Name of Meet:
2019 West Central District III Swimming and Diving Qualifying Meet
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Sep-17, 8:00 AM PDT
Registration Closes:
Oct-09, 11:59 PM PDT
Entry Fees Charged:
Lindbergh High School
16740 128th Ave SE
Renton, WA 98058
Main Contact:
Bryce Jensen
Contact Phone:
Online Changes:
Not Available

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Girls 1M Diving2711 2h53m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Auburn High SchoolAuburnWA
2Auburn Mountainview High SchoolAuburnWA
3Auburn Riverside High SchoolAuburnWA
4Camas High SchoolCamasWA
5Hazen High SchoolRentonWA
6Kentlake High SchoolKentWA
7Kentridge High SchoolKentWA
8Kentwood High SchoolKentWA
9Lindbergh High SchoolRentonWA
11Steilacoom High SchoolSteilacoomWA
12Tahoma High SchoolMaple ValleyWA
13Todd Beamer High SchoolFederal WayWA
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Adams, Ally  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 26, 16:02
2Adams, Sophia  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 26, 15:41
3Bachmeyer-Evens, Maya  WA Kentlake High SchoolSep 26, 21:41
4Bell, Autumn  WA Kentlake High SchoolSep 26, 21:51
5Buck, Haley  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 27, 15:15
6Burlingame, JulieSR Steilacoom, WA Steilacoom High SchoolOct 07, 12:44
7Clayton, Amber  WA Kentwood High SchoolSep 27, 16:29
8Fiskum, Elle  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 26, 16:26
9Ford, LiliJR Camas, WA Camas High SchoolOct 03, 17:29
10Frink, Elissa  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 07, 16:12
11Gunn, StephenieSR Auburn, WA Todd Beamer High SchoolOct 03, 14:40
12Huba, Annalise  WA Kentwood High SchoolOct 03, 09:07
13Johnson, Grace  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 07, 16:06
14Korve, Terra  WA Lindbergh High SchoolSep 25, 07:51
15Kwong, KaileySR Auvburn, WA Auburn High SchoolOct 07, 18:23
16Lane, Jilian  WA Kentwood High SchoolOct 03, 09:34
17Lang, Seona  WA Auburn Riverside High SchoolOct 07, 16:17
18Lorenz, Lizzie  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 26, 16:42
19Loudermilk, Cecelia  WA Kentlake High SchoolSep 26, 16:54
20Marlenee, ReeseJR Auburn, WA Auburn Mountainview High SchoolOct 09, 16:14
21McGee, Irelyne  WA Camas High SchoolOct 03, 16:59
22McGee, Shealyne  WA Camas High SchoolOct 03, 17:02
23Mcknight, ElizabethSR Kent, WA Kentridge High SchoolSep 25, 10:45
24Motta, Isabel  WA Hazen High SchoolSep 25, 07:59
25Ray, Cosette  WA Hazen High SchoolSep 25, 07:53
26schlecht, ElleSO Renton, WA Kentridge High SchoolSep 25, 10:49
27Welsh, Katie  WA Tahoma High SchoolSep 26, 15:06
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Clark, SheilaHead CoachKentlake High SchoolKentWA
2Duerre, LindseyAsst. CoachKentwood High SchoolCovingtonWA
3Jensen, BryceHead CoachRentonRentonWA
4Stoflet, CaseyHead CoachKentridge High SchoolKentWA
5Wollenweber, ToddHead CoachAuburn Mountainview High SchoolAuburnWA
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1Auburn High SchoolKwong, KaileySRAuvburnWA
2Auburn Mountainview High SchoolMarlenee, ReeseJRAuburnWA
3Auburn Riverside High SchoolFrink, Elissa  WA
4Johnson, Grace  WA
5Lang, Seona  WA
6Camas High SchoolFord, LiliJRCamasWA
7McGee, Irelyne  WA
8McGee, Shealyne  WA
9Hazen High SchoolMotta, Isabel  WA
10Ray, Cosette  WA
11Kentlake High SchoolBachmeyer-Evens, Maya  WA
12Bell, Autumn  WA
13Loudermilk, Cecelia  WA
14Kentridge High SchoolMcknight, ElizabethSRKentWA
15schlecht, ElleSORentonWA
16Kentwood High SchoolClayton, Amber  WA
17Huba, Annalise  WA
18Lane, Jilian  WA
19Lindbergh High SchoolKorve, Terra  WA
20Steilacoom High SchoolBurlingame, JulieSRSteilacoomWA
21Tahoma High SchoolAdams, Ally  WA
22Adams, Sophia  WA
23Buck, Haley  WA
24Fiskum, Elle  WA
25Lorenz, Lizzie  WA
26Welsh, Katie  WA
27Todd Beamer High SchoolGunn, StephenieSRAuburnWA
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Girls 1M DivingAdams, Ally View Sheet 8.311.0Tahoma High School
2Adams, Sophia View Sheet 8.010.5Tahoma High School
3Bachmeyer-Evens, Maya View Sheet 8.09.4Kentlake High School
4Bell, Autumn View Sheet 8.39.9Kentlake High School
5Buck, Haley View Sheet 8.09.8Tahoma High School
6Burlingame, Julie View Sheet 8.611.6Steilacoom High School
7Clayton, Amber View Sheet 7.79.7Kentwood High School
8Fiskum, Elle View Sheet 8.19.4Tahoma High School
9Ford, Lili View Sheet 7.910.4Camas High School
10Frink, Elissa View Sheet 7.49.3Auburn Riverside High School
11Gunn, Stephenie View Sheet 8.213.0Todd Beamer High School
12Huba, Annalise View Sheet 8.011.8Kentwood High School
13Johnson, Grace View Sheet 7.910.3Auburn Riverside High School
14Korve, Terra View Sheet 7.79.3Lindbergh High School
15Kwong, Kailey View Sheet 8.210.3Auburn High School
16Lane, Jilian View Sheet 8.110.9Kentwood High School
17Lang, Seona View Sheet 7.49.4Auburn Riverside High School
18Lorenz, Lizzie View Sheet 8.210.1Tahoma High School
19Loudermilk, Cecelia View Sheet 8.310.4Kentlake High School
20Marlenee, Reese View Sheet 7.99.3Auburn Mountainview High School
21McGee, Irelyne View Sheet 7.812.1Camas High School
22McGee, Shealyne View Sheet 8.411.5Camas High School
23Mcknight, Elizabeth View Sheet 8.815.0Kentridge High School
24Motta, Isabel View Sheet 7.99.2Hazen High School
25Ray, Cosette View Sheet 7.79.4Hazen High School
26schlecht, Elle View Sheet 8.711.4Kentridge High School
27Welsh, Katie View Sheet 7.910.2Tahoma High School
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