Name of Meet:
2018 Pioneer Athletic Conference Diving Championships
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Feb-04, 8:00 AM EST
Registration Closes:
Feb-11, 11:59 PM EST
Entry Fees Charged:
Perkiomen Valley High School
509 Gravel Pike
Collegeville, PA 19426
Main Contact:
Traci Sandin
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys Diving811 51m View Rules
Girls Diving1511 1h36m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2MethactonFairview VillagePA
3Owen J. RobertsPottstownPA
4Perkiomen ValleyCollegevillePA
6Spring Ford High SchoolRoyersfordPA
7Upper Merion Area High SchoolKing of PrussiaPA
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam NameRegd On
1Barrie, Cameron (cam)17 PAPerkiomen ValleyFeb 09, 15:59
2Benner, Josephine18 PABoyertownFeb 10, 20:41
3Brzoska, Evan15 PAPerkiomen ValleyFeb 09, 12:18
4Cooley, Carolyn17 PABoyertownFeb 10, 21:02
5Delahaye, Hannah16 PAOwen J. RobertsFeb 07, 16:14
6Grace, Myers15 PAUpper Merion Area High SchoolFeb 11, 12:21
7Grimshaw, Meg16 PAPhoenixvilleFeb 10, 11:44
8Henrick, Travis15 PAMethactonFeb 11, 19:31
9Kqira, Olivia15 PAOwen J. RobertsFeb 07, 15:50
10Liney, Colsen16 PAUpper Merion Area High SchoolFeb 11, 11:46
11Little, Alexis15 PAOwen J. RobertsFeb 07, 15:37
12Martin, Molly19 PASpring Ford High SchoolFeb 11, 20:32
13McNamara, Mary17 PAPhoenixvilleFeb 10, 12:23
14McNeill, Michael18 PASpring Ford High SchoolFeb 11, 21:03
15Olson, Tristan15 PAOwen J. RobertsFeb 07, 14:47
16Schlechtweg, Carly15 PAUpper Merion Area High SchoolFeb 11, 12:00
17Smith, Lexie19 PASpring Ford High SchoolFeb 11, 20:51
18Smith, Nathaniel17 PAPhoenixvilleFeb 10, 11:57
19Souders, Aubrey16 PABoyertownFeb 10, 20:50
20Swech, Danika17 PAOwen J. RobertsFeb 07, 15:19
21Turner, Caroline18 PAPhoenixvilleFeb 10, 12:17
22Yatsko, Ryan15 PAUpper Merion Area High SchoolFeb 11, 19:33
23Zisk, Kamryn19 PASpring Ford High SchoolFeb 11, 20:56
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Acevedo, KristineHead CoachBoyertownGilbertsvillePA
2Bonner, JustinHead CoachUpper Merion Area High SchoolPhiladelphiaPA
3Elliott, RebekahHead CoachOwen J. RobertsPottstownPA
4Huff, GregHead CoachSpring Ford High SchoolRoyersfordPA
5Sandin, TraciCoachUnattachedRoyersfordPA
6Smigo, JacquiHead CoachMethactonCollegevillePA
7Smith, JoHead CoachPhoenixvillePhoenixvillePA
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1BoyertownBenner, Josephine18 PA
2Cooley, Carolyn17 PA
3Souders, Aubrey16 PA
4MethactonHenrick, Travis15 PA
5Owen J. RobertsDelahaye, Hannah16 PA
6Kqira, Olivia15 PA
7Little, Alexis15 PA
8Olson, Tristan15 PA
9Swech, Danika17 PA
10Perkiomen ValleyBarrie, Cameron (cam)17 PA
11Brzoska, Evan15 PA
12PhoenixvilleGrimshaw, Meg16 PA
13McNamara, Mary17 PA
14Smith, Nathaniel17 PA
15Turner, Caroline18 PA
16Spring Ford High SchoolMartin, Molly19 PA
17McNeill, Michael18 PA
18Smith, Lexie19 PA
19Zisk, Kamryn19 PA
20Upper Merion Area High SchoolGrace, Myers15 PA
21Liney, Colsen16 PA
22Schlechtweg, Carly15 PA
23Yatsko, Ryan15 PA
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys DivingBarrie, Cameron (cam)8.612.4Perkiomen Valley
2Brzoska, Evan8.312.5Perkiomen Valley
3Henrick, Travis8.313.4Methacton
4Liney, Colsen8.111.5Upper Merion Area High School
5McNeill, Michael7.811.1Spring Ford High School
6Olson, Tristan8.310.7Owen J. Roberts
7Smith, Nathaniel8.212.5Phoenixville
8Yatsko, Ryan8.512.4Upper Merion Area High School
9Girls DivingBenner, Josephine7.810.6Boyertown
10Cooley, Carolyn8.212.7Boyertown
11Delahaye, Hannah8.210.9Owen J. Roberts
12Grace, Myers8.110.4Upper Merion Area High School
13Grimshaw, Meg8.19.4Phoenixville
14Kqira, Olivia8.311.6Owen J. Roberts
15Little, Alexis8.311.3Owen J. Roberts
16Martin, Molly8.412.0Spring Ford High School
17McNamara, Mary8.612.0Phoenixville
18Schlechtweg, Carly7.99.6Upper Merion Area High School
19Smith, Lexie8.19.5Spring Ford High School
20Souders, Aubrey7.810.8Boyertown
21Swech, Danika8.311.6Owen J. Roberts
22Turner, Caroline8.713.4Phoenixville
23Zisk, Kamryn8.19.4Spring Ford High School
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