Name of Meet:
Monona All City Dive 2017
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Jul-07, 9:00 AM CST
Registration Closes:
Jul-15, 6:00 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Monona Community Pool
1013 Nichols Rd
Monona, WI 53716
Main Contact:
Michelle Benedict
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Boys 10 under425 2h2m View Rules
Boys 11-12346 1h59m View Rules
Boys 13-14246 1h24m View Rules
Boys 15-18306 1h45m View Rules
Girls 10 under615 2h57m View Rules
Girls 11-12426 2h27m View Rules
Girls 13-14486 2h48m View Rules
Girls 15-18356 2h2m View Rules
Team NameCityState
1Goodman PoolMadisonWI
2Hawks Landing MadisonWI
3High Point PoolMadisonWI
4Hill Farm Swim ClubMadisonWI
5Maple BluffMadisonWI
6Middleton GatorsMiddletonWI
7Monona Dive TeamMononaWI
8Nakoma Golf ClubMadisonWI
9Parkcrest Penguins MadisonWI
12Shorewood Hills Dive TeamMadisonWI
13West Side Swim Club MadisonWI
Diver NameAgeCityStateTeam Name
1Allen, Henry13 WIHill Farm Swim Club
2Allen, Jordan19 WIMonona Dive Team
3Aman-Lavicky, Joey15 WISeminole
4Anderson, Amina10 WIGoodman Pool
5Anderson, David13 WINakoma Golf Club
6Anderson, John12 WINakoma Golf Club
7Andrzejewski, Elizabeth15 WIWest Side Swim Club
8Aparicio-Smith, TYxxxx11 WIRidgewood
9Arneson, Bobby12 WIMaple Bluff
10Asplund, Micah15 WIGoodman Pool
11Avery, Potrzebowski10 WIHigh Point Pool
12Barford, Will15 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
13Beard, AJxxxx8 WIParkcrest Penguins
14Beard, Alex12 WIParkcrest Penguins
15Beck, Miriam12 WIMaple Bluff
16Beehner, Isa11 WIGoodman Pool
17Bell, Cole17 WIParkcrest Penguins
18Bell, Jack14 WIParkcrest Penguins
19Benedict, Nikki17Cottage GroveWIMonona Dive Team
20Bennett, Drew13 WIParkcrest Penguins
21Berg, Alexa14 WIMaple Bluff
22Berg, Isabella10 WIMaple Bluff
23Bergman, Lauren18 WINakoma Golf Club
24Bersch, Siena12 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
25Billmeyey, Emma13 WIRidgewood
26Blew, Steven16 WIMonona Dive Team
27Blew, William14 WIMonona Dive Team
28Blum, Eric15 WIRidgewood
29Bodwin, Ella13 WIRidgewood
30Bogileka, Vito13 WIMonona Dive Team
31Boid, Boston9 WIHigh Point Pool
32Boid, Brookelynn11 WIHigh Point Pool
33Bolger, Quinn11 WIHawks Landing
34Bootz, Lucy14 WINakoma Golf Club
35Bootz, Sylvia12 WINakoma Golf Club
36Brenner, Ruthie9 WIParkcrest Penguins
37Buinavicious, Eric17 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
38Buris, Levi12 WIGoodman Pool
39Buris, Nia14 WIGoodman Pool
40Buss, Lauren13 WIMonona Dive Team
41Buzza, Ali17 WIRidgewood
42Bykowski, Abigail12 WIMonona Dive Team
43Campbell, Ashlyn8 WIMonona Dive Team
44Campbell, Braydon10 WIMonona Dive Team
45Carman, Henry G18MadisonWIMonona Dive Team
46Carrol, Natalie11 WIMaple Bluff
47Case, Ian12 WIParkcrest Penguins
48Christensen, Cullen16 WIMiddleton Gators
49Collins, Joey16 WIParkcrest Penguins
50Collins, Josie13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
51Conroy, Molly13 WIMaple Bluff
52Cook, Joey13 WIWest Side Swim Club
53Cuamani, Axel9Madison WIGoodman Pool
54Cuamani, Yaretzy7Madison WIGoodman Pool
55Dahlk, Sarah18 WIHawks Landing
56Davidson, Nick10 WISeminole
57Davis, Kinsey14 WIMiddleton Gators
58DeAngeles, Alex17 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
59DeMarb-Schuch, Seneca11 WIHill Farm Swim Club
60Dockry, Gena14 WIWest Side Swim Club
61Donkle, Natalie18 WIRidgewood
62Donny, Alex17 WIHawks Landing
63Donny, Bryant9 WIHawks Landing
64Drake, Gabby11 WIRidgewood
65Driscoll, Erin11 WIMaple Bluff
66Duff, Luella8 WIMaple Bluff
67Duff, Phoebe10 WIMaple Bluff
68Duffy-Rhodes, Meghan12 WIHigh Point Pool
69Dugan, Connor16 WIRidgewood
70Dunn, Ayla15 WIHigh Point Pool
71Durtchi, Anja12 WIRidgewood
72Emily, Jensen10 WIRidgewood
73Erazo, Aliyah10 WIGoodman Pool
74Everhart, Grace14 WIMonona Dive Team
75Fair, Isabella14 WIMonona Dive Team
76Farwell, Madelynne14 WIMonona Dive Team
77Feller, Stephi18 WISeminole
78Finley, Lucas13 WIHill Farm Swim Club
79Finnell, Dane15 WISeminole
80Fitzgerald, Lauren14 WIMiddleton Gators
81Fochios, Phil19 WISeminole
82Frank, Samantha14 WIHill Farm Swim Club
83Gale, Caitlin15 WIRidgewood
84Ganshert, Breleigh10 WIMonona Dive Team
85Ganshert, Landry8 WIMonona Dive Team
86Gerhart, Maddie10 WIParkcrest Penguins
87Gerhart, Noah9 WIParkcrest Penguins
88Giallombardo, Vinny18 WIMonona Dive Team
