCorona del solOct 17, 09:31
30Orvis, Matt16MesaAZDobson High SchoolOct 13, 17:28
31Palmer, Kash14MesaAZWestwood Oct 06, 20:56
32Park, Nicholas (nick)16 AZBrophy College PreparatorySep 12, 10:19
33Parker, Jake15 AZMingus Union High SchoolOct 17, 13:26
34Pawlak, Josh J17MesaAZDesert Ridge High SchoolOct 13, 19:53
35Petersen, Abbigail16 AZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:19
36Peterson, Ayden M16ChandlerAZPerry High SchoolSep 15, 18:05
37Phillips, Brady17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:07
38Phillips, Colby17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:06
39Poole, Dylan G16CHANDLERAZHamilton High School Oct 17, 17:49
40Poole, Taylor A15YumaAZGila Ridge High SchoolSep 25, 22:10
41Powell, Tucker14 AZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:10
42Ramirez, Jacob15MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 21, 13:43
43Randall, Zoe E18ScottsdaleAZDesert Mountain High SchoolOct 02, 14:57
44Reed, Jake M17ChandlerAZHamilton High School Oct 17, 17:34
45Reingold, Michelle A16ScottsdaleAZDesert Mountain High SchoolOct 02, 15:13
46Roberts, Trevor15MesaAZSkyline High SchoolSep 21, 13:44
47Rueklies, Hans14 AZRed Mountain High SchoolOct 08, 10:26
48Schwantz, Seth M19ChandlerAZHamilton High School Oct 17, 17:43
49Sewell, Madeleine16ScottsdaleAZXavier College PreparatoryAug 23, 10:54
50Shively, Jonathan14MesaAZWestwood Oct 06, 20:57
51Simms, Brody17 AZBrophy College PreparatoryAug 23, 10:50
52Sneathen, Kody16 AZMingus Union High SchoolOct 17, 11:29
53Stahl, Marissa16 AZRed Mountain High SchoolSep 21, 13:40
54Stapley, Dallin C15MesaAZMesa High SchoolOct 15, 15:17
55Starr, Mercedes R15TempeAZDobson High SchoolOct 13, 17:09
56Stevens, Marlee15 AZRed Mountain High SchoolOct 16, 21:43
57Sutherlin, Michael D16MesaAZMountain View High SchoolOct 02, 13:01
58Thompson, Jenna M15MesaAZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:15
59Troth, Chloe16 AZMountain View High SchoolSep 26, 14:44
60Wagner, McKenzie R15ChandlerALPerry High SchoolSep 11, 20:55
61Walker, Tres M15CHANDLERAZCorona del solOct 17, 09:46
62Wallace, Kyrian J16PhoenixAZBrophy College PreparatoryAug 23, 10:51
63White, Katrina A14GilbertAZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:21
64Wilkes, Jagger L14ChandlerAZHamilton High School Oct 17, 17:20
65Zimmerman, Bryson16 AZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:14
66Zimmerman, Mya L17GilbertAZHighland High SchoolOct 11, 12:12
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Anglin, RemiHead CoachGilbert High SchoolGilbertAZ
2Bachner, JustineHead CoachHighland High SchoolMesaAZ
3Brown, GregoryHead CoachGila Ridge High SchoolYumaAZ
4Feder, AlexandraCoachArcadia High SchoolPhoenixAZ
5Floyd, MichaelHead CoachCorona del solchandlerAZ
6Foust, ElizabethAsst. CoachHamilton High School ChandlerAZ
7Gerasimos, JenniferHead CoachMesa High SchoolMesaAZ
