Name of Meet:
West Texas Middle School Championship
Governing Body:
Starts On:
Registration Opens:
Apr-01, 6:00 PM CST
Registration Closes:
Apr-10, 6:30 PM CST
Entry Fees Charged:
Mustang Natatorium
1600 N.W. Ave I
Andrews, TX 79714
Main Contact:
Mike Waldmann
Contact Phone:

Registration is currently closed

This meet has ended

Event NameDiversRoundsEst Length
Event #10 Boys 1 Meter156 52m View Rules
Event #9 Girls 1 Meter126 42m View Rules
Team NameCityState
2Alamo JHSMidlandTX
3Atkins Middle SchoolLubbockTX
4Big Spring Jr. HighBig SprinTX
5Dunbar Middle SchoolLubbockTX
6Evan Middle SchoolLubbockTX
7Goddard MidlandTX
8Hutchinson Middle SchoolLubbockTX
9Irons Middle SchoolLubbockTX
10Mackenzie Middle SchoolLubbockTX
11San JacintoMidlandTX
12Smylie WilsonLubbockTX
Diver NameGradeCity, StateTeam NameRegd On
1Abbott, Allyse  Midland, TX Goddard Apr 08, 09:45
2Allison, Jarren  TX Irons Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:28
3Alvarado, Gabriel  TX Smylie WilsonApr 06, 11:20
4Andrews, Nickolaus  TX Dunbar Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:27
5Austin, Georgia A7th Midland, TX San JacintoApr 08, 09:43
6Castillo, Ismael  TX Big Spring Jr. HighApr 08, 10:59
7Cole, Reagan A  Midland, TX San JacintoApr 08, 09:38
8Collins, William  TX Atkins Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:33
9Cruce, Kylee  TX Goddard Apr 08, 09:52
10Cruz, Isabella  TX Atkins Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:35
11Feist, Hannah  TX Mackenzie Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:38
12Follis, Allison  TX Irons Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:29
13Gage, Ryan  TX Evan Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:40
14Gray, Jenna  TX AbellApr 08, 09:56
15Hollins, Maya8th Lubbock, TX Mackenzie Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:36
16Jackson, Giavonni8th Lubbock, TX Hutchinson Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:24
17Johnson, Keegan  TX Hutchinson Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:23
18Jones, Brock  TX AbellApr 08, 09:59
19Jones, Tristan  TX Evan Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:39
20Marler, Ashley8th Midland, TX San JacintoApr 08, 09:41
21Pantoja-Strickland, Christian  TX Big Spring Jr. HighApr 08, 10:45
22Phillips, Jaylon (toby)  TX Big Spring Jr. HighApr 08, 10:54
23Polk, Blake  TX Evan Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:31
24Romo, Tomas  TX Hutchinson Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:21
25Turner, Beaux  TX Alamo JHSApr 08, 10:05
26Vaughn, Malaki  TX Big Spring Jr. HighApr 08, 10:48
27White, Nathan  TX Mackenzie Middle SchoolApr 06, 11:26
Coaches NameRoleTeamCityState
1Dipomazio, PennyHead CoachEvan Middle SchoolLubbockTX
2Shaw, RandallHead CoachBig Spring Jr. HighBig SpringTX
3Zunigha, RogerHead CoachSan JacintoMidlandTX
Team NameDiver NameGradeCityState
1AbellGray, Jenna  TX
2Jones, Brock  TX
3Alamo JHSTurner, Beaux  TX
4Atkins Middle SchoolCollins, William  TX
5Cruz, Isabella  TX
6Big Spring Jr. HighCastillo, Ismael  TX
7Pantoja-Strickland, Christian  TX
8Phillips, Jaylon (toby)  TX
9Vaughn, Malaki  TX
10Dunbar Middle SchoolAndrews, Nickolaus  TX
11Evan Middle SchoolGage, Ryan  TX
12Jones, Tristan  TX
13Polk, Blake  TX
14Goddard Abbott, Allyse MidlandTX
15Cruce, Kylee  TX
16Hutchinson Middle SchoolJackson, Giavonni8thLubbockTX
17Johnson, Keegan  TX
18Romo, Tomas  TX
19Irons Middle SchoolAllison, Jarren  TX
20Follis, Allison  TX
21Mackenzie Middle SchoolFeist, Hannah  TX
22Hollins, Maya8thLubbockTX
23White, Nathan  TX
24San JacintoAustin, Georgia A7thMidlandTX
25Cole, Reagan A MidlandTX
26Marler, Ashley8thMidlandTX
27Smylie WilsonAlvarado, Gabriel  TX
EventDivers Name VolOptTeam
1Event #10 Boys 1 MeterAllison, Jarren View Sheet 1.68.8Irons Middle School
2Alvarado, Gabriel View Sheet 1.27.8Smylie Wilson
3Andrews, Nickolaus View Sheet 1.47.9Dunbar Middle School
4Castillo, Ismael View Sheet 1.27.7Big Spring Jr. High
5Collins, William View Sheet 1.47.8Atkins Middle School
6Gage, Ryan View Sheet 1.28.2Evan Middle School
7Johnson, Keegan View Sheet 1.28.0Hutchinson Middle School
8Jones, Brock View Sheet 1.67.3Abell
9Jones, Tristan View Sheet 1.27.8Evan Middle School
10Pantoja-Strickland, Christian View Sheet 1.68.5Big Spring Jr. High
11Phillips, Jaylon (toby) View Sheet 1.47.8Big Spring Jr. High
12Polk, Blake View Sheet 1.47.8Evan Middle School
13Romo, Tomas View Sheet 1.27.6Hutchinson Middle School
14Turner, Beaux View Sheet 1.28.0Alamo JHS
15White, Nathan View Sheet 1.68.6Mackenzie Middle School
16Event #9 Girls 1 MeterAbbott, Allyse View Sheet 1.78.2Goddard
17Austin, Georgia A View Sheet 1.39.2San Jacinto
18Cole, Reagan A View Sheet 1.78.2San Jacinto
19Cruce, Kylee View Sheet 1.57.3Goddard
20Cruz, Isabella View Sheet 1.27.9Atkins Middle School
21Feist, Hannah View Sheet 1.27.5Mackenzie Middle School
22Follis, Allison View Sheet 1.28.1Irons Middle School
23Gray, Jenna View Sheet 1.28.0Abell
24Hollins, Maya View Sheet 1.69.4Mackenzie Middle School
25Jackson, Giavonni View Sheet 1.27.9Hutchinson Middle School
26Marler, Ashley View Sheet 1.38.1San Jacinto
27Vaughn, Malaki View Sheet 1.27.7Big Spring Jr. High
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