89Glynn, Kora11 WIMonona Dive Team
90Glynn, Sydney9 WIMonona Dive Team
91Greene, Lindsey11 WIParkcrest Penguins
92Griesbach, Carley10 WIHigh Point Pool
93Griesbach, Logan11 WIHigh Point Pool
94Groth, Owen15 WIMonona Dive Team
95Groth, Wyatt11 WIMonona Dive Team
96Guilbault, Jacob13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
97Guilbault, Sam12 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
98Haas, Ciara14 WIParkcrest Penguins
99Hansen, Erika11 WIParkcrest Penguins
100Hansen, Megan11 WIParkcrest Penguins
101Hanson, Elizabeth15 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
102Hartung, Galyn17 WIHawks Landing
103Haupt, Ellie13 WIMaple Bluff
104Haupt, Nina9 WIMaple Bluff
105Heacox, Madilyn9 WIMonona Dive Team
106Heil, Will11 WIMiddleton Gators
107Hellenbrand, Lucy12 WIMiddleton Gators
108Holzwarth, Finley8 WIRidgewood
109Hopper, Emelia11 WIMonona Dive Team
110Horky, Olivia16 WIHawks Landing
111Horky, Rose18 WIMiddleton Gators
112Howe, Laila12 WIMonona Dive Team
113Howe, Mya10 WIMonona Dive Team
114Hroede, Allie8 WIMonona Dive Team
115Hueth, Camila18 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
116Hueth, Dani13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
117Huggett, Dana15 WIHawks Landing
118Huggett, Leah16 WIHawks Landing
119Huie, Adele13 WIWest Side Swim Club
120Hurley, Declan9 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
121Igic, Natasha13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
122Imes, Ben18 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
123Jarugumilli, Claire14 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
124Jekel, Wes17 WISeminole
125Jodlowski, Haley9 WIMiddleton Gators
126Johnson, Charlie11 WIMaple Bluff
127Johnstone, Lizzie13 WISeminole
128Julian, River8 WINakoma Golf Club
129Justman, Maddie8 WIHigh Point Pool
130Kaspar, Celeste18 WIHill Farm Swim Club
131Kessel, Kinsey16 WIHawks Landing
132Ketarkus, AJxxxx13 WIWest Side Swim Club
133Ketarkus, Ally15 WIWest Side Swim Club
134Ketarkus, Brady14 WIWest Side Swim Club
135Ketarkus, Cameren15 WIWest Side Swim Club
136Ketarkus, Jaxen11 WIWest Side Swim Club
137Ketarkus, Juliana11 WIWest Side Swim Club
138Kimple, Ben14 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
139Kishter, Stephanie15 WIParkcrest Penguins
140Klaas, Paige8 WIHawks Landing
141Klinke, Sami15 WIMonona Dive Team
142Kraemer, Abigail15 WIMonona Dive Team
143Kraemer, Natalie9 WIMonona Dive Team
144Krantz, Noah18 WIMiddleton Gators
145Krohn, Connor7 WIRidgewood
146Kuhn, Maggie13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
147Lascano, David10 WIGoodman Pool
148Lawrence, Kennedy16 WIMonona Dive Team
149Ledin, Emily15 WIHigh Point Pool
150Lenius, Molly10 WIGoodman Pool
151Lucey, Priyanka11 WIRidgewood
152Lucy, Rogness10 WIHigh Point Pool
153Mabie, Kendyl11 WIMonona Dive Team
154Mabie, Kinley7 WIMonona Dive Team
155Mabie, Mason9 WIMonona Dive Team
156Mabie, Matilyn14 WIMonona Dive Team
157Mackey, Eleanor17 WIHigh Point Pool
158Maradiaga, Asher15 WIRidgewood
159Marckel, Ariela9 WIMiddleton Gators
160Martin, Alana13 WIMiddleton Gators
161Martin, Arvina11 WIHill Farm Swim Club
162Martinez, Genevieve15 WIWest Side Swim Club
163Martinez, Tallulah12 WIWest Side Swim Club
164Mazur, Quinn6 WIMiddleton Gators
165McClure, Katie11 WISeminole
166McDade, Ben17 WIMonona Dive Team
167McGee, Porter10 WIRidgewood
168McKinnon, Jake10 WIRidgewood
169McNall, Trinity14 WIMonona Dive Team
170McNeil, Caroline16 WIMaple Bluff
171McQueeney, Mikayla7 WIMonona Dive Team
172Messner, Anna11 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
173Metcalfe, Lincoln11 WIMonona Dive Team
174Meyer-Rainford, Cedar15 WIRidgewood
175Mickelson, Emma18 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
176Mickelson, Leah16 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
177Mickelson, Sam12 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
178Mirus, Emmie19 WIHill Farm Swim Club
179Mock, Ella13 WIMiddleton Gators
180Molander, Jake11 WIHigh Point Pool
181Monson, Michael10 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
182Moreland, Logan14 WIHigh Point Pool
183Moreland, Sarah12 WIHigh Point Pool
184Muckian, Aiden15 WIRidgewood
185Mullholland, Julija11 WISeminole
186Murphy, Clare12 WIHigh Point Pool
187Mutch, Abbey13 WIRidgewood
188Mutch, Callum10 WIRidgewood
