Name of Meet:
2019 New York State Girls High School Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Oct-28, 9:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Nov-19, 9:00 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Ithaca College Pool
953 Danby Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850
Main Contact:
Mush Masters
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

General Meet Information (click to read)
Dive sheet changes will be acccepted online until the registration close date. After that you can make changes at the facility up until an hour before the start of diving.

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving3211 3h25m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Albany High SchoolAlbanyNY
2Bethlehem DelmarNY
3Brighton High SchoolRochesterNY
5Connetquot High School BohemiaNY
6Cornwall Central High SchoolNew WindsorNY
7Emma Willard SchoolTroyNY
8Fairport High SchoolFairportNY
9Farmingdale High SchoolFarmingdaleNY
11Grand Island VikingsGrand IslandNY
13Hunter College High SchoolNew YorkNY
14Ithaca High SchoolIthacaNY
15Jericho High School JerichoNY
16Minisink ValleySlate HillNY
17Nyack High SchoolNyackNY
18Panama Central High SchoolPanamaNY
19Pittsford Public SchoolsPittsford MendonNY
20Rye-Rye Neck-Blind BrookRyeNY
21scarsdale High SchoolScarsdaleNY
22Section OneSouth SalemNY
23Smithtown High SchoolSmithtownNY
24Suffern High SchoolSuffernNY
25Webster LakersWebsterNY
26White Plains High SchoolWhite PlainsNY
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Arnason, RobynSO Feura Bush, NY Bethlehem Nov 14, 22:29
2Arnold, ReganSR New Windsor, NY Cornwall Central High SchoolNov 19, 16:59
3Beutel, HayleySR Smithtown, NY Smithtown High SchoolNov 14, 09:22
4Carbone, NatalieSR Valley Cottage, NY Nyack High SchoolNov 05, 22:27
5cassidy, MorganSO bohemia, NY Connetquot High School Nov 19, 15:26
6Cooper, Kate LFR Pittsford, NY Pittsford Public SchoolsNov 18, 19:07
7defelice, AvaJR new windsor, NY Cornwall Central High SchoolNov 19, 17:08
8Diakova, Alice JSR Rochester, NY Brighton High SchoolNov 14, 09:56
9Earleywine, Maya D  Slingerlands, NY Bethlehem Nov 14, 22:28
10Eichel, Brooke EJR Grand Island, NY Grand Island VikingsNov 19, 00:14
11Flanders, Anna  Albany, NY Albany High SchoolNov 14, 22:24
12Hill, YasminJR Briarcliff Manor, NY Section OneNov 10, 11:53
13Karaev, Sophia  NY Hunter College High SchoolNov 11, 14:27
14Kotalik, Victoria IFR Rochester, NY Brighton High SchoolNov 14, 10:01
15Laverty, KatieSR Rye, NY Rye-Rye Neck-Blind BrookNov 08, 20:43
16LeClaire, AshleySO Webster, NY Webster LakersNov 17, 09:51
17Marshall, Hope  NY Panama Central High SchoolNov 18, 20:30
18Mehta, Lauren  NY Farmingdale High SchoolNov 12, 08:10
19Meuwissen, Sophie JFR Fairport, NY Fairport High SchoolNov 12, 21:09
20Payne, KaileeJR Ithaca, NY Ithaca High SchoolNov 19, 12:11
21Phipps, Lara AJR Pittsford, NY Pittsford Public SchoolsNov 18, 22:39
22Pucci-Schaefer, Elizabeth  NY FredoniaNov 18, 16:00
23Rizzo, AlexaSR Canandaigua, NY CanandaiguaNov 10, 10:54
24salfi, LuciaSO ithaca, NY Ithaca High SchoolNov 19, 11:45
25Schlissel, CarleighSR Airmont, NY Suffern High SchoolNov 05, 19:58
26seltzer, MadelynJR scarsdale, NY scarsdale High SchoolNov 06, 13:17
27Smith, Giavana TJR Albany, NY Emma Willard SchoolNov 14, 22:34
28Tirado, LizzySO White Plains, NY White Plains High SchoolNov 06, 16:39
29Tripp, Elizabeth  NY HamburgNov 12, 21:32
30Williams, Cassie  NY Minisink ValleyNov 19, 13:00
31Yager, Madsison  NY Minisink ValleyNov 19, 12:16
32Yang, Rachel  NY Jericho High School Nov 18, 10:03
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Bailey, DebbraCoachPanama Central High SchoolSinclarivilleNY
2Beckman, MarciaHead CoachBrighton High SchoolRochesterNY
3Bongiovanni, AlyciaHead CoachFredoniaFredoniaNY
4Bruskewicz, DavidCoachSection OneArmonkNY
5Corcoran, RandallHead CoachFarmingdale High SchoolDeer ParkNY
6Cornelia, ThomasHead CoachSmithtown High SchoolDeer ParkNY
7Foltman, BarneyHead Coachscarsdale High SchoolRyeNY