8Lathon, KyleHead CoachMingus Union High SchoolCottonwoodAZ
9Lowe, JohnHead CoachFlagstaff High SchoolFlagstaffAZ
10McMullen, ElijahHead CoachDesert Mountain High SchoolScottsdaleAZ
11Murrish, KeddiHead CoachPerry High SchoolGilbertAZ
12Parcell, MackenzieAsst. CoachDobson High SchoolMesaAZ
13Pipitone, FrankHead CoachBrophy College PreparatoryScottsdaleAZ
14Russell, RoryHead CoachMountain View High SchoolMesaAZ
15Thiel, LaurenHead CoachRed Mountain High SchoolMesaAZ
16Williams, KelseyHead CoachWestwood MesaAZ
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Brophy College PreparatoryHerdegen, Matthew15PhoenixAZ
2Park, Nicholas (nick)16 AZ
3Simms, Brody17 AZ
4Wallace, Kyrian J16PhoenixAZ
5Corona del solMoore, Jordan17 AZ
6Olas, Bryan B17TempeAZ
7Walker, Tres M15CHANDLERAZ
8Desert Mountain High SchoolRandall, Zoe E18ScottsdaleAZ
9Reingold, Michelle A16ScottsdaleAZ
10Desert Ridge High SchoolPawlak, Josh J17MesaAZ
11Dobson High SchoolGiles, Ryan15MesaAZ
12Ireland, Ian C17ChandlerAZ
13Orvis, Matt16MesaAZ
14Starr, Mercedes R15TempeAZ
15Gila Ridge High SchoolArmijo, McKenzi R18YumaAZ
16Poole, Taylor A15YumaAZ
17Gilbert High SchoolCostello, Jared W18GilbertAZ
18Hatch, Talon A16GilbertAZ
19Hamilton High School Poole, Dylan G16CHANDLERAZ
20Reed, Jake M17ChandlerAZ
21Schwantz, Seth M19ChandlerAZ
22Wilkes, Jagger L14ChandlerAZ
23Highland High SchoolPetersen, Abbigail16 AZ
24Phillips, Brady17GilbertAZ
25Phillips, Colby17GilbertAZ
26Powell, Tucker14 AZ
27Thompson, Jenna M15MesaAZ
28White, Katrina A14GilbertAZ
29Zimmerman, Bryson16 AZ
30Zimmerman, Mya L17GilbertAZ
31Mesa High SchoolCarter, Gage S15MesaAZ
32Jarvis, Savanna18MesaAZ
33Jensen, Evan M17MesaAZ
34Mickelson, David J18MesaAZ
35Stapley, Dallin C15MesaAZ
36Mingus Union High SchoolParker, Jake15 AZ
37Sneathen, Kody16 AZ
38Mountain View High SchoolAshley, Gillian18MesaAZ
39Garry, Emily17 AZ
40Hansen, Wesley D16MesaAZ
41Jarvis, Samuel18 AZ
42Kane, Zachary16 AZ
43Sutherlin, Michael D16MesaAZ
44Troth, Chloe16 AZ
45Perry High SchoolBebak, Dane P16ChandlerAZ
46Fugate, Rachel15ChandlerAZ
47Larson, Brooklyn J15chandlerAZ
48Llona, Celeste L17GilbertAZ
49Lovell, Sydney A16GilbertAZ
50Peterson, Ayden M16ChandlerAZ
51Wagner, McKenzie R15ChandlerAL
52Red Mountain High SchoolFritz, Piper16MesaAZ
53Gardner, Kailey16 AZ
54Hull, Miles17MesaAZ
55Jones, Dravyn14 AZ
56Rueklies, Hans14 AZ
57Stahl, Marissa16 AZ
58Stevens, Marlee15 AZ
59Skyline High SchoolRamirez, Jacob15MesaAZ
60Roberts, Trevor15MesaAZ
61Westwood Palmer, Kash14MesaAZ
62Shively, Jonathan14MesaAZ
63Xavier College PreparatoryCahill, Molly17ScottsdaleAZ
64Jemsek, Hannah15PhoenixAZ
65Largay, Alyssa17Paradise ValleyAZ
66Sewell, Madeleine16ScottsdaleAZ
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 1M DivingBebak, Dane P8.710.8Perry High School
2Carter, Gage S8.211.3Mesa High School
3Costello, Jared W8.713.1Gilbert High School
4Giles, Ryan8.311.3Dobson High School