189Newton, Chance10 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
190Nunn, Maggie18 WIRidgewood
191Nuon, Tiesto11 WIMonona Dive Team
192O'Neill, Jacob8 WIRidgewood
193Ohnstad, Neala13 WIParkcrest Penguins
194Oistad, Magnus10 WIHill Farm Swim Club
195Ott, Mikayla12 WIHawks Landing
196Paulowski, Callie13 WIMaple Bluff
197Payne, Theo10 WIMonona Dive Team
198Pedretti, Anna11 WIHill Farm Swim Club
199Peiffer, Brody11 WIMiddleton Gators
200Peterson, Isabelle17 WINakoma Golf Club
201Picek, Elinor15 WIWest Side Swim Club
202Pinnow, Chalee10 WIMonona Dive Team
203Pinto, Bianca11 WIRidgewood
204Pinto, Gabe9 WIRidgewood
205Polikowski, Elliot14 WIHill Farm Swim Club
206Porras, Bianca13 WIHigh Point Pool
207Prange, Alexandra11 WIMaple Bluff
208Prince, Evan13 WIParkcrest Penguins
209Pulvermacher, Ava12 WIWest Side Swim Club
210Pulvermacher, Lola10 WIWest Side Swim Club
211Putney, Bea10 WIMiddleton Gators
212Quattrucci, Izzy17 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
213Ramirez, Karen9 WIGoodman Pool
214Reaser, Eddie11 WIParkcrest Penguins
215Rees, Dominic12 WIMiddleton Gators
216Richards, Rudy11 WIParkcrest Penguins
217Ricke, Bella15 WIHawks Landing
218Riggins, Ava13 WIHigh Point Pool
219Riggins, Daine18 WIHigh Point Pool
220Riggins, Ella16 WIHigh Point Pool
221Ritter, Alex15 WIRidgewood
222Roberts, Katherine13 WIMonona Dive Team
223Rodgers, Tommy12 WIHill Farm Swim Club
224Rodriguez, Kelly17 WINakoma Golf Club
225Rodriguez, Victoria13 WINakoma Golf Club
226Rogness, Grady8 WIHigh Point Pool
227Rossing, Josette9 WIMonona Dive Team
228Rossing, Preston10 WIMonona Dive Team
229Rozeski, Lily15 WIHigh Point Pool
230Rufenacht, Annika12 WIHawks Landing
231Ruggiero, Astrid11 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
232Ruoho, Ryan14 WIMaple Bluff
233Rupnow, Abbi12 WIRidgewood
234Rupnow, Alexa9 WIRidgewood
235Ryan, Ella13 WIMiddleton Gators
236Ryan, Kelley11 WIMonona Dive Team
237Sadie, Schreier-jacobson14 WIMiddleton Gators
238Samuel, Shebani14 WIMonona Dive Team
239Sanborn, Annika14 WIRidgewood
240Sanders, Anna14 WIWest Side Swim Club
241Sato, Tyler18 WIHill Farm Swim Club
242Schaak, Joe15 WINakoma Golf Club
243Schiefelbein, Elizabeth12 WIMonona Dive Team
244Schmidt, Lizzie10 WISeminole
245Schroeder, Bailey15 WIHawks Landing
246Schutz, Elizabeth13 WIParkcrest Penguins
247Seymour, Olivia14 WINakoma Golf Club
248Shanahan, Jack17 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
249Sharp, Xavier11 WIRidgewood
250Shaw, Katie11 WIHill Farm Swim Club
251Sherman, Eran17 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
252Shevelenko, Mikhail11 WIHill Farm Swim Club
253Smith, Sam18 WIRidgewood
254Sommers, Grace16 WIHigh Point Pool
255Spence, Eliot12 WIMiddleton Gators
256Sprinkman, Hans11 WIMaple Bluff
257Stadler, James14 WIHill Farm Swim Club
258Stair, Sawyer10 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
259Stark, Kamden16 WIHill Farm Swim Club
260Stark, Kaylie14 WIRidgewood
261Starr, Alex14 WIMiddleton Gators
262Stevenson, Tyjanee11 WIGoodman Pool
263Stitgen, Ben14 WISeminole
264Stoenner, Sydney13 WIMiddleton Gators
265Storms, Eric17 WIMonona Dive Team
266Stousland, Archer16 WIHigh Point Pool
267Strobel, Jake12 WIRidgewood
268Strobel, Zach13 WIRidgewood
269Sullivan, Brennan11 WISeminole
270Sweeney, Aidan9 WIMaple Bluff
271Sweeney, Kate11 WIHawks Landing
272Szczepanski, Eva10 WIMiddleton Gators
273Teduits, Anna15 WINakoma Golf Club
274Touchett, Brian18 WIRidgewood
275Treml, Chase12 WIMonona Dive Team
276Treml, Levi10 WIMonona Dive Team
277Turgeson, Alex18 WIParkcrest Penguins
278Underhill, Rory10 WIHigh Point Pool
279Updegrove, Aidan17 WISeminole
280Updegrove, Avery17 WISeminole
281Updegrove, Liam12 WISeminole
282Van Mol, Ari10 WIRidgewood
283Vander Meer, Anna13 WIParkcrest Penguins
284Vanderloo, Jackson12 WIHigh Point Pool
285Vanderweide, Henry13 WIParkcrest Penguins
286Vavilov, Rita10 WIHigh Point Pool
287Von Bauer, Magnolia13 WIMonona Dive Team
288Wagner, Brady16 WISeminole
289Walker, Karen18 WIHigh Point Pool
290Wallace, Logan11 WINakoma Golf Club
291Watermolen, Lily11 WIRidgewood
292Weaver, Kal13 WIHill Farm Swim Club
293Weaver, Sarah13 WIWest Side Swim Club
294Weiler, Megg13 WIMiddleton Gators
295Wellnitz, Jacob19 WISeminole
296Wells, Rian13 WIShorewood Hills Dive Team
297Welsh, Lauren12 WIHawks Landing
298Wendler, Claire10 WIRidgewood