8Gaudenzi, RobertHead CoachHunter College High SchoolNew YorkNY
9Gilmartin, PatriciaHead CoachWhite Plains High SchoolWhite PlainsNY
10Kraft, RebeccaHead CoachCanandaiguaFairportNY
11Link, NathanHead CoachGrand Island VikingsGrand IslandNY
12Maisonet, GuyHead CoachCornwall Central High SchoolWesttownNY
13Miller, WilliamHead CoachIthaca High SchoolLansingNY
14Rich, JessicaHead CoachHamburgHAMBURGNY
15Sagaille, JeremyHead CoachEmma Willard SchoolSchenectadyNY
16Salmon, DavidHead CoachFairport High SchoolMacedonNY
17Shiebler, JeffHead CoachConnetquot High School BabylonNY
18Sutera, GillianHead CoachMinisink ValleyWarwickNY
19Volosevich, DJCoachJericho High School Long BeachNY
20Waterbury, RonHead CoachWebster LakersWebsterNY
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Albany High SchoolFlanders, Anna AlbanyNY
2Bethlehem Arnason, RobynSOFeura BushNY
3Earleywine, Maya D SlingerlandsNY
4Brighton High SchoolDiakova, Alice JSRRochesterNY
5Kotalik, Victoria IFRRochesterNY
6CanandaiguaRizzo, AlexaSRCanandaiguaNY
7Connetquot High School cassidy, MorganSObohemiaNY
8Cornwall Central High SchoolArnold, ReganSRNew WindsorNY
9defelice, AvaJRnew windsorNY
10Emma Willard SchoolSmith, Giavana TJRAlbanyNY
11Fairport High SchoolMeuwissen, Sophie JFRFairportNY
12Farmingdale High SchoolMehta, Lauren  NY
13FredoniaPucci-Schaefer, Elizabeth  NY
14Grand Island VikingsEichel, Brooke EJRGrand IslandNY
15HamburgTripp, Elizabeth  NY
16Hunter College High SchoolKaraev, Sophia  NY
17Ithaca High SchoolPayne, KaileeJRIthacaNY
18salfi, LuciaSOithacaNY
19Jericho High School Yang, Rachel  NY
20Minisink ValleyWilliams, Cassie  NY
21Yager, Madsison  NY
22Nyack High SchoolCarbone, NatalieSRValley CottageNY
23Panama Central High SchoolMarshall, Hope  NY
24Pittsford Public SchoolsCooper, Kate LFRPittsfordNY
25Phipps, Lara AJRPittsfordNY
26Rye-Rye Neck-Blind BrookLaverty, KatieSRRyeNY
27scarsdale High Schoolseltzer, MadelynJRscarsdaleNY
28Section OneHill, YasminJRBriarcliff ManorNY
29Smithtown High SchoolBeutel, HayleySRSmithtownNY
30Suffern High SchoolSchlissel, CarleighSRAirmontNY
31Webster LakersLeClaire, AshleySOWebsterNY
32White Plains High SchoolTirado, LizzySOWhite PlainsNY
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingArnason, Robyn View Sheet 8.713.6Bethlehem
2Arnold, Regan View Sheet 9.013.1Cornwall Central High School
3Beutel, Hayley View Sheet 9.013.9Smithtown High School
4Carbone, Natalie View Sheet 8.613.6Nyack High School
5cassidy, Morgan View Sheet 8.613.1Connetquot High School
6Cooper, Kate L View Sheet 8.613.2Pittsford Public Schools
7defelice, Ava View Sheet 8.913.6Cornwall Central High School
8Diakova, Alice J View Sheet 8.714.5Brighton High School
9Earleywine, Maya D View Sheet 8.813.5Bethlehem
10Eichel, Brooke E View Sheet 8.412.8Grand Island Vikings
11Flanders, Anna View Sheet 8.614.1Albany High School
12Hill, Yasmin View Sheet 8.714.0Section One
13Karaev, Sophia View Sheet 8.211.5Hunter College High School
14Kotalik, Victoria I View Sheet 8.613.0Brighton High School
15Laverty, Katie View Sheet 8.714.6Rye-Rye Neck-Blind Brook
16LeClaire, Ashley View Sheet 8.613.4Webster Lakers
17Marshall, Hope View Sheet 8.612.4Panama Central High School
18Mehta, Lauren View Sheet 9.013.3Farmingdale High School
19Meuwissen, Sophie J View Sheet 8.713.6Fairport High School
20Payne, Kailee View Sheet 8.613.4Ithaca High School
21Phipps, Lara A View Sheet 8.613.7Pittsford Public Schools
22Pucci-Schaefer, Elizabeth View Sheet 9.012.9Fredonia
23Rizzo, Alexa View Sheet 8.713.7Canandaigua
24salfi, Lucia View Sheet 8.613.3Ithaca High School
25Schlissel, Carleigh View Sheet 8.713.8Suffern High School
26seltzer, Madelyn View Sheet 8.614.8scarsdale High School
27Smith, Giavana T View Sheet 9.013.0Emma Willard School
28Tirado, Lizzy View Sheet 8.613.5White Plains High School
29Tripp, Elizabeth View Sheet 8.913.6Hamburg
30Williams, Cassie View Sheet 8.613.6Minisink Valley
31Yager, Madsison View Sheet 9.014.5Minisink Valley
32Yang, Rachel View Sheet 8.813.4Jericho High School
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