5Hansen, Wesley D8.713.6Mountain View High School
6Hatch, Talon A8.011.8Gilbert High School
7Herdegen, Matthew7.411.0Brophy College Preparatory
8Hull, Miles8.713.8Red Mountain High School
9Ireland, Ian C8.311.2Dobson High School
10Jarvis, Samuel9.013.5Mountain View High School
11Jensen, Evan M8.011.6Mesa High School
12Jones, Dravyn8.013.0Red Mountain High School
13Kane, Zachary8.713.4Mountain View High School
14Mickelson, David J8.813.5Mesa High School
15Moore, Jordan8.511.4Corona del sol
16Olas, Bryan B8.711.8Corona del sol
17Orvis, Matt8.413.0Dobson High School
18Palmer, Kash8.49.9Westwood
19Park, Nicholas (nick)7.69.4Brophy College Preparatory
20Parker, Jake8.411.0Mingus Union High School
21Pawlak, Josh J8.013.0Desert Ridge High School
22Phillips, Brady7.711.6Highland High School
23Phillips, Colby7.510.4Highland High School
24Poole, Dylan G8.511.1Hamilton High School
25Powell, Tucker7.610.4Highland High School
26Ramirez, Jacob8.613.2Skyline High School
27Reed, Jake M8.813.4Hamilton High School
28Roberts, Trevor8.211.6Skyline High School
29Rueklies, Hans7.911.9Red Mountain High School
30Schwantz, Seth M8.411.1Hamilton High School
31Shively, Jonathan8.510.2Westwood
32Simms, Brody7.610.4Brophy College Preparatory
33Sneathen, Kody7.710.2Mingus Union High School
34Stapley, Dallin C8.011.3Mesa High School
35Sutherlin, Michael D8.411.5Mountain View High School
36Walker, Tres M8.612.1Corona del sol
37Wallace, Kyrian J8.010.2Brophy College Preparatory
38Wilkes, Jagger L7.89.6Hamilton High School
39Zimmerman, Bryson7.510.4Highland High School
40Girls 1M DivingArmijo, McKenzi R7.89.5Gila Ridge High School
41Ashley, Gillian8.713.5Mountain View High School
42Cahill, Molly8.212.2Xavier College Preparatory
43Fritz, Piper8.111.9Red Mountain High School
44Fugate, Rachel8.410.3Perry High School
45Gardner, Kailey8.612.7Red Mountain High School
46Garry, Emily8.411.1Mountain View High School
47Jarvis, Savanna8.110.4Mesa High School
48Jemsek, Hannah7.410.2Xavier College Preparatory
49Largay, Alyssa8.812.4Xavier College Preparatory
50Larson, Brooklyn J8.410.9Perry High School
51Llona, Celeste L8.612.4Perry High School
52Lovell, Sydney A8.110.1Perry High School
53Petersen, Abbigail7.69.8Highland High School
54Peterson, Ayden M8.39.9Perry High School
55Poole, Taylor A7.811.3Gila Ridge High School
56Randall, Zoe E8.38.9Desert Mountain High School
57Reingold, Michelle A8.010.6Desert Mountain High School
58Sewell, Madeleine8.812.1Xavier College Preparatory
59Stahl, Marissa8.612.7Red Mountain High School
60Starr, Mercedes R7.99.5Dobson High School
61Stevens, Marlee8.010.3Red Mountain High School
62Thompson, Jenna M7.510.4Highland High School
63Troth, Chloe8.911.9Mountain View High School
64Wagner, McKenzie R8.011.4Perry High School
65White, Katrina A7.69.9Highland High School
66Zimmerman, Mya L7.59.6Highland High School
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