299Wenning, Ollie9 WIParkcrest Penguins
300Wessley, Katie jo11 WIMaple Bluff
301Wieczorek, Catie12 WIHigh Point Pool
302Willem, Benjamin13 WIMonona Dive Team
303Williams, Zach10 WIHawks Landing
304Wood, Charles15 WIMiddleton Gators
305Wurth, Addison11 WIMonona Dive Team
306Yaeger, Emma9 WISeminole
307Yehle, Kate14 WIParkcrest Penguins
308Yoder, Amelia11 WIGoodman Pool
309Young, Beth16 WIHigh Point Pool
310Zahn, Isabella11 WIMonona Dive Team
311Zarov, Jake13 WIParkcrest Penguins
312Zeimentz, Michael14 WIMiddleton Gators
313Zeutzius, Jenner10 WIMonona Dive Team
314Zhang, Edwin14 WIMiddleton Gators
315Zocher, Luke12 WIHigh Point Pool
316Zwaska, Abram18 WIRidgewood
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Endres, Teddy Head CoachHawks Landing MadisonWI
2Harth, TonyHead CoachGoodman PoolMadisonWI
3Hearn, SheridanHead CoachWest Side Swim Club MadisonWI
4Jacus, MattHead CoachParkcrest Penguins MadisonWI
5Krantz, NicoletteHead CoachMiddleton GatorsMiddletonWI
6Munns, JoJoHead CoachHill Farm Swim ClubMadisonWI
7Munns, MatthewHead CoachMaple BluffMadisonWI
8O'Neill, AaronHead CoachRidgewoodmadisonWI
9Reynolds, MaxHead CoachNakoma Golf ClubMadisonWI
10sisson, trevorHead CoachSeminoleMilwaukeeWI
11Williams, JoshHead CoachShorewood Hills Dive TeamMadisonWI
12Zeutzius, JeannaeHead CoachMonona Dive TeamMononaWI
13Zocher, CyndieHead CoachHigh Point PoolMiddletonWI
Team NameDiver NameAgeCityState
1Goodman PoolAnderson, Amina10 WI
2Asplund, Micah15 WI
3Beehner, Isa11 WI
4Buris, Levi12 WI
5Buris, Nia14 WI
6Cuamani, Axel9Madison WI
7Cuamani, Yaretzy7Madison WI
8Erazo, Aliyah10 WI
9Lascano, David10 WI
10Lenius, Molly10 WI
11Ramirez, Karen9 WI
12Stevenson, Tyjanee11 WI
13Yoder, Amelia11 WI
14Hawks Landing Bolger, Quinn11 WI
15Dahlk, Sarah18 WI
16Donny, Alex17 WI
17Donny, Bryant9 WI
18Hartung, Galyn17 WI
19Horky, Olivia16 WI
20Huggett, Dana15 WI
21Huggett, Leah16 WI
22Kessel, Kinsey16 WI
23Klaas, Paige8 WI
24Ott, Mikayla12 WI
25Ricke, Bella15 WI
26Rufenacht, Annika12 WI
27Schroeder, Bailey15 WI
28Sweeney, Kate11 WI
29Welsh, Lauren12 WI
30Williams, Zach10 WI
31High Point PoolAvery, Potrzebowski10 WI
32Boid, Boston9 WI
33Boid, Brookelynn11 WI
34Duffy-Rhodes, Meghan12 WI
35Dunn, Ayla15 WI
36Griesbach, Carley10 WI
37Griesbach, Logan11 WI
38Justman, Maddie8 WI
39Ledin, Emily15 WI
40Lucy, Rogness10 WI
41Mackey, Eleanor17 WI
42Molander, Jake11 WI
43Moreland, Logan14 WI
44Moreland, Sarah12 WI
45Murphy, Clare12 WI
46Porras, Bianca13 WI
47Riggins, Ava13 WI
48Riggins, Daine18 WI
49Riggins, Ella16 WI
50Rogness, Grady8 WI
51Rozeski, Lily15 WI
52Sommers, Grace16 WI
53Stousland, Archer16 WI
54Underhill, Rory10 WI
55Vanderloo, Jackson12 WI
56Vavilov, Rita10 WI
57Walker, Karen18 WI
58Wieczorek, Catie12 WI
59Young, Beth16 WI
60Zocher, Luke12 WI
61Hill Farm Swim ClubAllen, Henry13 WI
62DeMarb-Schuch, Seneca11 WI
63Finley, Lucas13 WI
64Frank, Samantha14 WI
65Kaspar, Celeste18 WI
66Martin, Arvina11 WI
67Mirus, Emmie19 WI
68Oistad, Magnus10 WI
69Pedretti, Anna11 WI
70Polikowski, Elliot14 WI
71Rodgers, Tommy12 WI
72Sato, Tyler18 WI
73Shaw, Katie11 WI
74Shevelenko, Mikhail11 WI
75Stadler, James14 WI
76Stark, Kamden16 WI
77Weaver, Kal13 WI
78Maple BluffArneson, Bobby12 WI
79Beck, Miriam12 WI
80Berg, Alexa14 WI
81Berg, Isabella10 WI
82Carrol, Natalie11 WI
83Conroy, Molly13 WI
84Driscoll, Erin11 WI
85Duff, Luella8 WI
86Duff, Phoebe10 WI
87Haupt, Ellie13 WI
88Haupt, Nina9 WI
89Johnson, Charlie11 WI
90McNeil, Caroline16 WI
91Paulowski, Callie13 WI
92Prange, Alexandra11 WI
93Ruoho, Ryan14 WI
94Sprinkman, Hans11 WI
95Sweeney, Aidan9 WI
96Wessley, Katie jo11 WI
97Middleton GatorsChristensen, Cullen16 WI
98Davis, Kinsey14 WI
99Fitzgerald, Lauren14 WI
100Heil, Will11 WI
101Hellenbrand, Lucy12 WI
102Horky, Rose18 WI
103Jodlowski, Haley9 WI
104Krantz, Noah18 WI
105Marckel, Ariela9 WI
106Martin, Alana13 WI
107Mazur, Quinn6 WI
108Mock, Ella13 WI
109Peiffer, Brody11 WI
110Putney, Bea10 WI
111Rees, Dominic12 WI
112Ryan, Ella13 WI
113Sadie, Schreier-jacobson14 WI
114Spence, Eliot12 WI
115Starr, Alex14 WI
116Stoenner, Sydney13 WI
117Szczepanski, Eva10 WI
118Weiler, Megg13 WI
119Wood, Charles15 WI
120Zeimentz, Michael14 WI
121Zhang, Edwin14 WI
122Monona Dive TeamAllen, Jordan19 WI
123Benedict, Nikki17Cottage GroveWI
124Blew, Steven16 WI
125Blew, William14 WI
126Bogileka, Vito13 WI
127Buss, Lauren13 WI
128Bykowski, Abigail12 WI
129Campbell, Ashlyn8 WI
130Campbell, Braydon10 WI
131Carman, Henry G18MadisonWI
132Everhart, Grace14 WI
133Fair, Isabella14 WI
134Farwell, Madelynne14 WI
135Ganshert, Breleigh10 WI
136Ganshert, Landry8 WI
137Giallombardo, Vinny18 WI
138Glynn, Kora11 WI
139Glynn, Sydney9 WI
140Groth, Owen15 WI
141Groth, Wyatt11 WI
142Heacox, Madilyn9 WI
143Hopper, Emelia11 WI
144Howe, Laila12 WI
145Howe, Mya10 WI
146Hroede, Allie8 WI
147Klinke, Sami15 WI
148Kraemer, Abigail15 WI
149Kraemer, Natalie9 WI
150Lawrence, Kennedy16 WI
151Mabie, Kendyl11 WI
152Mabie, Kinley7 WI
153Mabie, Mason9 WI
154Mabie, Matilyn14 WI
155McDade, Ben17 WI
156McNall, Trinity14 WI
157McQueeney, Mikayla7 WI
158Metcalfe, Lincoln11 WI
159Nuon, Tiesto11 WI
160Payne, Theo10 WI
161Pinnow, Chalee10 WI
162Roberts, Katherine13 WI
163Rossing, Josette9 WI
164Rossing, Preston10 WI
165Ryan, Kelley11 WI
166Samuel, Shebani14 WI
167Schiefelbein, Elizabeth12 WI
168Storms, Eric17 WI
169Treml, Chase12 WI
170Treml, Levi10 WI
171Von Bauer, Magnolia13 WI
172Willem, Benjamin13 WI
173Wurth, Addison11 WI
174Zahn, Isabella11 WI
175Zeutzius, Jenner10 WI
176Nakoma Golf ClubAnderson, David13 WI
177Anderson, John12 WI
178Bergman, Lauren18 WI
179Bootz, Lucy14 WI
180Bootz, Sylvia12 WI
181Julian, River8 WI
182Peterson, Isabelle17 WI
183Rodriguez, Kelly17 WI
184Rodriguez, Victoria13 WI
185Schaak, Joe15 WI
186Seymour, Olivia14 WI
187Teduits, Anna15 WI
188Wallace, Logan11 WI
189Parkcrest Penguins Beard, AJxxxx8 WI
190Beard, Alex12 WI
191Bell, Cole17 WI
192Bell, Jack14 WI
193Bennett, Drew13 WI
194Brenner, Ruthie9 WI
195Case, Ian12 WI
196Collins, Joey16 WI
197Gerhart, Maddie10 WI
198Gerhart, Noah9 WI
199Greene, Lindsey11 WI
200Haas, Ciara14 WI
201Hansen, Erika11 WI
202Hansen, Megan11 WI
203Kishter, Stephanie15 WI
204Ohnstad, Neala13 WI
205Prince, Evan13 WI
206Reaser, Eddie11 WI
207Richards, Rudy11 WI
208Schutz, Elizabeth13 WI
209Turgeson, Alex18 WI
210Vander Meer, Anna13 WI
211Vanderweide, Henry13 WI
212Wenning, Ollie9 WI
213Yehle, Kate14 WI
214Zarov, Jake13 WI
215RidgewoodAparicio-Smith, TYxxxx11 WI
216Billmeyey, Emma13 WI
217Blum, Eric15 WI
218Bodwin, Ella13 WI
219Buzza, Ali17 WI
220Donkle, Natalie18 WI
221Drake, Gabby11 WI
222Dugan, Connor16 WI
223Durtchi, Anja12 WI
224Emily, Jensen10 WI
225Gale, Caitlin15 WI
226Holzwarth, Finley8 WI
227Krohn, Connor7 WI
228Lucey, Priyanka11 WI
229Maradiaga, Asher15 WI
230McGee, Porter10 WI
231McKinnon, Jake10 WI
232Meyer-Rainford, Cedar15 WI
233Muckian, Aiden15 WI
234Mutch, Abbey13 WI
235Mutch, Callum10 WI
236Nunn, Maggie18 WI
237O'Neill, Jacob8 WI
238Pinto, Bianca11 WI
239Pinto, Gabe9 WI
240Ritter, Alex15 WI
241Rupnow, Abbi12 WI
242Rupnow, Alexa9 WI
243Sanborn, Annika14 WI
244Sharp, Xavier11 WI
245Smith, Sam18 WI
246Stark, Kaylie14 WI
247Strobel, Jake12 WI
248Strobel, Zach13 WI
249Touchett, Brian18 WI
250Van Mol, Ari10 WI
251Watermolen, Lily11 WI
252Wendler, Claire10 WI
253Zwaska, Abram18 WI
254SeminoleAman-Lavicky, Joey15 WI
255Davidson, Nick10 WI
256Feller, Stephi18 WI
257Finnell, Dane15 WI
258Fochios, Phil19 WI
259Jekel, Wes17 WI
260Johnstone, Lizzie13 WI
261McClure, Katie11 WI
262Mullholland, Julija11 WI
263Schmidt, Lizzie10 WI
264Stitgen, Ben14 WI
265Sullivan, Brennan11 WI
266Updegrove, Aidan17 WI
267Updegrove, Avery17 WI
268Updegrove, Liam12 WI
269Wagner, Brady16 WI
270Wellnitz, Jacob19 WI
271Yaeger, Emma9 WI
272Shorewood Hills Dive TeamBarford, Will15 WI
273Bersch, Siena12 WI
274Buinavicious, Eric17 WI
275Collins, Josie13 WI
276DeAngeles, Alex17 WI
277Guilbault, Jacob13 WI
278Guilbault, Sam12 WI
279Hanson, Elizabeth15 WI
280Hueth, Camila18 WI
281Hueth, Dani13 WI
282Hurley, Declan9 WI
283Igic, Natasha13 WI
284Imes, Ben18 WI
285Jarugumilli, Claire14 WI
286Kimple, Ben14 WI
287Kuhn, Maggie13 WI
288Messner, Anna11 WI
289Mickelson, Emma18 WI
290Mickelson, Leah16 WI
291Mickelson, Sam12 WI
292Monson, Michael10 WI
293Newton, Chance10 WI
294Quattrucci, Izzy17 WI
295Ruggiero, Astrid11 WI
296Shanahan, Jack17 WI
297Sherman, Eran17 WI
298Stair, Sawyer10 WI
299Wells, Rian13 WI
300West Side Swim Club Andrzejewski, Elizabeth15 WI
301Cook, Joey13 WI
302Dockry, Gena14 WI
303Huie, Adele13 WI
304Ketarkus, AJxxxx13 WI
305Ketarkus, Ally15 WI
306Ketarkus, Brady14 WI
307Ketarkus, Cameren15 WI
308Ketarkus, Jaxen11 WI
309Ketarkus, Juliana11 WI
310Martinez, Genevieve15 WI
311Martinez, Tallulah12 WI
312Picek, Elinor15 WI
313Pulvermacher, Ava12 WI
314Pulvermacher, Lola10 WI
315Sanders, Anna14 WI
316Weaver, Sarah13 WI
EventDivers NameVolOptTeam
1Boys 10 underAparicio-Smith, TYxxxx0.07.5Ridgewood
2Beard, AJxxxx0.08.0Parkcrest Penguins
3Boid, Boston0.08.2High Point Pool
4Bolger, Quinn0.07.9Hawks Landing
5Campbell, Braydon0.08.1Monona Dive Team
6Cuamani, Axel0.07.8Goodman Pool
7Davidson, Nick0.07.6Seminole
8Donny, Bryant0.07.9Hawks Landing
9Ganshert, Landry0.08.1Monona Dive Team
10Gerhart, Noah0.07.7Parkcrest Penguins
11Griesbach, Logan0.08.1High Point Pool
12Heil, Will0.07.8Middleton Gators
13Holzwarth, Finley0.07.6Ridgewood
14Hurley, Declan0.07.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
15Julian, River0.07.8Nakoma Golf Club
16Krohn, Connor0.07.8Ridgewood
17Lascano, David0.07.8Goodman Pool
18Mabie, Mason0.08.1Monona Dive Team
19McGee, Porter0.08.0Ridgewood
20McKinnon, Jake0.08.0Ridgewood
21Monson, Michael0.07.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
22Mutch, Callum0.08.3Ridgewood
23Newton, Chance0.07.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
24Nuon, Tiesto0.07.5Monona Dive Team
25O'Neill, Jacob0.08.2Ridgewood
26Oistad, Magnus0.07.4Hill Farm Swim Club
27Payne, Theo0.08.1Monona Dive Team
28Peiffer, Brody0.08.1Middleton Gators
29Pinto, Gabe0.08.0Ridgewood
30Reaser, Eddie0.07.9Parkcrest Penguins
31Rogness, Grady0.08.0High Point Pool
32Rossing, Preston0.08.1Monona Dive Team
33Sharp, Xavier0.07.8Ridgewood
34Stair, Sawyer0.07.8Shorewood Hills Dive Team
35Sullivan, Brennan0.08.0Seminole
36Sweeney, Aidan0.08.1Maple Bluff
37Treml, Levi0.07.5Monona Dive Team
38Van Mol, Ari0.07.6Ridgewood
39Wallace, Logan0.07.8Nakoma Golf Club
40Wenning, Ollie0.07.9Parkcrest Penguins
41Williams, Zach0.08.0Hawks Landing
42Zeutzius, Jenner0.07.8Monona Dive Team
43Boys 11-12Allen, Henry1.47.8Hill Farm Swim Club
44Anderson, David0.09.5Nakoma Golf Club
45Anderson, John0.010.2Nakoma Golf Club
46Arneson, Bobby1.27.8Maple Bluff
47Bennett, Drew1.710.7Parkcrest Penguins
48Bogileka, Vito1.28.0Monona Dive Team
49Buris, Levi1.47.8Goodman Pool
50Case, Ian1.79.6Parkcrest Penguins
51Cook, Joey1.68.7West Side Swim Club
52Finley, Lucas1.67.4Hill Farm Swim Club
53Groth, Wyatt1.48.1Monona Dive Team
54Guilbault, Sam1.39.1Shorewood Hills Dive Team
55Hueth, Dani1.68.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
56Johnson, Charlie1.69.3Maple Bluff
57Ketarkus, AJxxxx1.78.1West Side Swim Club
58Ketarkus, Jaxen1.48.1West Side Swim Club
59Metcalfe, Lincoln1.48.1Monona Dive Team
60Mickelson, Sam1.28.0Shorewood Hills Dive Team
61Molander, Jake1.48.0High Point Pool
62Prince, Evan1.79.1Parkcrest Penguins
63Rees, Dominic1.47.7Middleton Gators
64Richards, Rudy1.58.3Parkcrest Penguins
65Rodgers, Tommy1.47.7Hill Farm Swim Club
66Shevelenko, Mikhail1.28.1Hill Farm Swim Club
67Spence, Eliot1.48.0Middleton Gators
68Sprinkman, Hans1.57.8Maple Bluff
69Strobel, Jake1.69.0Ridgewood
70Treml, Chase1.28.0Monona Dive Team
71Updegrove, Liam1.48.2Seminole
72Vanderloo, Jackson1.48.0High Point Pool
73Vanderweide, Henry1.57.9Parkcrest Penguins
74Weaver, Kal1.68.4Hill Farm Swim Club
75Willem, Benjamin1.28.1Monona Dive Team
76Zocher, Luke1.48.0High Point Pool
77Boys 13-14Asplund, Micah1.89.8Goodman Pool
78Bell, Jack1.89.6Parkcrest Penguins
79Blew, William1.87.9Monona Dive Team
80Finnell, Dane1.812.2Seminole
81Groth, Owen1.88.1Monona Dive Team
82Guilbault, Jacob1.77.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
83Ketarkus, Brady1.87.7West Side Swim Club
84Ketarkus, Cameren1.710.1West Side Swim Club
85Kimple, Ben1.87.6Shorewood Hills Dive Team
86Maradiaga, Asher1.78.7Ridgewood
87Moreland, Logan1.87.9High Point Pool
88Muckian, Aiden1.88.8Ridgewood
89Polikowski, Elliot1.78.1Hill Farm Swim Club
90Ritter, Alex1.810.8Ridgewood
91Samuel, Shebani1.87.8Monona Dive Team
92Schaak, Joe0.09.5Nakoma Golf Club
93Stadler, James1.88.7Hill Farm Swim Club
94Starr, Alex0.010.0Middleton Gators
95Stitgen, Ben1.812.2Seminole
96Strobel, Zach1.88.6Ridgewood
97Wood, Charles0.09.6Middleton Gators
98Zarov, Jake1.77.9Parkcrest Penguins
99Zeimentz, Michael0.010.4Middleton Gators
100Zhang, Edwin0.09.2Middleton Gators
101Boys 15-18Allen, Jordan1.67.7Monona Dive Team
102Aman-Lavicky, Joey1.610.7Seminole
103Barford, Will1.610.0Shorewood Hills Dive Team
104Bell, Cole1.68.1Parkcrest Penguins
105Blew, Steven1.68.9Monona Dive Team
106Blum, Eric1.69.8Ridgewood
107Buinavicious, Eric1.68.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
108Carman, Henry G1.78.6Monona Dive Team
109Christensen, Cullen0.011.1Middleton Gators
110Collins, Joey1.69.3Parkcrest Penguins
111Dugan, Connor1.69.8Ridgewood
112Fochios, Phil1.68.0Seminole
113Giallombardo, Vinny1.67.9Monona Dive Team
114Imes, Ben1.69.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
115Jekel, Wes1.69.0Seminole
116Krantz, Noah1.610.8Middleton Gators
117McDade, Ben1.68.1Monona Dive Team
118Meyer-Rainford, Cedar1.69.1Ridgewood
119Sato, Tyler1.67.5Hill Farm Swim Club
120Shanahan, Jack1.69.3Shorewood Hills Dive Team
121Sherman, Eran1.68.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
122Smith, Sam1.612.1Ridgewood
123Storms, Eric1.67.9Monona Dive Team
124Stousland, Archer1.67.8High Point Pool
125Touchett, Brian1.610.0Ridgewood
126Turgeson, Alex1.69.2Parkcrest Penguins
127Updegrove, Aidan1.69.9Seminole
128Wagner, Brady1.68.1Seminole
129Wellnitz, Jacob1.67.9Seminole
130Zwaska, Abram1.69.7Ridgewood
131Girls 10 underAnderson, Amina0.08.1Goodman Pool
132Avery, Potrzebowski0.07.9High Point Pool
133Beehner, Isa0.07.8Goodman Pool
134Berg, Isabella0.07.4Maple Bluff
135Brenner, Ruthie0.07.5Parkcrest Penguins
136Campbell, Ashlyn0.08.1Monona Dive Team
137Cuamani, Yaretzy0.08.1Goodman Pool
138DeMarb-Schuch, Seneca0.08.8Hill Farm Swim Club
139Drake, Gabby0.07.9Ridgewood
140Duff, Luella0.08.0Maple Bluff
141Duff, Phoebe0.08.0Maple Bluff
142Emily, Jensen0.08.3Ridgewood
143Erazo, Aliyah0.07.6Goodman Pool
144Ganshert, Breleigh0.08.0Monona Dive Team
145Gerhart, Maddie0.08.1Parkcrest Penguins
146Glynn, Kora0.08.1Monona Dive Team
147Glynn, Sydney0.08.0Monona Dive Team
148Greene, Lindsey0.08.0Parkcrest Penguins
149Griesbach, Carley0.08.1High Point Pool
150Hansen, Erika0.07.9Parkcrest Penguins
151Hansen, Megan0.07.8Parkcrest Penguins
152Haupt, Nina0.07.5Maple Bluff
153Heacox, Madilyn0.07.8Monona Dive Team
154Hopper, Emelia0.08.0Monona Dive Team
155Howe, Mya0.07.9Monona Dive Team
156Hroede, Allie0.07.8Monona Dive Team
157Jodlowski, Haley0.07.8Middleton Gators
158Justman, Maddie0.08.1High Point Pool
159Ketarkus, Juliana0.08.1West Side Swim Club
160Klaas, Paige0.08.0Hawks Landing
161Kraemer, Natalie0.08.0Monona Dive Team
162Lenius, Molly0.08.1Goodman Pool
163Lucey, Priyanka0.07.5Ridgewood
164Lucy, Rogness0.08.1High Point Pool
165Mabie, Kinley0.08.1Monona Dive Team
166Marckel, Ariela0.08.0Middleton Gators
167Martin, Arvina0.07.8Hill Farm Swim Club
168Mazur, Quinn0.07.8Middleton Gators
169McClure, Katie0.07.7Seminole
170McQueeney, Mikayla0.07.6Monona Dive Team
171Pedretti, Anna0.07.9Hill Farm Swim Club
172Pinnow, Chalee0.07.8Monona Dive Team
173Pulvermacher, Lola0.07.8West Side Swim Club
174Putney, Bea0.08.1Middleton Gators
175Ramirez, Karen0.07.8Goodman Pool
176Rossing, Josette0.07.9Monona Dive Team
177Ruggiero, Astrid0.08.2Shorewood Hills Dive Team
178Rupnow, Alexa0.08.0Ridgewood
179Ryan, Kelley0.08.1Monona Dive Team
180Schmidt, Lizzie0.07.8Seminole
181Shaw, Katie0.07.6Hill Farm Swim Club
182Sweeney, Kate0.07.9Hawks Landing
183Szczepanski, Eva0.07.7Middleton Gators
184Underhill, Rory0.08.1High Point Pool
185Vavilov, Rita0.07.9High Point Pool
186Watermolen, Lily0.08.1Ridgewood
187Wendler, Claire0.08.0Ridgewood
188Wurth, Addison0.07.7Monona Dive Team
189Yaeger, Emma0.07.9Seminole
190Yoder, Amelia0.07.8Goodman Pool
191Zahn, Isabella0.07.8Monona Dive Team
192Girls 11-12Beard, Alex1.48.0Parkcrest Penguins
193Beck, Miriam1.47.8Maple Bluff
194Bersch, Siena1.58.2Shorewood Hills Dive Team
195Billmeyey, Emma1.27.5Ridgewood
196Bodwin, Ella1.48.2Ridgewood
197Boid, Brookelynn1.47.9High Point Pool
198Bootz, Sylvia0.09.6Nakoma Golf Club
199Buss, Lauren1.27.9Monona Dive Team
200Bykowski, Abigail1.47.7Monona Dive Team
201Carrol, Natalie1.58.2Maple Bluff
202Driscoll, Erin1.48.1Maple Bluff
203Duffy-Rhodes, Meghan1.68.3High Point Pool
204Durtchi, Anja1.38.1Ridgewood
205Hellenbrand, Lucy1.69.5Middleton Gators
206Howe, Laila1.38.2Monona Dive Team
207Kuhn, Maggie1.47.8Shorewood Hills Dive Team
208Mabie, Kendyl1.28.0Monona Dive Team
209Martin, Alana1.68.1Middleton Gators
210Martinez, Tallulah1.48.2West Side Swim Club
211Messner, Anna1.48.3Shorewood Hills Dive Team
212Moreland, Sarah1.48.0High Point Pool
213Mullholland, Julija1.37.9Seminole
214Murphy, Clare1.58.1High Point Pool
215Ohnstad, Neala1.47.8Parkcrest Penguins
216Ott, Mikayla0.011.3Hawks Landing
217Pinto, Bianca1.48.2Ridgewood
218Prange, Alexandra1.58.3Maple Bluff
219Pulvermacher, Ava1.48.3West Side Swim Club
220Riggins, Ava1.79.6High Point Pool
221Roberts, Katherine1.38.5Monona Dive Team
222Rodriguez, Victoria0.09.4Nakoma Golf Club
223Rufenacht, Annika0.011.0Hawks Landing
224Rupnow, Abbi1.59.0Ridgewood
225Ryan, Ella1.68.4Middleton Gators
226Schiefelbein, Elizabeth1.48.2Monona Dive Team
227Stevenson, Tyjanee1.77.5Goodman Pool
228Stoenner, Sydney1.69.0Middleton Gators
229Weaver, Sarah1.47.8West Side Swim Club
230Wells, Rian1.79.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
231Welsh, Lauren0.010.6Hawks Landing
232Wessley, Katie jo1.48.3Maple Bluff
233Wieczorek, Catie1.58.4High Point Pool
234Girls 13-14Andrzejewski, Elizabeth1.78.0West Side Swim Club
235Berg, Alexa1.79.0Maple Bluff
236Bootz, Lucy0.09.4Nakoma Golf Club
237Buris, Nia1.47.9Goodman Pool
238Collins, Josie1.78.1Shorewood Hills Dive Team
239Conroy, Molly1.88.7Maple Bluff
240Davis, Kinsey0.09.2Middleton Gators
241Dockry, Gena1.79.4West Side Swim Club
242Dunn, Ayla1.88.7High Point Pool
243Everhart, Grace1.87.7Monona Dive Team
244Fair, Isabella1.87.5Monona Dive Team
245Farwell, Madelynne1.77.9Monona Dive Team
246Fitzgerald, Lauren1.78.9Middleton Gators
247Frank, Samantha1.77.8Hill Farm Swim Club
248Gale, Caitlin1.87.4Ridgewood
249Haas, Ciara1.78.0Parkcrest Penguins
250Hanson, Elizabeth1.87.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
251Haupt, Ellie1.78.0Maple Bluff
252Huggett, Dana0.010.6Hawks Landing
253Huie, Adele1.87.6West Side Swim Club
254Igic, Natasha1.89.1Shorewood Hills Dive Team
255Jarugumilli, Claire1.79.0Shorewood Hills Dive Team
256Johnstone, Lizzie1.87.6Seminole
257Kishter, Stephanie1.87.8Parkcrest Penguins
258Klinke, Sami1.87.8Monona Dive Team
259Kraemer, Abigail1.87.9Monona Dive Team
260Ledin, Emily1.87.9High Point Pool
261Mabie, Matilyn1.79.1Monona Dive Team
262McNall, Trinity1.79.9Monona Dive Team
263Mock, Ella1.89.4Middleton Gators
264Mutch, Abbey1.77.7Ridgewood
265Paulowski, Callie1.77.8Maple Bluff
266Picek, Elinor1.87.7West Side Swim Club
267Porras, Bianca1.78.1High Point Pool
268Ricke, Bella0.09.5Hawks Landing
269Rozeski, Lily1.87.7High Point Pool
270Ruoho, Ryan1.88.0Maple Bluff
271Sadie, Schreier-jacobson0.010.2Middleton Gators
272Sanborn, Annika1.78.0Ridgewood
273Sanders, Anna1.88.5West Side Swim Club
274Schutz, Elizabeth1.77.9Parkcrest Penguins
275Seymour, Olivia0.09.5Nakoma Golf Club
276Stark, Kaylie1.88.0Ridgewood
277Teduits, Anna0.09.5Nakoma Golf Club
278Vander Meer, Anna1.77.8Parkcrest Penguins
279Von Bauer, Magnolia1.87.8Monona Dive Team
280Weiler, Megg0.011.2Middleton Gators
281Yehle, Kate1.78.0Parkcrest Penguins
282Girls 15-18Benedict, Nikki1.711.9Monona Dive Team
283Bergman, Lauren0.010.9Nakoma Golf Club
284Buzza, Ali1.67.7Ridgewood
285Dahlk, Sarah0.012.6Hawks Landing
286DeAngeles, Alex1.68.9Shorewood Hills Dive Team
287Donkle, Natalie1.710.8Ridgewood
288Donny, Alex0.010.9Hawks Landing
289Feller, Stephi1.67.7Seminole
290Hartung, Galyn0.09.6Hawks Landing
291Horky, Olivia0.011.1Hawks Landing
292Horky, Rose1.68.2Middleton Gators
293Hueth, Camila1.67.7Shorewood Hills Dive Team
294Huggett, Leah0.09.8Hawks Landing
295Kaspar, Celeste1.79.8Hill Farm Swim Club
296Kessel, Kinsey0.012.0Hawks Landing
297Ketarkus, Ally1.67.9West Side Swim Club
298Lawrence, Kennedy1.67.5Monona Dive Team
299Mackey, Eleanor1.711.0High Point Pool
300Martinez, Genevieve1.68.2West Side Swim Club
301McNeil, Caroline1.68.6Maple Bluff
302Mickelson, Emma1.610.2Shorewood Hills Dive Team
303Mickelson, Leah1.610.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
304Mirus, Emmie1.67.9Hill Farm Swim Club
305Nunn, Maggie1.711.3Ridgewood
306Peterson, Isabelle0.09.6Nakoma Golf Club
307Quattrucci, Izzy1.67.5Shorewood Hills Dive Team
308Riggins, Daine1.610.7High Point Pool
309Riggins, Ella1.68.3High Point Pool
310Rodriguez, Kelly0.09.2Nakoma Golf Club
311Schroeder, Bailey0.09.6Hawks Landing
312Sommers, Grace1.68.0High Point Pool
313Stark, Kamden1.68.4Hill Farm Swim Club
314Updegrove, Avery1.67.9Seminole
315Walker, Karen1.77.9High Point Pool
316Young, Beth1.77.8High Point Pool
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